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Great Britain, ferve 28 a basis and chant vessels which shall have been foundation to the peace, and to the taken since the expiration of the present treaty: and for this par- terms agreed upon for the cessation pose, they are all renewed and con- of hoftilities by sea, thall be likefirmed in the beft form, as well as wise restored bona fide, with all their all the treaties in general, which crews and cargoes : and the execufubfifted between the high contract. tion of this article shall be proceeding parties before the war, as if ed upon immediately after the exthey were inserted here word for change of the ratifications of this word, fo that they are to be exa&ly treaty. observed, for the future, in their IV. His moft Christian majesty whole tenor, and religiously exe- renounces all pretensions which he cuted on all fides, in all their points, has heretofore formed, or might which fhall not be derogated from form, to Nova Scotia, or Acadia, the present treaty, notwithstanding in all its parts, and guaranties all that may have been stipulated to the whole of it, and with all its the contrary by any of the high dependencies, to the king of Great contracting parties; and all the Britain : moreover, his most ChriTaid parties declare, that they will ftian majesty cedes and guaranties to not fuffer any privilege, favour or his said Britannic majesty, in full indulgence, to fubfift, contrary to right, Canada, with all its depenthe treaties above confirmed, except dencies, as well as the island of Cape what shall have been agreed and Breton, and all the other islands and ftipulated by the present treaty. coafts in the gulph and river of

III. All the prisoners made, on St. Lawrence, aud, in general, all fides, as well by land as by sea, every thing that depends on the and the hostages carried away dur- faid countries, lands, islands, and ing the war, and to this day, fall coasts, with the sovereignty, proper be reftored without ransom, fix ty, poffeffion, and all rights acquirweeks at lateft, to be computed ed by treaty or otherwise, which from the day of the exchange of the the most Christian king, and the ratification of the present treaty, crown of France, have had, till each crown respectively paying the now, over the said countries,islands, advances, which shall have been lands, places, coafts, and their inmade for the subsistence and main- habitants, so that the most Chritenance of their prisoners by the ftian king cedes and makes over sovereign of the country where they the whole to the faid king, and to shall have been detained, accord- the crown of Great Britain, and ing to the attested receipts and esti: that in the most ample manner mates, and offer authentic vouchers, and form, without restriction, and which shall be furnished on one without any liberty to depart from fide and the other : and securities the said cession and guaranty, under fhall be reciprocally given for the any pretence, or to disturb Great payment of the debts which the 'Britain in the possessions aboveprisoners fhall have contracted in mentioned. His Britannic majesty the countries where they have been on his fide, agrees to grant the lidetained until their en:ire liberty. berty of the Catholic religion to the And all the ships of war and mer- inhabitants of Canada : he will



consequently, give the most effec- St. Lawrence. And as to what retual orders, that his new Roman lates to the fishery on the coast of Catholic subjects may profess the the island of CapeBreton out of the worship of their religion, accord- faid gulph, the subjects of the most ing to the rites of the Romish Chriftian king shall not be perchurch, as far as the laws of Great mitted to exercise the said fishery, Britain permit. His Britannic ma- but at the distanceof fifteen leagues jefty further


that the French from the coasts of the island of inhabitants, or others, who had Cape Breton ; and the fishery on been the subjects of the most Chri- the coasts of Nova Scotia or Acaftian king in Canada, may retire dia, and every where else out of the with all safety and freedom where- said gulph, shall remain on the ever they shall think proper, and foot of former treaties. may fell their estates, provided it be VI. The king of Great Britain to subjects of his Britannic majesty, cedes the iflands of St. Pierre and and bring away their effects, as Miquelon, in full right, to his most well as their persons, without being Christian majefty, to serve as restrained in their emigration, under felter to the French fishermen, any pretence whatsoever except and his said Christian majesty enthat of debts, or of criminal profe- gages not to fortify the faid islands, cutions; the term, limited for this to ereci no buildings upon them, emigration, fhall be fixed to the but merely for the convenience of space of eighteen months, to be the fishery, and to keep upon them computed from the day of the ex- a guard of fifty men only for the change of the ratifications of the police. present treaty:

VII. In order to re-establish peace V. The subje&ts of France shall on solid and durable foundations, have the liberty of fishing anddrying and to remove for ever all subjects on a part of the coasts of the ifland of dispute with regard to the limits of Newfoundland, such as is specifi- of the British and French territories ed in the 3th article of the treaty of on the continent of America, that Utrecht; which article is renewed for the future, the confines between and confirmed by the present treaty, the dominions of his Britannic ma(except what relates to the island jefty, in that part of the world, of Cape Breton, as well as to the shall be fixed irrevocably by a line other illands, and coasts in the drawn along the middle of the river mouth and in the gulph St. Law- Missisippi, from its source to the rence): and his Britannic majesty river Iberville, and from thence, .confents' to leave the subjects of the hy a line drawn along the middle most Christian king the liberty of of this river, and the lake Maurefishing in the gulph of St. Lawrence, pas and Pontchartrain, to the fea; on condition that the subjects of and for this purpose the most ChriFrance do not exercise the said ftian king cedes, in full right, and fishery, but at the distance of three guaranties to his Britannic majesty, leagues from all the coasts belong: the river and port of the Mobile, ing to Great Britain, as well those and every thing which he poffeffes, of the continent, as those of the or ought to poliefs, on the left fide illands situated in the said gulph of

the the river Mififippi, except the town religion, or under any other preof the New Orleans, and the island tence whatsoever, except that of in which it is situated, which thall debts, or of criminal profecutions; remain to France; provided that and for this purpose, the term of the river Missisippi shall be equally eighteen months is allowed to his free, as well to the subjects of Great Britannic majetty's subjects, 10 be Britain, as to those of France, in computed from the day of the exits whole breadth or length, from change of the ratifications of the its source to the sea, and exprelly present treaty : but, as the liberty that

part which is between the said granted to his Britannic majesty's island of New Orleans, and the subjects, to bring away their perright bank of that river, as well as sons and their effects, in vessels of the passage both in and out of its their nation, may be liable to abules, mouth. It is further ftipulated, that if precautions wer- not taken to the vessels belonging to the subjects prevent them; it has been exprelly of either nation, shall not be stop- agreed, betu een his Britannic maped, visited, or subjected to the jefty and his most Christian majesty, payment of any duty whatsoever. that the number of English vessels, The stipulations, inserted in the which shall have leave to go to the IVth article, in favour of the inha, said islands and places restored to bitants of Canada, shall also take France, shall be limited, as well as place, with regard to the inhabi-, the number of tons of each one; tants of the countries ceded by this that they shall go in ballast; shall article.

fet fail at a fixed time; and snall VIII, The king of Great Britain make one voyage only; all the effhall restore to France the islands of feets, belonging to the English, beGuadaloupe, of Marie Galante, of ing to be embarked at the same Desirade, of Martinico, and of time. It has been further agreed, Belleisle ; and the fortresses of these that his moft Chriftian majesty Mall islands shall be restored in the same cause the necessary passports to be condition they were in, when they given to the said vessels; that, for were conquered by the British arms; the greater security, it Thail be alprovided that his Britannic majesty's lowed to place two French clerks, subjects, who shall have settle i 'in or guards, in each of the said velthe said islands, or those who shall fels, which shall be visited in the have any commercial affairs to settie landing places, and ports of the there, or in the other places restored said islands, and places restored to to France by the present treaty, shall France, and that the merchandize, have liberty to sell their lands and which shall be found therein, shall te their estates, to settle their affairs, confiscated. to recover their debts, and to bring

IX. The most Christian king away their effects, as well as their cedes, and guaranties to his Britanpersons, on board vessels, which nicmajesty, in full right, the idlands they shall be permitted to send to of Grenada, and of the Grenadines, the said islands, and other places with the same stipulations in favour restored as above, and which shall of the inhabitants of this colony, serve for this use only, without be inserted in the IVth article for those ing restrained on account of their of Canada; and the partition of


the islands, called Neutral, is agreed Nabob of the Carnatick, and Salas and fixed, so that those of St. Vin- bat Jing for lawful Subah of the Des cent, Dominica, and Tobago, fhall can; and both parties shall renounce remain in full right to Great Bri- all demands and pretensions of fatain, and that of St. Lucia shall be tisfaction, with which they might delivered to France, to enjoy the charge each other, or their Indian fame likewise in full right; and the allies, for the depredations, or pilhigh contracting parties guaranty lage, committed on the one side or the partition fo ftipulated. on the other, during the war.

X. His Britannic majefty shall re- XII. The island of Minorca shall ftore to France the island of Goree; be restored to his Britannic majesty, in the condition it was in when as well as fort St. Philip, in the conquered : and his moft Chriftian fame condition they were in, when majesty cedes, in full right, and conquered by the arms of the most guaranties to the king of Great Christian king; and with the artilBritain, the river Senegal, with the tery which was there, when the faid forts and factories of St. Lewis, Po- island and the said fort were taken: dor, and Galam; and with all the XIII. The town and port of rights and dependencies of the faid Dunkirk shall be put into the ftate river Senegal.

fixed by the last treaty of Aix la XI. In the Eaft Indies, Great Chapelle, and by former treaties: Britain fhall restore to France, in The cunette shall be destroyed imthe condition they now are in, the mediately after the exchange of the different factories which that crown ratifications of the present treaty, as possessed, as well on the coast of well as the forts and batteries which Coromandel and Orixa, as on that defend the entrance on the fide of of Malabar, as alfo in Bengal, at the fea; and provifion shall be the beginning of the year 1749. made, at the fame time, for the And his most Chriftian majefty re- wholesomeness of the air, and for nounces all pretension to the acqui- the health of the inhabitants, by fitions which he had made on the fome other means, to the satisfaction coast of Coromandel and Orixa, of the king of Great Britain. fince the faid beginning of the year XIV. France shall restore all the 1749. His molt Chriftian majesty countries belonging to the electofhall reftore, on his fide, all that he rate of Hanover, to the landgrave may have conquered from Great of Heffe, to the duke of Brunfwick, Britain, in the East Indies, during and to the count of La Lippe Bucthe present war; and will exprefly keburgh, which are, or shall be occaufe Nattal and Tapanoully, in the cupied by his moft Christian majeisland of Sumatra, to be reftored; Ay's arms: the fortreffes of thefe he engages further, not to erect for- different countries shall be restored tifications, or to keep troops in any in the same condition they were in, part of the dominions of the Subah when conquered by the French of Bengal. And in order to pre- arms: and the pieces of artillery, ferve future peace on the coast of which shall have been carried elleCoromandel and Qrixa, the English where, shall be replaced by the and French shall acknowledge Ma- fame number, of the fame bore, homet Ally Khan for the lawful weight, and metal.

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XV. In cafe the ftipulations, con- caufe to be demolifhed all the forti tained in the XIIIth article of the fications which his subjects thall preliminaries, should not be com- have erected in the bay of Hondupleated at the time of the signature ras, and other places of the terriof the prefent treaty, as well with tory of Spain in that part of the regard to the evacuations to be world, four months after the ratifi, made by the armies of France of cation of the present treaty : and the fortreffes of Cleves, Wezel, his Catholic majefty shall not perGueldres, and of all the countries mit his Britannic majesty's subjects, belonging to the king of Pruflia, or their workmen, to be disturbed, as with regard to the evacuations or molefted, under any pretenee to be made by the British and French whatsoever, in the faid places, in armies of the countries which they their occupation of cutting, loadoccupy in Westphalia, Lower Saxo- ing, and carrying away logwood: ny, on the Lower Rhine, the Upper and for this purpose, they may build Rhine, and in all the empire, and without hindrance, and occupy to the retreat of the troops into the without interruption, the houses and dominions of their respective fove. magazines which are necessary for reigns; their Britannic and moft them, for their families, and for Christian majesties promise to pro- their effects : and his Catholic maceed, bona fide, with all the dispatch jefty assures to them, by this article, the cafe will permit of, to the faid the full enjoyment of those advanevacuations, the entire completion tages, and powers, on the Spanish whereof they ftipulate before the coafts and territories, as above fti15th of March next, or fooner if it pulated, immediately after the ratican be done: and their Britannie fications of the present treaty. and moft Chriftian majesties further XVIII. His Catholic majesty deengage, and promise to each other, fifts, as well for himself, as for not to furnish any succours, of any his faccessors, from all pretenfions kind, to their respective allies, who which he may have formed, in fafhall continue engaged in the war vour of the Guipufcoans, and other in Germany

A his subjects, to the right of fishing XVI. The decision of the prizes in the neighbourhood of the island made, in the time of peace, by the of Newfoundland. fubjects of Great Britain, on the XIX. The king of Great Britain Spaniards, shall be referred to the fall restore to Spain all the terricourts of juftice of the admiralty of tory which he has conquered in the Great Britain, conformable to the ifland of Cuba, with the fortress of rules established among all nations, the Havanna ; and this fortress, as fo that the validity of the faid well as the other fortreffes of the prizes, between the British and Spa- faid island, shall be restored in the nish nations, shall be decided and fame condition they were in when judged, according to the law of na- conquered by his Britannic majesty's tions, and according to the treaties, arms ; provided, that his Britannic in the courts of justice of the na- majefty's fubjects, who hall have tion, who fhall have made the cap- fettled in the said island, restored to ture.

Spain by the present treaty, or those XVII. His Britannic majesty shall who shall have any commercial af

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