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III. Anne.

IV. Lucy, m. to William Brown,' esq. iv. Ursula, m. to Thomas Myres, esq.

R. N. v. Mary.

Mr. Wraye died in November, 1752, and Mr. Wraye died in 1647, and was succeeded was s. by his son, by his son,

The Rev. HENRY WRAY, A. M. b. in GEORGE WRAYE, esq. of Brogden House 1727, heir and possessor of Brogden House, and Auburne Hall, in Kelfield, b. in 1638, and several parts of the estates of Kelfield, who m. Esther, daughter of Benjamin Mas- rector of Newton Kyme, in Yorkshire, vicar terman, esq. of Wheel Hall, and had issue, of Hadfield, Broad Oak, Essex, and a deJ. William, d. young.

puty-lieutenant of the West Riding of the 11. GEORGE (successor to his father), a former county. He m. in 1776, Susanna, captain in the army,

d. unm. 1762. second daughter of George Lloyd, esq. of III. John, d. young.

Hulme Hall, near Manchester, and had iv. BENJAMIN.

issue, 1. Mary.

1. Cecil-Daniel, his heir. II. Esther.

II. George, A.M. in holy orders, rector Mr. Wraye, of Brogden House, was person

of Cowesby, in Yorkshire, b. in 1781, ally named in the deed of settlement made 1816, Caroline, daughter of Wilby the Hon. Elizabeth Saunderson (only

liam Wainman, esq. of Carr Head, child and heiress of Sir John Wraye, bart.

in that county, and has a son.

1. Harriet. of Glentworth House, who bequeathed her estates, first, to Sir Drury Wraye, bart. Mr. Wray, who would have possessed the and his descendants, all now extinct, and Hon. Mrs. Saunderson's estates, being the afterwards to the Wrayes of Kelfield).' He sole remainder heir male named, had they d. in 1714. The second surviving son,

not been barred by the late Sir Cecil Wray, BENJAMIN WRAYE, esq. b. in 1693, of Kel-bart., died in March 1814, and was succeeded field, and afterwards of Thorp Arch, York by his elder son, the present Rev. Cecil shire, was also personally named in the Hon. DANIEL WRAY, of Kelfield. Mrs. Saunderson's deed of settlement. He Elizabeth, daughter of John Owram, esq.

Arms--Az. on a chief or three martlets of York, and had issue,

gu. 1. George, b. in 1722, and d. in 1734.

Crest-An ostrich passant, or. II. HENRY, his heir.

Motto-Et juste et vray. 1. Elizabeth.

Estates - In the counties of York and II. Anne.

Lincoln. Jl. Henrietta.

Residence-Strangeways, Manchester.

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CARLYON, OF TREGREHAN. CARLYON, WILLIAM, esq. of Tregrehan, in Cornwall, b. 7th January, 1781, succeeded his father 16th December, 1830. Mr. Carlyon is a barrister-at-law.


centuries in the parish of St. Austell and St. Blazey: the surname of Carlyon in connexion with Cornwall is derived from very remote antiquity, for besides the Barton of Carlyon, near Truro, it is upon record that a seaport town of this name was formerly in existence on the north-west coast of the county." Lyons also makes mention of the family in the Magna Britannia. “ Carlyon, or Carlion, is supposed by Tomas, whose romance was published in 1804, by Sir Walter Scott, to have been the residence of his hero Sir Tristrem ; it is worthy of remark, that among the more remote ancestors of Mr. Carlyon, of Tregrehan, Tristrem

occurs as a christian name in allusion to this "This old and respectable family,” says celebrated hero of romance:” and in Drew's Gilbert, in his History of Cornwall, “bas | History of Cornwall is the following acprincipally resided for upwards of three count: Herls, when speaking of this an

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cient family in his Parochial History, says, tenant-colonel in the army and in the though the name be local from a place in commission of the peace for Devon. Kea parish called Carlyon, which signifies Colonel Carlyon served during the the care, watchfulness or circumspection of whole of the late war in the 66th a lion, I should say this family of Carlyon, regiment. He m. Anna Maria, elder by its name and arms, were the descendants daughter of Admiral Spry, of Place of Richard Carlyon, alias RICHARD the and Tregolls, in Cornwall, and has

issue, Thomas CARLYON, esq. of Tregrehan and

Thomas-Tristrem-Spry,b.6th April, Pennans (great-grandfather of the present

1822. proprietor), m. Elizabeth, daughter and co

Edward-Augustus. heiress of Philip Hawkins, esq. of Trewi

George-Gwavas. then, in Cornwall, and had four sons and two

Richard-Hawkins. daughters, of whom

Samuel-Alfred, d. 14th August, PHILIP, succeeded his father.

1830. Thomas was in holy orders and of St.

Just, in Cornwall, He m. Anne,

daughter and co-heir of William

Gwavas, esq. of Penzance, and had

three sons and four daughters, of Mary, m. to Captain Collins, R. N., of
whom the eldest son,

Trewardale, in Cornwall. Thomas, eventually inherited Tre Eliza, m. to Clement Carlyon, M. D. of grehan.

Truro. The eldest son,

Harriet. Philip CARLYON, esq. of Tregrehan, m. Mr. Carlyon, who was sheriff of Cornwall Elizabeth, only child of the Rev. Samuel in 1802, d. 16th December, 1830, and was s. Trewbody, of Boscundle, minister of the by his elder son, the present William Carparish of St. Germains, in Cornwall, and LYON, esq. of Tregrehan. niece of Edward Craggs, the first Lord Elliot, of Port Elliot. By this lady he left an only Arms-Sa. a plate between three castles son and successor,

arg. each charged with a cross-crosslet gu. EDWARD TREWBODY CARLYON, esq. of Crest—A demi lion rampant gu. ducally Tregrehan, who do without issue, having be- crowned or, collared arg. holding between queathed all his landed property to his first his paws a bezant. cousin,

Motto-Turris tutissima Virtus. THOMAS CARLYON, esq. of St. Just, eldest Estates-In Cornwall; Barton of Treson of the Rev. Thomas Carlyon, of St. Just, grehan, Restmeas, Biscovey, Cuddra, Merin Roseland, by Anne, daughter and co- then, Polglaze, Gwavas, Pennans, &c. &c. heiress of William Gwavas, esq. of Pen- Great Crinnis also belongs to Mr. Carlyon. zance. This gentleman m. his cousin ger- | About a mile from Tregrehan, contiguous to man, Mary Carlyon, of St. Austell and the sea, is a gentle hill, on which is situated Trelissick, which latter place she inherited the rich copper mine of Crinnis, and here a from her grandfather, the Rev. John Pome- bed of riches was discovered in a place to roy, whose wife, Thomasine Hooker, was which the finger of Hope had seldom digreat piece of the celebrated divine, Richard rected the steps of Expectation. The quanHooker, author of the “ Ecclesiastical Po- tity of ore raised between the years 1811 lity.” By this lady,t Mr. Carlyon had to 1816 was 39,246 tous, which sold for issue,

£298,516. WILLIAM, his heir.

SeatsTregrehan and Pennans, both in Edward, of Greenway, Devon, a lieu-Cornwall.

In a very old document, written in the court has received her summons, and is gone to her hand, are the following lines, 1199 :

everlasting reward. A christian in spirit and in Richard the First, surnamed a Lyon's hart,

truth, who in her life practised the duties of reliA valiant man, noe doubt, and void of feare;

gion, and in the decline of that life, felt its consoWbo did, as antient cronichles impart,

lation and its bopes. To her benevolence and her A Lyon's hart out of his body teare :

charities, there are many in this parish that can Which makes me judge that Cæur de Lyon springs bear the most afiecting testimony." Her pious reAs being descended from the race of kings.

signation has been thus justly recorded. \ Declin,

ing in health, through the long period of twenty† The character of Mrs. Carlyon, who died 13th eight years, she bore the severe and often renewed January, 1821, was most accurately recorded by attacks of disease with exemplary patience; and the Rev. T. S. Smyth, vicar of St. Austell and St. humbly submissive at all times to ber Maker's Blazev. " While I was preparing this sermon will, she awited the tranquil hour of her deparfor the press, another sincere friend to the poor ture with pious and habitual resignation.”


CREYKE, OF MARTON. CREYKE, RALPH, esq. of Marton, in the East Riding, and of Rawcliffe, in the West Riding of the county of York, b. 6th September, 1813, succeeded his father in June, 1828.


Thomas, of Beverley and Ganton, had a

son, Walter, of Ganton, who m.
daughter of Sir Ralph Elleker, knt.
of Risbye, and had a son, Ralph, of
Ganton, who left, by Grace his wife,
daughter of Saltmarshe, of Salt-
marshe, one son and two daughters,
viz. Ralph, b. 16th April, 1555, Eliz-
abeth, b. 1st April, 1554, buried 30th
March, 1556, and Katherine, b. 23rd

August, 1557.
Anne, m. to Sir John Wentworth, knt.

of Elmsall.
The elder son,

Robert Creyke, of Colleston Pythe and

Marton in 1473, m. Isabel, daughter of Lyon The family of CreYKE* is of ancient date Percehay, of Ryton, and bad issue, in the East Riding of the county of York, Richard, his heir. and supposed to be of Danish extraction. Robert, of Ryton, who m. Isabel, or The first on record is Sir Walter de Creyke, Margaret, daughter of Sir Richard knt. who was appointed governor of Ber Whetel, knt. governor of Calais, and wick in 1340, after Sir Richard Talbot, by had issue, EDWARD III. In 1358, John de Creyke

Edmund, of Ryton, who m. Katherepresented York in a parliament held in

rine, daughter of Trystrem Teshe, that city, and Robert de Creyke was bailiff

of York, and had Alexander, of the same place in 1379.

d. s. p. Susan, and Anne. ALEXANDER Creyke, of Kyln or Colles

Isabel, m. to John Sutton, of Notts. ton Pythe in Beverley, living in 1413, m.

Elizabeth, m. to William PerceIsabel, daughter and heiress of - Eggling

hay, of Ryton. ton, and had two sons and one daughter, viz.

Jane, d. unmarried. THOMAS, his heir, Roger, who died s. p. and Robert Creyke made his will 20th Margaret. This Alexander by his will de Sept. 1538, and desires to be buried sires to be buried before the cross in the within the college church of St. John, body of the church of the Grey Friars in Beverley. Isabel or Margaret, his London, or if he died in his own county, to widow, made her will 8th July, 1548. be interred in St. Mary's, Beverley. He William, of Heslerton, who m. Agnes, makes his son, Thomas, and his wife, Isabel, daughter and co-heir of John Heslerexecutors, and mentions his children, Roger ton, of Heslerton, and had a son, and Margaret. His son and successor,

Robert, of Heslerton, buried 14th THOMAS CReyke, of Colleston Pythe in

Dec. 1581, leaving, by Margaret 1443, m. Jane, daughter and co-heir of Tho

his wife, daughter of James mas Arden, of Marton, and had issue,

Rokeby, of Rokeby, a son, Robert, his heir.

George, who died s. p.

Hugh, who m. Alice, daughter of James * The name of CREYKE or CREIK occurs in Strangwayes, of Ormsby, by Anne, early times in Suffolk. Margery Creyke, according his wife, daughter and co-heir of Ralph to Dugdale, founded a monastery at Flixton, in Danby, widow first of Christopher that county about four hundred years ago. It like Conyers, and secondly of Robert wise occurs in Cambridgeshire. In the south aisle

Wilberforce. of the nave of Westlev Waterlass church is a grave Katherine, m. to Repinhall, of Linstone with figures of a knight and his lady, engraved

colnshire. on brass plates, under canopies. This is commonly supposed to represent Sir John de Creyke, temp.

Alice, m. to Lakyn, of Darlyn, in EDWARD II, and his lady, but the arms are not

Lincolnshire. those of the Yorkshire family. It appears by record Robert Creyke d. about the year 1488, and that a manor in the parish of Westley Waterlass

was s. by his son, passed by conveyance in the early part of the

RICHARD CREYKE, of Marton, who m. in fourteenth century from the family of Creyke to 1503, Margaret, daughter of Sir William that of Vauncy.

Constable, knt. of Hatfield, in Holderness,


all d. s. p.


(third son of Sir Marmaduke Constable, of V. GREGORY, heir to his father.
Flamborough, by Joyce his wife, daughter VI. Alexander,
of Sir Humphrey Stafford, of Grafton,) and vii. Nicholas,
had three sons and one daughter, viz.

viii. John,
WILLIAM, his heir.

1. Everilda, m. first in 1599, to ChristoRobert, of Kilham, buried in the church pher Maltby, of Maltby, and had there. In his will dated 20th Feb.

three daughters, co-heiresses. 1564, he mentions his two sons, John

Katherine Maltby, m. to Michael and Robert, and his daughters, Isabel,

Warton, esq. son of Sir Michael
Bridget, and Eleanor.

Marmaduke, d. s. p.

Frances Maltby, m. to Thomas
Elizabeth, m. to - Smytheman, of Cot-

Tancred, esq. tingham.

Everilda Maltby, m. to Sir George The elder son,

Wentworth, of Wooley. WILLIAM CReyke, of Marton and Cot She m. secondly, Sir Michael Wartingham in 1534, m. Frances, daughter of ton, knt. of Beverley. Sir William Babthorpe, knt. of Osgodby, 11. Priscilla. by Agnes his wife, daughter of Brian Palmes, JII. Anne. of Naburn, justice of the Common Pleas, IV. Ursula. and had issue,

v. Katherine.
RALPH, his heir.

The fifth son,
Agnes, m. to George St. Quintin, of GREGORY CREYKE, esq. who succeeded

his father at Marton, suffered severely for The son and successor,

his devoted attachment to CHARLES I. and RALPH CREYKE, of Marton, in 1563, was compounded heavily for his estates. Hem. in ward to the Earl of Northumberland. He Ursula, daughter of Sir John Legard, knt. m. first, Katherine, * daughter of Thomas of Ganton, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter Crathorne of Crathorne, and secondly, Anne, of Sir John Mallory, knt. of Studley, and daughter of George Pate of Flamborough. had issue, By the latter he had no issue. By the for 1. Ralph, page to HENRIETTA-MARIA, mer, wbo d. in 1605, he had,

queen consort of Charles I. prede1. ROBERT, of Cottingham, b. in 1576, ceased his father, leaving two sons,

disinherited by his father. He m. Cornelius and Charles, who appear Margaret, daughter of Thornbo

to have died young. The latter was rougb, and had issue,

killed by an accident.
William, of Cottingham, who m. II. John, d. in the West Indies.

Dorcas, daughter of John Gam II. Gregory, eventual heir.
blin, of Loftus, and had three iv. Christopher, d. s. p. 20th Dec. 1679,
sons, James, Robert, and Wil buried in St. Mary's, Beverley.
liam, who all d. s. p.

v. William.
Ralph, d. s.p.

VI. Henry.
Dorothy, m. to
Currer, esq.

VII. Thomas.
Katherine, m. James Lord Boyd, VIII. Edward.

father of the first Earl of Kil IX. Richard, who had a commission

from Henry, Duke of Newcastle, lord Everilda, m. to Richard Musgrave, lieutenant of Yorkshire, to guard the esq.

sea coast of the East Riding against Edward,

the Prince of Orange, which he faithIII. Thomas,

fully executed, and was the first who gave notice to King James that the

Prince had sailed from Helvoetsluys. Katherine Crathorne was great-great-grand

He m. Frances, daughter of Robert daughter of ANNE PLANTAGENET, sister of King

Horner, of the city of York, and had EDWARD IV.

two sons, and one daughter, viz. RiRichard, Duke of York Cicely, daughter of chard, d. young; John, an eminent Ralph Nevile, Earl

divine, chaplain and librarian to the of Westmoreland.

Earl of Winchelsea, d. about 1757 ;

and Frances. EDWARD ANNE PLAN-Sir Thomas RICHARD

X. George.

| St. Leger.


1. Elizabeth. Anne St. Leger = George Lord Roos.

II. Margaret, b. 1st July, 1628, m. first Katherine Manners – Sir Robert Constable,

to Francis Wright, of Plowland, in | of Everingham.

Holderness, and secondly, to Hugh Everilda Constable Thomas Crathorne, of

Cholmley, son Sir Henry Cholm| Crathorne.

ley, of Newton Grange. Katherine Crathorne =Ralph Creyke.

III. Katherine.

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all d. s. p.



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iv. Frances.

3. Priscilla, m. to William Lynes, The third but eldest surviving son,

esq. of London. GREGORY CREYKE, esq. of Marton, b. 9th 1. Priscilla, d. young: April, 1631, married in 1672, Amie, daugh II. Catherine, b. 26th June, 1705; d. ter of Randolph Carliel, of Sewerby, (see 14th July, 1786. vol. iii.) and had issue,

The elder son,
Ralph, his heir.

Ralph Creyke, esq. of Marton, b. 5th 11. William, of Beverley, who m. Brid- October, 1702, d. s. p. in January, 1759, and

get, daughter of Samuel Johnson, of was s. by his nephew,
Beverley, and had two sons, Samuel Ralph Creyke, esq. of Marton, b. 6th
and William, died infants.

July, 1745, who m. 6th February, 1772, 1. Elizabeth, d. unmarried.

Jane, fifth daughter of Richard Langley, esq. The elder son,

of Wykeham Abbey, by Elizabeth his wife, RALPH CREYKE, esq. of Marton, m. 1st elder daughter and co-heir (with her sister, August, 1700, Priscilla, daughter of William Judith, wife of John Twisleton, esq. of Bower, esq. of Bridlington, and had two Drax,) of Boynton Boynton, esq. of Rawsons and two daughters, viz.

cliffe, in the West Riding, and by her, who 1. RALPH, bis heir.

d. 31st December, 1794, he had two sons and II. John, of Burleigh on the Hill, in seven daughters, viz.

Rutlandshire, in holy orders, b. 29th 1. Ralph, his heir.
April, 1713, m. Catherine, daughter 1. Gregory, b. 9th August, 1782, mid-
of John Austen, esq. of Adisham in shipman, R.N. d. at St. Vincents, in
Kent, and had issue,

the West Indies, in 1795.
1. RALPH, successor to his uncle. 1. Everilda.
2. Richard, b. 8th August, 1746, II. Catherine, d. 7th September, 1824.

captain R. N., commissioner of sinull. Frances, m. 11th December, 1797,
the Victualling Office, and go-


to Digby Legard, esq. fifth son of Sir vernor

of the Royal Naval Hos Digby Legard, bart. of Ganton. pital, Plymouth; m. Anne Le IV. Jane. ming, eldest daughter of George V. Agnes, m. to the venerable ArchAdey, esq. of London, and died deacon Wrangham, and d. 7th March, 3rd Dec. 1826, having had issue, 1800, leaving one daughter, Agnes, George-Adey, captain R.N. married to the Rev. Robert Wilber

force, third son of the late William Richard, captain R. N. m. in Wilberforce, esq. M. P. She died

1818, Harriet - Elizabeth, 16th November, 1834. leaving 2one
daughter of the Rev. James VI. Elizabeth,
Furneaux, of Swilly, in De VII. Anne.
vonshire, and has had issue, Mr. Creyke d. 24th May, 1826, and was s.
Richard, b.7th February, by his elder son,

1820, d. 25th Novem RALPH CREYKE, esq. of Marton and Raw-
ber in the same year.

cliffe, b. 11th April, 1776, who m. 14th Nov. Richard-Henry-Adey, b. 1807, Frances, eldest daughter of Robert

31st August, 1822. Denison, esq. of Kilnwick Percy, and had Ralph-William, b. 21st four sons and five daughters, viz.

October, 1825, d. 19th 1. John, d. in infancy.
March, 1834.

11. RALPH, heir to his father.
Harriet-Elizabeth, d. 29th III. Richard-Boynton.
April, 1824.

iv. Robert-Gregory.
Anne-Elizabeth-Harriet. 1. Frances.
Stephen, in holy orders, who II, Harriet, d. young.

m. 6th September, 1823, III. Jane, d. in infancy.
Sarah, daughter of Colonel iv. Mary-Anne-Elizabeth.
George Hotham, and has v. Emma-Jane.
three sons and three daugh- Mr. Creyke d.7th June, 1828, and was s. by
ters, viz.

his eldest son, the present Ralph Creyke, Walter - Pennington, b. esq. of Marton and Rawcliffe.

17th October, 1828. Arms—Per fess arg. and sa. a pale and Alexander-Stephen, b. 2nd three ravens (called creykes in the old lan

February, 1830. guage of Yorkshire) counterchanged, Quar-
Alfred - Richard, b. Ist tering Egglington and Arden.
September, 1831.

Crest-On a garb or, a raven ppr.

EstatesIn the East and West Ridings

of Yorkshire. Gertrude-Hotham.

Seats,Marton in the East, and Rawcliffe Anna.

in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

d. s.p.

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