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the first, and was‘ the consequence of its origin‘. ' To see to which must be imputed the misfortunes and the duration of this'war,‘ it will be sufficient to refer to its .eause, ‘and to-recollect that the intervals of ‘peace,- or rather .the short truces, duringr which nations have breathed, have been owing-to France. The aggression did not proceed‘ from France, neither in 1792, when she was invaded; neither in>the year Seven, ‘when the treaty of Campo Formio was broken; neither in the year‘ Eight, .when the Russians came across Germany 3nd Italy, to menace our frontiers; neither in the year'l‘en, when the treaty of Amiens ,was violated; neithert at the epoch vof the invasion of Bavaria,‘ when .the peace of Luneville was disavowed; vneither at the ‘epochqrwhen- the :treaty of . Presburg was plaeediin-Yéoblivion; neither when the‘engagernents :ofTilsit were abandoned, neither when the-treaties of Vienna and of Paris Mmdon'a in ‘pieces, And was it not on the contrary, France, who, victorious and conquering, consented to the armistice of Leohen, and the peace which followed it: who gvanquished at Marengo only to treat at Lunev-ille ; at Austerlitz, but torestore the greater part‘of her conquests, or to endow thrones with, them; who has not refused an artnis- 1 lice-during the-war, peace during negeciaiiottsyneitlter before the treaty of Presburg, nor beforev that of -'Vienna?---At - this, {moment have not :the preliminary-bases, proposed by" the coalesced “powers, ‘been, adoptedaihyz His Majesty,‘ who declares-to“ .his people, to.his. allies, tohisienemiesh jltad, ,lon his-‘side, ,lheee are noabsla'c‘les to‘, 1/1! ire-establishment bf‘ Peace.;-¢+~#Thesej truths, Gentlemen, asafar as'irélates IOJPII'BQ-i


ceding. Iwatts, {tare consecrated byfmontth'

merits already become the immutable patrimay of history; in: what relate> to- more .riccetttsvents', :they will he proved by the

, dbcum'eotsyeontained- in thet'portpfolio of?

the Ministenfor Foreign Affairs, of‘ which: His Majesty calls; a ICommissiorrga'namod’ {mm ‘aiming you, ‘to take cognizance..-#-'-,Whilst‘tpegociating, ithe coalesced ‘powers’ .Wjiiw'liiulhl continuahee of hosflilities.’ By that theyhane sliewn us the measures which‘; thesafetyolithetstatelmcllthe honour of the

v pirel prescribe. ‘NHfiD Majesty has-‘said Ito-,you, Gentlemen, v‘stations cannot treat imithsmubity, 1 iexeeptohy= displaying' their, Wholestrengthe’ep—Aflutralreadythe energy whichmanifestst itself in alllparts, »the'nuJnerotutie'mimiqvlaichzare' in' motion, '{sufli-; eiently. .make: known :thet'resolt'ition of :the :Frwdm .naaiomtmma intain the safety'ef ‘tits.


territory, and the honour of itflaw's.‘ ’ "_ Thirst of glory, love for‘ the counti'vy, and‘ the wish for-its prosperity, are vpassions which never become‘e'xtinct' in-ge'n'erous hearts.—They are a guarantee of the zen‘! with which you wil-l‘associ'a'te lyourselves, Gentlemen, in the efforts of the BdmittistrlJ tion, to support,‘ by powerful m'eans of‘de'v fence, l/ie negociali'bns which are going to be opened. Less powerful, fess strong, less rich, less fruitful in‘resou‘rces was France in the year "Eight, when 'threatened on the -North, invaded 'ion the South, torn in pieces in her interior, ex} hausted in her-finances, disorganized in her administration, discoura ed‘in her armies, the seas brought her op'e, the‘victory of Marengo restored her her-‘honours, the treaty of Luneville brought back peace to her.-——! describe this picture, Gentlemen, but for the purpose of again calli back, within and without, the energetlté sentiment of our dignity and of our power; only that our friends and our enemies may; at the same time, understand the thoughts of the Monarch, and the force of the nation, the moderation of his wishes, his ardour for an honourable peace, his horror of a shamefulpeace.” "Mm-‘1i 5’ The Legislative Body gavean authenticated copy to the orators, from the ‘Council of State, of the lmperial'Decree, of which it had just received a communication, as well as of the speech of Count Regnaud Sti. Jean d’Angely, and ordered that the-whole he entered in the minutes, and six copies prinued.-—-—Afterr the departure of the or'aA tors from the'Gouncil of State, the Assembl'y adjourned till eleven of the clock tt» marrow precisely.- "31M -»-' 1W3" ‘ t- - - to sulaittii/I 1m‘ ml‘” m: . ' 3.1m: filth!‘ I'Rti‘ ' *u'(_ o) aaotiosq - yLoNooNtGAzsrTsEXTRAOanmAMs '10 Q"- ,i L Q“. 22, ,lsl3s-rmilzztla #1 "i N (Oontinued' from page 816.] mm" ‘of Aclten, on the left bank, a little'lowet down‘ the river, was fortifying, under the direction ‘of Count =Wo'ronzow, in ‘ such‘ a manner aseto render it a place of consider‘ ‘able strength, while preparations/‘were ac‘? oelerating for constructing a bridge there. ‘—'—*—~fln the'mean time, the enemy, wlih appear to have had no idea of the passage of‘thb Elbe,- at Aelten, ‘sent strong detach‘ments of troops ,to occupy Dessau' and the lltteof the Mulda, and employed themselves in tbirewing-up ‘works, as ‘well before that town as in front of the tete-de-partt'at Rosslittt, with intent to impede‘ the passage’ there, andtpmbstmct-the Inwtmtnts'ol" the-army 2'1] al'te'r‘the passage. This ‘gave occasion to skirmishes‘ between the enemy and the swe‘dish advanced-guard, which was obliged to relinquish Dessau, and. to "retire‘ to the ‘neighbourhood of the Meir'l‘e-tp‘onl-at Ross‘lau, ‘and indeedv to the 'rig‘ht‘bli’nlt (if the‘ river. Under these‘d'r‘c'hrri‘stahces, Prince Royal r'eceit/ed iiitelllgence "frornq‘cneral Blucher, on the [st instant, 'i'nforn’aing his Royal Highness, thht he‘s’hould, on that day, make a movementvwhh his whole army on his right towards Hertzberg; ‘that on the following day he should he atj'essenf; on the 3d at Elster, and on the following day (to-day) would elfect the‘ passage‘ of the Elbe at Elster, proceeding’upon It‘ernlser'g against the French corps lstationed there. . The bridge'at‘ Ack'en 'l‘iadij‘nst‘ been


completed, and yesterday, 'to‘day', ol- per- '

liaps to-Imprroiw, was each spolthn‘df ‘i's'thfe probable day/fin‘ ‘passing the rlverL'-'--_—’ General Bluclil'ei‘ citos'sed the Elbe at Elster yesterday wi'th‘tsome opposition‘, and attacked the entre'ntzlied village of tWarteinberg, You the opposite/bank, ‘which ‘he carried, after an obstinate resistance, makinglhiniself master of sixteen pieces oft'cannon'. 1It is understood‘ that'tllis vict0'ry,7which was carried‘ against ' the corps tet'ttitirit’itndedv by Bertrand,‘ was not obtainedwi'thout -con-' 'side'rable-loss, parti'cularly'h'mong the’troops veormnanded by~Generalv'D’YUrc‘k ‘g! butltth‘e t part-iculhr’s "have not been raceived.+'-H-'I‘he PrinceRoyal "tieeeiyéd'this' intelligence yes,eterrliiyewetiihg, smite‘ he‘ was at Rosslttu, or immediately on ‘his retnrn'here, and took ‘the resolutiontof-lcros'siug ‘the ~-whole' army to-day-over she’ ElbeJ-‘z'it rAtc'le'erizrrit'l at Rosslau, the Russians .at-ttheh'former, and-the - Pru'ssian's and Swedes‘ at Rossllau,'-somewhat later- or otherwise, according-es it should be understood t whether the’ French--v would make a'stand attt-Dessau. - This, however, was not who eilpected, when 9ft€€~fll€ pas‘sage of the‘ Russians completed a‘! Ac‘ken, particularly under the position of Ge-neral Blucher’s‘ army, land in1 ‘elfect i was learnt I this morning, that the iFren'ch :had% retired frombessau', where, consequently, -]»learn that the hearhquarters of the Prince Royal will beestablished this evening. Royal H'ighnes‘silel't ‘this place about Tillie o’clock this moaning. ' ' Yesterday evening Mr. Alderere‘nta, a soniof the General, andan-A'idedetfiamp of ithe'PrinheflRoyal, returned here lirorn tthe'imper'ial head-quariters, to which‘ he had lhden‘iscnt alter‘the' ‘battle of Donnewitz.‘ He brings tintellil, gence of‘ the actual movementtof the grand;


minions projdetedyon the" lstin‘sthr‘at ;,

. ' JANUARY 1, ‘lath-eighth hiiéri. "'1


\ {2'2 1and it‘was calchla‘téd‘tliat it‘w'ouldbe ad,vanced as far asClienl'ni'tz ony‘ésterrlay/tfie stew-I hhisst'y'etwithoht atlisitt of the affair of General‘ Blucher; but Baron De Wetlerstedt has engaged-me to detain-this messenger until, I shall receive a dispatch fromhim thisevening for M- De Rehausen, a'tidhe piio'mi's'ecl me (for he went today to Dessaulh to transmit to me ,at the same time the same particulars, if he should nb~ tain them. t I shall keep this dispatch open ‘for ‘them. \Ve have indirect accounts of General Gzernitscheff having taken possession, with his corps of Cossacks, of,the whole city 'of Cassel, from'whi'ch Jerome Buonaparté had-fled. But nothing _ha_sfyet ‘been received fr'nm'liimsclf. I have-the Zhonour m be, &c'_ ' til; 5. .it-t = it" - - (sighed) Thorstein“ P.S. Ten 11. m.‘ I have the'hot'rour‘ t'if transmitting to your Lordships'enclosetl,~"h letter which I have just received from Baron de'Wettet'stedt. ' (Signe'cbffiz Ti"; ,_ _ j ,,

-n'ro..' . fit "We a, t - r .. ‘Jill. . .‘zut; at"

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"thousand Inch: ‘threw themselves 'litt'd wir

.tehberg ;1 the remairideri'ol'i th‘e' l'e'tftcni troops {ell thsek *opatt, sce‘thhetgt Poet," Tlllucher"ptrrsued"the_rn‘,’ ma ah'hetdgqttsn <ters 'will be'this'evening‘htfthe"liltter‘place‘. 'His cavalryis at PitbenA-Q-PBy'five o-c‘lock thisrnorhing, the enemy's 't'r’oopsftr‘nderthl'e ordersih‘f‘dllai'shal Ney, whicli'wel‘e‘irijtli town, amounting to hight'een'thousalndrrren, had ‘begun their retreat to'wards’Leipzig‘, -tt-'0ur advanced'posts had, ‘in the’cours'e of this evening, pushed on 'as far as"Ragiil§i and Jesnitz, and to-morrow "the junction with‘ General tBlucher will take place." ‘ The van-guard of the Russian army; 3under the orders "of Count Woronzofi', occupies Coethen. Bernbourg is‘ga'rrisoned ‘by Rus'_ sian cavalry. To-morfow' the two armies of'the PrincéRoyal‘ and of General Bl‘uc‘lieiwill makea combined’ movementtiinjadi -vance, probably- in?‘ the direction _ oflLéipL zigi ~ - They form 'togetlieti' a total of one but!‘dred- and twenty-seven ‘thousand, or cite hundred and = thirty thousand tl-Ii's Royal Highness-willt,-5'w'itltout doubt, 'esthk


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. ' ..(~|. .' , _, '\ "MNIDUN'GAMWB Exnnonlbmmvfi'i -' ' ~ Wfidn'enday'Nqvi. 3, 1816. v ‘ " ‘f "rér'eglllmzcé; am. 53*181'3." 'Mf. Sdlly larl-Néd t r'i‘s m‘drnlng‘n't “36033:: of ViscountfCa'sllpreqgh, ' lfioan'néipsigfl ‘with dufil'ich'les 6f disparch'es'from Lieur: '3 ‘(admit-Generalt'llfigfifiop'rible'sifc,“W’.1 ' ’$teyv:1t‘t,‘K.‘B.‘ ‘bfwh‘ich'l‘bc Rflkow’lq'g a‘r'e' c' pie‘se-Tfidbfl‘girtalls; my" ' ‘made-l f)

S a'mpgMiji‘ldm'es, ar'e upt‘fyet fet'chj'ed'jy ‘ ,- ; w,‘ 5,; j." ‘ §ke".'i_u@n0,4-£17ml§13*: I‘ My?! :ThQwMuSMWOE 5.11%»: ins a ded another ViCKOlI go ids, liqhrmd! ,gil'otqfyeterag; lguiqgs is (lecoratedi Mi§h0€§55h_ ‘WM? “83"- Riqqes .2! VII" my’, welm .Lbowm Wk (wwdsmmdi fimmw- wfilhwd mnxmwns,‘ av: “ enahgigp ls of the yfaclnryxgf, RadcTel-J an Li‘ndexithgl. To give your Lord-5 ‘hip-‘be dmswdca i9 wmoww 16 this; batglq, I'vupufslI nvcryto thqpqsjpiqupf the! wniw 995i waned, qhwmmf .GFrmlly vnfihhlmmiw» ..~Wbqn_w¢ rscfiiwfi-mfl - @RWHS‘FW, than ;hq mm ms. MMk-i rawias i‘rm William b914, Ahbq; Elbqm 59.11"‘ ~15‘, WWW‘ '3! ‘Ibis Sim/=7 the Prime‘ 1.1m. 3m aafiqsfm and. Gwen! Hglyq-rhqri , MJIM Qmsr. geswmddmfiahe .. jaw-Q swank . M ankoishmaldaq . .5 w 41.1w ersfibsrs. wql,,S¢bendfm-. mqenemxliualwrmwdkamdzw 53%,!» she 144b,; swGms-Kuselr. . his»; . ‘Shadvmqg wmbagrawwfim: ' sig, mimwwms 14w. v. _ Sm. wk mlmf ill-,- Ths'snsnmvaawqrx inflhia'frmsr ,stililbpldivsdkblifisfih and zliimnfieldn wilili @mWwpgglawt g1» Muldah. L» Tlw Qmwni . rim-05 film/ism!‘ mm Ivlmmhlw' Hall; in 'ths'niahmfahiflfiflb afilkkvbm 'uwqpwwwrm sq m .e m ‘nu his‘ beidxqwwm! .Sfifiixgjald .plmd-lhnafiwédismvwwb winshw ; Wism and 51mm “w iliwwbqra- ,Gm-fiqlw. Qcwéd filfiwfimmufhk liwbfinmn Pn#Efibfl'fi and Qwilgesnd fihamnslqflwiuFiflflimde mm. .Kllcfr, m: QZQIkWIp-i-rhg Qwahfil. , .r. MQMIIQ-mmx'mnmes,. mwiivsmmofihe-Mwqshypnd. ~7-1hwrps pf the) firs Hawmamdiu my!‘ 0! fihci; Guard, Marsha“: ' mngamd N9», Agd 169mg!“ Bmmdli 09mm; a has “Iipbzdxeyig ugh! at ,Flrqyxoda,‘ and-theirjgfl athLindemhal-v =Thwwmny¢ia mmband WY fmurabk. Ismcmlry, vmum.mhm lansrxilémmhuwlgaanew ms pomd


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the‘ Partha river. General Sz'i‘clren's ‘cfit‘ph'; who supported Generalvh’ange'tbir; 'very much‘ distinguished itaeif in the presenee'trl" Buonapart'e, who, it ‘Seemsgwa't' ‘t6 the‘. i'nfbrmatio‘n 'of the hrilsbdélri-‘afiihl'ed from the other" art‘olfliismnflyfit’miie‘ o'clock‘ in the ageino'on’fiehllil‘he eorp's'oP General D’Yorck, which so‘eon'splctioii‘sly distinguished itéelf, ‘had ‘many‘fbp‘lls'iniost gallant leaders killed‘ or vrnundedw'atnbii‘gi the latter ‘are 061mm Heinmit‘z; Km‘ziet‘,‘ Bouch, HillerylLowen't'hal,‘ llahrentz‘ii Majors Schonand 'Bi'sma're'lt.i " The momentary loss of these'lofhcers‘ {B ‘serious, ‘at?’ nearly all ‘commanded-brigades, from titlel reduced state qf’Genei'al ' ()ffie'ersi inf-the Prussian armygeand' ‘Il'lhave' sln‘eere.‘ regret‘ in adding,- that his Serene Highnesiiihef Prince of Mecklenberfi Strelil'z, ' wh‘é ‘way distinguishing himself in‘ a partietllar man/T Def,’ ‘ having 'two hbrsetrfshot ‘tnldet-Yh‘rr'n;

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iHet‘g, ' ‘ Generals- 'Me're"\iéld't'~"itnd ittgen'iv lsleing-l wanna-tonna- polt'at thisfltatiun-J" “~1— General Barclayf'de' Telly loico'mtnatfd‘ all the columns on’the’right bank (lithe Blane", Generals “litige'hsleih; Kinsman

and {whose-gm; ‘cdl-p‘gifook v[it-‘el humedfll ‘Kleinau, were to advancelrom their respec

prisonersand ‘ an ‘ééi'gfi‘réceilt‘tid ‘ 'tlrlsve'vci‘le',‘v but,‘ ‘I’ what‘, not" it,‘ jvl'lou‘nvdii Among the Russians'are General Ghinel'ri‘n,“ and: Iseverahlolfi‘eers “0T distinqfibli'fklli‘lfidf anélwoundedgfiandl average Genera‘! 'Eluv chef‘! whdle'loasi sit and Mn‘ thousand'hbrs de‘ "cbtnbat't-M-l—l' ‘can’ mtg-tam to the catalogue‘ of interment-'5 6F this brave army‘in ‘endeavouring leebl‘y‘yiini‘ 1 hopvffithfully, to detain-its‘ prédcee‘dinés; Your Lordship will,‘ I'am firsuad'ed; jn‘stl'y appreciate the'enthusiatsm-and ‘heroism by which its'nperatidns have been guided}. It] his fought twenty-one cti'mBat‘s-s-inlcé“h6s1i-‘ litics recommenced. Vonlr-L’ot’ds'hi‘p' ii well aware of‘ the distinguished hemmed very eminent services of G‘éne'i'aliGneiienau‘," that‘ it - is 'unnecessary for hie c'jnWHiS ‘fteBh occasion to allude to “them§;I"attadhetL General Lowe to ‘General ‘Blucher ‘irif'tlle field; and .being absent .in‘the early pa‘rfiof the day with the Prince; Royal," is ddé‘t'o' this very deserving officer ‘to inform-y‘o'ifl"J Lordship ' I- Have derived every "its'sistahce‘ from‘ his ‘reports. Q My *Aid-"deeChni'm'l Captain During,- an officer of‘nie'rit, '“lfdk‘i‘l unfortunately; I Tear‘, fallen into the‘ifléuii’it ]l3nd5.v—‘v—'—'I ‘shall- now put yoni‘l-L ' in possession,‘- 'as far as I amialflélg'? " ' mili'my'anbiémems of the grand“ ' '


w the win, name diépo‘sltio'nfit ' ‘HM tack-Wh'iéhfiv'as sent to‘flr‘e Prineemgii'df‘ Sweden and 'GeiierafBluchefl‘byfl Fin't’é"

Scwarilielnburg, ‘and‘fwh‘ich w'as‘to bem‘ade thi'iyahykl ‘The “corps ‘of? elenermegwg'," Pri’n‘e'e‘Miiirite' itscmemteni’i'm s B

and mine, wereconemainllnpuseigtii', we

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tive positionsqonheipsighlhe Russian guards forming 1 their. reserve.‘ G'éheralfiiillhredo Iadv'ance‘drillfoml Kaine, as res'e‘fiveitq ‘G’enel- ‘ _ ral Kleim'tnt'j 'Tlreiretreilllal' these coqsmas» _ m be biPChefiQhitz-a’ 'cenegalywmgenw "stein;- Kteittwndtfileinma, *on- Altélilie'rg-np¢11¢nig.;-_urh¢ ‘army greenest-Beam“ nigsen man; Gol’cllit‘z ms in 'pu'sh em Grim?‘ ~maland~Wur7tzetifl Theé l{eorrps'loll ‘{Goii Hu‘bntt had been‘ relieved-*bel’oréikéi‘psllg _ ‘General I'l-‘blsloywiJL‘A' vet-‘y 'h'ewy’lfiri" l" continued'ail {-he‘da'y af't'he‘lfith ‘from-ft, grand army'flh AlPrepoit' mwe'd‘ late,‘ ‘Injightit'o ifléneral'hldcher; ‘that 'Bn'onapzirtiw {a dlawaeked in‘per'séttehewllole'linelofthe, I ‘ 11in; ‘ and lotm‘ingh-i‘s'lcavalry ‘iii the? ce‘m-m ire,“ sudceeded fin maltihgan‘b’penihg iii 'tlié'l“ combihedwrmy heliclrelall'l'rits many with!’ ‘ home‘ up‘; héwai; l howeeer‘," notable wek-‘fxrofit ' ‘hyli'tl v‘ as‘ it appears} ‘he retiredf in the"6 levelling,‘ and the Allie; ‘tl'ceiipie‘d-"their‘po- 1 "shied as beloreltlie’iatwclcli'~i|—'0F the day-D," bnin-othileinmetlnll 5n yet many‘ igtm'‘; 1’ennui-11 on niéfmti aili'tlileré‘i‘éa'dy to reg” l‘ Wi‘tlhe anaelébti t‘hyliysid'é‘, " Pine?" "' oytalg' wl'holiia‘d lii'9‘1headqtl'artersatLaliélka" wbefgfl-i and his larmy'lb‘ehindf ‘it; inhc'heaatv twq'o'eloekilnthe dawning; ‘Band’ ‘ ‘£11 at" aentmnreldpwith Gene‘ralliwtnziti ‘ '_ 'std H3118} general iBllloiv’sY eat-pa.‘ tdIWaIldtP-qt‘iid’r." ‘Ivagpf'ioti- Generat- IBuloW‘s’lél‘tT" (.‘afenerailu‘Y I Whizihgéi'tpdé’s‘fctrvhll‘y and artillery had; 3 ‘thawed-“forward in° the; mghtt‘enm It‘ ,'


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Grimma, ‘and part of'the Prince Royal’s armyibeing still in the rear, it was deemed expedient to waittill the following day to regewi the general attaclr. The enemy shewed'himsgll' in great force in a good p0sitign, ‘on thezlelt of the Partha, on aridge oflzsromn extent, which runs parallelto the tiger- 1 There was some caunonadiag in the morning,;and the enemy ruade demonstrateL lions» ‘and .the . hit-ism. oh-lllscklwberg chargedjlai advanced-parties into} the suburbamQjxipsjg, and tool: three cannon and some, (prisoners o[;,t.he.~hulans of the guardsqg-Z—The stateof our affairs is, such, ‘that the most sanguine expectations may be justly entertained, under the protmtiom of D'ufiue Rl'pVlClqlCCh 1 whichghaa hitherto , so conspicuously. favoured ‘usl-in the glorious wvteinwhich m mmsmd- ‘ ' ‘vi; 1: .u' ,Mlillmihxccn .‘~ . Jfiignedlfluzts, STEWART, Lieut.-Gen. 4:21pm mml- 19:." »!b1"-1 _ lIf‘l 'El Oct‘) lg’ .Myv LordmqEprope at length approaches he: delivqraoss". and, England may tri' umphwly, look forward to reap, in .con-L. junction with; her Allies; that glory her wwxfimplsrl and sleadyaqflhrts in. tiresome: m6p,§au,_se so: justly qntjtle‘hct‘ to receive... yisl) .it- E had“ fallen‘ to, the lot .of , an abler pen to, detailhto- yourtLordship the sp did ev§1tsof,_the,se,5wolastdaya; but, ill-r "denim/hing 3!! rela‘lfllhe main facts. to, seédthern roll-without; moment’s' delay, I. shill heat (lewdutxt- Portmhihs more de

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yiPtqrx offiensral Bluchsr. upon. "19; 16%’ his ht?» followed, _- on the; 13th,, bl! lillilli‘ll ‘l1? Wllfllefillhli combined forces‘ WE? theeanmtt. @lliwwwué; in thezmight

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“HSHWRQSWFH Valle!» Brunt" Bit m ‘We . o . ,Jraittwmm tome»? tho first, frqthbstlil jSiQlQrlNJQJQW' 'JQTllF mum,’ bx‘ E4191, ,filllhllul‘lhvklv ofgheipsign this. rmpshirsl thsmasvhiirsr artillery, store» (J. the 9149*, withtheslqnaiqf Swim atlLhi;v coil", . .zsanriwn, antiwar-gum qfethe; Ft'ihFh‘naqluyxfilli thfl: qnrmy'h wounded. (‘llfiimmiltqfll whiqh whimsy, than” "2“) tthwarmyt; essanszpf sBll°nilllafifiso w. elgdtfwztsipsir assume-oncomingAllhsieettslqsatrlsm ; ,thc cqmyls

[blocks in formation]

.demihe-whht immediately. ‘WW medium: ,~. '

hwh Millions; namdw: thr snowmen!» 1. [of the, Brinmlihyhlhml Gererahhlrcher. -—My.dhn=tches l1?» l‘? the‘ tlthihavsmx dbtallqdghe position the qlliedqarrtriqsyph; -to thapdate. ' Itbcipgamoungedhyl’rincefl Sshwhrtlenhars that it was the 'Ellllilllimlflfli their Mairaties. lhwllifld Shvsreiswi ton Ienewtlieattack 9;,» the 18th, and-the ar- 1 ; mics “the-North and Silesia. hshts diresterh- 2, to co-operate,‘ the followioggcneraldisgm; ,t sition was mzide:-7T-I-most,hére ohacrvem“ that. the attack on the who-hr the smith.‘ army, occurred; neighbourhood 9g," LieberLWollrow'ttz-y Thecountry lying, Q Phrtiwlarlyi adapted fort-whim, ,a my“ sanguinaryand hard comhatcnsned with thir'arm“ hhdhhlartillqrya ehwdins in.‘ slumber the ¢ hiwdred "view, between then 1 vhnesed armiqsq .-Iw2,wlitarr.hrildihs» ‘which,thstnsmyludoswrird with savml; . bmliw ' .of. infantry. ml “which. llll‘lllfidi :i nearly the .eqhtrsiolthe enemy's positiop-z r. Weteattacktsl ‘bxthqliustieh infantry. aqdn' alter several repuls‘es, carried with amazing w ;; caruagew-g—r-Thetvvhole of theenemn’ppa- ' walrmnéer Mum. “'Hethw-.hm1shhfsrwt Wwl it lhnrlmade-ia my skwwttmaush at: .4! ‘the mat“ ‘Pl the allisrl transition» iqh his,” a short Period ll1Fll.;5P§9€9€lFd\ hr; Or=ihsq<< .0 more thiwwfllhl waluurin ; srtsimehtstol Awumfihhwim; sharstwh in @luuxnsm l‘lnt Ins sashldtshtmssz 'ghsr vlhmhill hr. tllleirslsam'slsi-hrmm .Jhis mqisemilts themssrthssmll-hthmlem c1; flesh-Mitts; L m‘ 4 told.» Whole rfisihlthttsm 1W4.- rhwrhfiim 1.1 .h' smuhdtvti'htimarm tritqmm having his Sew» hwlwldra: i, ighohs Within she whirls‘; hush{Tm > J) Tofhctth werqhilhdhhdwwslqd- - @093 . ' :Latwr' Mwhwro ~ who qtwrphhdul l. the. ,: -.eile'lhy‘$,cavhlrnhhder Mum!’ loshhs.Bqth armies. rsmaihed hsarlx-qnllhegwhhid . : hhiwhicho ths sweat :FWmSfitT'f-T t‘. 'Whils the island army‘ was. tot-commence, ‘their-male 0n,- thqmominsel zthe 18th,”). .hqwheis iii sntmmiaflasstnhly, ‘m “he rival -vilhsemithatt<hmthqstsarsat rrohlgllgadins w, heipsislsthe amefaheat Nhfihsemlizsihsia \ttré, 191.11%’ A“ Michal.


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