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effect, were repeated again and again, until his strength was exhausted, and he became silent. My heart was deeply affected; and when I found myself in possession of my speaking powers, I preached unto him Jesus and his salvation; represented his love in visiting our world, and in dying for sinners; and endeavoured to explain the connexion which infinite wisdom had ordained between faith and the enjoyment of the blessings of pardon and eternal life! To his grand question, I assured him the gospel gave but one answer, the same which was given to the Philippian jailer, when, in a similar agony of mind, he made the same enquiry; unto whom the inspired apostle replied, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.' I proceeded to explain the nature of faith; and repeated a variety of passages, in which we are commanded to believe in Christ, and to commit our souls into his hands as the only Mediator between God and man. Several times did I repeat those well-known scriptures, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.’ 'Come unto me all ye that labour, and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.' Whosoever cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out.' Whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely.'

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After another pause, my astonishment was greatly increased by the impressive manner in which he exclaimed, What is this! Is it an


angel's voice I hear? An angel sent to visit me, and to instruct me in the great concerns of my poor soul! And is it indeed true? Did the Son of God come from heaven to suffer and die for sinners? And must I believe in him? O, I will believe on him! I will come unto him! I will trust in him! I will commit my soul into his hands!' I was then encouraged to say, and I said it with peculiar solemnity of spirit, "And thou shalt be saved." At this moment there was an evident struggle between the power of Faith and the remains of Unbelief; for with every mark of anxious solicitude, he cried, But is it not too late?' I assured him that it was not; and reminded him of the salvation of the penitent thief; adding, "The blessed Jesus, by whom that poor sinner was pardoned, and through whom he now enjoys the happiness of the eternal world, is still the same; and if you believe on him, and commit your soul into his hands, you will most assuredly share in the blessedness of the same salvation."

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He then, with a peculiarly plaintive tone, exclaimed, · O, my God, my God! Is this a messenger from heaven? A messenger sent to instruct me in the way of my salvation? And will God thus open a way for me? Will he be merciful to me? Will he indeed save me? Will he save my poor soul? O, if I live, I'll serve him! I will serve him, I will serve him!' On which


I said, "Shall we unite in prayer to him?" He eagerly assented. My heart was full and so were the hearts of the friends that were present;every word and every tone of the afflicted man now greatly interested the feelings of us all; and we together poured out our souls before the Lord. It was a solemn season; and all seemed conscious of the divine presence. When we arose from our knees, I proceeded to take my leave of him for the present; informing him, that I should be engaged the whole of the next day, it being the Sabbath; but I would, by the divine permission, see him again about eight o'clock in the evening. With the most tender affection he pressed my hand, detained me a short time, pronouncing innumerable blessings upon me; and assuring me what pleasure it would yield him to see me again; and how thankful he should be for my instruction and my prayers.

In less than an hour, however, after I left him, he died; but I believe that he died in the Lord; and that he will share in the blessedness of the first resurrection.""

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THE Rev. Dr. Mason was, some time since, requested to visit a lady in dying circumstances, who, together with her husband, openly avowed infidel principles, though they attended on his ministry.

On approaching her bedside, he asked her if she felt herself a sinner, and the need of a Saviour? She frankly told him she did not; but that she believed the doctrine of a Mediator to be all a farce. "Then," said the Doctor, "I have no consolation for you;-not one word of comfort. There is not a single passage in the Bible that warrants me to speak peace to any one who rejects the Mediator provided for lost sinners. You must abide the consequences of your infidelity." So saying, he was on the point of leaving the room, when some one said Well, but Doctor, if you cannot speak consolation to her, you can pray for her." To this

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he assented, and kneeling down by the bedside, prayed for her as a guilty sinner just sinking into hell; and then arising from his knees, he left the house.

A day or two after, he received a message from the lady herself, earnestly desiring that he would come to see her, and without delay! He immediately obeyed the summons. But what was his amazement, when on entering the room, she held out her hand to him, and said with a benignant smile, "It is all true,-all that you said on Sunday is true. I have seen myself the wretched sinner you described me to be in prayer. I have seen Christ to be that all-sufficient Saviour you said he was; and God has mercifully snatched me from the abyss of infidelity, in which I was sunk, and placed me on the Rock of Ages. There I am secure there I shall remain-I know in whom I have believed."

All this was like a dream to him; but she proceeded, and displayed as accurate a knowledge of the way of salvation revealed in the Gospel, and as firm a reliance on it, as if she had been a disciple of Christ for many years. Yet there was nothing like boasting or presumption; all was humility, resignation, and confidence. She charged her husband to educate their daughter in the fear of God: and, above all, to keep her from those novels, and books of

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