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Borlase, esq. of Sithney, and sister of John Borlase, esq. of Pendeen, and by her had a daughter, Elizabeth, who m. — Trewen,” and an only son, WILLIAM KeigwiN, esq. of Mousehole, b. 1625, m. Prudence, daughter of James Praed, esq.t of Trevethow. Their only son, John Keigwi N, esq. of Mousehole, b. 1646, m.27th March, 1666, Margaret, daughter of Colonel John Giffard, of Brightley, in the county of Devon, a distinguished royalist, and the representative of one of the most ancient families in that county, by Joan, daughter of Sir John Wyndham, of Orchard Wyndham, ancestor of the Earls of Egremont. Mr. Keigwin d. 1693, leaving by his said wife, (who afterwards m. Robert Yonge, esq. and d. 22nd October, 1739,) besides several children, of whom nothing more than the names are known, 1. JAMEs, of whom presently. II. John, vicar of Landrake, in Cornwall, b. 18th August, 1689, d. 3rd March, 1761, m. first, his cousin Isabella, daughter of John Keigwin and

Mary Penrose, before-mentioned, and by her, who d. November, 1720, had, 1. The Rev. James Keigwin, b. 1714, vicar of Betchworth, in Surrey, who d. unmarried, February, 1805. 2. Isabella, d. unmarried, November, 1733. He m. secondly, Prudence, daughter of John, and sister and heiress of William Busvargus, esq. of Busvargus, (widow of the Rev. Jonathan Toup, and mother of the celebrated scholar, the Rev. Jonathan Toup,) by whom he had, 1. William, 2. John, 3. Prudence, m. Charles Worth, esq. and left issue. 4. Anne, b. 1731, m. John Blake, and d. 28th March, 1814. Her three daughters and co-heirs were, Phillis, m. 1786, Major Nicolas, of the royal Cornwall Fencible cavalry, d. s. p. 1799;

: d. unmarried.

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The family of PRAED was settled at Tre

vethow in Lelant, in Cornwall, as early as the reign of JAMEs I. Willi AM PRAed, d. in 1620, and a handsome monument was erected to his memory in Lelant church, having thereon the effigies of himself and six children, and a shield of Arms quarterly, 1st and 4th, PR AED, azure six mullets argent; 2nd, Pawley; 3rd, JENRINs. Crest—an animal's (apparently a unicorn's) head issuing from an imperial crown. His issue were,

1. JAMEs.

II. Alice.

III. Mary.

Iv. Jane, m. John Code, esq. and d. 6th Fe

bruary, 1626, act. 30. James PRAed, esq. of Trevethow, the only son,

aet. 24 in 1620, m. Honor, daughter of James Jenkin, of St. Columb, and sister of Peter Jenkin, esq. who was sheriff of Cornwall in 1658. He d. 1651, leaving,

1. JAMEs.

11. Honor, m. — Prideaux.

III. Prudence, m. William Keigwin, above

Iv. Katherine, m. — Hammond. v. Mary. v1. Jane. v11. Ann, a minor in 1650. JAMEs PRAed, esq. of Trevethow, (the only son of James Praed, by Honor Jenkin,) was high sheriff of Cornwall, 1654, and M. P. for St. Ives from 1660 to 1681. He and his father adhered to the Royal cause; and he paid 324l. as a composition for his estates, and was one of the persons intended to receive the Order of the Royal Oak. He d. in 1687, leaving, 1. JAMEs. 11. John. III. William. iv. Honor, m. before 1677, Thomas Hawkins, esq. of Trewinnard, and d. April, 1679. v. Bridget, m. Robert King. v1. Florence, vii. Elizabeth, viii. Ann, JAMEs PRAF d, esq. of Trevethow, M.P. for St. Ives from 1688 to 1702, m. Lucy, daughter of , and d. before 1708, s. p. when his brother and heir, John PRAED, esq. succeeded him at Trevethow. He was M. P. for St. Ives in 1708 and 1710; and d. 31st October, 1717. It is said, in Blore's History of Rutland, that Martha, his daughter and heiress, m. William Mackworth, esq. uncle of Sir Herbert Mackworth, bart. and that she was b. 1700, and d. 1799. His descendants, who assumed the name of Praed, have inherited Trevethow, and other estates of the family in Cornwall. There was also a Roger Praed, of Lelant, who, by his wife Elizabeth, had Roger, bapt. 1715; and Elizabeth, who was buried there in 1716.


f An account of Colonel Giffard and of his family, will be found in p. 293 of this volume.

one of these daughters m. — Penrose, esq.


Ann, b. 1760, m. Paul Harris Nicolas, esq. and is now living without issue; and Margaret, b. 1762, m. Captain John Harris Nicolas, R.N. father of Captain Toup Nicolas, C. B. K. H. and of Sir Harris Nicolas, K.C.M.G.” iii. William, d Iv. John, ; ... young. v. William, b. May, 1675. vi. Richard, b. March, 1674, living, 1693. vii. Thomas, b. June, 1676. viii. Roger, b. September, 1681, living, 1710.4 1.x. Margaret, b. 1670, m. Oliver Pendar, esq, of Penzance. I x. Prudence, b. 1677, living, 1693, m. Constantine Moyle, gent.f xi. Joan, b. 1678, living, 1693, m. — Hitchings. † XII. Elizabeth, b. 1680, m. — Burton. : XIII. Anne, b. 1682, m. — Brewer. I xiv. Mary, b. 1684. xv. Florence. The eldest son, JAMEs Keigwin, b. January, 1673, m. Juliana, daughter of George Musgrave, esq. of Nettlecombe, in Somersetshire, and d. at Bath, 12th July, 1710, leaving, 1. JAMEs, m. Florence, daughter of — Penrose, esq. of Penrose, and d. 1741, s. p. II. John, d. young. III. GEORGE. Iv. John, on. — dau. of — Townsend. v. Juliana, b. January, 1696, m. 1726, Thomas Clutterbuck, esq. of the island of Scilly. § v1. Margaret, b. August, 1699, m. Christopher Davies, gent. vii. Rachel, m. Thomas Roberts, gent. viii. Sarah, living, 1734, d. unmarried. 1x. Mary, b. July, 1701, m. William John, esq. ancestor of George John, esq. of Penzance.

x. Dorothy, b. May, 1702, m. John Borlase, seventh son of John Borlase, esq. of Pendeen, d. s. p. The third son, GeoRGE Keigwin, esq. of Mousehole, b. March, 1707, succeeded as heir to his brother James in 1741. He m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Hoblyn, esq. of Tresadern, in Cornwall, and d. 1781, leaving by her, who d. July, 1759, 1. JAMEs. 11. William, an officer of the navy, d. at Gibraltar, before 1770. iii. Thomas, of Bristol, m. Anne Bower, and d. s. p. iv. Julianna, m. John Jenkin, Crowan, in Cornwall. V. Johanna, d. young. The eldest son, JAMEs Keigwin, esq. b. March, 1726, d. 1805, leaving, by Elizabeth, daughter of John Jenkin, of Crowan, I. JAMEs JENKIN. ii. Elizabeth, b. 1766, both living, iii. Anne Hoblyn, b. im.; unm. 1837. JAMEs JENKIN KEIGwin, the only son, b. 19th December, 1770, entered into holy orders, and was rector of Withiel, in Cornwall. He d. in August, 1829; and left, by Mary Ann, daughter of Philip Richards, esq. of Penryn, whom he m. 21st November, 1810, 1. The Rev. JAMEs Jenkin Keigwin, the present representative of the family. ii. Musgrave Thomas, b. 1814, d. 1815. iii. Mary Elizabeth, b. June, 1813. iv. Anne Luscombe, b. November, 1815. v. Grace Philippa, b. 1817, d. 1818.

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Arms—Wert, a chevron between three greyhounds courant, argent. ||

Crest—On a wreath, a greyhound's head erased, argent.

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NICOLAS, SIR NICHOLAS-HARRIS, of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law; Chancellor and Senior Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George; Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Order of the Guelphs; m. 28th March, 1822, Sarah, youngest daughter of John Davison, esq., of Lougton, in Essex, by whom he has issue,

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An account of the family of Nicolas will be found in a former page of this volume," where it is stated that SIR HARRIs Nicolas is the fourth son of Captain Joh N-HARRis Nicolas, of the royal navy, the representative of one of those Protestant Refugées, whom the revocation of the Edict of Nantes drove into an honourable exile in this country. The words of the biographer of Sir Samuel Romilly, when speaking of his ancestor, who fled from persecution on the same occasion, are strictly applicable to the ancestor of this family: “Proscribed by a bigoted and arbitrary government for his adherence to the doctrines of the Reformed Religion, this excellent man resolved to tear himself from his birth-place and his friends, and to seek a country where he might worship God after the faith of his fathers, and the dictates of his own heart. The land of his choice was England—then happily an asylum to the victims of oppression in every quarter of the world. Here, with few means of support beyond his own exertions, he embarked in trade, educated his sons to similar occupations, and was contented at his death to leave them, instead of his original patrimony, no other inheritance than

the example of his own industrious habits and virtuous life, an hereditary detestation of tyranny and injustice, and an ardent zeal in the cause of Civil and Religious liberty.”

Captain John-HARRIs Nicolas,h m. Margaret, the youngest daughter and co-heiress of John Blake, (by Anne, second daughter and co-heiress of the Rev. John Keigwin, second son of John Keigwin, esq. of Mousehole,) by whom he has five sons,

1. John-ToUp, captain in the royal navy, C.B. K.H.

ii. Paul-Harris, first-lieutenant of the royal marines.

iii. William-Keigwin, lieutenant of the navy.

iv. Nicholas-HARRIs (Sir).

v. Charles-Henry.

It is stated in the account of the family of Keigwin, I that the Rev. John Keigwin, above mentioned, married Prudence, sister and heiress of William BusvaRGus, esq. of Busvargus, in Cornwall, and that his mother was Margaret, the daughter of Colonel John Giffard, of Brightley, in Devonshire, of which families we shall state some particulars.

* Page 138.
+ An account of the professional services of Cap-
tain Nicolas, and of Captain Toup Nicolas, will be

found in the Naval Chronicle for 1818, and in Mar-
shall's Naval Biography, Supplement, Part IV.
; Page 290.

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The family of Giff ARD is of great antiquity in Devonshire, where it flourished as early as the reign of HENRY II. SiR Roger GIFFARD, a younger son of John Giffard, of Halesbury, having married Margaret, daughter and co-heiress of John Cobleigh, of Brightley, near Chittlehampton, acquired with her that estate, which he had inherited from the Fitzwarines, who assumed the name of Brightley. Their son, John Giffard, esq. m. Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Granville, of Stow, in Cornwall, (ancestor of the Earls of Bath,) by Maud, daughter and co-heir of John Beville, esq. of Gwarnock, in that county; and by her had, besides many other children, his eldest son, John Giffard, esq. of Brightley, who m. Honor, daughter of Walter Erle, esq. of Charborough, in the county of Dorset, and was father of ARTHUR Giffard, esq. who m. Anne,

daughter of Thomas Leigh, esq. of Borough, in Devonshire, and had, besides four daughters, five sons, viz. John, aged eighteen Arthur,” aged fifteen George, aged fourteen Lewis, aged twelve Thomas, aged nine The eldest son, John G. FFARD, esq. b. 1602, succeeded his father, at Brightley, in 1616, and during the Civil Wars was one of the staunchest adherents of his sovereign. He was “decimated, sequestrated, and imprisoned,’’t and paid £1 136 as a composition for his estates. After the Restoration he was selected to be a Knight of the proposed order of the Royal Oak, and d. in 1666. According to his biographer, “he was a gentleman of a very grave and comely aspect, of an obliging carriage, of a sober life, and a pious conversation. Such was his deportment towards men in all his actions, as if he were conscious that the eye of God was upon him; and such his behaviour towards God, in the instances of devotion and religion, as if he thought he was a spectacle to angels and to men. Insomuch, his sobriety and piety brought great reputation to the Royal cause in those parts where he lived; and he was an excellent ornament to his profession, both as a subject and a Christian.” + Colonel Giffard married Joan, the youngest daughter of Sir John Wyndham, of Orchard Wyndham, in Somersetshire, by Joan, daughter of Sir Henry Portman, and by her had three sons f and several daughters. Of those daughters, MARGARet GIFFARD, b. 1st February, 1648, m. 27th March, 1666, John Keigwin,

in 1620.

• Prince,who preached his funeral sermon, states, that this Arthur Giffard was “an able scholar, a constant and painful preacher, an orthodox divine, and a pious good man.” He obtained the rectory of Biddeford through his relative, the Earl of Bath, from which living, in common with numerous other loyal clergymen, he was ejected. He was, however, restored on the return of Charles II. and d. in March, 1668.

t Prince's Worthies of Devon, fol. 1701.

t John Giffard, the eldest son, m. first, Susan, sister of Sir Copleston Bamfylde, by whom he had, 1. John, m. Mary Clotworthy, and d. 1704, leaving an only daughter, Margaret, m. — Courtenay, of Molland, d. s. p. 2. Copleston, d. 1690, unm. He married secondly, Frances, daughter of the Honourable Doctor William Fane, fourth son of Francis, first Earl of Westmoreland, and d. 1712. He had by her, 1. H 1 Nity. 2. Caesar, who succeeded to the estates of

Brightley under his father's will, married, and had issue. 3. Frances, m. — Kenney, and left issue. HENRY GiFFARD, esq. the eldest son, being disinherited by his father, settled at Wotton, in Devonshire, m. Martha, daughter of Edward Hill, esq. judge of the Admiralty, and treasurer of Virginia, and died vita patris 1709. His eldest son, John Giffarp, esq. of Great Torrington, in Devonshire, settled in Ireland, m. Dorcas, daughter of Arthur Murphy, esq. of the county of Wexford, and died in 1748, leaving an only son, John Giffard, esq. accountant-general of his Majesty's Customs at Dublin, and high-sheriff of that city in 1794, b. in 1746, m. Sarah, daughter of William Morton, esq. of Ballynaclash, county Wexford, died in May, 1819, aged 74, and left 1SSue, 1. AMBRose HARDINGE (Sir), late chief justice of Ceylon, b. in 1771, d. in April, 1827,

“A memoir of Mr. Giffard is given in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. lxxxix. part i. p. 481. . . of Mousehole, esq. in Cornwall, who d. 1693, leaving, besides several other children,” his second son, John Keigwin, b. 18th August, 1689; entered into holy orders in 1713, became vicar of Landrake, in Cornwall, in June, 1732,


and died 3rd March, 1761. He m. first, his cousin, Isabella, daughter of John Keigwin, the Cornish antiquary, by Mary-Penrose, and by her, who d. November, 1720, had, 1. James, b. 1714, vicar of Betchworth,

leaving, by Harriett, daughter of Lovell Pennell, esq. of Lyme Regis, several children, viz. John-William, b. in 1811, d. in 1833 unm. Edward, of Kilcorrall, in the county of Wexford, b. 19th December, 1812. George, lieutenant R.N. b. 1815. William, b. in 1818. Arthur, b. in 1826. Jane-Mary, m. Sir William Webb Follett, late solicitor-general. Sarah. . Harriet. Rose. Emma. 2. Stanley-Lees, L.L.D. and barrister-at-law, twice married, and has issue. 3. William, lieutenant, 82d regiment, murdered by the rebels in Ireland, in May, 1798. 4. John, d. young. 5. Harriett, m. Major George King, 7th Fusileers, who was killed at New Orleans, January, 1815. She m. secondly, the Rev. James Phelan. 6. Mary, m. Rev. Richard Ryan.

Sir Hardinge Giffard visited Brightley, the seat of his ancestors in 1791, and expressed his feelings on the occasion in some spirited verses which were printed in the Gentleman's Magazine, for March, 1799. Alluding to the services of Colonel Giffard to CHARLEs the First, the Colonel's spirit is supposed to say,

“Though proud achievements prove our spotless

birth, Our loyalty a prouder boast shall prove; For while we trod in mortal form the earth, Our King possess'd our lives, our swords—our


w o o * *

But ere my wearied bones had sunk to rest,
I saw my Monarch's son regain his throne,
The glorious vision calm'd my aching breast,
I sunk in death without a parting groan.

And you, my son, attend to my command, Defend your King—be loyalty your pride; And should contending factions tear the land, Prove it most firmly when most firmly tried.”

The descendants of Colonel John Giffard are Founder's kin of Wadham College, Oxford, his wife's grandfather, John Wyndham (son and heir of Sir John Wyndham of Orchard,) having m. Florence, sister and co-heir of Nicholas Wadham, esq. the Founder of that college. They are also descended in the following manner from three children of King Edward I. KING Edward I. m. first, Eleanor, daughter of Ferdinand, King of Castile and Leon, and among other issue, had,

* Vide the account of the family of Keigwin, page 290.

Elizabeth, m. Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex. Joan, m. Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester. He m. secondly, Margaret, daughter of Philip, King of France, by whom he had, Thomas, Earl of Norfolk, Earl Marshal, m. Alice, daughter of Sir Roger Halys.

Humphrey, Earl of Hereford, had issue, by the Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet, Margaret, m. Hugh Courtenay, Earl of Devon. Their son, Sir Edward Courtenay, (ob. v.p.) m. Emeline, daughter and heir of Sir John Dawney, by whom he had, Sir Hugh Courtenay, of Haccomb, in Devonshire, brother of Edward, third Earl of Devon, m. Maud, daughter of Sir John Beaumont, of Sherwell, in Devonshire. Their Son, Sir Hugh Courtenay, of Boconnoc, in Cornwall, m. Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Carminow, esq. Their issue were, 1. Edward, created Earl of Devon, 1485, K.G.m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Courtenay, of Molland, and had William, Earl of Devon, m. Katherine, daughter of King Edward lV. Their son, Henry, Earl of Devon, was created Marquess of Exeter, 1525, m. Gertrude, daughterof William Lord Montjoy, and was attainted and beheaded. His only child, Edward Courtenay, was created Earl of Devon, “to hold to him and his heirs male for ever,” 1st March, 1553, d. at Padua, 1536, s. p. 2. Elizabeth Courtenay, m. John Trethursfe, esq. of Trethursfe, in Cornwall. 3. Maud, m. John Arundell, of Talverne, in Cornwall. 4. Isabel, m. William Mohun. 5. Florence, m.John Trelawney. John Trethursfe and Elizabeth Courtenay, above-mentioned, had, besides other issue, a daughter, Jane Trethursfe, m. John Tregarthian, esq. of Tregarthian, in Cornwall. Their daughter and co-heir, Joan Tregarthian, m. John Wadham, esq. of Merrifield, in Somersetshire, whose daughter, and co-heir,

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