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RUDGE, EDWARD, esq. F.R.S. of the Abbey Manor House, Evesham, in the county of Worcester, b. 27th June, 1763, m. at St. George's, Hanover-square, 27 July, 1791, Anne, only daughter of Peter Nouaille, esq. of Great Ness, Sevenoaks, Kent, and has

EDWARD-JOHN, A.M. barrister-at-law, b. 30th May, 1792, m. 29th August, 1825, Felizarda, second daughter of Charles Pole, esq. of Wyckhill House, in the county of Gloucester, one of the directors of the Bank of England, and has a son and heir,

EDWARD-CHARLES, b. 18th April, 1828.

Samuel-Nouaille, barrister-at-law, b. 21 May, 1801.
Anne-Eliza, m. 22nd September, 1824, to Charles-Richard
Pole, esq. eldest son of Charles Pole, esq. of Wyck-
hill House, Gloucestershire, and has issue.

Mr. Rudge succeeded his father 28th May, 1790, and
served the office of high sheriff of Worcestershire in 1829.


From manorial grants, cited in Shaw's Staffordshire, it appears that

JOHN DE RUGGE was of Seysdon, in the county of Stafford, 17 EDWARD II. He left two sons and a daughter, viz. RICHARD, his heir; William, living 9 EDWARD III., and Alice, m. to William de Gatacre. The elder


RICHARD DE RUGGE, living 9 EDWARD III. and 8 RICHARD II. was father of

ROGER DE RUGGE, living 3 HENRY V. who m. Joan, daughter of William Wilkins, of Bridgenorth, and was succeeded by his son, THOMAS DE RUGGE, of Seysdon, 37 HENRY VI. and 3 EDWARD IV. who left by Anne, his wife, daughter of Thomas Shenton, a son and successor,

JOHN RUGGE, who flourished in the reigns of EDWARD IV., RICHARD III., and HENRY VII. and was father of

JOHN RUGGE, Who m. a lady whose christian name was Joyce, but of what family is not recorded. He was buried at Trysull, in Staffordshire, 9th January, 1587, leaving issue,

I. RICHARD, who m. a daughter of -
Wollaston, of Trescot Grange, in the
county of Stafford, and d. s. p.
11. WILLIAM, of Seysdon, who m. first,

a daughter of Moseley, of Whittingdon; and, secondly, Frances, eldest daughter of Thomas Barnsley, of Seysdon. He d. in 1604, and was buried at Trysull, in Staffordshire, leaving issue,

1. Thomas, who d. s. p.

2. William, of Seysdon, baptized at Trysull, 9th January, 1592, who m. Katharine, daughter and heir of Thomas Mompas, gent. by Anne, daughter of Thomas Barnsley, and d. in 1672, leaving

a son,

Ambrose, baptized at Trysull, 3rd February, 1616, who m. Winifred, eldest sister of Thomas Powys, serjeant-atlaw, by whom he left at his decease, in 1685, a son, William, of Lincoln's Inn, baptized at Trysull, 1st February, 1647, the eldest of eight children, whose issue lived at Trysull until 1753.

3. Joan, m. to Thomas Codsall, of Staffordshire.

III. THOMAS, of whose line we have to treat.

IV. John, buried at Evesham, in February, 1648, leaving a son, John, mentioned in the will of his uncle Thomas, in 1623.

The third son,

THOMAS RUDGE, settled at Evesham, in Worcestershire, and m. 23rd January, 1588, Alice Haye, of that town, by whom, who was buried at Bengworth parish, 18th September, 1616, he had issue,

1. EDWARD, alderman and sheriff of
London, in 1637. To him and to his
brother William the arms borne by
the family were confirmed by grant
from the College of Arms, in 1634.
He m. first, Mary, daughter and co-
heir of John Sharp, esq. of Lawrence
Waltham, in Berkshire; and, se-
condly, Bridget, daughter of John
Sadler, esq. of Wiltshire. The latter
d. s. p. but by the former Mr. Alder-
man Rudge left at his decease, in
1640 (being buried in the chancel of
Allhallows, London), two sons and
two daughters, viz.

EDWARD, of Great Warley, in Es-
sex, and of Blazies, in Berk-
shire, m. in 1647, Jane, eldest
daughter of Anthony Luther,
esq. of Kelvedon, and dying in
1701, left

ANTHONY, b. 29th September,
1652, at Great Warley, in
Essex; had issue.
Edward, b. 30th March, 1656.
Luther, b. 5th July, 1662.
Jane, b. at Myles, the seat
of the Luthers, in Essex,
in 1650, d. 13th June, 1730.
Mary, b. 8th June, 1651, bu-

ried at Great Warley, 1682.
Anne, b. 12th August, 1657.
Rebecca, b. 15th December,

1658, buried at Great War-
ley, 1680.

Elizabeth, b. 9th March, 1660,
buried at Great Warley,

Bridget, m. to the Rev. John

Griffith, vicar of White
Waltham, in Berkshire.
Thomasine, m. to James Fil-


William, of London, will dated
22nd May, 1652, proved 7th
April, 1662, d. s. p.

Hester, m. to William Hitchcock.
Rebecca, m. to Richard Luther,

esq. of Myles's, in Essex (see
p. 9; Taylor, of Clifton).

II. WILLIAM, of whom we have to treat. Thomas Rudge dated his will 7th May, 1623, and it was proved at Worcester, 21st June following. His second son,

WILLIAM RUDGE, esq. of Evesham, men


tioned in the wills of his father and of his brother Edward, was buried there 17th May, 1635, leaving by Anne, his wife, three sons and two daughters, viz.

1. WILLIAM, of Evesham, m. 17th November, 1670, Isabel, daughter of Thomas Jones, of that place, and d. in November, 1705. His issue became extinct in the male line in 1727.

II. JOHN, of London, b. 7th October,
1627, d. 24th August, 1662.

III. EDWARD, of whom presently.
I. Alice.

II. Mary.

The youngest son,

EDWARD RUDGE, of London, merchant, baptized at All Saints parish, Evesham, 22nd May, 1630, purchased, in 1664, the manor site of the monastery and abbey lands of Evesham, which borough he represented in He m. the parliaments of 1681 and 1690. Susanna, second daughter of Sir John Dethick, knt. of London, by Martha, his wife, daughter of Edmund Travers, of London, merchant, and by her, who was buried in the church of St. Andrew's, 30th December, | 1715, aged seventy-six, had issue,

J. Edward, b. 22nd September, 1668, d.
17th May, 1673.

II. JOHN, b. at Tottenham, 15th Octo-
ber, 1669, of Mark-lane, London,
merchant, deputy-governor of the
South Sea Company, and director of
the Bank, M.P. for Evesham from
1696 to 1740. He purchased, in 1717,
jointly with John Hopkins, esq. the
lordship of Braybrook, Northamp-
tonshire, and an estate at Farmbo-
rough, in Warwickshire, in 1725.
He m.
in 1698, Susanna, daughter
and heir of John Letten, esq. of Lon-
‣ don, and d. 22nd May, 1740, leaving


Edward, F.R.S., M.P. for Eve-
sham in 1741, 1747, and 1754, of
Whitfield, in Oxfordshire, b.
22nd October, 1703;
April, 1729, Elizabeth, daughter
and co-heir of Matthew Howard,
esq. of Hackney, but d. s. p. 6th
June, 1763.

Susanna, m. 27th April, 1721, to
Sir William Stanhope, K. B.
second son of Philip, Earl of
Elizabeth, m. 18th November, 1747,
to Welbore Ellis, Lord Mendip,
but d. s. p.

* The eldest daughter of Sir John Dethick, Elizabeth, m. Sir John Banks, bart. of Aylesford, near Maidstone, and one of their daughters and co-heirs, Elizabeth Banks, espoused Heneage, Earl of Aylesford.

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Susanna Lacy, m. to the Rev. Mr.
Stephenson, and had several

Lucy, m. to John Biscoe, esq. of
Hatton Garden, and had a daugh-
ter, Elizabeth Biscoe.
Elizabeth, m. first, to Robert Good-
child; and, secondly, to Thomas
Lloyd, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, by
whom she had issue.

11. Elizabeth, b. 25th May, 1675, m. 6th
December, 1694, to Sir Robert Eyre,
knt., chief justice of the Court of Com-
mon Pleas, and had issue. (See vol.
iii. p. 291).

III. Anne, b. 6th July, 1676, d. unmar-
ried 16th December, 1757.
iv. Mary, b. 19th September, 1618, m.
25th February, 1703, to James Wight-
wick, esq. of Lawrence Waltham, in
Berkshire, and had issue.
Mr. Rudge d. in 1696. His fourth son,

THE REV. BENJAMIN RUDGE, M.A. L.L.B. rector of Thornhaugh, in Northamptonshire, b. 16th January, 1680, m. first, the daughter of Goddard Carter, esq. of Alvescot, in Oxfordshire, by whom, who d. in 1712, he had no issue; secondly, 22nd April, 1714, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Reynardson, esq. of Bristol, by Frances, his wife, daughter of Francis Farnaby, esq. of Kippington, in Kent, and had by her, who d. in 1757, a numerous family, of whom survived infancy, 1. EDWARD, his heir.

II. John, of Ellstree, Middlesex, b. 13th
April, 1724, m. 16th October, 1777,
Anne, daughter of Thomas Reeve,
M.D. of London, by Mary, his wife,
sister and sole heir of Thomas Gil-
bert, esq. but d. s. p. 14th March,

III. Benjamin, M.A. rector of Whitfield,
in Oxfordshire, b. 8th November,
1725, m. at Pirton, 19th April, 1759,
Sarah, daughter of the Rev. Mr.
Church, of Pirton, and d. 30th June,
1807, leaving issue,

Edward, b. 6th October, 1761, m.
2nd July, 1795, Sarah, daughter
of the Rev. James Stopes, and
d. 9th March, 1835, leaving
Benjamin-Samuel, b. at Brit-
well Salome, Oxfordshire,
1st September, 1797.

Edward, b. at Ewelme, 30th
November, 1801, m. Miss
Long, and has issue.
Anne-Mary, m. to
wood, esq.


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Eleanor, who are all married.

iv. Samuel, b. 31st October, 1727, high
sheriff for Northamptonshire in 1792,
d. s. p. 24th January, 1817.

v. Thomas, b. 15th March, 1729, d. s. p.
in 1754.

The Rev. Benjamin Rudge d. 21st April,
by his son,
1741, and was s.

EDWARD RUDGE, esq. b. 11th April, 1717, of Salisbury and Bath, who m. 10th July, 1759, Elizabeth, second daughter of Walter Long, esq. of Preshaw, Hants (see p. 74), and by her, who d. 16th April, 1820, had issue,

1. EDWARD, his heir.

I. Benjamin, b. 19th October, 1768, in holy orders, B.A. of Bath, d. s. p. 29th March, 1834, and buried at Walcot, Bath.

1. Elizabeth.

Mr. Rudge d. 28th May, 1790, and was s. by his son, the present EDWARD RUDGE, esq. of the Abbey Manor House, Evesham, who purchased in that year a moiety of the estate of Seymour Biscoe, esq. at Evesham, and in 1792, a considerable part of that moiety of the lordship of Braybrooke, in Northamptonshire, which belonged to John Hopkins, esq. on the division of the lordship between him and John Rudge, esq. in 1778, under the enclosure act of parliament; the other portion, together with the manorial rights, having been, with the Castle estate, previously sold to Lord Braybrooke, by whom it was disposed of by auction, in July, 1812. Mr. Rudge also purchased various closes of land, of considerable extent, at Evesham, and built the Abbey Manor House in 1816.

There is another branch of the family settled for some time in Gloucestershire, to which belongs the Rev. JAMES RUDGE, D.D. of Hawkchurch rectory, near Axminster, who is son of the late James Rudge, of Heath End House, Cromhall, and nephew of the late venerable Thomas Rudge, archdeacon of Gloucester.

Arms-Quarterly : sa. and gu. over all a cross engrailed arg.

Crest-Out of a mural crown or, two arms erect, with the sleeves gu. hands and cuffs ppr. supporting a shield arg.

Motto-In cruce fides.
Estates-In Worcestershire.
Town Residence-Wimpole-street.
Seat-Abbey Manor House.


GALTON, SAMUEL-TERTIUS, esq. of Duddeston House, in the county of Warwick, b. 23rd March, 1783, m. 30th March, 1807, Frances-Anne-Violetta, eldest daughter of Erasmus Darwin, M.D. by Elizabeth, his wife, widow of Colonel Pole, of Radbourne, in Derbyshire, and has issue,

DARWIN, b. 18th March, 1814.
Erasmus, b. 31st May, 1815.
Francis, b. 16th February, 1822.

Lucy-Harriot, m. 29th March, 1832, to James Moilliet,
esq. of Smethwick Grove, in the county of Stafford.


Mr. Galton succeeded his father 19th June, 1832. He is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Warwick.


The name of Galton is of ancient occurrence in the county of Dorset. Hutchins, in his history of that shire, makes mention of the heirs of Simon de Galton, as holding of Walter de Hogle, and he of the King in chief, by knight's service, the hamlet of Galton, surveyed in Doomsday Book, in two parcels, by the designation of Galtone or Gaveltone. The Rev. John Galton, M.A. of New College, Oxford, and vicar of Lulworth, during fifty years, was b. in 1578, and the Rev. Edward Galton held the rectory of Wareham, in 1661. The immediate ancestor of the Warwickshire family,

HUBERT GALTON, of Kingston Winterbourn, in Dorsetshire, d. in 1662, leaving, with three daughters-Dorothy, b. in 1648; Mary, b. in 1655; and Edith, b. in 1658, who all died unmarried, an only son,

JOHN GALTON, esq. of Yatton, in the county of Somerset, b. in 1650, who m. Bridget, relict of John Tucker, esq. and d. in 1695, leaving a son and successor,

JOHN GALTON, esq. of Yatton, b. in 1671, who m. in 1703, Sarah Button, and had three sons and four daughters, namely,

JOHN, of Duddeston, in the county of
Warwick, b. in 1705; m. in 1734,
Hannah Alloway, but d. without

issue in 1775.

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SAMUEL GALTON, esq. of Duddeston House, in the county of Warwickshire, b. in 1720, m. Mary, daughter of Joseph Farmer, esq. and left at his decease, with four daughters, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, and Hannah, who all d. issueless, a son,

SAMUEL GALTON, esq. F.R.S. of Duddeston House, b. 18 June, 1753, who m.. Lucy, eldest daughter of Robert Barclay, esq., of Ury, in Kincardineshire, M.P. for that county, by Lucy, his first wife, daughter of Robert Barclay, esq. of London, and had issue,


Theodore, b. 1st April, 1784, d. in 1809.
Hall, Salop.

Ewan-Cameron, b. in 1791, d. in 1800.
JOHN-HOWARD, of Hadzor House, Wor-

Mary-Anne, m. in 1806, to Lambert
Schimmelpenninck, esq.

Sophia, m. in 1833, to Charles Brewin,


Adele, m. in 1827, to John Kaye

Booth, M.D. of Brush House, in

Mr. Galton d. 19 June, 1832, and was s. by his eldest son, the present SAMUEL TERTIUS GALTON, esq.

Arms-Erm. on a fess engr. gu. between six fleurs de lys of the second, an eagle's head erased between two bezants. arg. Crest-On a mount vert, an eagle erm. looking up at the sun or, its claw resting on a fleur de lys gu.

Motto-Gaudet luce videri.

Estates-In Warwickshire and Somersetshire.



GALTON, HUBERT-JOHN-BARCLAY, esq. of Warley Hall, in the county of Salop, b. 6th April, 1789, m. in 1814, Mary, daughter of Robert Barclay, esq. of Clapham, in Surrey, and has had issue,

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GALTON, JOHN-HOWARD, esq. of Hadzor House, in the county of Worcester, b. 8th November, 1794, m. in 1819, Isabella, only surviving child of Joseph Strutt, esq. and has issue,

THEODORE-HOWARD, b. 2nd October, 1820.
Douglas-Strutt, b. 2nd July, 1822.

Herman-Ernest, b. 25th March, 1825.

Robert-Cameron, b. 17th November, 1830, at Chatelaine, near Geneva.

Mr. John-Howard Galton is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Worcester, and has served as high sheriff for that shire.


For descent and arms refer to those of Mr. Galton, of Duddeston, the chief of the family, and eldest brother of Mr. Galton, of Hadzor House.

Estates-In Worcestershire and Somersetshire.

Seat-Hadzor House, near Droitwich.


SMITH, RICHARD-BRYAN, esq. of Pygon's Hill, Lydiate, in the county of Lancaster, his Majesty's Hanoverian consul at Liverpool, b. 14th June, 1793, m. 4th September, 1824, Marianne, second daughter of William Egerton Jeffreys, esq. of Tilley Park, near Wem, and of Coton Hill, near Shrewsbury, a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Shropshire, and has a daughter,


Mr. Smith succeeded his father 3rd June, 1831, is fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and of the Royal Society of Literature, of London, and fellow of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries of Copenhagen. He is author of an interesting Tour in the Northern Countries of Europe.

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