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troops detached from the marine, the royal grenadiers, cannoniers, bombardiers, and Swifs; the different detachments of the militia and freebooters, and the other volunteers, with the honours of war, drums beating, lighted match, colours flying, two pieces of cannon, and three rounds of ammunition each.- The troops of his most Chriftian majefty in garrifon fhall march out with drums beating, colours flying, and two pieces of cannon, two rounds of ammunition, and fhall be embarked and fent to France as foon as poffible, at the expence of his Britannic majefty. The militia, freebooters, and others belonging to the ifland, fhall lay down their arms, and be prifoners of war, until the fate of it is determined.

II. The garrifon shall be sent to the port of Rochfort in France, by the most short and expeditious way, at the expence, and in the fhips of his Britannic majefly.Answered in the first.

III. The faid garrifon fhall be lodged and maintained in the town of Fort Royal, till their departure, at the expence of his Britannic majefty. They fhall be maintained at the expence of his Britannic majefty, and fhall be embarked as in the first article.

IV. That it fhall be lawful for the officers, Creoles, and others, to go into the island, and stay there as long as it fhall be neceffary to fettle their affairs. -A reasonable time will be allowed to the officers to fettle their affairs, they behaving according to the rules of war.

V. That the officers and others, who have effects in the country, fhall keep them.-Granted.

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XIV. That there fhall be a general inventory taken by commiffaries named by each party, of the artillery, ammunition, provifions, and all other effects within the place. Granted.

XV. That the English prifoners detained in this citadel fhall be exchanged for ours. Among others, M de Caponé, major of this citadel and ifland, fhall be included in the exchange, to follow the fortune of the officers of the place.-Refufed.

XVI. That the effects of the officers and men belonging to the royal grenadiers, which were left upon Morne Garnier, fhall be reftored to them. -It cannot be complied with, as it will be impoffible to recover them.

XVII. That the armed free Negroes and Mulattoes, that entered into the citadel as attendants on the

companies of militia, fhall go out likewife with the faid companies. They fhall remain prifoners of war, until the fate of the island is determined.

XVIII. That three days fhall be granted for the evacuation of the place, at the end of which time, the gate fhall be given up to the troops of his Britannic majefty, whilft the garrifon fhall march out. The gate of the fort fhall be given up to the troops of his Britannic majefty this evening at five o'clock, and the French garrifon fhall march out at nine to-morrow morning.

XIX. That before the capitulation is fettled, the commanding officer of the place fhall be permitted to communicate it to the general, and in the mean time there fhall be a fufpenfion of arms, and that all the works fhall ceafe on

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To their excellencies Meffrs. Monckton and Rodney, generals by land and fea of his Britannic majefty.


THE inhabitants fhall quit

their pofts with two field pieces, their arms, colours flying, drums beating, matches lighted, and fhall have all the honours of war.The inhabitants fhall march out of all their garrifons and posts (none excepted) with their arms and colours flying, upon condition that they afterwards lay them down; and that all the forts, garrifons, pofts, and batteries of cannon and mortars, with all arms, ammunition, and implements of war, be delivered to proper perfons appointed to receive them.

II. The inhabitants of the islands of St. Lucia, and St. Vincent, who are come to the affiftance of this ifland, fhall have the liberty to retire with their arms and baggage, and fhall be furnished with a veffel to carry them to their own islands, with their fervants which they have


brought with them, as alfo with provifion neceffary for their voyage.

They must remain prifoners of war, as thofe of St. Vincent, in the capitulation of Fort Royal.

III, The inhabitants shall have free exercise of their religion, the priests, friars, and nuns, shall be preferved in their cures and convents, and it shall be permitted to the fuperiors of the order, to fend for any of them from France, delivering their letter to his Britannic majefty's governors. Granted.

IV. They shall be strictly neuter, and shall not be obliged to take arms against his most Christian majefty, nor even against any other power. They become subjects of his Britannic majefty, and must take the oath of allegiance; but shall not be obliged to take arms against his most Christian majesty, until a peace may determine the fate of the island.

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V. They fhall preferve their civil government, their laws, customs, and ordonnances; justice shall be adminiftered by the fame officers who are now in employment; and there shall be a regulation made for the interior police between the governor of his Britannic majefty and the inhabitants; and in cafe that at the peace the island fhould be ceded to the king of Great Britain, it shall be allowed to the inhabitants to preferve their political government, and to accept that of Antigua or St. Chriftopher's. -They become British fubjects (as in the preceding article) but fhall continue to be governed by their prefent laws, until his majesty's pleasure be known.

VI. The inhabitants, as alfo the religious orders of both fexes, fhall be maintained in the property of

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till the peace, poffefs any eftates, either by acquifition, agreement, or otherwife; but in cafe, at the peace, the country fhall be ceded to the king of Great Britain, then it fhall be permitted to the inhabitants who fhall not be willing to become his fubjects, to fell their eftates, moveables and immoveables, to whom they please, and retire where they fhall think proper, in which cafe they fhall be allowed convenient time.- All fubjects of Great Britain may poffefs any lands or houfes by purchase. The remainder of this article granted, provided they fell to Britifh fubjects.

XII. In case any exchanges fhall be thought of at the peace, their moft Christian and Britannic majefties are intreated to give the preference to this island. - This will depend upon his Britannic majesty's pleasure.

XIII. The inhabitants fhall have liberty of retiring; we fay, of fendtheir children to France for their education; the wives of officers and others, out of the island, fhall have liberty of retiring with their effects, and the number of fervants fuitable to their rank. The liberty of fending their children to France to be educated, depends upon the king's pleasure. The reft granted.

XIV. The government fhall procure for the inhabitants the vent of their commodities, which fhall be looked upon as national commodities, and of confequence fhall have entry in England. -Granted; the ifland producing nothing but what may be imported into England.

XV. The inhabitants fhall not be obliged to find quarters for the troops, or to do any works on the fortifications. -The inhabitants muft furnish barracks or quarters

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XIX. The inhabitants and merchants fhall enjoy all their privileges of commerce, as the fubjects of Great Britain.- Granted, fo that it does not affect the privileges of particular companies eftablished in England, or the laws of the kingdom, which prohibit the carrying on trade in other than British bottoms.

XX. It fhall always be permitted to the inhabitants, to continue to make white and clayed fugar, as they have been used to.-Granted, they paying duty in proportion to their fuperior value to the common quality of the Mufcovado fugar. XXI. The fea veffels, as well fhips as boats or fchooners, which are funk or afloat, and which have not been taken, fhall remain to their owners.-———— -Refufed to all privateers and ships, trading to diftant ports. Granted to fuch as are employed in paffing to and from the different ports of the island.

XXII. They money which is now made ufe of, fhall remain upon the fame footing, without be


ing fufceptible either of augmenta
tion or diminution. Granted.
(D'Aleffo.) (Lapiere.)
(I'feriere.) (Mauboix.)
(Dorienterfack for)
(Dorient Hubert, and)
(Dorient Campagne.)
Demanded, All archives and
papers, which may be neceffary or
relative to the government of the
island, to be faithfully given up.
Leave is granted to the gentlemen
of the island to keep neceffary arms
for the defence of their plantations..
Settled, agreed, and clofed by us
the deputies reprefentative and bear-
ers of the powers from the major
part of the quarters compofing this
colony; in the city of Fort Royal,
Martinico, this feventh day of Feb-
ruary, 1762.

D'Aleffo. I'feriere. Rob. Monckton.
G. B. Rodney.
(Dorienterfack) (Berland) (Mauboix)

Capitulation offered for the whole

ifland of Martinico, on the part of M. le Valor Delatouche, the governor general.

Preliminary article. A fufpen

fion of arms fhall be agreed upon for 15 days; at the expiration of which the following capitulation fhall take place, if no fuccour arrives. Twenty-four hours will be allowed the general to accede to the terms offered, from the time Meffrs. de Bournan and Delatouche fhall be fet on fhore at St. Peter's; and, if accepted of, the troops of his Britannic majefty fhall be immediately put in poffeffion of fuch forts and

pofts as his Britannic majesty's ge neral fhall think fit."

Art. I. All the forts and pofts of the island fhall be evacuated by the troops of his moft Chriftian majefty, whether regular or militia, or independent companies of freebooters, or livery servants; they fhall march out with four field pieces, their arms, two rounds per man, their enfigns or colours flying, drums beating, and all the honours of war; after which the faid forts and pofts fhall be occupied by the troops of his Britannic majefty.- -The troops and inhabitants fhall march out of all their garrifons and pofts with their arms, drums beating, colours flying, and the troops to have four pieces of cannon, with two rounds each, and two rounds per man, upon condition that the inhabitants afterwards lay down their arms; and that all the forts, garrifons, pofts and batteries of cannon, or mortars, with all arms, ammunition and implements of war, fhall be delivered up to proper perfons appointed by us to receive them.

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Art. II. Tranfport veffels fhall be provided at the expence of his Britannic majefty, fufficiently victualled, to carry to the Granades the above-mentioned regular troops, and their officers, and commanders, with the four pieces of cannon, arms, baggage, and, in general, all the effects of the faid officers and troops. Granted, to France only.

Árt. III. Mr. Rouille, governor of Martinico, the king's lieutenants of the faid island, the officers of the ftaff, engineers and fub-engineers, fhall return to France in the vessels, and at the charge of his Britannic majefty.- -Granted. Art.

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