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“If shrines that ne'er approach allow “To woman's step admit her vow, “Without thy free consent, command, 315 The Sultan should not have


hand! * Think'st thou that I could bear to part “ With thee, and learn to halve my

heart? “ Ah! were I severed from thy side, " Where were thy friend—and who my guide ? 320 66 Years have not seen, Time shall not see “ The hour that tears my soul from thee: “Even Azrael, (18) from his deadly quiver

“When flies that shaft, and fly it must, “ That parts all else, shall doom for ever 325

“Our hearts to undivided dust!"



He lived-he breathed he moved-he felt
He raised the maid from where she knelt;
His trance was gone-his keen eye shone
With thoughts that long in darkness dwelt;
With thoughts that burn-in rays that melt.
As the stream late conceal'd

By the fringe of its willows,
When it rushes reveald

In the light of its billows; As the bolt bursts on high

From the black cloud that bound it, Flash'd the soul of that eye

Through the long lashes round it.


A warhorse at the trumpet's sound,

940 A lion roused by heedless hound, A tyrant waked to sudden strife By graze of ill-directed knife, Starts not to more convulsive life Than he, who heard that vow, display'd, $45 And all, before repress'd, betray'd : « Now thou art mine, for ever mine, “With life to keep, and scarce with life resign; “Now thou art mine, that sacred oath, “Though sworn by one, hath bound us both, 350 “Yes, fondly, wisely hast thou done, “That vow hath saved more heads than one: “But blench not thou—thy simplest tress “ Claims more from me than tenderness; “I would not wrong the slenderest hair 355 "That clusters round thy forehead fair, “For all the treasures buried far “ Within the caves of Istakar. (19) “ This morning clouds upon me lower'd, “Reproaches upon my head were shower'd, 360 " And Giaffir almost call'd me coward ! “ Now I have motive to be brave; “The son of his neglected slave, “Nay, start not, 'twas the term he gave, “May show, though little apt to vaunt, 365 "A heart his words nor deeds can daunt. “ His son, indeed !-yet, thanks to thee, “Perchance I am, at least shall be ;

“But let our plighted secret vow “Be only known to us as now.

370 “I know the wretch who dares demand “From Giaffir thy reluctant hand; * More ill-got wealth, a meaner soul “Holds not a Musselim's (20) control: “ Was he not bred in Egripo ? (21)

375 “A viler race let Israel show! “But let that pass—to none be told “Our oath; the rest shall time unfold. “To me and mine leave Osman Bey; * I've partizans for peril's day:

380 “ Think not I am what I appear; “I've arms, and friends, and vengeance near.”



“Think not thou art what thou appearest !

“ My Selim, thou art sadly changed: “This morn I saw thee gentlest, dearest;

“But now thou’rt from thyself estranged. “My love thou surely knew'st before, " It ne'er was less, nor can be more. "To see thee, hear thee, near thee stay,

“And hate the night I know not why, “Save that we meet not but by day:

“ With thee to live, with thee to die,

“ I dare not to my hope deny: “Thy cheek, thine eyes, thy lips to kiss, “Like this and this---no more than this;



“For, Alla! sure thy lips are flame:

“What fever in thy veins is flushing? “My own have nearly caught the same,

“ At least I feel my cheek too blushing. " To soothe thy sickness, watch thy health, 400 “Partake, but never waste thy wealth, “Or stand with smiles unmurmuring by, “ And lighten half thy poverty; “ Do all but close thy dying eye, “ For that I could not live to try ;

405 “To these alone my thoughts aspire: “More can I do? or thou require ? “But, Selim, thou must answer why • We need so much of mystery? 6. The cause I cannot dream nor tell,

410 6 But be it, since thou say'st 'tis well; “Yet what thou mean'st by 'arms' and 'friends,' “Beyond my weaker sense extends. “I meant that Giaffir should have heard “ The very vow I plighted thee;

415 6 His wrath would not revoke my word:

“But surely he would leave me free.

“ Can this fond wish seem strange in me, "To be what I have ever been ? 6. What other hath Zuleika seen

420 “From simple childhood's earliest hour?

“What other can she seek to see “Than thee, companion of her bower,

“ The partner of her infancy?




“ These cherish'd thoughts with life begun,

“Say, why must I no more avow ? “What change is wrought to make me shun

“The truth ; my pride, and thine till now? "To meet the gaze of stranger's eyes “Our law, our creed, our God denies ; “Nor shall one wandering thought of mine “At such, our Prophet's will, repine: “No! happier made by that decree! “He left me all in leaving thee. "Deep were my anguish, thus compellid 5. To wed with one I ne'er beheld: “This wherefore should I not reveal ?

Why wilt thou urge me to conceal ? “I know the Pacha's haughty mood “To thee hath never boded good; “ And he so often storms at nought, “ Allah! forbid that e'er he ought! “And why I know not, but within

My heart concealment weighs like sin. “ If then such secrecy be crime,

“And such it feels while lurking here: “Oh, Selim! tell me yet in time,

“Nor leave me thus to thoughts of fear. “Ah! yonder see the Tchocadar, (22) “My father leaves the mimic war; “I tremble now to meet his eye"Say, Selim, can'st thou tell me why?"




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