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be that fixed on by the preceding General Conference.

g39. Ans. 8. The Bishops shall have authority, when they judge it necessary, to change the place appointed for the meeting of the General Conference.

940. Ans. 9. At all times, when the General Conference is met, it shall take a majority of the representatives of all the Annual Conferences to make a quorum for transacting business.

941. Ans. 10. One of the General Superintendents shall preside in the General Conference; but in case no General Superintendent be present, the General Conference shall choose a president pro tempore.

942. Ans. 11. The General Conference shall have full powers to make rules and regulations for our Church, under the following limitations and restrictions, viz. (9631): (1) The General Conference shall not revoke,

alter, or change our Articles of Religion, or establish any new standards or rule of doctrine contrary to our present existing and

established standards of doctrine. (2) They shall not allow of more than one

representative for every eighteen members of the Annual Conference, nor allow of a lessnumber than one for every sixty: provided, nevertheless, that when there shall be in any

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Annual Conference a fraction of two-thirds the number which shall be fixed for the ratio of representation, such Annual Conference shall be entitled to an additional delegate for such fraction: and provided, also, that no Conference shall be denied the privilege of

two delegates, one clerical and one lay. (3) They shall not change or alter any part or

rule of our government, so as to do away episcopacy, or destroy the plan of our itiner

ant general superintendency. (4) They shall not revoke or change the General

Rules of the United Societies. (5) They shall not do away the privileges of our

ministers or preachers of trial by a committee and of an appeal; neither shall they do away the privileges of our members of trial before the Church, or by a committee, and of an

appeal. (6) They shall not appropriate the produce of

the Publishing House to any purpose other than for the benefit of the traveling, supernumerary, superannuated, and worn-out preachers, their wives, widows, and children.

G43. Provided, nevertheless, that upon the concurrent recommendation of three-fourths of all the members of the several Annual Conferences, who shall be present and vote on such recommendation, then a majority of two-thirds of the General Conference succeeding shall suf

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ce to alter any of the above restrictions, exepting the first article, which may be altered ipon the joint recommendation of all the Aniual Conferences by a majority of two-thirds of the General Conference succeeding; and also, whenever such alteration or alterations shall aave been first recommended by two-thirds of the General Conference, so soon as threefourths of the members of all the Annual Conferences shall have concurred as aforesaid, such alteration or alterations shall take effect: provided, that when any rule or regulation is adopted by the General Conference which, in the opinion of the Bishops, is unconstitutional, the Bishops may present to the Conference which passed said rule or regulation their objections thereto, with their reasons, in writing (9632); and if then the General Conference shall, by a two-thirds vote, adhere to its action on said rule or regulation, it shall then take the course prescribed for altering a Restrictive Rule, and if thus passed upon affirmatively, the Bishops shall announce that such rule or regulation takes effect from that time.


SECTION II. OF THE ANNUAL CONFERENCES. Question 1. Who shall compose an Annual Conference, and what are the regulations and powers belonging to it?

944. Ans. 1. All the traveling preachers in full connection with it (99633, 634, 636, 695), and eight lay representatives one of whom may be a local preacher—from each Presiding Elder's District. (99638, 655.)

, 945. Ans. 2. The lay members shall be chosen annually by the District Conferences: provided, that no one shall be a representative who is not twenty-five years of age, and who has not been for six years, next preceding his election, a member of the Church. (9655.)

946. Ans. 3. The lay members shall participate in all the business of the Conference, except such as involves ministerial character. (9640.)

947. Ans. 4. It shall be the duty of all the members of the Conference, unless providentially hindered, to attend its sessions. All the preachers on trial, and those to be admitted on trial, shall also attend the sessions, but they shall not vote on any question, nor speak, unless by consent of the Conference.

Ques. 2. Who shall determine the number and boundaries of the Annual Conferences?

948. Ans. The General Conference (99632, 633, 638.)

Ques. 3. Who shall appoint the times of holding the Annual Conferences?

949. Ans. The Bishops; but they shall allow every Annual Conference to sit a week at least. Ques. 4. Who shall appoint the places of holding the Annual Conferences?

950. Ans. Each Annual Conference shall appoint the place of its own sitting; but should it become necessary, from any unforeseen cause, to change the place after it has been fixed by the Conference, a majority of the Presiding Elders, with the consent of the Bishop who is to preside, shall have power to make such change.

Ques. 5. Who shall preside in the Annual Conferences?

961. Ans. The Bishops. In the absence of a Bishop, the Conference shall elect the President by ballot, without debate, from among the traveling elders. The President thus elected shall discharge all the duties of a Bishop except ordination. (9641.)

Ques. 6. What is the method of proceeding in an Annual Conference?

952. Ans. The following questions shall be asked (9647): I. As to Probationers.

1. Who are admitted on trial? 2. Who else is in the class of the first year? 3. Who remain on trial? 4. Who else is in the class of the second year?

5. Who are discontinued? II. As to Conference Membership. 6. Who are admitted into full connection?


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