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1 and 4, the shield of Whatton, 2 and 3, John Whatton, of Thurnby and Rauna chevron_between three hedgehogs, in- stone, who m. Sence Penburye of Loseby, tended for De Herizss: azure three hedge- in Leicestershire, the grand-daughter of hogs or, 2 and 1, and this inscription in old Elizabeth Penburye, of Northamptonshire, English : Pray for the soule of Robert de sometime the wife of William Waryn, and Whatton, arm. which decessed the v of the daughter of William Ashby, * of Loseby March, Anno Dom. 1452 ; on whose soule Hall, and Agnes his wife, the daughter of Thu have mercye, Amen.”

Sir Richard Illingworth, Chief Baron of the His eldest son,

Exchequer. By Sence Penburye his wife JOHN Whatron, of Long Whatton, he had two sons, Member of Parliament for Leicestershire, 1. William, of whom hereafter. 38 Henry VI., m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas, son of Sir Robert Woodford, Lord

11. John, of Raunstone, and of the

Nework, Leicester, who was high of Ashby Folville, son of Sir Robert Wood

sheriff of Leicestershire, 14 Charles ford, knight banneret, one of the heroes of Agincourt, by Isabel, his wife, daughter of

I., esquire of the body to the king,

and in the commission of the peace ; Sir William Neville, Lord of Rolleston, a

his first wife was Elizabeth Orpwood, descendant, in the direct line of Maldred

widow, the niece of Sir William Fitz Crinan, an eminent Thane, and Algith,

Herrick, of Beaumanor, by whom he his wife, heiress of Raby, grand-daughter of ETHELRED II. King of England.

had no issue ; by his second wife This John Whatton was at the battle of

Catharine, the daughter of Thomas Bosworth-field, in which contest the two

Babington of Rothley Temple, in

Leicestershire, he had three sons and Kendalls, his companions in arms, were slain ; his bearing was the same as bis

three daughters: 1, Sir John What

ton, of Leicester Town, and East father's, quartered with De Herizss', and

Sheen in Surrey, who m. Margaret, in Melton church, single, impaling: Woodford's shield; he had issue by Margaret, his

the daughter of Sir Thomas Dacre, of

St. Andrew-le-Mott, in Hertfordshire, wife: 1, Robert, born, 14 EDWARD IV. ; 2,

and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Geoffrey, born 16 EDWARD IV., who had a

Sir Robert Austen, bart. of Bexley, good moated mansion at Mapplewell, in the forest of Charnwode; 3, William ; 4, Eliza

in the county of Kent, by whom he beth ; 5, Ambrose ; and 6, Mary. William,

had two daughters and co-heiresses : the third son, was the progenitor of a younger

Angelica, and Margaret, who died in branch of the family, which came to and

their infancy. The Wykin and Budresided at Long Whatton: this William had a son, Robert, whose son, Robert, by Mar

* The lineage of William Ashby is deduced as garet, his wife, had seven children, the eldest follows: he was the son of Thomas, grandson of of whom, George, was born 16th August, Richard de Ashby, of Loseby, and Elizabeth his 1555, and died in 1587, leaving two daugh- wife, daughter and heiress of John Burdett, of ters and co-heiresses, Anne, and Elizabeth, Loseby, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and who m. William Eyre, of Belton.

heiress of Sir Roger de la Zouch, of Lubbesthorpe Robert Whatton, of Long Whatton, in Leicestershire, grandson of Roger, second son the eldest son and heir of John and Marga- of Sir Eudo de la Zouch, of Haryngworth, in ret his wife, m. a daughter of William Ken Northamptonshire, and Millicent his wife, sister dall, of Smithesby Hall, in Derbyshire, and and co-heiress of George de Cantilupe, Baron of Twycross in Leicestershire, he was the Abergavenny, which Sir Eudo was the second grandson of John, son of Thomas Kendall la Zouch, constable of the Tower, and Helen his

son of Sir Alan de la Zouch, baron of Ashby de and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heiress wife, daughter and co-heiress of Roger de Quincie, of Richard Fitzherbert, with whom he had Earl of Winchester, and Helen his wife, which the manor of Twycross : Robert Whatton Roger was the son of Saier de Quincie, Earl of bore the same shield of arms as his father, Winchester, and Margaret his wife, daughter and quartered with De Herizss', and impaled: co-heiress of Robert de Bellomonte, surnamed gules a fess checky or and azure between Blanchmaines, Earl of Leicester, son of Robert three eagles displayed or, Kendall, and by le Bossu, Earl of Leicester, son of Robert, Earl her had a son and heir,

of Meillant and Leicester and Elizabeth his wife, Robert Whatton, of Long Whatton, daughter of Hugh, Comte de Vermandois, son of 21 HENRY VII., and of Wykin Hall, Leices- Henry I. King of France. Helen the wife of tershire, who m. Margaret, the niece of heiress of Alan, Lord of Galloway, constable of

Roger de Quincie was the daughter and coAlice Curteys, of Raunstone, in Leicester- Scotland, and Margaret his wife, daughter of Dashire ; this Robert Whatton died at Long vid, Earl of Huntingdon, son of Henry, Earl of Whatton, and was interred there 10th Huntingdon, son of David I., King of Scotland, March, 1554, leaving by Margaret his only son of MALCOLM III., King of Scotland, and wife, who survived him, one daughter, Mary, the Queen, the daughter of Edmund II., Elizabeth, and a son,

King of England.

don Wood estates came to this branch, the Sacbeverells of Hopwell and the Cur-
by a family arrangement, and the zons of Kedleston; William Whatton and
former was sold by Sir John What- Lucy his wife had issue, 1, William, 40
ton in 1711, and the latter by his years of age in 1683, who m. and settled in
mother; from a monument in Ches- | London and d. s. p.; 2, Thomas, who d.
hunt church he was interred there in his infancy; 3, John, 28 years of age in
with his wife and children. 2, The 1682, who d. s. p.; 4, Matthew, who d. in
Rev. Thomas Whatton, rector of his infancy ; 5, Babington; 6, Tyldesley,
Knaptoft and Moseley, in Leicester- who d. in his infancy; 7, HENRY, a student
shire, whose daughter and heiress, at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1683, of
Ann, m. Trafford Smyth, (his second whom presently; 8, Catharine, unmarried
wife), by whom he had no issue. 3, in 1683. Babington Whatton, the fifth son,
The Rev. William Whatton, rector 24 years of age in 1683, had three children
of Knaptoft and Moseley, on the de- only, 1, Babington, b. 15th July, 1690, and
cease of his brother Thomas, and who d. s.p., he was so named by the desire
who had the Thurnby estate, and of his relation the Rev. William Whatton,
died a bachelor in 1735, possessed of the rector of Knaptoft and Moseley, who
considerable property. 4, Catharine intended him to have inherited the Thurnby
Whatton, who m. the Right Reverend estate ; 2, Sence, b. 11th April, 1693; 3,
Thomas Hackett, Bishop of Down Mary, b. 12th July, 1696, and interred the
and Connor (1672) and whose daugh- 4th February following. Sence Whatton,
ter and heiress, Conway, m. Trafford the eldest daughter and beiress, never mar-
Smyth (his first wife) by whom she ried, she was interred on the 27th October,
had issue: Sir Trafford Smyth, of 1722, in her maiden name of “Sence Wat-
Upton, the fourth baronet, and three hon;" hence the descendants in the elder
other sons, all of whom died s. p., line in succession of Henry Whatton the
and one daughter, Conway, ulti- student became the next lineal heirs and
mately heiress, who m. Hugh Mills, heirs general of the family. This gentle-
and by whom he had a daughter and man,
heiress Conway Mills, who was never The Rev. Henry Wharton, M. A. of
married. 5, Sence Whatton, who m. Trinity College, Cambridge, was vicar of
Sir Thomas Ogle, governor of Chel- Humberstone, Leicestershire, in 1704 ; his
sea College, (1691), whose son and armorial bearing from his seal appears to
heir, Captain Thomas Ogle, by the have been, quarterly, 1 and 4, a bend, be-
lady Henrietta his wife, had two tween six cross crosslets, charged with three
daughters and co-heiresses, Henri- besants, 2 and 3 three hedgehogs; he was
etta and Harriet, who died in their interred at Humberstone, and left, with
infancy, and were interred at Chel- other issue by Mary, his wife, a son and
sea College. 6, Mary, who died in successor,
her infancy. John Whatton died HENRY WHATTON, of Nottingham, who
in 1656, at the age of seventy, and m. Margaret, the daughter of Arundel Blunt,
was interred in St. Martin's church or Blount, esq. of Nottingham, and Eliza-
at Leicester ; his monument was beth his wife. A brass plate, on a tomb-
placed in the middle of the north- stone, in the middle aisle of St. Peter's
west wall, and on it are the busts of church, gives the interment of Arundel
himself and his two wives.

Blunt, and his shield: barry nebule of six The eldest son and heir of John and Sence or and sable; Crest, a wolf passant sable ; his wife,

he was descended, in a direct line, from Sir William Whatton, of Newtown Linford, Walter Blunt and Sanchia D'Ayala his wife, who had there a good family mansion, m. whose armorial bearing, argent two wolves Ann, the daughter of Tyldesley Monk of sejeant sable, on a bordure or sixteen lions' Whitwick, in Leicestershire, and died in paws crossed gules, quartered : argent a 1642, aged 74 years, leaving by her a tower azure, castile. Henry Whatton and daughter Mary, who m. William Rolleston, Margaret his wife had a daughter Elizaof the county of Nottingham, and a son and beth, and two sons, Henry and William, heir,

who were educated for the University; he WILLIAM Whatron, of Newtown Linford, d. at Nottingham and was interred in St. one of the commissioners appointed in 1687, Peter's church. to inquire into and redress the grievances of The eldest son and heir of Henry and Marall the charities in the county, who m. Lucy, garet, daughter of Thomas Babington, esq., of Henry Wharton, of Nottingham, was Rotheley Temple, by Catharine, his wife, a daughter of Henry Kendall, of Smithesby * The Rev. William Whatton was vicar of Hall. and Helen his wife, daughter of Henry Loxley, in Warwickshire. lle m. Elizabeth de Sacheverell, of Radcliffe, a descendant of | la Maine, and d. s. p.


on a

educated at Queen ELIZABETH's Grammar

8. Sable a chevron or between three School at Mansfield; he espoused the inte

crescents argent: Le Palmer. rest of the Stuart family in their memora

9. Argent on two bars azure three ble struggle to recover the crown of Eng

cinquefoils or, 2 and 1: De Staland, and, after participating in the vicissi

pleford. tudes of that eventful period, retired to 10. Party per pale gules and sable, a Mansfield, and was interred there ; his seal

lion rampant argent, crowned or: was the same his grandfather used; by

Beler of Derbyshire and NottingChristiana James his wife he left issue: 1,

hamshire. Elizabeth ; 2, Henry; 3, William ; and 4, 11. Argent frette sable an escutcheon James, who died young.

gules: De Ryvers, or De la Ry. The eldest son, Henry Whatton, of Loughborough

12. Azure three hedgehogs or, 2 and Parks, in Leicestersbire, m. Elizabeth,

1, De Heriz. daughter and heiress of John Watkinson, 13. Barry nebule of six or and sable : grandson of the Rev. Henry Watkinson,

Blunt or Blount. vicar of Beeston, in Nottinghamshire, whose

14. Or, a fess between three mullets bearing was, or a fess between three mul

azure: Watkinson. lets azure; he was a branch of the Watkin Crest—An eagle sable, beaked or, rising son's of Ilkley, of which family was Henry out of a ducal coronet argent. Borne by Watkinson, L.L.D., chancellor of the dio- inheritance from the family of Beler. cese of York, who used a distinct coat of Motto-Fidei coticula crux. arms: quarterly, argent and azure

Estates-In Leicestershire. bend gules three roses argent. Henry What Seat-Osmaston Cottage, Derbyshire. ton bore, quarterly, 1 and 4, argent on a bend sable, between six cross crosslets gules, three besants, 2 and 3, azure three hedge-| Family of De Kyvers, or De la Kyvere. hogs or, 2 and 1, De Heriz, with an escutcheon for Watkinson, an engraving of

RICHARD De Ryvers, De RIPARUS, of which is given by Nichols, in his history of Ongar Castle (anciently written Angre and the county of Leicester, with a note on the Aungre) Lord of Ongar and Stanford Ryfamily seal; he became heir to the Blunts vers in Essex and of Tormerton and Littleof Nottingham, to whose property he suc ton in Gloucestershire, 51 Henry III., m. ceeded in 1782; he d. in 1815, and by Eli- Matilda, daughter and co-heiress of Richard zabeth his wife left four sons,

de Lucie, Lord of Diss, in Norfolk, chief 1. HENRY WATKINSON, the present heir, justice of England, and lieutenant of the representative of the family.

kingdom, in the reign of King John. Rich11. John, who m. Mary Ann, daughter ard de Lucie got the lordship of Ongar, of John Matthews Hopkins, formerly which stood on a high artificial hill, sur

erected into an honor, and built the castle, mayor of Northampton. ul. William Robert, F.R.S. and F.S.A. rounded by a large moat and extensive for

Lond. and Ed., who m. Harriet So- tifications. By Matilda his wife, Richard phia, the niece of the late Lieutenant- de Ryvers had three sons, 1, Richard ; 2, general Seddon, and died in December John; and 3, Baldwin; Richard, the eldest,

died in the lifetime of his mother, leaving 1836. IV. George.

Richard his only son and heir (for whose

wardship Philip Basset gave 1000 marks) Arms--QUARTERLY:

surviving, who had in frankmarriage the

manors of Westhrop and Hampton, in Wilt1, 15. Argent on a bend sable between shire, and Storden, in Gloucestershire, &c.;

six cross crosslets gules three be- he d. s. p., and was succeeded by his uncle, sants : Whatton.

John de Ryvers, de Ripariis, of Ongar 2. Azure ten besants, 4, 3, 2, and 1: Castle, Lord of Ongar, Stanford Ryvers, Biset.

Tormerton, Littleton, &c.; he d. 22 ED3. Barry nebule of six or gules : WARD I. leaving two sons, Basset.

1. John, his heir. 4. Quarterly, or and gules a bendlet 1. Richard, who had the manors of sable: De Malbanc.

Westhrop and Hampton, ratione fra5. Argent a fret gules on a canton triagii, he left two sons, John and

gules, a lion of England: De Dun Richard, who succeeded to them, and

6. Gules two lions of England with a The elder son,

baton sinister azure: Fitzhenry. John, LORD de Ryvers, of Ongar Castle, 7. Argent a lion rampant per fess Lord of Ongar, Tormerton, Littleton, &c.

gules and sable: De Luvetot. was summoned to and sat in Parliament,

d. s. p.

as a baron, by the name of Johannes de and Margaret the younger daughter of Sir Ripariis, on the 8th March, 1299, 6th Richard de Ryvers (or De la Ryvere) and March, 1300, 20th January, 1301, and, on the heirs of their bodies; remainder to the the 12th February following, joined the ba- right heirs of Sir John de Heriz, who d. rons in an address to the Pope, which he seised of these manors, 3 EDWARD III. signed by the style and title of " Johannes Sir John de Heriz was the son and heir de Ripariis, Dn's de Angre;” his lordship of John, brother and heir of Henry, grandwas also summoned to, and sat in Par- son and heir of Robert, brother and heir of liament as a baron, on the 1st July and William de Heriz, of Wyverton, in Notting29th September, 1302, 16th February, 1305, hamshire, a branch by a younger son of the 20th January, and 13th October, 1307; House of Vendôme, and who is mentioned Lord de Ryvers was summoned amongst under the scutage of the barons, 18 HENthe barons to the coronation of King ED-RY II. WARD the Second, on the 18th February, The issue of Sir Richard de Ryvers and 1308 ; he d. 5 EDWARD II. seised of “ Aun- Matilda de Heriz his second wife were gre Hundr," leaving two sons; 1, John; three daughters; Margaret the elder, and and 2, Sir RICHARD, of Ryvers Hall, of Margaret the younger, of whom presently; whom presently; he was succeeded in his and Sarah, who m. John Garlek, who had title and estates by his eldest son and heir, with her a moiety of the Dodyngton estate,

John, LORD DE Ryvers, de Ripariis, of by whom she had Walter, her only child, Ongar Castle, Lord of Ongar, Tormerton, who d. s. p., hence the entirety of that proLittleton, &c. who was summoned to, and perty passed to Sir Robert de Swillington. sat in Parliament as a baron, on the 18th Sir Richard de Ryvers d. 36 EDWARD III. March, 8th July, and 23rd September, 1313, leaving also by Emma his third wife, two 21st April, and 9th September, 1314, and sons, Sir Thomas, and Henry, who had 20th January, 1315, and d. 8 EDWARD II. Tormerton, ratione fratriagii, and was high seised of the manors of Esthornyngdone sheriff of Gloucestershire. He d. s. p. 3 Somerset, Tormerton and Littleton, Wor- Henry IV. menhale, Bucks, Wotton, (or Wootton-Ry- The son of Sir Richard, by Emma, his third vers) Wilts, and half a knight's fee in AC- wife, ton-Turvile, Glouc., leaving by Dionysia Sir THOMAS DE RYVERS, succeeded to the his wife, who had the township of Stretlee, manors of Tormerton,* Littleton, Westhrop, in Cambridgeshire, à son and heir only; Hampton, Wyke, Storden, &c. and d. s. p. John de RYVERS, who sold the Ongar es 7 Henry IV., seised of Westhrop manor, tate to John de Sutton 13 EDWARD III. | leaving Isabel, his wife, surviving, who had and d. s. p. 32 EDWARD III. His uncle the manors of Tormerton, Littleton, Shirreand heir,

well, and Yate, of which she d. seised 15 Sir RICHARD DE RYVERS, de Ripariis, of HENRY VI. The lineage, therefore, of Sir Ryvers Hall, and Boxted, in Essex, suc Richard de Ryvers by his first and third ceeded to the manors of Tormerton, Little- wives became entirely extinct. Sir Thoton, Westhrop, Hampton, Wyke, Storden, was’s half sister, &c. and m. first, Maude, daughter and heir MARGARET De Ryvers the elder, m. Sir ess of Sir John le Breton, who died 34 Roger BELER. EDWARD I. seised of certain demesnes in Previously to continuing the descendants Boxted, and lands at Dodyngton, Blather- of Margaret de Ryvers, we will give some wyk, and Leyton, or Laxton, in Northamp- details of the family of her husband : tonshire, by whom he had one child, Mar Sir Roger Beler was the eldest son of garet, who d. s. p. 49 EDWARD III. seised Roger, Lord Beler, baron of Criche, in of the Dodyngton and Blatherwyk estate, Derbyshire, who had there a capital manwhich ultimately passed to Sir Robert de sion, park, and jurisdiction, 18 EDWARD II. Swillington hereafter noticed.

son of William de Beler, of Kirkby Park, Sir Richard de Ryvers m. secondly, Ma- in Leicestershire, 14 EDWARD I., son of tilda, the daughter and heiress of Sir John Roger, son of Ralph, Lord Beler, son of de Heriz, of South Winfield, in Derbyshire, Sampson, son of Hamon, Lord Beler, who who settled by fine, 18 EDWARD II., the took that surname, son of Nigel, Lord manors of Widmerpool and Gunnelveston, in Nottinghamshire and Winfield (or South Winfield) and Tibshelf, in Derbyshire, on

* Tormerton very anciently had its baronial himself for life ; then on Roger Beler (of in the great rebellion, but the ruins of a stately

hall, the principal part of which was demolished whom presently) for his life; afterwards to lodge appear to have been standing in the last Roger, the son of Roger Beler, and Mar

century. The manor had passed through the garet, the elder daughter of Sir Richard de families of Willington and Drayton, by whom it Ryvers (therein called Richard de la Ry- had been held at intervals. After the family of vere, Knight) and the heirs of their bodies ; | De Ryvers, Sir John St. Loe became the next afterwards tó Thomas, son of Roger Beler, proprietor.

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D'Albini and Gundred, his wife, daughter der, their lands at Reresby were seised by of Hugh, Earl of Gournay, and Editha, his the king, and were never restored to them. wife, daughter of William, Earl of War “ Anno 1326, Eudo de la Zouch indictarenne and Gundred, his wife, daughter of tus pro morte cujus dem Rogeri de Beler, WILLIAM I. King of England, and Maude, ob metum indictamenti transfretavit sine the Queen, daughter of Baldwin, Count of licentia Regis; et ea occasione terre ejus Flanders, whose mother, Alice, was the capte sunt in manum d'ni Regis, et idem daughter of Robert, King of France. Eudo obiit Parisiis eodem anno. Lord Beler of Criche, by Alice his wife,

In Ashby Folville church, says Wyrley, the daughter of William, son of Peter de is an ancient altar tomb of one of the Foi Wakebrugge and Juliana his wife, the sis- villes, in armour; on his breast, the crest ter of Hubert Fitz-Ralph, Baron of Criche, ment is still in the South chapel, under the

of Folville, but no inscription. This monuin the reign of King John, had two sons and a daughter: Sir Roger before men

South window, and is said to be for old tioned (whose issue by Margaret de Ryvers helmet

remains on it with part of his gaunt

Folville who slew Beler. A large rusty the elder, and his other wives will be noticed presently); Thomas, of whom here- lets and several fragments of armour. Folafter; and Avice, who m. Sir Ralph Crom- ville's effigy is mutilated; the features of well, the grandfather of Ralph, Lord Crom the face scarcely visible; his arms broken well, Baron of Tatshall, and treasurer of off; shoes square toed, which rest against a England, temp. Henry VI.

lion couchant regardant; a girdle round his

waist, but no sword ; his breast very proThe manor of Criche, or Cruch, was pur, ininent; on the right side of which is an chased by Lord Beler, of Ralph, Lord iron blunted spike, or dagger, fixed in the Frescheville, who fin right of this manor

stone with lead, apparently coeval with the was summoned to and sat in Parliament, as

figure itself; his head rested on a double a peer of the realm, on the 24th February, pillow, which appears to have been origi1297, (25 EDWARD I.) and

who conveyed it nally supported by two angels, their hands by feoffment and fine 18 EDWARD II., with and part of the drapery being yet visible. license of the king, to him and his heirs for

The church at Criche contains an old Lord Beler held the manor of Criche tomb, and upon it an effigy, according to by Barony, viz. of the king in capite, as of the tradition of the place, of Lord Beler. his crown, by the service of one knight's fee, and so d. seised of it in his own de- and estates, which were very considerable,

His lordship was succeeded in his title mesne as of fee, 19 EDWARD II. ; he also d. by his eldest son, seised of Bunny Park, in Nottinghamshire, and other considerable possessions. The and doing his homage, had livery of his lands;

Sir ROGER BELER, who, paying his relief tragical rencontre which occasioned his he m. firstly, Margaret de Ryvers the elder, death is recorded as follows:

before mentioned, by whom he had one Eustace de Folville, of Ashby Folville, child only, Margaret, who m. Sir Robert de his two brothers, and Eudo de la Zouch, of Swillington, and afterwards John de AylesHaryngworth, having been threatened by ford, by the latter she had no issue: by Sir Lord Beler, one of the justices itinerant, Robert de Swillington, who d. 15 RICHARD and very old, they way-laid and barbarous- II. seised of Ryvers Hall, Boxted, Bramply murdered the judge, in a valley near ton, and the Dodyngton estate, she had a Reresby. Dodsworth has this remark on son and heir; Sir Roger de Swillington, the occurrence: Anno MCCCXXVI., quarto who had two sons and one daughter only: Kal. Februarii occisus est Dominus Rogerus Sir John and Sir Robert, who had both Beler in comitatu Leycestrie. Iste Roge- d. s. p., the former 6 HENRY V. and the rus fundavit cantariam secularium sacerdo- latter, 8 HENRY V. and Margaret, heiress, tum apud Kirkeby Beler, in comitatu Ley- who m. Sir John Gra of Ingleby, in Lincestrie ; quam post multos annos uxor ejus- colnshire, and who d. s. p. 8 Henry VI. dem Rogeri, cum concessu Rogeri filii Sir Roger Beler m. secondly, Margaret, eorum, transtulit in usus canonicorum re- (the daughter of John, Lord Grey, of Codgularium, instituens ibidem primum priorem nor Castle) who d. 8 EDWARD III., by whom loci de Abbathiâ de Olvestone. Hic Roge- he had no issue; thirdly, Elizabeth, who d. rus occisus est a quodam Eustachio de Fol- 36 EDWARD III., by whom he had no issue ; ville, ac fratibus suis, quibus prius minas fourthly, Catharine, who d. 5 RICHARD II., ingesserat et injurias; interfectus erat a by whom he had one child only, Thomasine tribus fratribus in quâdam valle juxta (co-beiress with his daughter Margaret by Reresby. Hic oppressor fuit ecclesiarum his first wife) who d. 5 Richard II. and was et aliorum vicinorum religiosorum, pro cu never married ; fifthly, Mary, who died 15 piditate possessionum, quas cupierit ad do- RICHARD II. by whom he had no issue. nationem cantarie sue.

Hence the lineage of Lord Beler, the son, The Folvilles being indicted for the mur became entirely extinct; his lordship held

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