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Morris (C.)-Extra masters' and masters' and mates' hand book to the Board of Trade examinations. 3rd. edit., rev. and enlarged. 8vo. 81X51, pp. 564, 1os. 6d. net


(26, Ivy Lane, E.C.) S. G. MADGWICK, Oct. 13 Morris (Gouverneur)-The Penalty. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5, pp. 358, 6s.... ..CONSTABLE, July 13 Morris (Elizabeth K.)-An Englishwoman in the Canadian West. Cr. 8vo., pp. 192, swd. Is. net ARROWSMITH, Aug. 13 Morris (John E.)-Great Britain and Ireland, 1485-1910: a history for lower forms. Cr.8vo. 71×41, pp. 308, 25. CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Sep. 13 Morris (M.) and Pope (Jessie)-Tom, Dick and Harry: their deeds and misdeeds. Pictured by M. M., told by J. P. 4to. 10×8, bds. 2s. 6d. ...BLACKIE, Sep. 13 Morris (Mary Husband)-The Bastard. Cr. 8vo. 7×41, pp. 320, 6s. HEATH, CRANTON, May 13 Morris (R. S.)-Clinical laboratory methods.


8vo. 12s. 6d. net .....APPLETON, July 13 Morris (W. E.)-Fight for the Crown. 12mo., 7d. net.. ...W. COLLINS, Sep. 13 Morris (William)-A Dream of John Ball; and, A King's lesson. Pocket edit. 12mo. 6X4, pp. 190, 25. net.. .LONGMANS, Sep. 13 Morris (William)-Early poems. Illus. by Florence Harrison. 4to. 10×71, pp. 212, 12s. 6d. net BLACKIE, Nov. 13 Morris (William)-Prose and poetry, 1856-1870. Oxford edit. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 666, 1s. net MILFORD, Nov. 13 Morris (William)-The Roots of the mountains: wherein is told somewhat of the lives of the men of Burgdale, &c. 2 vols. Pocket edit. 12mo. 6×4, pp. 252, 242, 4s. net


LONGMANS, Oct. 13 Morris (William)-The Story of the Glittering Plain which has been also called The Land of Living men, or The Acre of the Undying. Pocket edit. 12mo. 6X4, pp. 168, 25. net; 1thr., 38. net ..LONGMANS, Nov. 13 Morris (William)-A Tale of the House of the Wolfings and all the kindreds of the Mark. Written in prose and verse. Pocket edit. 12mo. 6X4, pp. 256, 2s. net; lthr. 3s. "net LONGMANS, Sep. 13 Morris (William)-Tales from " "The Earthly Paradise." Selected and arranged in prose by W. J. Glover. Illus. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 288, 6s. BLACK, Oct. 13 Morris (William)—The Well at the world's end. 2 vols. Pocket edit. 12mo. 6 X4, pp. 324, 324, 4s. net, lthr. 6s. net ...LONGMANS, Dec. 13 Morris (William)-The Wood beyond the world. 12mo. 6X4, pp. 174, 2s. net; lthr., 3s. net (Pocket edit.)... LONGMANS, Nov. 13 Morris: Four poets, Brooke (S. A.) 2s. 6d. net Apr. 13 Morris, William: Days with the Victorian poets, 3s. 6d. net Sep. 15 Morris, William: study in personality, ComptonRickett (A.) 7s. 6d. net... ...May 13 Morrison (Arthur)-A Child of the Jago. 12mo., 7d. net.. ...NELSON, Apr. 13 Morrison (G. H.)-The Crown of thorns. 16mo. IS. net. ..HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Morrison (G. H.)-The Weaving of glory: Sunday evening addresses from a city pulpit. 8vo. 8x51, pp. 368, 5s. HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Morrison (J. H.)-On the trail of the pioneers: a sketch of the missions of the United Free Church of Scotland. Cr. 8vo. 8X5, pp. 192, 2s. net HODDER & S., Sep. 13 Morriss (H. E.) and Maguire (C. R.)-China stock and share handbook. 4to. 11 x8, pp. 269, 12s. 6d. net


(Shangai) N.-CHINA DAILY NEWS, Nov. 13


Morrow (Frederick)-Contours and maps explained and illustrated. Cr. 8vo. 7× 5, pp.

124, IS. 6d. net........MEIKLEJOHN, Aug. 13 Morrow (F.) and Lambert (E.)-A Practical and experimental geography. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 254. 2s. 6d. net..MEIKLEJOHN, Feb. 13 Morrow (Norman)-Potted Pelissier, 2s. net Feb. 13


Morse (Hosea Ballou)-The Trade and administration of China. Rev. edit. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 480, Ios. 6d. net ...LONGMANS, Apr. 13 Mort (Frederick)-A Commercial geography of The British Isles. Cr. 8vo., pp. 160, IS. OLIVER & B., Oct. 13 Mort (Frederick)—A Commercial geography of the world. Cr. 8vo, pp. 400, 2s. 6d. OLIVER & B., Oct. 13 Morten (Honor)-Sketches of hospital life. Cr. 8vo. is. net ...Low, Sep. 13 Mortimer (Alfred G.)—The Last discourses of our Lord arranged as readings for the forty days of Lent. New and cheaper edit. Cr. 8vo 7×5, pp. 334, 2s. 6d. net


SKEFFINGTON, Jan. 13 Mortimer (Alfred G.)-One hundred miniature sermons. 2 vols. New and cheaper edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 360, 350, ea. 2s. 6d. net

July 13

Jan. 13

SKEFFINGTON, Aug. 13 Mortimer (C. G.)-Helps to Latin syntax. Cr. 8vo., pp. 32, swd. Is. net B. H. BLACKWELL, May 13 Mortimer (F. J.) ed.-Photograms of the year, 1913. 3s. 6d., 2s. 6d. net .Nov. 13 Mortimer Dixon, Ramsey (A.) 6s.. Mortimers, Batty (J. A. S.) 1s. 6d. net. Mortlock (J. A.)-Key to a progressive course of précis writing by F. E. Robson. Cr. 8vo., pp. 50, 5s. net (Clarendon Press) H. MILFORD, Aug. 13 Morton (George A.) and Malloch (D. M.)-Law and laughter. Illus. 8vo. 8×5, pp. 274, 5s. net FOULIS, Nov. 13 Morton (H. S.)-Lectures and examinations: being hints on taking notes at lectures, with some suggestions on preparing for examination. 8vo., pp. 32, swd., is. net....HEFFER, Oct. 13 Morton (Laurence)-Sanctuary. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 168, 2s. 6d. net JARROLD, Apr. 13 Morton (W. Lockhart)-Drifting wreckage: a story of rescue, in two parts. Illus. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 350, 6s. ....HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Moschus, Theocritus, &c. (trs. by Way) 5s. net May 13 Morgan (J.) .Oct. 13 June 13

Moseley, Edward A., Life work of, 8s. 6d. net


Moselle, The, Tower (C.) 7s. 6d. net..
Moses (Belle)-Louisa May Alcott, dreamer and
worker. New and cheaper edit. Cr. 8vo.
7×5, pp. 310, 35. 6d. net.. .Low, Jan. 13
Moses in Midian, verses, Bannard (H. E.) 2s. net
Apr 13
Moses, Story of, Taylor (H. L.) is. net....Oct. 13
Moslems: Spanish Islam, Dozy (R.) 21s. net
Oct. 13
Mosquito brigades [military], Ross (R.) 25., Is. net
Oct. 13
Moss (Alice P.)-The Elf of the orchard. Illus.
Ryl. 16m0. 7×5, pp. 140, IS.

GARDNER, D., Nov. 13 Moss (C. A.)-Pitman's Balancing and selfbalancing ledgers. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 24, 6d. net PITMAN, Feb. 13 Moss (C. E.)-Vegetation of the Peak district. 8vo. 9 X5, pp.. 246, 12s. net

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Apr. 13 Moss (C. F. A.)-A Pioneer in Madagascar: Joseph Pearse of the L.M.S. Cr. 8vo. 7×41, HEADLEY, July 13 pp. 280, 3s. 6d. net Moss (Fletcher)-The Sixth book of pilgrimages to old homes. Illus. Ryl. 8vo., 21s. net (Old Parsonage, Didsbury) AUTHOR, Apr. 13


Mosse (A. H. E)-My Somali book: a record of two shooting trips. Illus. 8vo. 91×51, pp. 340, 12s. 6d. net ..Low, Nov. 13 Mostly true, Fleming (G.) 4s, net.. ...Dec. 13 Moth-wings [poems], Bourdillon (F. W.) 35. 6d. net May 13 Mother, The, Fabeck (F. M. de) is. net....Oct. 13 Mother Goose: the old nursery rhymes. Illus. by Arthur Rackham. 4to. 11X9, pp. 112 and plates; large paper edit. 255. net

HEINEMANN, Oct. 13 Mother Goose the old nursery rhymes. Illus. by Arthur Rackham. 8vo. 81×6, pp. 172, 6s. net HEINEMANN, Nov. 13 Mother in dreams, Osgood (I.) 6d. net..... Jan. 13 Mother Mandarin, Hume (F.) 6d.........Sep. 13 Mother: play, Phillpotts (E.) 25., Is. 6d. net Oct. 13 Mother, Prospective, Slemons (J. M.) 6s. net Mar. 13 Mothers, Nursery notes for, Cunnington (C. W.) 2s. 6d. net .Apr. 13 Mothers, Plain words to, Acland (Hon. Lady) Is. net.... .. May 13 Mothers, Readings for, Wayne (Mrs. E.) IS. nct Sep. 13 Mothers, Two hundred hints to, 6d. net.. June 13 Moths, Common British, Stewart (A. W.) is. 6d. net July 13 Moths of the Limberlost, Stratton-Porter (G.) Ios. 6d. net


..Aug. 13

Motion picture handbk., Richardson
IOS. 6d. net..
Motion-picture work, Hulfish (D. S.)

(F. H.)

.Jan. 13

175. net Mar. 13

Motley (John Lothrop)-The Rise of the Dutch
Republic. 3 vols. 12mo., pp. 568, 566, 568, ea.
Is. net (Bohn's Standard library) BELL, Apr. 13
Motor and the dynamo, Arnold (J. L.) 6s. 6d. net
June 13
Motor car, Book of the, Kennedy (R.) 3 vols.,
# ea. gs. net
. May 13
Motor car mechanism, Dommett (W. E.) 3s. 6d. net
Nov. 13
Motor cars: Autocar handbk. 1s. 6d. net June 13
Motor cars, Dynamo lighting for, Codd (M.A.)
2s. 6d. net

Motor-cars, Law of, Warde (D.) 5s. net
Motor cycle, How and where to tour, Is.

Motor cycles: How to build a cyclecar.

July 13 ..Apr. 13 net Aug. 13 Is. net Νου. 13 Judge .Oct. 13 Oct. 13

Motor-cycles: Obtaining increased power,
(A. W.) 6d. net

Motor cycles: Secrets of tune. 6d. net
Motor cycles: Tracing troubles. Is. net Nov. 13
Motor manual (The). 16th edit., rev. Cr. 8vo.,
pp. 266, Is. 6d. net..TEMPLE PRESS, Apr. 13
Motor mechanic's handbk., Rogers (F. H.) and
Watson (G. W.) 2s. 6d. net
..June 13
Motor milestones, My, Laurentz (Baroness) 5s. net
June 13

Motor register, "Car," 1914. 25. net ....Dec. 13
Motor road map of Ireland. Eight sheets, ca.
22in. X15in. Scale, 5 miles to rin. Set in case,
15s. net; ea. Is. 6d. net ..BACON, Apr. 13
Motor routes through Europe, Best, Webber
(G.D.) 6s. net
..Apr. 13
Motor tour in Belgium and Germany, Xenier
(T. R.) 10s. 6d. net....
Aug. 13
Motor traction for business purposes: a guide to
the selection, cost of running, &c. Illus. 8vo.,
pp. 176, 2s. 6d. net........ .ILIFFE, Nov. 13
Motor traffic-Select Committee on). Report.
With proceedings. id.......WYMAN, Mar. 13
Motor Traffic (Select Committee on)-Report.
......WYMAN, Aug. 13
Motor traffic (Select Committee on)-Report, with
proceedings, 9d.; Minutes of Evidence, Vol. 1,
38. 11d.; Vol 2, 5s. 3d.......WYMAN, Sep. 13


[blocks in formation]

Motorist's workshop (The): a handbook for
amateur mechanics. Cr. 8vo. pp. 144, bds.,
IS. net
Motors: Light cars and cycle-cars of 1914. 6d.
Nov. 13


Motors, Single-phase commutator, Creedy (F.) 7s. 6d. net.. .Apr. 13 Motu animalium, &c., Aristotle (Farquharson) 2s. net ....... Jan. 13 Moule (Arthur Evans)-The Chinese people : a handbook on China. Cr. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 470, 5s. net....... ...S.P.C.K., Dec. 13 Moule (G. H.)-The Spirit of Japan. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 324, 2s. 6d. net

YOUNG PEOPLE'S MISSIONARY MOVEMENT, Oct. 13 Moule (Handley C. G.)-Christ is all. Cr. 8vo. pp. 248, 2s. net (Expositor's library, re-issue) HODDER & S., July 13 Moule (Handley C. G.)-Colossian studies. Cr. 8vo., pp. 330, 25. net (Expositor's library, re-issue) .HODDER & S., July 13 Moule (Handley C. G., Bp.)-Daily thoughts: a selection from his works; by Louise Buckland, With a short life of the Bishop by Rev. A. R. Buckland. New edit. Ryl. 16mo. 6×48. Is. 6d. net ..R. T. S., Oct. 13 Moule (Handley C. G., Bp.)-Grace and virtue : some thoughts on moral claims and possibilities. Cr. 8vo. 7×41, pp. 144, 2s. 6d. net CASSELL, Oct. 13 Moule (Handley C. G., Bp.)-Memories of a vicarage. 16mo., pp. 92, 1s. net....R.T.S., Oct. 13 Moule (Handley C. G)-Philippian studies Cr. 8vo., pp. 278, 28. net (Expositor's library, re-issue) HODDER & S., July 13 Moullin (C. M.)-The Biology of tumours. Cr. 8vo. 2s. net (Bradshaw lecture)



H. K. LEWIS, Jan. 13

Moulton (Fletcher)-On the law of patents. 8vo. 30s. ......BUTTERWORTH, Apr. 13 Moulton (James Hope)-Early Zoroastrianism. (Hibbert lectures, 2nd ser.) 8vo. 8×51, pp. 488, 10s. 6d. net WILLIAMS & N., Dec. 13 Moulton (James Hope)-Religions and religion : a study of the science of religion, pure and applied. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 232, 3s. 6d. (The 43rd Fernley lecture) ..W.C.O., July 13 Moulton (Wilfrid J.)-The Witness of Israel. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 340, Is. 6d. net R. CULLEY, Mar. 13 Mount McKinley, Conquest of, Browne (B.) 159. net

Mountain apart, Prosper (J.) 6s.

..Nov. 13 .Νου. 13

Mountaineering: Climbing advent. in four continents, Turner (S.) 55. .Sep. 13 Mountaineering: My climbs in Alps and Caucasus Mummery (A. F.) is. net .....Aug. 13

Mountains about Williamstown, Raymond (G. L.) 8s. net.. ..Nov. 13


Mountains: their origin, &c., Geikie (J.) 12s. 6d. ..Νου. 13 Mountford girls, Maddick (M.) 28. ...Oct. 13 Mouron rouge, Orczy (Baroness) is, net.. Mar. 13 Mouth and teeth, Anatomy, &c., Broomell (1. N.)

and Fischelis (P.) 128. 6d. net........July 13 Mouth, Diseases of the, Zinsser (F.) 30s. net

Mar. 13 Moxford book of Eng. verse, Stodart-Walker (A.) 38. 6d. net.... . Sep, 13

[blocks in formation]

Moxon (Charles F.)-On the track of truth: thoughts and jottings by the way; to which is added, The Hidden soul, a chapter from "The Gay science," by E. S. Dallas. 8vo., 8×51, pp. 364, 6s. net

J. & J. BENNETT, May 13 Moxon (Thomas Bouchier)-English practical banking. 17th edit. 8vo. 8x5, pp. 124, 4s. 6d. net .J. HEYWOOD, Oct. 13 Moyle (J. B.) trans.-Institutes, Justinian, 5s. net July 13 Moyle (J. B.)—Institutionum, Justinian. Lib. quat. 14s. net .Jan. 13 Mozambique: agricultural develop., Lyne (R. N.) 12s. 6d. net. .Apr. 13 Mozans (H. J.)-Woman in science. With an intro. chapter on woman's long struggle for things of the mind. 8vo. 10s. 6d. net APPLETON, Nov. 13 Mozart auf der Reise nach Prag, Morike (E.) Is, net Feb. 13 Mozart, etc.: Days with great composers, 3rd ser. 3s. 6d. net .Sep. 13 Mozart's operas, Dent (E. J.) 12s. 6d. net Jan 13 Much ado about nothing, Shakespeare (W.) (Goggins and Allen) rs. 4d..... ..Sep. 13 Muddock (J. E. Preston-) see Preston-Muddock. Mügge (Maximilian A.)-Friedrich Nietzsche. 12mo., 6d. net (People's books) JACK, Feb. 13 Mughals, Great, Gardens of the, Stuart (C. M. V.) 12s. 6d. net . Nov. 13 Muhammadan law, Anglo-, Wilson (Sir R. K.) Dec. 12 Muhammadan objections to Christianity, Tisdall (W. St. C.) 3s. 6d. . Jan. 13 Muir (Ramsay)-Bygone Liverpool. Illus. from original paintings, drawings, MSS., and prints. With historical descriptions by Henry S. Young and Harold E. Young. 4to., 12 x81, pp. 150 and plates, 16s. net...... ...H. YOUNG, Nov. 13 Muir (Robert) and Ritchie (James)-Manual of bacteriology. 6th edit. Cr. 8vo. 7X4}, pp. 760, 10s. 6d. net

21S. net

FROWDE & HODDER, July 13 Muirhead (John Spencer)-The Quiet spirit. Imp. 16mo. 7×51, pp. 88, bds. 2s. 6d. net B. H. BLACKWELL, Apr. 13 Mulberries of Daphne, Horn (K.) 6d.....July 13 Mulberry tree, James (W.) 7s. 6d. net....Apr. 13 Mulford (Prentice)-Thought forces:


selected from the " White cross library." 12mo. 6×3, pp. 178, Is. net...... BELL, June 13 Mulholland (Rosa)-Old school friends. Cr. 8vo. 8x51, PP. 384, 6s. .BLACKIE, Oct. 13 Mulla (D. F.) see Pollock (Sir F.) and Mulla. Müller (A. C.) see Clarke (W. E. C.) and Müller: Muller (J. P.)-My system: 15 minutes' work a day for health's sake. Special learner's edit. 8vo. 9X6, pp. 120, 5s. net EWART SEYMOUR, Dec. 12 Muller (J. P.)-My system: 15 minutes a day for health's sake. Ryl. 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. net EWART, SEYMOUR, Jan. 13 Muller (J. P.)-My system for children [physical culture]. Special learner's edit. 8vo. 91 X6, pp. 120, 5s. net ...EWART SEYMOUR, Dec. 12 Muller (J. P.) My system for ladies [physical culture]. Special learner's edit. 8vo. 9 x 6, pp. 88, 5s. net ...EWART SEYMOUR, Dec. 12 Müller's serodiagnostic methods, Whitman (R. C.) 6s. net ...July 13 Mumby (Frank Arthur)-The Youth of Henry VIII. a narrative in contemporary letters. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 378, 10s. 6d. net CONSTABLE, Mar. 13 Mumford (J. G.)-A Doctor's table talk. Cr. 8vo., 4s. 6d. net ....CONSTABLE, Mar. 13 Mummery (A. F.)-My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus. 18mo. 61× 41, pp. 380, 1s. net NELSON, Aug. 13



Mundesley Bible Conference, 1913.-Report of sermons and lectures, 8vo., pp. 382, swd. Is. 6d. net .....MORGAN & S., Sep. 13 Munger (Dell H.)-The Wind before the dawn. 8vo. 8×5, pp. 570, 6s. HODDER & S., Apr. 13 Munich and the royal castles of Bavaria. 2nd edit. 16mo. limp is. 6d. net. (Grieben's Guide books) .WILLIAMS & N., June 13 Municipal and County Engineers (Institution of)— Proceedings. Vol. 38, 1911-12. 8vo., 21s. net SPON, Jan. 13 Municipal and County Engineers (Institution of) -Specification for concrete flags. 2nd edit. rev., Dec. 1912. Folio swd. 2s. 6d. net

SPON, Jan. 13 Municipal Research (Bureau of)-Handbook of municipal accounting. 7s. 6d. net .... May 13 Municipal year book (The) of the United Kingdom, 1913. 8vo. 15s. net MUNICIPAL JOURNAL," Mar. 13 Municipalities of Roman Emp., Reid (J. S.) 12s. net...... ...May 13 Munn (W.)—Three men on a Chinese houseboat : the story of a river voyage. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 71×5, pp. 176, Is. 6d. .....C.M.S., Sep. 13 Munnik (Hon. G. G.)-Major Greville, V.C.: a tale of the great Boer war. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5, pp. 318, 6s. ....Iow, June 13 Munro (H. H.) (“ Saki ")—When William came : a story of London under the Hohenzollerns. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 322, 6s. LANE, Nov. 13 Munro (James) Canada (1535-present-day). Cr. Evo., pp. 128, 1s. net. (English history source books) BELL, June 13 Munro's Marine engineer's annual, pocket log and diary; with which is incorporated Donaldson's Engineer's annual, 1914. Cr. 8vo. bds. 1s. net J. MUNRO, Sep. 13 Münsterberg (Hugo)-Psychology and industrial efficiency. 8vo. 81x51, pp. 332, 6s. net CONSTABLE, Feb. 13 Münsterberg (Hugo)-Social studies of to-day. 8vo. 8X51, pp. 270, 7s. 6d. net



UNWIN, June 13 Muntz (W. S.)-Rome, St. Paul and the early Church the influence of Roman law on St. Paul's teaching and phraseology and on the development of the Church. 8vo. 8×51, Pp. 244, 5s. net.. .MURRAY, Sep. 13 Murder Limited, Gull (C. R.) 6s... ..... Feb. 13 Murder or manslaughter, Mathers (H.) 6d. Apr. 13 Murdoch (J. G.)-Economics as the basis of living ethics. 8vo., 8s. 6d. net

CONSTABLE, July, Sep. 13 Murdoch (W. G. Blaikie)-The National Gallery of Scotland: souvenir volume. 16mo., swd., Is. net ...... .DE LA MORE PRESS, Aug. 13 Murphy (J. Keogh) ed.-Practitioner's encyclopaedia of medicine and surgery in all their branches. 2nd edit. 4to. 10×7, pp. 1470, 35s. net (Oxford medical publications)

FROWDE, Apr. 13 Murray (Andrew)-The Prayer-life: the inner chamber and the deepest secret of Pentecost. 8vo. 71X41, pp. 172, 2s. 6d. net

MORGAN & S., Dec. 13 Murray (Hon. C. Gideon)-A United West Indies. Cr. 8vo., pp. 128, swd., Is. net WEST STRAND PUB. Co., Jan. 13 Murray (C. J.) see Clarke (G. H.) and Murray. ¡ Murray (David)-Robert and Andrew Foulis and the Glasgow press: with some account of the Glasgow Academy of the Fine Arts. 13 illus. Cr. 4to., pp. 152, 10s. 6d. net

MACLEПOSE, Sep. 13 Murray (David Christie)-The Penniless million12mo., 7d. net ..LONG, Sep. 13


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Murray (Gilbert)-Euripides and his age. 12mo., pp. 256, Is. net (Home university lib.) WILLIAMS & N., Oct. 13 Murray (Gilbert)-Fabulae, Euribides. Tom. 2, 3s. 6d., 3s. . June 13 Murray (Gilbert) trans.-Rhesus, Euripides, 2S., IS. net..... . May 13 Murray (H. J. R.)-A History of chess. Illus. Ryl. 8vo., pp. 900, 38s. net, half mor., 42s. net (Clarendon Press). .MILFORD, Oct. 13 Murray (J. Alan) see Dodgson (J.W.) and Murray. Murray (J. O. F.)-The Revelation of the Lamb: a course of addresses given to clergy in retreat 12mo. 6×4, pp. 132, 1s. 6d. net

MOWBRAY, Feb. 13 Murray (James Erskine-) see Erskine-Murray. Murray (James) and Marston (George)--Antarctic days: sketches of the homely side of Polar life by two of Shackleton's men. Illus. by the authors. 8vo. 8X51, pp. 222, 5s. net A. MELROSE, June 13 Murray (Sir John)-The Ocean: a general account of the science of the sea. 12mo., pp. 256, Is. net (Home University lib.) WILLIAMS & N., Oct. 13 Murray (Kathleen L.)-Letters from the wilderness. Cr. 8vo., swd. Is. 6d. net THACKER, Oct. 13 Murray (Kathleen L.)-My garden in the wilderness. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7×51, PP. 194, 6s. net .THACKER, Nov. 13 Murray (M. A.)-Ancient Egyptian legends Ryl. 16mo. 61 ×41, pp. 120, 2s. net (Wisdom of the East) .MURRAY, Jan. 13 Murray (Rosalind)-The Leading note. Re-issue Cr. 8vo., pp. 218, IS. net SIDGWICK & J., July 13 Murray (Rosalind)-Moonseed. Re-issue. Cr.

8vo., pp. 252, IS. net.... SIDGWICK & J., July 13 Murray's Handbook for travellers in Japan, including Formosa. By Basil Hall Chamberlain. Cr. 8vo. 7 X4, pp. 555, 20s.

MURRAY, July 13 Mursel (Arthur)-Memories of my life. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 296, 63, net HODDER & S., Nov. 13 Muscle control, Great strength by. 2s. 6d. net

Dec. 13

Muscle control; or, Body development by willpower. By Maxick. Illus. 8vo., pp. 128, bds., 2s. 6d. net..........EWART, SEYMOUR, July 13 Muse in exile: poems, Watson (W.) 3s. 6d. net Apr. 13 Museums Association-Hull Conference : programme of local arrangements and hand-book; by Thomas Sheppard. 4to., pp. 160 A. BROWN & Sons, Aug. 13 Museums: How we may show to the blind, Deas (J. A. C.) .Sep. 13 Museums, Public utility of .July 13

Musgrove (Charles D.)-Nervous breakdowns and how to avoid them. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 196, 2s. 6d. net ARROWSMITH, Mar. 13 Mushrooms, Toadstools and, Step (E.) 55. net July 13 Music as a religion of the future, Canudo (M. R.) Nov. 13 May 13 Music: Church Music Soc.-Chant-book, Is. 6d. net.. .May 13 Music, Growth of, Colles (H. C.) Pt. 2, Age of sonata. 3s. 6d. .Oct. 13

IS. net

Music, Chamber, Dunhill (T. F.) 10s. 6d. net

Music, How to listen to, Krehbiel (H.

E.) 5s. net Feb. 13 Music: How to listen to an orchestra, Patterson (A. W.) 5s. net.. May 13 Music, Indian, Intro. to study of, Clements (E.) 6s. net . May 13 Music lovers' cyclopædia, Hughes (R.) 6s. net Sep. 13

Music, Makers of, Sharp (R. F.) 5s.........Oct. 13 Music, Manual of, Keighley (T.) 1s. 6d.,'1s. Oct. 13


Music: My art and my friends, Cowen (Sir F. H.) IOS. 6d. net .....Oct. 13 Music on the Shakespearian stage, Cowling (G. H.) 4S. net Feb. 13 Music, Physical basis of, Wood (A.) 1s., 2s. 6d. net Feb. 13 Music: Poets' symphony, Wollaston (G. H.) 5s. net.. ..Dec. 13

Music, Shakespeare, Naylor (E. W.)

6s. net Jan. 13

Music, Text-bk. of, Banister (H. C.) 3s. 6d. Oct 13 Music, What is, Statham (H. H.) 3s. 6d. net Oct. 13 Music, Who's who in, 6s, net. .Apr. 13 Musica antiquata, Woolridge (H. E.) and Arkwright (G. E. P.) Pt. 4. 25. net......Apr. 13 Musical and dramatic directory, Universal Apr. 13 Musical Association-Proceedings. Thirty-ninth Session. 1912-13. Svo. 81 ×51, pp. 202, 21s. net NOVELLO, Dec. 13 Musical directory (The), annual and almanack, 1913. 8vo. 7X41, pp. 460, 3s. net

Musical festival, Death and resurrection of the,
Boughton (R.) IS. net.
.. June 13
Musical note bk., My, Stronach (A.) 2s. 6d. net

Musical number games, Sayer (E. S.)
Musical terms, Dictionary of, Pulver

Dec. 12 1s. 8d. net June 13

(J.) 6d. net

Aug. 13

.Apr. 13

Musical theory, 600 questions on, Palmer (W. H.) 25., IS. net Musician, Memories of a, Ganz (W.) 125. not Dec. 13 3s. 6d. net

Musicians, Modern, Hadden (J. C.)

Nov. 13

Musicians of sorrow and romance, Lawrence (F.) 2s. 6d. net.... .Sep. 13

Musings of a City clerk. By " Cabot." Cr. 8vo. 71×41, pp. 240, 3s. 6d. net

HEATH, CRANTON, Apr. 13 Musketry lectures, Clutterbuck (H.) 5s. net Apr. 13 Musketry small bk., N.C.O.'s, Bostock (J.) is. 6d. .Oct. 13

net Musketry training, Price (J. E.) 2s. 6d. ..Feb. 13 Muslim Sir Galahad, Dwight (H. O.) 3s. 6d. net Apr. 13 Mussabini (S. A.) and Ranson (C.)-The Complete athletic trainer. Illus. 8vo. 9X51, pp. 276, 55. net.... ..METHUEN, Oct. 13 Musser (J. H.)-A Practical treatise on medical diagnosis for students and practitioners. 6th edit., rev. 8vo., 25s. net


H. KIMPTON, Nov. 13 Musset (Alfred de)-Choix de poèmes et de po sies 16mo. 3×2, lthr. 1s. net (Langham booklets in French, 4) ..SIEGLE, H., Nov. 13 Musset (Alfred de)-Poésies. 12mo., pp. 346, Ios. net Classiques Français) NELSON, Dec. 13 12mo., Musset (Alfred de)-Poésies nouvelles. pp. 264, Is. net ..DENT, Oct. 13 My art and my friends, Cowen (Sir F. H.) 10s. 6d. Oct. 13 My beloved South, O'Connor (Mrs. T. P.) 10s. 6d. net ..Dec. 13 My cosmopolitan year, by the author of "Mastering flame." Illus. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 51, pp. 302, Ios. 6d. net... .MILLS & B., Oct. 13 My days with the fairies, Stawell (Mrs. R.) 6s. net Sep. 13 My dog, Maeterlinck (M.) 3s. 6d. net...... Sep. 13 My dog friends: by the author of "Where's master?" Illus. 4to. 8×51, pp. 346, 6s. net HODDER & S., Oct. 13 My enemy Jones, Barr (R.) 3s. 6d. net..Oct. 13 My father [W. T. Stead], Sicad (E.) Ios. net Sep. 13 My father's son, Penn (W. W.) 6s..... June 13 My friend Prospero, Harland (H.) 7d. net Apr. 13 My friend Smith, Reed (T. B.) IS. net....Apr. 13 My friend's book, France (A.) 6s......... Jan. 13

[blocks in formation]

.Νου. 13 ..Apr. 13 . Sep. 13 (R. B.) IS. June 13 (A.) 3s. 6d. ..Oct. 13 . June 13 Sep. 13

Apr. 13

Mystery of the Barranca, Whitaker

(H.) 6s.

Feb. 13

Mystery of the clasped hands, Boothby (G.) 7d. net Aug. 13

Νου. 13

July 13 M.) 6d.

.Aug. 13

.Apr. 13

My lady's book, Gould (G.) 2s. 6d. net..
My lady's favour, Rowsell (M. C.) and Howell
(F. G.) 6d.

My lady's garter, Futrelle (J.) 6s..
My Lord the felon, Hill (H.) 6d..

My lost manuscript, Symington (M.) is. net Nov. 13
My memories, Suffield (Lord) 16s. net.... Nov. 13
My merry Rockhurst, Castle (A. & E.) 7d. net
Feb. 13
My methods [boxing], Carpentier (G.) 2s. 6d. net
July 13
My own nursery rhyme book. 4to., 2s.; bds. Is.
FROWDE, Oct. 13
My past, Larisch (Countess M.) 10s. 6d. net
May 13
My picture scrap book. 4to., bds. 3s. 6d.
NISTER, Sep. 13
My picture story book-4to., bds., is. 6d.
C. H. KELLY, Aug. 13
My recollections, Markino (Y.) 6s. net ..Oct. 13
My Robin, Burnett (F. H.) is. net........Apr. 13
My second book. 4to., bds. Is.
My sentimental ancestress, Soissons

NELSON, Sep. 13 (Count de), ..Jan. 13 My story, Johnson (T. L.) 4s. 6d. net .... .May 13 My Summer in a garden, Warner (C. D.) 25.

Jan. 13 My system [of physical culture], Muller (J. P.) 5s. net; for ladies, 5s. net; for children, 5s. net

Dec. 12 Muller (J. P.) ..Jan. 13 My wife's hidden life. Anon. Cr. 8vo. 8X5, pp. 332, 6s. .HODDER & S., Sep. 13 My wreath of blue, poems, Willis-Fleming (L.) 2s. 6d. net ...Nov. 13 Myers (A. W.)—The Story of the Davis Cup: International Lawn Tennis Championship. 12mo., bds., Is. net ........ METHUEN, May 13 Myers (Cortland)-Making a life. Cr. 8vo. 71×5, pp. 326, 2s. 6d. net . REVELL, Apr. 13 Myles Calthorpe, I.D.B., Young (F. E. M.) 6s. Feb. 13

My system, [physical culture]
2s. 6d. net

Mylne (Jessy Louisa)-Holding up the standard on
behalf of the weak against the strong: a life of
Thomas Oliver. Cr. 8vo. 6×41, pp. 264,
3s. 6d. net
Myself and I, Davis (F. S.) 4s. 6d. net..
June 13
Mysteries, Le Queux (W.) 6s...
Mysteries, Lesser [theosophy] Powell (F.
IS. 6d. net

.Apr. 13

G. M.)

June 13

Mysteries, Studies in the, Powell (F. G. M.)

1s. 6d.


.Sep. 13

net Mysterious Shin Shira, Farrow (G. E.) 2s. 6d.

Mystery car, Gerard (M.) 6s..

Oct. 13 Mar. 13

Mystery of a hansom cab, Hume (F.) 6d... Feb. 13
Mystery of Blackstone Mine, Kenyon (E. C.) 6d.
Mystery of Cloomber, Doyle (Sir A. C.) 7d. net
Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu, Rohmer (S.)
Mystery of Helmsley Grange, Askew (A.

IS. net

Mystery of the green car, Weissl (A.) 25. net

Mystery of the Kingdom, Jukes (A.) is. net

Mystery of the Ravenspurs, White (F.

Feb. 13 . June 13

. May 13 July 13

Mystery of the sea, Stoker (B.) 1s. net.
Mystery of the Thames, Warden (F.) 6s.
Mystery Queen, Hume (F.) 6d.
Mystery woman, Praed (Mrs. C.) 6s.....Mar. 13
Mystic number seven, Gray (A.) 6d. net..July 13
Mystic of Prague, Landor (B.) 25. net....Apr. 13
Mystic trees: poems. Field (M.) 55 net.. May 13
Mystic way, Underhill (E.) 12s. 6d. net.. Mar. 13
Mystical personality of the church, De Bary (R.)
2s. 6d. net
....July 13
Mystical theology, Scaramelli (G. B.) 25. net
Mysticism in Christianity, Fleming (W.

June 13 K.) 5s. net Feb. 13

Mysticism in Eng. literature, Spurgeon (C. F. E.) IS.. 2s. 6d. net May 13 Mysticism, Jewish, Abelson (J.) 2s. 6d. net Nov. 13 Mysticism, New, Curtis (A. M.) 2s. 6d. net July 13 Mysticism, Studies in Christian, Dyson (W. H.) 2s. 6d. net.. ..Oct. 13 Myth and legend, Egyptian, Mackenzie (D. A.) 7s. 6d. net Apr. 13 Myth and legend, Indian, Mackenzie (D. A.) 7s. 6d. net .Nov. 13 Myth of the Pent Cuckoo, Field (J. E.)

Mythological rhymes, Baggore (Sir R.

[blocks in formation]

Nadir the Persian, poems, Sherring (H.) 6s. Dec. 13 Nairne (Alexander)-The Epistle of priesthood: studies in the epistle to the Hebrews. 8vo. 9 × 51, pp. 454, 8s. net ..T. & T. CLARK, Oct. 13 Nairne (W. P.)-Greatheart of Papua: James Chalmers. Cr. 8vo. 7×44, pp. 242. 2s. net MILFORD, Dec. 13 Naish (P. 11.)-Chestnuts hot and cold. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net .....HEATH, CRANTON, Apr. 13 Naish (P. L1.)-The Rollings of a mossless stone. 8vo., 5s. net.. .OUSELEY, Jan. 13 Naladamayanti, Raghunathpandita, 2s. 6d. net Jan. 13 June 13

Name of Garland, Ridge (W. P.) 6d.....
Names, Lancashire place-, Sephton (J.) 65. net

[blocks in formation]

Sep. 13 Feb. 13

[blocks in formation]

6s. June 13 and C.) ..June 13 Mystery of Jeanne Marie, Barlow (H.) 6s. May 13 Mystery of Jeanne Marie, Barlow (H.) 6s. June 13 Mystery of Markham, Bell (R. S. W.) 3s. 6d. Oct. 13 Mystery of Mere Hall, Kernahan (Mrs. C.) 6s. Mystery of Orcival, Gaboriau (E.) 35. 6d. net

Mar. 13 July 13

35. 6d. June 13 Nancy Papillon, Le Clere (M. E) 6s..... Sep. 13 Nancy Stair, Lane (E. M.) 1s. net........ .Mar. 13 Napier (Rosamond)-Tess Harcourt. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 326, 6s. . HODDER & S., Oct. 13


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