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METEOROLOGICAL Table, kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Calton-kill.
N. B.-

The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afternoon. The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register


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Ochtertyre, Lady Mary Murray, a son... Feb. 7. At Kingston, Jamaica, the lady 9. At Paris, Lady George William Russell, of Dr Alexander M•Larty, a son.

a daughter.-Mrs Bartlet Buchanan, a March 23. in Albermarle Street, Lon- daughter. At Glentayn house, the lady of don, the Countess of Waldegrave, a daugh- Wm Stirling, Esq. a son.-12. At Yester. ter.-In Hertford Street, May Fair, Lady house, the Marchioness of Tweeddale, a Emily Drummond, a son.-26. At Wick. daughter.-14. Mrs Currie, Gray Street, ham Rectory, the Hon. Mrs Grey, a son. Newington, Edinburgh, a daughter.--16. 27. At Ballinaby, Mrs Campbell, a daugh- Mrs Turnbull, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, ter.-Lady Eleanor Lowther, lady of the a son.-17. At Portland Place, London, Hon. Lieut.-colonel Lowther, a son and Mrs A. Millar, a daughter. 18. The lady heir.-28. In Charles Street, Berkeley of John Douglas, Esq. of Lockerby, a son. Square, London, the Countess of Warwick, -Mrs Erskine, Albany Street, Edinburgh, a son and heir.-29. At Otterston, Fife- a son.-19. In North Frederick Street, shire, the lady of Captain Richard Hussey Edinburgh, Mrs Colonel D. Rattray, a Moubray, of the Royal Navy, C. B. a daughter. At 56, George Street, Édin. daughter.-30. At Urr Manse, Mrs Mac- burgh, the lady of Major Bogle, 94th regi. whir, a daughter. Jn Elder Street, Edin- ment, a son.-At Lochmalong, the lady of burgh, the lady of Dr Thatcher, a daughter. Major Horsburg, a son.-20. At Inverness,

April 2. Mrs Campbell, Picardy Place, the lady of Lieut-colonel Ross, 2d West Edinburgh, a son.- -Mrs Brown, George India regiment, a son.At Fareham, the Street, Edinburgh, a son.-3. At Exeter, lady of Lieut-colonel Campbell, 46th regi. the lady of Sir Charles Dalrymple, a son.- ment, a daughter. 23. At his house, 5. At Chesterhall, Mrs John Gray, a son. Cadogan Place, London, the lady of Arch. -6. At Gartcraig, Mrs Millar of Frank- Campbell, Esq. a son.-25. Úrs James field, a daughter.-Mrs Paul, Union Street, Borthwick, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, a son. At the Briars, Mrs a daughter.—27. Mrs Robert Paul, Anne Archibald Douglas, a daughter... At Street, St Bernard's, London, a son. At


Stamford Hill, London, the lady of Patrick Robert Swinton, to Anne, daughter of the Maclachlan, Esq. a daughter. 28. At late Alexander Elphinstone, Esq.-9. At Ham Common, near London, the lady of St George's, Hanover Square, London, the George Sinclair, Esq. younger of Ulbster, a Hon. William Fraser, only brother of Lord son. Mrs Morrison, Pilrig Street, Edin- Saltoun, to Elizabeth Graham, second burgh, a daughter.-At her house, Gower daughter of David Macdowall Grant, Esq. Street, Bedford Square, London, the lady of Arndilly, in the county of Banff.10. of G. W. Lawrence of the Island of Ja. Mr R. S. Oliver, South Bridge, to Miss maica, Esq. a son.-Viscountess Folkestone, Walker, Greenside Place, Edinburgh.-11. a son.-In Wimpole Street, London, Mrs At Mary-la-bonne Church, Lieut.-colonel George Arbuthnot, a son.-29. At Mer- Dick, C. B., K. M. T., St. Wr. 42d, or chistoun Castle, the lady of the Honourable Royal Highlanders, to Eliza Ann, daugh. Captain Napier, R. N., a daughter. At ter of J. Macnabb, Esq. of Arthurstone, Haddington, Mrs Henry Davidson, a son. Perthshire.At Edinburgh, John Boyd, -30. At Paris, the lady of the Honourable Esq. Bonnington Place, to Isabella, daugh George John Tucket, a daughter.

ter of the late John Yule, Esq. Blackdykes. May 2. Mrs Kermack, Picardy Place, -13. At Edinburgh, Jas Lang, Esq. W.S. Edinburgh, a son. 4. Mrs Campbell of to Eliza, daughter of John Dickson, Esq. Dalsert, a son.

advocate.--At Greenock, E. Newman, Esq. ship-owner, Greenock, to Jessy, second daughter of the late Mr John Crawford,

merchant, there.-14. At Mains of Aber. March 19. At the hotel of the British dalgie, Mr George L. Cornfute, merchant, Ambassador at Paris, the Right Hon. the Glasgow, to Cecilia, only daughter of Adam Earl of Athlone, to Miss Hope, daughter Pringle, Esq.- The Rev. James Somerville of the late John Williams Hope, Esq. of of Airth, to Miss Janet Scott, daughter of Cavendish Square and Amsterdam.-29. the late Captain Andrew Scott. 20. At At Heighington-house, in the county of Tonderghie, J. Simpson, Esq. comptroller Durham, Duncan George Forbes, Esq. of of the customs at Wigton, to Christian, Culloden, to Sarah, daughter of the late youngest daughter of John D. Stewart, Rev. Joseph Walker of Lanchester.-30. Esq. of Tonderghie.--21. At Edinburgh, At Clyde Bank, the Rev. John Dick, mi. Mr H. Pillans, to Jessie, only daughter of nister of Rutherglen, to Miss Janet Crawthe late William Handyside, Esq. St Pat. ford, daughter of the late Mr Charles rick Square. At Glasgow, Rob. Raeburn, Crawford, Edinburgh. At Aberdeen, Jo. Esq. surgeon, Glasgow, to Marion, youngnathan Morison, Esq. merchant in Leith, est daughter of the Rev. John Woodrow, to Mary Ann, daughter of Patrick Still, late minister of Islay, Argyllshire.-22. At Esq. brewer.-At Aberdeen, Thos Donald, Parkhall, Ephriam Lockhart, Esq. W. S. Esq. writer, Stonehaven, to Anne, daughter to Miss J. Learmonth, daughter of the late of Mr John Milne.-At Aberdour-house, John Learmonth, Esq. 23. At EdinPatrick Duff, Esq. of Carnousie, to Pene- burgh, George Gillespie, Esq. of Biggar lope, second daughter of William Gordon, Park, to Helen, eldest daughter of the deEsq. of Aberdour.--At Auchans, James ceased Captain John Hamilton, of the 73d Dunlop, Esq. of Annanhill, to Mary Ann, regiment of foot.—27. At Edinburgh, Mr eldest daughter of James Haldane, Esq. J. Hunter, writer, to Elizabeth, eldest

April 1. At Edinburgh, Lieut.-colonel daughter of the late Mr John Hill, Long Robert Walker, Lieutenant-governor of Hermiston.-28. At Edinburgh, Mr Alex. Sheerness, to Anne, eldest daughter of John Gibson, merchant, Glasgow, to Miss Helen Ewart, Esq. Salisbury Road, Newington. Macdonald, Prince's Street, Edinburgh. 2. At Achur, Appin, Mr Donald Macin- At Leith, Mr James Geddes, storekeeper of tyre, Cuill, to Sarah, second daughter of his Majesty's Custonis, Edinburgh, to Isa. Mr Duncan M-Coll, tacksman in Duror. bella, daughter of Mr Normand Morrison, At Edinburgh, J. S. Impey, Esq. to Bar- late merchant, Stornoway.-At Aberdeen, bara, eldest daughter of the Rev. Robert Mr Michael Anderson, writer, 53, Castle Fenwick.-4. At Doonholm-house, John Street, Edinburgh, to Miss Elizabeth GorCarr, Esq. of St Anne's, Yorkshire, to don, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Hunter, Gordon, late minister of Cabrach.-30. At Esq. of Bonnytown.-6. Mr Wm Millar, the house of Thomas Ramsay, Esq. Prince's wood-merchant, Leith Walk, to Miss Mar- Street, Edinburgh, Mr James Harper, mer. garet Muir, daughter of Mr Robert Muir, chant, Leith, to Miss Jane M.Leod. At civil engineer, Fyfe Place, Leith Walk. Windsor, William Curll, Esq. younger of 7. At Edinburgh, Thomas Sanderson, Esq. Eastfield, to Charlotte, daughter of Anthony of the Bengal cavalry, to Jessie, only daugh- Healey, Esq. Windsor. ter of the late Hugh Bremner, Esq. accountant, Edinburgh.At Cheltenham, Captain Honyman, grenadier guards, se- Oct. 12, 1817. At Serepore, in Berar, cond son of Sir William Honyman, to Eliz. Colonel P. Walker of Clayton, while proabeth Essex, youngest daughter of Admiral ceeding with an escort of a regiment of light Bowen.-8. At Edinburgh, Lieut-colonel cavalry (the 3d) to join the third division of


the army of the Decan, which he was ap. -22. At Glasgow, Mrs Muir, relict of pointed to command.-28. At Buxur, in James Muir, Esq. surgeon.-At Renfrew, the East Indies, Major John Lindesay, se- Mrs Mary Glen, wife of the Rev. Thomas cond son of the late William Lindesay, Esq. Burns.- At Kilmarnock, aged 87, Mr of Feddinch.-29. Mr William Hector, Thomas Gilmore, merchant there. At Ansurgeon, R. N. in the 30th year of his age. Struther, in the 81st year of his age, after He was on his passage from Quebec, on 13 years' illness, which he bore with great board the Autumn of Dundee, which ves- resignation, Mr Daniel Conolly, late treasel was wrecked on the coast of Iceland, surer of Crail, and formerly a serjeant in and all on board, to the number of twenty, the 28th regiment of foot.— 23. At Forfar, perished.

Bailie David Adam, merchant, ag 86 Jan. 16, 1818. At St Vincent's, Robert years.-24. At Dublin, in the 25th year of Manners, Esq. one of the oldest inhabitants his age, J. James, Esq. son of Sir W. of the island.-29. At his house, James James of Langley Hall, county of Berks. Aitken, Esq. of Springfield, St Anns, Ja- 25. In York, aged 34, Henry Weber, Esq. maica.-31. At Demerara, Mr Coutts late of Edinburgh, editor of Metrical Ro. Trotter, third son of Alexander Dalzell, mances and a variety of other literary works. Esq.

-26. At his house, No 5, Nicolson Street, Feb. 15. Suddenly, in Westmoreland, Ja- Edinburgh, Mr William Slider, merchantmaica, Robert Blair, fourth son of the late tailor.--At Edinburgh, Mr Geo. Wardlaw, Mr John Blair, merchant in Glasgow.-16. surgeon, R. N. in the 32d year of his age. In the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, Wil. -In Lincolnshire, Sir Thomas Moncrieffe liam Nicoll, Esq. of Elgin Plantation.- of Moncrieffe, Bart.-At Dundee, Mrs 24. At Newfoundland, Admiral Pickmore, Agnes Pinkerton, wife of the Rev. Malcolm commander-in-chief on that station.

Colquhoun.-27. At St Andrews, in the March 1. In the 78th year of his age, at 41st year of his age, after a severe and the island of Gozo, Malta, Arch. Dalyell, tedious illness, Mr Thomas Paton, pastor Esq. collector of his Majesty's revenues and of the congregational church there. At chief magistrate there, many years gover. Stirling, Dr Thomas Rind, aged 56. At nor-in-chief of Cape Coast Castle, and the Wonersh, in Surrey, the seat of Lord British settlements on the Gold Coast of Grantley, General the Honourable Chapple Africa.-7. At Vivay, in Switzerland, Jane Norton, colonel of the 56th regiment, and Jamima Ainzlie, eldest daughter of Mr governor of Charlemont.-At Dunblane, Rob. Ainslie, W. S.-11. At New Strelitz, Miss Ann Rob, daughter of the late John her Serene Highness the Princess Maria Rob, Esq. sheriff-clerk, Dunblane. At Louisa Albertine, widow of the Landgrave Edinburgh, Captain Alex. Grant Clugston, George of Hesse Dramstadt.

She was a

R. N.-At Edinburgh, Mr James Cochran Countess of Leiningen, Dachsberg, and of the Royal Bank.-- 28. At Edinburgh, in Broich ; was born on the 16th of March the 20th year of his age, Robert Rolland, 1729, and had nearly completed her 89th son of William Rolland of Burnside. At year.-16. At her house at Greenwich, in her mother's house, Edinburgh, Mrs the 88th year of her age, Ann, widow of Euphemia Young, wife of John Young, Lieutenant-general Forbes Macbean, of the Esq. younger of Bellwood, and daughter royal artillery.-17. At the Manse of Big- of the late Neil Masvicar, Esq. At his gar, Mr William Watson, youngest son of seat, Hollydale, near Bromley, Kent, Col. the Rev. Mr Watson.-18. At Fasuch, James Kirkpatrick, formerly in the East Skye, Mrs M‘Leod, wife of Olaus M.Leod, India Company's service, aged 89.---At Esq. of Unish, and third daughter of Alex. Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Wright, eldest ander Macalister, Esq. of Strathaird. At daughter of Dr Peter Wright of Erskine Edinburgh, Henry D. Goodsir, Esq. late Place.On the 7th, Frances, and on surgeon of the 89th foot.-At Killichonare, the 29th, Williamina, infant daughters in the 70th year of his age, Mr John Mac- of Mr Nathaniel Gow, 2, Hanover Street, donell, commonly called John Dow, Aber. Edinburgh.-29. In Baker Street, Portarder. His remains were attended to the man Square, London, Lieutenant-general grave by 459 brave Highlandmen, as a William St Leger, aged 58, late of the mark of their respect for the memory of a 24th light drageons.-30. At Leith Links, genuine Highlander.-20. At Bristol, Mrs Martha Cleghorn, spouse of Mr AnLieut.-colonel Henry Balfour of the East drew Sceales, senior, merchant, Leith. India Company's service, Bengal establish. 31. At Higham, Fifeshire, Mr Robert ment.—21. At Howard Place, Helenor, Walker, farmer there.At Edinburgh, aged seven, youngest daughter of the late after a few days' illness, Mrs Elizabeth James Campbell, Esq. paymaster 2d batta- Buchanan, aged 32, wife of Mr P. G. lion 72d regiment. At her house in Pitt Buchanan, bookseller, St Andrew Street.Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Buchanan, At Kirkcaldy, Matthew Crawford, youngest relict of John Crawford, Esq. merchant in son of the late Hugh Crawford of BrownGlasgow.At Glasgow, Dame Frances muir and Hillend, Esq. writer, Greenock. Shaw Stewart, widow of Sir John Shaw -At Edinburgh, Miss Jane Little Gilmour, Stewart, Bart. of Greenock and Blackhall. youngest daughter of the late William

Charles Little Gilmour, of Craigmillar and 19, Patrick, youngest son of Lieut. Gen Libberton.At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Sinclair of Lybster.--At London, James Hunter, brewer.

Lawson, Esq. F. R. S. director of the maApril 1. At the Nursery, Leith Walk, chinery of his Majesty's mint. He was a James Niven Shanklie, youngest son of Mr son of the late reverend Archibald Lawson, J. Shanklie, seedsman, East Register Street, minister of Kirkmahoe.—At Edinburgh, Edinburgh.--At his house in Dean Street, Miss Helen Renny, daughter of the late London, William Preston, Esq. in the 77th Robert Renny, Esq. of Borrowfield, For. year of his age, a gentleman who may pro- farshire.-10. At Bonnington Park, James perly be designated a pioneer in literature, Paterson, jun. Esq. merchant, Leith.--At having conducted, through the press of the North Berwick, Mr James Dickson, student house of Messrs Strahan, the most celebra- of divinity, a native of Carlaverock, near ted works of the last century.-At Edin Dumfries.-At Arbroath, after a long and burgh, Miss Margaret Baird, eldest daugh- severe illness, Mr Alexander Hay, young, ter of Thomas Walker Baird, Esq. advocate, est son of the late Alexander Hay, Esq. of at the age of 17 years.—At Chester le street, Letham, in the 15th year of his age. At in the county of Durham, at a very advan- Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Gilmour, widow ced age, Mrs Catherine Oswald, sister of the of Hugh Morton, Esq. of Greenbank.late Mr James Oswald, the celebrated com- Aged 90, Henry Duncombe, Esq. of Copposer of Scottish music.—2. At Hadding- grove, near Knaresborough, many years reton, Mrs Susanna Stewart, wife of Mr Robt presentative of the county of York.

The Stewart, there.—At Glasgow, Claud Ha. Rev. James Oliphant, minister of Dummilton, Esq. collector of his Majesty's Cus- barton, in the 84th year of his age.-11. toms.-3. At her house in St John Street, At Morton Bank, John Thomson, Esq. Edinburgh, Mrs Tod, widow of Lt.-Col C. aged 77.--At Glasgow, Mary, third daughTod of Dryburgh.—Lieut.-colonel Colville, ter of the late Captain John Goldie, the 71st year of his age, commandant of At her house, 5i, Fountain Bridge, Miss the Royal Hibernian Military School, Phoe- Catharine Wardrobe, daughter of the late nix Park, Dublin.-4. At Castlehill, La- David Wardrobe, Esq. surgeon in Edinnark, in her 85th year, Martha French, burgh. At the manse of Wemyss, the Respouse of Mr Thomas Carmichael.At Lon- verend George Gibb, minister of that padon, Mrs Robert M.Brair, second daugh- rish, in the 68th year of his age and 34th ter of the Reverend Dr Johnston, North of his ministry.–12. At Gask House, Miss Leith.–At Fife Place, Leith Walk, IsabelTarleton, daughter of General Sir Banastre la, infant and only daughter of Robt Wat- Tarleton, Bart.-Mr James Gardner, aposon, Esq. merchant, Leith. In Audley thecary, George Street, Edinburgh.-13. At Square, London, the Hon. Gen. Henry St Dundee, Mrs Margaret G. Young, spouse John, aged 80, brother to the late Viscount to Mr David Cobb, writer there.--At PaisBolingbroke, and colonel of the 36th regi. ley, Mr Peter Lyall, aged 37, much rement, having been 63 years in his Majes- gretted. At Castlebarns, Mr Richard Porty's service.-5. At Jedburgh, Margaret teous, Lochrin Distillery.—At the Grove, Neil, at the advanced age of 100. She re- Fountain Bridge, Andrew Bell Bonar, setained her senses and faculties to the last. cond son of the late Thomson Bonar, Esq. At the manse of Alves, the reverend Wm merchant in Edinburgh. At her house, Macbean, minister of Alves.-Mrs Eliza- New Street, Canongate, Miss Elizabeth beth Abernethie, wife of Mr Patrick Rid. Spence.-14. At her house, Leith Walk, dell, Craiglockhart.-At Grangehill, Ayr- Mrs Ann Ogilvy, relict of Mr David Ste. shire, Robert Beresford, the infant son of venson, shipmaster, Leith.-15. At EdinR. Patrick, Esq. of Trearne. At his father's burgh, Miss Mary Ann Hay, youngest house, 20, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Jas daughter of the late Lewis Hay, Esq. bankColquhoun Thomson, student of medicine, er in Edinburgh.--At Netherbyres, Miss aged 20 years-a victim to typhus fever, Elizabeth Crow, daughter of the deceased caught in the ardour of his profession.At William Crow, Esq. of Netherbyres.--At Ayr, Daniel M‘Carter, printer, son of St James's Square, Edinburgh, Mr John Mr David M‘Carter, printer, there.-6. Muir, merchant.-At Edinburgh, Miss At Glasgow, Miss Euph. Watson, daugh- Elizabeth M. Ross, daughter of the late ter of the late David Watson, Esq. of Stob. Lord Ankerville.-18. Of a water in the cross.-At Glasgow, John Robertson, Esq. head, Thomas, third and only son of Mr long a distinguished member of the society Smith, tailor, College Street, aged ten of Friends.-7. At her brother's house, Pile years and seven months.-18. At Edinrig Street, Edinburgh, Agnes, youngest burgh, Miss Watson, eldest daughter of the daughter of Mr WmŘhind, Inverlochty. late Dr Watson, principal of the United At Inverness, A. Fraser, Esq. merchant.- College of St Andrews. At Edinburgh, in At Dildawn, Archibald, only son of Arch. the 19th year of his age, Mr Robert C. M.Dougald, Esq. of Dildawn.-8. At his Forbes, second son of the late Duncan For. house, Heriot's Bridge, Mr John Pearson, bes, Esq. general examiner of excise.-20. merchant, Edinburgh.-9. At Glasgow, At Buccleuch Place, Mrs May, Clark, reMargaret, sixth daughter of the late Robert lict of William Thomson, Esq. of the Island Dennistoun, Esq.-0f typhus fever, aged of St Kitt’s. At Edinburgh, at an advanced age, Mrs Penelope Watt, relict of Mr the murderous encounter at Waal in HolD. Campbell, surgeon in Fort William. land, where his regiment was nearly anni21. At the Vice Regal Lodge, Phænix Park, hilated. His last appearance on the field of Dublin, the Honourable Walter Chetwyn honour was in 1759, on the heights of ATalbot, son of their Excellencies the Lord braham, where the immortal Wolfe breathLieutenant and Countess of Talbot, in the ed his mighty soul in the arms of victory. 6th year of his age. At Richmond, Surrey, His strength was such, considering his great Captain Edward Cumming, formerly of the age, that he scarcely passed a day without Honourable the East India Company's ser- walking three or four miles ; and, to the vice, and brother to the late Sir A. P. Cum day of his death, was able, without the aid ming Gordon of Altyre, Bart.In Bolton of glasses, to read his Bible, which afforded Street, London, Harriet Elizabeth, only him exquisite delight through a long course child of Charles M.Vicar, Esq.-At Edin- of years.-At London, Lieut.-general Sir burgh, Mrs Margaret Duncan, wife of Mr A. Gladstanes.—At Penzance, the Countess Campbell Gemble, perfumer, George Street. of Bellamont, daughter of James, Duke of -22. At Muirhall, Mr James Black, far- Leinster.At Madeira, the Hon. John mer.-At Southfod, John Stenhouse, Esq. Perceval, eldest son of Lord Arden.At younger of Southfod.-23. In the Old As. Upper Canada, Captain Sir Robert Hall, sembly Close, Edinburgh, Mrs Isobel Tay. K.C. B. commander-in-chief of his Majeslor, aged 105. She was born in the parish ty's naval forces on that station.At Lonof Crieff, county of Perth, on the Ath of don, Mr Hill Darley, a gentleman well March 1713, in the reign of Queen Anne. known in the sporting world. He was killHer memory remained nearly unimpaired, ed in the Haymarket, by a horse in a break and she would converse on the events of 100 taking fright.-In Charterhouse Square, years since with surprising correctness.- London, Mrs Tait, wife of Mr William Her hearing and sight were good to the last Tait of St Paul's Church Yard, and daughday of her life, and her recollection con- ter of Dr John Hunter, Professor of Hutinued till within an hour of her death. At manity in the University of St Andrews. Edinburgh, Eliza, daughter of Mr James At Ladyfield Place, Edinburgh, aged 19, Burness, writer. In his 8th year, William, Margaret, second daughter of Alexander son of Dr Beilby, George Street.- 24. At Fergusson, Esq. of Baledmund.-At RhinsWestfield, near Cupar Fife, Henry Walker, · dale, Andrew Aitchison, Esq. formerly sur. Esq. of Pittencrieff.–25. At Edinburgh, veyor of taxes, and late clerk to the comMr Andrew Bell, late farmer at Hillhead, missioners of property tax, Lanarkshire.county of Edinburgh, aged 78. This gen. At Spanish Town, Jamaica, David, son tleman was one of the few survivors who the late Robert Milligan, Esq. of Rosslyn. fought under the banners of the 25th, or -At New York, Archibald Bruce, M.D. Edinburgh regiment of foot, at the battle Professor of Mineralogy in the Medical Inof Minden, where six battalions of British stitution of that city.--At Dumfries, Wm troops, and two of Hanoverians, beat 15,000 Babington, D. D. in the 70th year of his French.At Surinam, Robert, fourth son age. At Limehouse, John Macgeorge, Esq. of the late Mr Robert Ramsay, writer, captain in the royal navy. His death was Dumfries. Having occasion to go on board occasioned by a fall consequent upon a paa merchant ship lying in the river there, he ralytic affection, brought on by his length fell from an open boat and unfortunately of services in the West Indies. He served perished.-26. At Balcarras, Mrs Ann Mur. at the reduction of the West India Islands, ray Keith, daughter of the deceased Robert and commanded his Majesty's ship Wel. Keith, Esq. sometime his Majesty's envoylington, at the surrender of Guadaloupe.-extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary At Peterhead, the Reverend Dr Geo. Moir, at the court of Russia. 27. At Edinburgh, 55 years minister of that parish. The Rev. Mr Jonathan Pew, late farmer at Drylaw. James M'Auley, minister of the seceding -29. At Hawthorn Bank, Selkirk, Mrs congregation of Castleblaney, aged 80. He Wilhelmina Anderson, wife of Mr John had been minister of that congregation 53 Anderson.

years.--At his house in Katharine Street, LatelyAt Delnies, near Nairn, in the Edinburgh, Mr John Grant, aged 83.-At 104th year of his age, John Reid, supposed Dublin, Sir R. Musgrave, Bart. collector of to be the oldest soldier in his Majesty's do- excise in the port of Dublin, author of the minions, having entered the service in the History of the Irish Rebellion, &c. At 2d battalion of the royal Scots, 85 years Aberdeen, the Rev. Adam Annand, Episago. His first encounter with the enemy.copal clergyman, St John's Chapel.-At was in 1743, at Dettingen, where the Bri. Seaforth House, near Arbroath, James Ar. tish, under the command of that gallant and rott, Esq. of Edinburgh, surgeon, R. N. true Seotsman, the Earl of Stair, defeated aged 76.–At Keith, Miss Grant, eldest the French with immense slaughter. In daughter of the late John Grant of Gallovie, 1745 he fought at Fontenoy. In 1746 he Esq.At Mapperton House, Miss Grant, fought with his regiment at Culloden. In daughter of John Francis Grant, Esq. late 1749 he was one of the storming party at of the island of St Vincent.

Oliver & Boyd, Printers.

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