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270 Bucks-Cambridge--Cheshire Cornwall— Cumberland. (Áprit i, bers and clief inhabitants of the borough At Chester, Mr.Jas. Johnson, of Codding. towards its establishment,

ton, to Miss Maddock. Birihs 1 Jan. 26, the wife of the Rev. At Great Budworth, Mr. Jas, Dean, sur R. Meade, of Prince's Risborough, of a son, geon of Northwich, to Hannah, only child of

All Incy, Melissa Freeman, of four chil. Jeffery Kilshaw, esq. of Pickmere, dren, who with the mother are all since dead. Died.) Ar Bold, near Farnworth, Mr.

Married ] At Hanslope, Henry Osborn, Peter Robinson, steward to the late Mrs. eq of Whitmore House, ncar Birmingham, Bold, of Bold Hall. to Mis H. Cleaver.

At Frodsham, Mr. John Eaton, land-surĐed.] Al handleloes, the Rev. Chas. vegor, an eminent arithmetician, 31. Tyrwhit Drake, 26.

At High Wycombe, Mr. Wm. Okey, 65. Birth.] Ac Trenant Park, the lady of - Mr. Moses Solomon.

Capt. Mulcaster, R. N. of a daughter. Ai Elon, Alps. Evans, of the Crown and Married.) Ac St. Mary's, Scilly, Joha Cushion Inr.

Taylor, esq. staff-surgeon, to Miss Douglas. At Morton House, near Buckingham, At Stithians, Collan Harvey, esq.' of So Edw, 0, Gray, esq. 56.

Day, to Mrs. Tregellas, of St. Agnes. At Little Horwood Rectory, the Rev. Ste At Falmouth, the Rev. Sampson Harris, phen Langston, 51.

to Marianna, third daughter of the late Capi. CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Kempihorne, of Flushing. We know not whether the public prints Died.] At Truro, Mrs. Vivian, wife of have libelled the University of Cambridge, John V. esq. and mother of Major-gen. Sir or whether the heads of that celebrated seat Hussey V. K. C. B. 62. of science have libelled themselves by frater At Launcestou, Mr, Lawrence, son of the nizing with the French general Sebastiani, late Humphrey L. esq. 17.-Mr. Edward who is said to have been introduced into the Pearso.--Miss F. Rowe, daughter of Wm. R. Senate House while the Caput was conferring esq. senior alderman and justice of the degrees, and to have afterwards dined in the peace for that borough, 34. Hall of Trinity College. We are farther Ac Penzance, Captain Jell, of Dover, 28. told, with the most provoking gravity, that John White, esq. 20. “ he is said to be a good Greek and Latin Ac Helston, Mrs. James, wife of Mr.J. scholar." For a statement of his other ac conveyancer.—Mrs. Higgs, midwife, who in compli.hinents, we beg leave to refer to the the course of her practice had attended upJast iolume is the Travels of Dr, CLARKE, wards of 1000 bullis. of this uriversity.

Ar St. Austell, Mrs. Trethew.-M. The suipe chosen for the Museum to be Martin. crected at Cambridge, pursuant to the late At East Looe, M. Wm. Pope, 86. Lord Viscount Filzwilliam's will, is to be on At Lifton, Mr Rich. Bickle. a spacious piece of ground contiguous to the At St. Ives, Capt. Thomas Paynter, 50. new grand wing of King's College, and At Marazion, Mis. Banfield, 90. nearly adjoining 1o the river Cam.

Ar Bodmin, Mrs. Renorden, 9$. The Masters and Tellers of St. John's, At Truro, Ann Barker, 100. Cambridge, have agreed upon the crection

CUMBERLAND. of a new chapel and hall in their overflowing The decease of Mr. Fawcett, M. P. for college

Carlisle, produced during the lase month a Married.) Lieut. Adams, RN to Miss contested election for that city. The candi. Sarah Swansborough of Wisbech.

dates were J.C. Curwen, esq. and sir Philip AI Great Shelford, Mr. Thos. Moore, to Mus rave, bart. At the close of the poll Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. Rob. on the seventh day the numbers were, for Scarr.

the former 1950; for the latter 1310 ; when Died.) At Wisbech, Mr.Jas. Defew, 77. sir Philip declined any farther opposition, at

At Cambridge, Mrs. Barnard, 47,- Mrs. the same time declaring his resolution to Kave, relict of Mr. K. formerly butler to conie forward on the first occasion against King's College.

any candidate whatever. During this conAi Swavesey, John Arnold, gent. ;2. tesi Mr. Curwen was accused by a friend sf

his opponent, of having an iron heart, and The nor sious Ann Moore (of fasting me being insensible to the calls of humanity. In mory), late of l'utbury, has been safely refulation of this charge Mr. Curwen stated, lodged in Chester gaol, on a charge of steal among other circumstances, that during the ing wearing apparel from her lodgings in greae scarcity of corn he expended 30001. in Maccle helil. She was accompanies by her buying that necessary article, for the purpuse daughter, who is charged with being ibe of selling it out at a very reduced price; pasiper of her mother's crimes,

and that 300 children were educated at Married.) At Presbury, O. Tunnicliff, Workington, and 200 at Harrington, at his, esq. of Colshaw, silk-merchant, to Mary, sole expense. second daughter of the late H. J. Wardle, Married.) At Kirklinton, the Hey, Jaso esq. of Macclesfield.

Hough, chaplain in the Ě. 1.c. Service at





Fort St. George, to Elizabeth, daughter of year should be deducted for every 6d. under the Rev. Thos, Pattinson.

133. per bushel, that wheat might sell for Ac Arthuret, the Rev. Wm. Waddiloe, during the term of the lease; to be deteronly son of the Dean of Ripon, so Eliza- mined by the legal market returns "The beth, eklest daughter of Sir Jas. Graham, average price of wheat being now about 7s. od. bart. of Netherby.

the rent of the estate so taken is actually reAr Workington, Mr. Foster, bookseller, duced 10 about 40l. a year. to Miss Dadason.

Birth.] At Plymouth, the lady of George Ac Egremont, Mr. F. Borte, of Sellafield, Soltau, esq. of Iwins. to Isabella, daughter of Capt. Bone, of Married.] At Kenton, the Rev, Henry Workington.

Wm. Marker, of Aylesbear, to Mary, third Died.) Ac Whitehaven, Mrs. Watts, daughter of the Rev. John Swete, of Oxiou mother of the late Capt. W. of the E. I.C, House. service.-John Bateman, esq. late chief Ac Stoke, J. H. Delacombe, esq. of the steward to the Earl of Lonsdale - Mrs. Royal Marines, to Fanny, daughter of Mr. Randleson, wile of Mr. R. diuggist.

Jas. M'Arthur, of Plymouth Dork. At Cockermouth, Mr. Jose Falder, a At Totnes, the Rev. Wm. Marshall to Miss man of no ordinary talents and ingenuity, 85. Ozilvie.

Ai Wigton, Mis. Dodd, muiher of the Ac Dawlish, Capt. Peter Hill, R. N. to Rev. Mr. D. 73.

Anne, youngest daughter of Peter Churchill, Ac Carlisle, Mr. John Hornsby, 67. esq. Joseph Nison, 100.-Richard, son of Mr. Died.] Exmouth, Mrs. Kingdon, widow of 3. Christopherson, 18.- Mr. Edw. Waugh, Mr. Sam. K. of Exeter, 09 - Emma, daugh65.--Mr. Jas. King, 46.-Mr. John Rod ter of Josias Dupre Porcher, esq. 18. ford, 78.

Ac Exeter, Mrs. Mary Mounce, widow, At Bishop's court, Isle of Man, Frances, 103.-By suicide, Mr. Wm. Sanford, an infant daughter of the Ri. Rev. and Hon. eminent attorney, 73. Geo. Murray, Bishop of Sodor and Man. At Cheriton Fitzpaine, Mrs. Melhuish, 81. Ac Wampool, Mrs. Wilson 55.

At Barnstaple, Mr. John Halls, 77. At Penrith, Miss Cath, Bradley, 62.

Ac Plymouth, W. Harris, esų. solicitor. At Maryport, Mrs. Sarah Wheelwright, Rich. Hill, esq. lieutenant in the Royal Masister of the late Rev. Mich, W. of Carlisle, 60. rines, 40.-Mr. T. Richards.-- Mrs. Grace

At Workington, Capt. Edw. Dawson, of Bastard, a maiden lady, 61.-Mr. Yco. the Friends.-Capt. Johnson of the Severn. At Newton Bushell, Mrs. Green, wife of Mr. Jas, Parish, late master of his Majesty's John G, esq. ship Ethalion.

At Biddeford, J. Kirkman, esq. late licuAt Corkicle, Mr. John Bateman, a skilful tenant colonel of the 52d foot, 50. engineer, and honorary member of the Liter

DORSETSHIRE. ary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle,67. Married.] At Bridpore, Mr. Wm. 'I ickell,

of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, solicitor, to Sarah, Merried. ) Ar Bolsover, Mr. Geo. Brels- daughter of Jos. Gundry; esq. forth, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. At Poole, Capt. Bowen, lo Sarah, fourth Jos. Shacklock.

daughter of the late Jas. Pointer, esq. At Derby, Mr. Tunnicliff to Miss Stables. Edw. Berkeley Portman, esq. M. P. of At Chesterfield, Mr. Thos. Mackenzie to Bryanstone, to Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Edw. Hule, bart, of Breamore, Hanis. Cartledge, surgeon.

Died.] At Sherborne, Mr. B. C. Porter. Died. ] At Derby, Mr. Rich. Harrison Ac Dorchester, Mrs. Newman, 56. 65.-Mr. Haslam 67. At Chesterfield, Mr. Thos. Shirt 68.

Died.] At Durham, Mrs. Eliz. Garth, At Tapton, Mrs. Pearce, 78.

72.--Mrs. Hannah Hunter, 72.- Mrs. WiAt Spondun, Eleanor, eldest daughter of tham, daughter of the late Ds. Thos. W.05. the Rev. Wm. Edwards of Cubley.

- Miss Malcolm, daughter of Major M. of Ai Scropton, Mrs. Eld, 41.

Darlington. At Muse Lane, near Sudbury, Mrs. Han At Darlington, Mrs. Mary Hedley.-Mrs. son 78.

Gibbon, 28. At Duffield, Mrs. Spencer, wife of Mr. Ai Hurworth, the wife of Rob. Claxton, S. Surgeon, 41.

esq. 54. At Dufficld Bank, Mrs. Walker, 43.

At Stockton, Mr. John Chipchase, schootAt Swarkiruu, Mury, wife of Mr. John master, 69. Bentley

Ar Sunderland, suddenly, Mr. Rob. Bell, 'At Hopton, Mr. Win. Lane, jun. 23, of Newcastle, 69.-- Mr. Geo. Watson, of DEVONSHIRE.

the Castoms,--Mr. Edw. Wright, 75. "Ai a time when wheat was at 1os. to 175. At Barnardcastle, Mr. Alex. Flilton, 74 the Winchester bushel, a farmer took an es Mrs. Eliz: Brown; 75:-Mrs. Steel, 70. late within a few miles of Exeter, at a rent of At Bishopwcarmouth, Mrs. Scott. $$ol, pa annum, with a proviso, thát 101. a At Staindrop, Mr. Ralphi Disod, 34.



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272 Esser-Gloucestershire-Hampshire--Herefordshire. [April ,

At Draycoti's Milis, Cam, Mt. Sam. White. Married.] At Colchester, Capt. Beau- Al Corse, Ann, daughter of Mr. Thos. inont,, of the Hermitage packet, to Miss Pullan, 20. Knapp.

At Nailsworth, Mrs. Deverell, 81. Geo. Albert, esq. Deputy Inspecior of Hos

HAMPSHIRE, pitals to the Forces, to Sarah, youngest daugh- The following new regulations have been ter of the late Rev. J. Jones, of Braintree. adopted in the Royal Naval College at Ports

Mr. Wm. Cooper, of North Scow, to Miss mouth, by order of the Lords of the Adri. Kemble, of Braintree.

salty. The number of students is not to € William, fourth son of John May, esg. of ceed 100 in time of war, nor 70 in peace, inCopthall, Wigborough, to Eliza, daughter of stead of 70 both in peace and war, as before. the late Mr. Jones, of Tolleshunt D'Arcy. The remaining students, whether the sons of

Died.) At Slate House, near Ongar, fre- naval officers, or other persons, are to pay derica, daughter of Wm, Comyns, esq. 721. per annum, or gl. per calendar month,

Ai Colchester, W. Sparling, esq. ritorney, for any period less than half a year : and the one of the aldermen of the borough. -Mrs. sons of naval officers will have the preferMarsden, wife of Mr. M. printer.-The Hon. ence, as vacancies occur, for being placed on Mary Townshend, relict of the Hon. and the list of those who receive their education Rev. Edw. T. Dean of Norwich, 87.

graiis. According to the former rule, the Ai Castle Hedingham, Mrs. Henrietta Sa- sons of all persons, naval officers, as well as bonne.

others, were admitted gratis.-No candidate Ai Witham, Mr. W. Perry 77.

shall be eligible for admission to the Naval At Great Leighs, Mr. W. Owers, 66. Colleve until he has attained the age of 12

At Great Saling, the Rev. Wm. Bradbury, years and a half, nor after he has completed rector of Wimbesh, and vicar of Ridgewell that of 14 years, instead of from 14 to 16, acand Great Saling, formerly Fellow of Ca- cording to the old regulation. therinc Hall, Cambridge, where he proceeded Died. ] Ac St. Austin's, near Lymington, B A, 1750, M. A. 1753.

John Lyons, esq. At Lexden, Mrs. Hewes, wife of Rob. H, Al Sc. Margaret's Castic, -Titchfield, in esq. an alderman of Colchester.

consequence of an injury from his gun accia At Saffron Walden, Mr. Eedes, 72.-J. L. dentally going off while getting over a hedge, Davies.

George, eldest son of Sir George Dallas At Harwich, Capt. Ant. Deane, many bart, 18. years Commander of one of the Poit office At Lynrington, Saml. Cleaveland esq. one paekets, from that port, and one of the alder of the burgesses of that corporation, and late men of the borough, 72.

Lieutenant-colonel of the South East Hants

local militia. The manufactory belonging to Mr. Ed- In the Isle of Wight, Wm. Goudrich esq. ward Jackson, at Uley, is now lighted with of Springhill, 71. gas--being the first application of this useful Ai Portsmouth, Mrs. Widdington, wise invention to a similar purpose in this county. of Gen. W. 51. She had been landed only

Married.] At Cheltenhanı, the Rev. Mr. the day precerling her death from the Camel Griffith, to Miss Anne Ballenger, of Chalford. Store-ship from Gibraltar. -Mrs. Davies, -The Rev. Thos: St. Laurence, eldest son of mother of Capt. D. R.N 71. the Bishop of Cork, in Miss Grey, only

HEREFORDSHIRE. daughter of Lieut, col, G. and of Lady Colt. The Secretary of the Hereford Agricul. hurst.

tural Society, states the following to be in At Gretna Green, Mr. Crombie, to Miss his opinion, the most likely means of allevi. Hicks, daughter of Sir Wm. H. bart. of ating the distresses uf the agricultural interest : Witcombe Park.

-1. The reduction of rents in proportion Dud.) At Gloucester, Mrs. Morgan, re. to the difference in the prices of grain at this lict of the Rev. Mr. M. latc of Bath.-Mr. period, compared with their prices at the John Faville; of the Curriers Arms.-The time of letting ; the new rent to be made wife of Mr. Thos. Morgan, druggist.

vary with the rise and Fall of the market At Minchin hampion, Mr, Mason, solicitor. hereafter, as tithe compositions have been so At Tetbury, H. A Biedermann, esq. 72. regulated in the parish of Marcle, &c. with

At Chipping Sodbury, Damaris, widow of the best effect.-2. The abolition of the Thos. Loggon, esq. of London.

Property Tax.-3. The abolition of the day At Cirencester, Mrs. Hill, relict of, Mr. H. on farming horses. 1. A material reduc: bookselles, 05.-Mrs. Masters, relict of Dan. tion in the taxes on malt, leather, and salt.

-Ands. A reduction of ti'he-compositions, Al Cheltenham, Sir. Wm. Forbes, bart, of on the scale suggested above for regulating Craigievar, Aberdeen, 03.-Mr. W. Thayer, the rents and future leases of farms, or a new 36.

estimate of their value. AtStroud, Mr. Chambers.-Miss Dorothy Married.) Rich. Webb esq. of Been. Jenner, of the Post-office.

ham Lodge, to Fanøy, third daughter of the A: Hartpery, Mrs. Mary Phillips, 66. Rev. Dr. Hanningtoo, Teotor of Hampton -Mrs. Ann D. Brooks, 86.



M. csq.



1816.1 Hertfordshire-Kent Lancashireim Leicester, 273

Dried. } A: Hereford, Mrs: Seward, re. -Mr. John Caton, of Liverpool, to Miss lier of War. S. L.L. D., 91Mrs. Whilmore Wood, daughter of Abr. W. esq. relict of John W. esq. 76.–Sarah, widow of At Prescot, 'Thos. Butler, esq. to Hannah, the Rev. Thos. EvansMrs. Fully, wife of youngest daughter of the late Wm. Wilkin, Mr, T. of Ledbury, 82.

esq. of Appleby. Ac Ross, Mrs. Wood.

Ac Dalton in Furness, J. H. Long, esg. of HERTFORDSHIRE.

Mint-house, Kendal, io Miss Wearing. . Martird. ] At Hatfield House, Sir Henry Died. ] At Withington, Mrs. Parker, wife Wellesley, barri to Larly Georgiana Cecil

, of John and mother of Lieut.-col. P. eldest daughter of the Marquis of Salisbury. of Davenport-Hall, Cheshire.

Died.) At Hertford, Mrs. Whitting. At Crosby-Hall, near Liverpool, Wm. stall, 70.

Blundell, esq.

At Ashton, the Rev. Joshua Wood, B. D. Married. ] Ac Chatham, Mr. W. Wild- senior fellow of Catharine-Hall, Cambridge. asti, bookseller of Rochester, to Miss Eliz. At Edgeworth, John Horrocks, esq. faFoord.

ther of S. Horrocks, esq. M. P. for Preston, - Died.) Ac Blackheath, Mrs. Hill, relict of At Walton, Sarah, wife of Thos. WoodEdw.H. esq. formerly of Albion-street, Black. ward esy. friars, 61.

At the Vicarage, Runcorn, the Rev. Wm, At Rolvender, Charlotte, wife of Admi Edw. Keyt, 48. ral John Henry, 75.

At Manchester, Wm. Clowes esq.-Mr. "At Rochester, Mrs. Baker, late proprietor John Kirk, of the firm of Hewit and Kirk, of the Canterbury, Rochester, Maidstone, solicitors. Tunbridge-Wells and Faversham Theatres. At Liverpool, Hugh Arthur, third son of Mrs. Brown, wife of the Rev. Mr. B. the late Dr. Carrie, and late midshipman on

At North Cruy, the Hon. Thos. Coven- board H. M. S. Leander 18.-M. Henry try 37.

Stewart, 86. At Plaistow, Jas. Dowley, sen. esq. 71. At Lancaster, Jane, youngest daughter of At Ashford, the Rev. Robi. G. Ayerst, John Ford esq. rector of Speldhurst, and a magistrate for the At Beetham, near Millthorp, Wm. Culcounty, 94.

liford, esq. late captain of the 20th foot. At Bradburne, Lady Twisden, relict of Sir John Papilion T. bart, and sister of Sir Wm. Died.) At Thoresby, Mrs. Wood, relict Geary, bart. M. P. for this county.

of Willoughby W. esq, and last surviving * At Maidstone; Wm. Bryant, esq. 64. daughter of Sir John Thorold, bart. John King, esq. a magistrate, and one of st Waltbam Lodge, Robi. Kirk, esq. the jurats for this town, 70.

At Ashby de la Zouch, Lewis, only son of At Canterbury, a few days after her mar Mr. John Gaudin, 23. siage, Harnes, wife of Mr. John Dombrain. At Barton in the Beans, Mr. Saml. DeaShe hung herself froni the banisters of the con, 40 years, minister of the General Bapstair case.

tist chapel there. * LANCASHIRE.

At Leicester, Mr. Jos. Simpkin, 83.-Mr. The expediency of adopting the use of John Hardy, several years a faithful teaches gas light in Manchester has been taken into in the Sunday-school belonging to the in consideration, and a committee, including dependent congregation, 38-Mrs. Eliz. several gentlemen of known scientific ex- Cotchett, 71--Mrs. Wilson. perience, formed, who are to prepare a re At Dishley, Mr. Honeybourn, an eminent port on the subject.

breeder of rams, and nephew of the late Mra The trustees appointed to investigate the Bakewell of this place 51. concerns of Messrs. Roscoe, Clarke and Ros Ac Easton-school, near Stamford, Emily, coe have reported that there will be a surplus third daughter of Sir Wm. Walker, of Leiof upwards of 64,000t. after allowing for all bad and comingent debts. The creditors are

LINCOLNSHIRE. to receive interest for their money until the A smart shock of an earthquake was felt at whole is liquidated.

Lincoln, about ten minutes before ene, p. m. Merrted. ] At Liverpool, Wm. James esq. on the 17th March. The undulation seemed of Barrock Lodge, Cumberland, to Fanny, to be from west to east, and lasted from one only daughter of W. C. Russin, esq.--Wm. and a half to two minutes. Pictures and Cook, esq. to Miss Watkinson.

other articles suspended from the walls, were "At Manchester, Thos. Roby jun. esq.' of se in motion, and many persons so affected the Bole Hall, near Tamworth, to Eliza, el as to suppose themselves seized with sudden dest daughter of the late Jas. Halliwell esq. illness. The shock excited equal alarm at of Broomfield-house --MF: T. Hulme, suf- Gainsborough, and likewise all over the geon, of Salford, to Susannah, daughter of counties of Noniugham and Leicester, at J. Waystaff, esq. of Moss Cottage, Ashton - Chesterfield in Derbyshire, and at Sheffield Jos. Thister, esqzof Montreal, to Miss Battis, and Doncaster, in Yorkshire. second daughter of John of Ardwick,

New MONTALY Mag.--No. 27190 Vol. V,




274 Lincalı- Monmouth--Norfolk--Northampton--Northumberl: (April 1,

A correspondent of the Stamford Mercury Lieut. Wm. Franklyn, R. N. to Miss states that much of the soil of this county is Barker, daughter of Peter Henry B. esq. of particularly weil calculated for the growth Carbrook. of heinp, and that it might be cultivated to At Yarmouth, Jas. Conway Travers, esq. pay the farmer in a ratio equal to wheat at Captain of she Rifle Brigade, to Mary, sl. a quarter, besides affording employment youngest daughter of Wm. Steward, esq. to the poor-it having been found that At Thorpe, Mr. Carter, surgeon, of Norhemp may be spun, by a newly discovered wich, to Harriet, second daughter of Thos. process, into a finer ihread than cotton, and Dewing, esq. of Castleacre Wicken. cambrics manufactured with it exoecding in Died) At Gorgate, Mr. C. M. Vickery, texture and durability those of France, Hol of St. John's College, Cambridge. land, and Germany. The city of Norwich At Norwich, Georgina, third daughter of is stated to have determined upon adopting the Rev. J. B. Tompson.-Susanna Maria, the new trade ; and it is suggesied that spin- third daughter of Jas. Murray, esq.- Mary, ning premiums should be offered as in Ire- widow of the late Jer. Norris, esq. of Colnay land, (and as in the county of Rutland, on a Hall. smaller scale, by the Society of Industry Ai Blakeney, Henry, youngest son of the many years established in that well-ordered late 'T. W. Temple, esq. linle county,) for the encouragement of it. At East Dereham, Mr. Wm. Barker, sta

* Birih.] At Firsby, near Spilsby, Mrs. tioner and printer, 63. Ashlin, wife of Mr. A. grazier, aged 64, or At lynn, Mr. John Armiger, 59. rwin girls, who with the mother are likely At Burnham, the Rev. Henry Crowe, resto do well.

tor of Wolverton and Burnham. At Frisby, near Melton, Mrs. Heathcot, At Kenninghall, Neherniah Haylett, 101. aged 50, of a son, being her first child, At East Harling, the Rev. Geo. Deane, though now six years maried to her second rector of Carbrook. husband.

Ai Thetford, Miss Eliz. Pallant, 22. Married.), Al Aslackby, Mr. Headley, surgeon, of Falkingham, to Miss Goodson.

Married! At Wakerley, Wm. Cuffe, esq. At Sleaford, Mr. Jacobsun, surgeon and of St. Albins, co. Kilkenny, Ireland, to apothecary, to Miss Laycock.

Lady Anna Maria Sherard, sister to the Earl Ai Grantham, W. Elston, esq. of Flint of Harborough. House Cottage, Wisbech, to Mrs. Merri- At Croughton, Mr. Wm. Davis, of Blox. field.

ham, Oxfordshire, to Miss Weston. Died.) At Osbornby, near Falkingham, Died.] Ac Peterborough, Mr. John ShelMrs. Glossup, formerly Mrs. Cole, mother ton, of Werrington, 37. of the Countess of Berkeley, 80. It will be At Fotheringhay, Eliza, Jaughter of the recollected that she gave evidence in the Rev. Rob. Linton. case of the Berkeley peerage in a way that did The Rev. John Dixon, Rector of Brough. bonour to her feelings as a parent.

ton, near Northampton, and of Toddington, At Scremby Hall, Spilsby, Chas. Brack. Beds, 70. enbury, esq. a magistrate for the parts of


It was not till the soch Feb. that the boAt Stamford, Mrs. Heppenstall, wife of dies of the greater part of the sufferers in Mr. Alderman H. 73.

Heaton coal - pit, near Newcastle, were At Boston, Mrs. Eleanor Green, 78. come ał, when 55 of them were found in At Holbeach, Mr. J. B, Palmer, 87. what is called the far workings of the pit. It

At Raithby, near Spilsby, Mrs. Fretwell, has been asserted that these unfortuate per. wife of the Rev.John F. recior of the former sons perished of starvation, but there was place.

nothing to warrant such a conclusion, as seAt Thealby, Mr. Thos. Waterland, near veral pieces of the flesh of one of the horses 40 years one of the High Constables for the was found wrapped in an old jacket. There wapentake of Manley.

were but iwe horses in that part of the mine; At Lincoln, Mr. Jas. Johnson, bookseller. one they had killed for food, and the other At Gainsborough, Rich Capes, esq. 91. was found tied to a prop without any marks.

that could justify the supposition of its having Married.) A. Moumouth, Thos. Oak- been put to death by the miners. From the ley, esq. late of Jamaica, to Miss Pearce, of position in which the bodies were found, and Monmouth

from the candles stuck agaiest the sides of Died ) A: Vonmouth, Mr. Thurston, 81. the workings not being much burned, it is

At Cledden Cottage, near Trellick, on her supposed that the sufferings of these poor birthday, Mis. Williams, relict of Mr. Job men were suddenly terminated by foul air. W. 82.

It is conjectured that madnes had increased

the horrors of their situation, as most of the Married.) John Cary, cq. of Lincoln's bodies were found naked. Inn, to Miss Johnson, ot Kirstead Hail. drá urrięc.) A Newcastle, Mr. Mann, of



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