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DRAKE, OF DRAKERATH. DRAKE, CHRISTOPHER, esq. of Roristown, in the county of Meath, representative

of the ancient families of Drakestown and Drakerath, b. 4th June, 1790, m. first, in September, 1816, Mary-Anne, daughter of Nicholas Gannon, esq. of Ballyboy, in the same county, and by that lady (deceased) had a son and daughter, viz.

COLUMBUS-Patrick, b. in 1818.

He wedded secondly, in 1821, Mary, eldest daughter of the
late Alexander Somers, esq. and has issue of that mar-

Christopher-Somers, b. 17th February, 1823.
Alexander-Joseph, b. 17th October, 1824.
Charles-William, b. 8th April, 1827.

Mr. Drake succeeded his father, the late Columbus Drake, esq.

Lineage. This family, and that of Shardeloes, (vol. , val until the war of 1641, when with many i. page 580) derive from a common proge- more they forfeited, and were driven to shift nitor, but the settlement in Ireland must for themselves. At the beginning of CHARLES have taken place at a remote period, for we II.'s reign, there was a court of claims set find the “ Drake of Drakerath” a distin- on foot, by which a few of the proprietors guished person in the annals of that king- were restored, and my father was of the dom throughout the turbulent and tyrannic number. He became, however, possessed rule of the Tudors and the Stuarts, the only of a part, and was at the eve of being sanguinary despotism of Cromwell, and the restored to the whole, when an order came confiscating reign of WILLIAM.

from the king to dissolve the court, so that The mansion of DRAKERATH was situated an end for that time was put to his hopes. in the barony of Kells, in the county of My father had some time before this with Meath, (where the ruins still remain,) and his family settled in the county of Kildare, was erected by a member of the family of having taken some lands from William, Lord DRAKE of Ashe,* in the county of Down, Dungan, (to whom he had the honour of bewho acquired large estates in that part of ing related,) at Kildroughet, where he built Ireland, and settled there. Those estates a handsome seat. Here he continued until continued vested in his descendants until the the Revolution, when his affairs took a new rebellion of 1641, when they were forfeited, turn. Some time before, or about the bebut a small portion was subsequently res- ginning of the troubles, Lord Dungan was tored by the court of claims in the beginning created Earl of Limerick, and if I remember of CHARLES II.'s reign. A cadet of the fa- rightly, constituted governor of that city ; mily, Captain Peter Drake, a soldier of for- thither his lordship repaired, taking my fatune, who followed the wars through all the ther with him, whom he soon after promoted. fields of Europe in the beginning of the last He was appointed one of the commissioners century, published a very amusing detail of of the customs, and chief comptroller of the his adventures, which he begins with the mint. As soon as King James came to situation of his house at the time of the Re- Dublin, and called a parliament, my father volution. "I was born (he says) 12th Oc- was put into the commission of the peace for tober, 1671. My father's name was George, the county of Kildare, and declared himself he was eldest son of William Drake, of a candidate for the borough of Navan. He Drakerath, and married Elizabeth, eldest was at the same time restored to the remaindaughter of Patrick Stanley, esq. of Marls- der of his estates; after which he returned town, in the county of Louth, and niece of to Limerick to fulfill his official duties. In John Stanley, esq. of Finner, near Slane, in June, 1690, he came to visit his family, and Meath. The family remained in peaceable settle his affairs ; but the loss of the battle possession of the estate from their first arri- of the Boyne (which happened the 1st July

following) obliged him with all expedition From which also the DrakES OF SHARDELOES. to move off with his family for Limerick,

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staying but one day after the battle to inter | then in infancy. This child and his sister, Lord Dungan, only son to the Earl of Li- afterwards Mrs. Drake, were saved in a merick, who was that day killed by a can- singular manner, by a faithful servant, who non ball, and brought to Castletown, the secreted them in baskets, and thus conveyed earl, his father's seat. This melancholy them across the river after the conflict. affair being at an end, the next day we set Mr. Drake left at his decease, with three forward on our journey. Arriving at Li- daughters, (the eldest m. to William Cruise, merick, we found all hands employed in esq. of Mydoragh; the second to Curtis, repairing the old, and throwing up new esq. of Mount Hanover; and the third, who works for the defence of the place, which d. unm.) a son and successor, was soon after besieged; the particulars of PATRICK DRAKE, esq. of Drakerath, b. in which are so well known already, that it 1712, who m. in 1747, Frances, third daughwould be needless to descend to minute ter of James O'Reilly, esq. of Roristown, in relation.

the county of Meath, and had two sons and From the Irish records it appears that in three

daughters, viz. the 9th of RICHARD II., the King conceded COLUMBUS, his heir. to RICHARD DRAKE, of Drakestown, the George, b. in 1760, m. in 1796, Emily, office of high sheriff of the county of Meath ; daughter of — O'Reilly, esq. of Dunand that, in the 9th of Henry V., the same bike, in the county of Wicklow. appointment was granted to John Drake, of Catherine, m. in 1768, to George DowDrakestown, to be held during pleasure. dall, esq. of Causestown. Among the other early ancestry of the fa- Elizabeth, m. to Anthony Browne, esq. mily, Catherine, sister and heiress of Ni- Aune, b. in 1755, d. unmarried. cholas Drake, of Drakerath, married Rich- The elder son, ard Nugent, 2nd baron of Delvin, living in

COLUMBUS Drake, esq. of Roristown, b. 1428; and about the same period, Sir Chris- in 1750, wedded 13th October, 1777, Anne, topher Barnewall, of Crickstown, lord high only daughter of Christopher Barnewall, treasurer of Ireland, married Matilda, of Fyanstown Castle, in Meath, and of the then Drake of Drakerath.*

had issue, The immediate progenitor of the family PATRICK, b. in 1782, d. in 1801. before us,

CHRISTOPHER, successor to his father. COLUMBUS Drake, esq. of Drakerath, in Cecilia, m. in 1796, to James Archbold Meath, son of Patrick Drake, esq., was O'Reilly, esq. of Dunbike, in the born in 1670, and married in 1705, Anne,

county of Wicklow. only daughter of Jennett, esq. of Old- Frances, d. unmarried in 1799. bridge, in the county of Louth, who was Anne. slain at the battle of the Boyne in 1688, to- Mr. Drake was s. at his decease by his only gether with all his sons except the youngest, surviving son, the present CHRISTOPHER

DRAKE, esq. of Roristown. Contemporaneous with the branch of the fami

Arms—Arg. a wivern, wings displayed ly settled in Ireland, Aourished in high repute the and tail nowed, gu. Drakes, of Ashe, in the county of Devon, of which,

Crest-A wivern as in the arms. as stated in the beginning of the lineage, the

Estates-In Meath. Drakes, of Drakerath, were a scion.

Seat—Roristown, near Trim.

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FRAMPTON, OF MORETON. FRAMPTON, JAMES, esq. of Moreton, in the county of Dorset, b. 4th September,

1769, lieutenant-colonel commandant of the Dorset regi-
ment of yeomanry cavalry, n. September 9th, 1799, the
Lady Harriot Strangways, third daughter of Henry-Tho-
mas, second Earl of Ilchester, and has had issue,

1. James, b. 28th March, 1802, d. 9th May, 1818.
II. HENRY, b. 7th May, 1804, m. in May, 1833, Char-

lotte, daughter of Robert Blencowe, esq. of Hayes, in
the county of Middlesex, and has a daughter,

Louisa-Mary. JII. William-Charlton, b. 4th June, 1811. 1. Harriot-Georgiana, m. 28th October, 1830, to William,

only son of Francis Mundy, esq. of Markeaton, in the

county of Derby, and M.P. for that county.

11. Louisa-Charlotte. Colonel Frampton served as high sheriff for the county of Dorset in 1793.

Lineage. John de FRAMPTON was returned to serve knt. of Catherston, county of Somerset, his in parliament for the borough of Dorches- second wife, he had three sons, ter, 31 Edward III. He is supposed to have 1. Robert, who succeeded him at had two sons, namely, John de Frampton,

Moreton. (who was returned to parliament as a bur- 11. JOHN, M.P. for the borough of gess for the borough of Weymouth, 1356 Lyme Regis, father of and 1360 ; for Dorchester, 1357 and 1362;

JOHN, of Potterne and Echilhampand as knight of the shire for the county of

ton, Wilts, who, by Johanna, his Dorset, 1372 and 1380, and seems to have

wife, daughter and heir of Edbeen the father of Sir Henry Frampton, who

ward Mareschall, of Woodcote, was M. P. for Melcombe Regis in 1380,

Hants, had two sons, 1383, and 1384, and d. s. p.) and

Roger, of Potterne, who evenWalter De FRAMPTON, who was M.P.

tually inherited Moreton. for the borough of Melcoinbe Regis in 1357,

Edward, who d. before 1530, 1362, and 1368. He was lord of the manor,

leaving by his wife, a daughand possessor of the advowson of Buckland

ter of

Hunsell, of SyRipers, an estate adjacent to the towns of

mondsbury, a son, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, in the

John. county of Dorset, and acquired the manor III. William, who was M.P. for Dorand estate of Moreton, with other lands in chester, 1431 and 1450, and for Weyits vicinity, by his marriage, which took mouth, 1433. place in or previous to 1366, with Margaret, John Frampton d. 26th May, 1426, leaving the heiress of that property. What her Margaret, his third wife, surviving him, and surname was has not been positively ascer- was succeeded at Moreton by his eldest son, tained, but it seems nearly certain that she ROBERT FRAMPTON, of Moreton, who was was of the family of Husee," who were lords twenty-six years of age and upwards at his of this manor at a time immediately pre- | father's death, 4 Henry VI. His name ceding the period at which it passed into the appears in a list of considerable men of the possession of the family of Frampton. Wal- county of Dorset, who were able to spend ter de Frampton d. 14th October, 1389, his £12 per annum, returned into chancery 12 wife having died before him, and left issue | HENRY VI. By Alice, his first wife, daughby her, besides a daughter, Joan, m. to Sir ter and heir of Hugh Deverell, he acquired Thomas Stewell, knt. of Catherston, county lands in Coomb Deverell, in the county of Somerset, a son,

Dorset, and had several children, who all JOHN FRAMPTON, of Moreton, who was predeceased their fathers.p. His second wife twenty-four years of age at his father's was Alianor, daughter and heiress of Wildeath. He was at the battle of Agincourt, liam Browning, of Melbury Sampford, Dorand was returned six times to parliament as set, and of Upton Lovell, in the county of knight of the shire for the county of Dorset, Wilts (who m. secondly, Walter Barough, from 1387 to 1405; and in 4 HENRY V. was of Charford, in the same shire), and dying appointed a commissioner to array the 4th February, 1465, left by her, county of Dorset against a French invasion. JAMES FRAMPTON, of Moreton, his son He was three times married. By his first and heir, who was born in 1452. He m. wife, Isabel, daughter of Robert Prouse, he | Anastasia, daughter of Sir John Newbohad one daughter,

rough, knt. of Lullworth, in the county of Margaret, who m. Robert Bingham, of | Dorset, and d. 5th June, 1523, as appears

Binghams Melcombe, in the county by a monument to his memory, whereon is of Dorset, whose marriage articles, his effigy in brass, in the church at Moredated at Moreton, 21st September, ton. Leaving no legitimate issue, he set9 HENRY IV. are still extant amongst tled bis estates on James Frampton, his

the family documents at Melcombe. bastard son, who m. Avice, daughter of Sir By Edith, daughter of Sir Matthew Stawell, Thomas de la Lynde, knt. of Winterborn

* In 31 EDWARD I. 1303, John Husee had a upwards. Of the death or heir of this John Husee, grant of free warren in all his demesne lands at we have no certain account, but as the manor of Moreton. Roger Husee, his son and heir, was Moreton was settled upon him and the heirs of his summoned to parliament 22 and 23 EDWARD III. body, with remainder to the right heirs of the aforeamongst the barons of the realm, and died 35 Ed- said Roger, it may be conjectured with the greatest ward III. 1361, seized, amongst other lands, of probability, that Margaret, the wife of Walter the manor and advowson of Moreton. Leaving no Frampton, was daughter of the last mentioned issue, his estates devolved, by virtue of an entail

, John Husee, and succeeded to the property by on John Husee, jun, then thirty years of age and virtue of this entail.

Clenston, in the county of Dorset (who afterwards became successively the wife of Thomas Trenchard, of Lytchett, and Gilbert Walis, esq. of Langton Wallis, in the county of Dorset), and d. s. p. before 22nd August, 1525.

On his decease the manor of Moreton, with other appendant estates, descended to

ROGER FRAMPTON, (the grandson of John, the second son of John Frampton, of Moreton, who d. in 1426). This Roger was found by inquisition, 17 HENRY VIII. to be cousin and heir male of James Frampton, of Moreton, and succeeded, as before mentioned, to the family estates in Dorsetshire. He was b. in 1495, and m. Alice Trenchard, but d. s. p. 3rd May, 1530, whereupon the manor of Moreton, together with his other estates, devolved on his nephew (the son of his brother Edward),

JOHN FRAMPTON, who then became of Moreton. He was b. in 1516, and d. 14th November, 1557, leaving issue by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Willoughby of Tonerspiddle, in the county of Dorset, who d. in his lifetime,

1. Robert, his heir.
11. John, of Upway, in the county of

Dorset, who, by Anne, his wife,
daughter of Henry Willoughby, of
Upway, aforesaid, had

1. ROBERT, his eldest son.
2. George, of Buckland, who m.

Anne, daughter of Thomas Co-
ventry, and sister of Lord Co-
ventry, by whom he had several
children, the eldest of whom,
Robert, was nine years of age at
the visitation of Dorset, anno

1623. JII. Francis, rector of Studland, in the

county of Dorset, d. s. p. 1646. IV. William, who s. to the Moreton

estates. v. James, of Buckland Ripers, m. Ka

tharine, daughter and co-heir of John
Trenchard, of Warmwell, third son
of Sir George Trenchard, knt. of
Wolveton, in Dorsetshire, and had

1. JAMES, his heir.
2. John.
3. Richard.
1. Anne, m. to Edmund, second

son of Sir Edward Clarke, of

Stoneham, Hants. 2. Jane.

3. Elizabeth. Dying in 1631, he was s. at Buckland by bis son, JAMES FRAMPTON, esq. of Buck

land Ripers, aged twenty-five at the berald's visitation in 1623. His name is found amongst the gentlemen of the king's party in the county of Dorset, during the

civil war, and his estates being
sequestered, he compounded for
that of Buckland Ripers for
£420., He d. and was buried at
Buckland, 13th July, 1655, hav-
ing been twice married. By Ka-
therine, his first wife, daughter
of Berkeley, of Pill, in Somer-
setshire, he had
JAMEs, of Buckland, who d,

unm. in 1676.
Katherine, who became the

wife of George Daubeney,

of Gorwell, in Dorsetshire.
By Elizabeth, his second wife,
daughter of Henry Samways, of
East Thilvington, in Dorset, he
had one son,
Giles FRAMPTON, of Buckland,

b. in 1643, who s. his half-bro-
ther, James, in the estate of
Buckland. By Elizabeth, his
wife, (who d. in 1706), daugh-
ter of Amias Fulford, son of
Sir Francis Falford, of Great
Fulford, in Devon, and of Tol-
ler Porcorum, in Dorsetshire,
he had issue, beside James,
who d. young, three other
sons, on whom, in 'succession,
the estate of Moreton was en-
tailed by their cousin, William
Frampton, viz.
Giles, of Buckland, b. in

1680, d. unm. after 1689. WILLIAM, of whom here

Robert, b. in 1683, who by

Katharine, his wife, dau.
of Giles White, of Athel-
hampton, in Dorsetshire,
had issue,
Robert, captain in the

army, who m. a dau.
of Hickson, of
London, and d. s. p.

in 1788. Katharine, m. to John

Swattridge, and d.s.p.
Elizabeth, m. to

Asshe, and d. s.p.
Anne, d. unm.

Elizabeth, d. unm. 1. Ann, m. in 1567, to Thomas, eldest

son of Sir William Dirdoe, of Gillingham, in the county of Dorset,

and d. 1607. 11. Margery, m. John Hayward, of Dor

chester. 1. Dorothy, m. Martin Keyleway, of

Lillington, in the county of Dorset. iv. Mary, m. in 1575, Gregory, second

son of Sir William Dirdoe, of Gil

lingham. v. Rosamond.


vi. Joan, m. in 1571, to Guy Lyte.

Elizabeth, who m. Thomas TarberThe eldest son and heir,

ville, of Wool Bridge, in the county Robert FRAMPTON, of Moreton, was of Dorset. twenty-two years of age and upwards at his 11. Katharine, b. in 1626, m. to William father's death. In 1588 he was high sheriff Hayward. of the county of Dorset. By Margery, his 11. Anne, m. in 1658, to Josiah Ebrall, wife, daughter of Lord Thomas Paulett, of of Balsall, in the county of Warwick. Melplash, second son of William, marquis iv. Dorothy, m. to William Rose, of of Winchester, he had two sons and a daugh- Rempston, in the county of Dorset. ter, viz.

William Frampton, d. 16th August, 1643, 1. Thomas, the eldest, d. v. p. s. p. in and was s. in his estates by his eldest son, 1571.

WILLIAM FRAMPTON, of Moreton, who 11. Charles, who appears to have had was b. 17th November, 1629. He entailed

a wife named Ursula, but probably d. the family estate on his brothers, Richard without surviving issue, as his uncle and Tregonwell, and their issue male sucWilliam became possessed of the cessively, with remainders to the sons of his Moreton estates.

cousin Giles Frampton, of Buckland Ripers, 1. Elizabeth, m. in 1593, to William Dac- and d. unm. 8th February, 1689. Richard

comb, son of James Daccomb, of Frampton, of Biston, his second brother, Iwerne Stepleton, in the county of having d. in his lifetime, without issue male, Dorset.

as before stated, the estates devolved on WILLIAM FRAMPTON, fourth son of John TREGONWELL FRAMPTON, esq. of Moreton, Frampton and Elizabeth Willoughby, be- third brother of the said William, who was came as above stated, possessed of the manor born in 1641. He was keeper of the reand estates of Moreton. He m. Elizabeth, ceiving horses to King WILLIAM III., Queen second daughter and co-heir of George Anne, GeorGE I. and George II. and d. Broughton,

of Sampford Botfield, in the unm. at Newmarket, in 1728, when, by county of Somerset (who re-married Tho- virtue of the entail before mentioned, the mas Hannam, of Wimbourne Minster, in estates devolved upon his kinsman, (the the county of Dorset), and had issue (be- descendant of James Frampton, of Buckland sides Robert and Catharine, who d. young), Ripers, fifth son of John Frampton, esq. of WILLIAM, bis successor.

Moreton, by Elizabeth Willoughby) Elizabeth, who m. Edmund Hollis, of WILLIAM FRAMPTON, esq. of Moreton, Monkton.

who obtained possession of the estate (by He d. 28th February, 1608, and was s. by a family arrangement which was ratified by

act of parliament, in the third year of Queen William FRAMPTON, of Moreton, who Anne), during the life of his cousin Tregonwas born 7th April, 1607, and baving m. well Frampton, on whom an annuity was at Katharine, daughter of John Tregonwell, of the same time settled. William Frampton Milton Abbas, in the county of Dorset, had was b. in 1681, and m. Judith, daughter of ssue,

Henry Arnold, esq. of Ilsington, in the 1. WILLIAM, his heir.

county of Dorset, by whom (who d. 1732), II. Richard, of Biston, in the county of he had issue,

Wilts, b. in 1630, m. Jane, daughter William and Judith, who both d. young, of Sir Francis Cottington, of Font

and hill, in the county of Wilts, who d. in James. 1711, by whom he was father of William Frampton, d. in 1717, when his William and Elizabeth, who both estates devolved on his only surviving son, d. young and unm.

JAMES FRAMPTON, esq. of Moreton, who Katharine, who m. Charles, third was born in October, 1711. In 17 GEORGE

son of William Lord Stourton. II. he was high sheriff of Dorset. By Mary, Jane, m. Edward Paston, of Bar- his first wife, only daughter and heir of

mingham, in the county of Nor- Joseph Houlton, esq. of Farley Castle, in folk.

the county of Somerset, to whom he was m. Mary, b. in 1677, d. unm. in 1698, 20th August, 1746, and who d. in 1762, he

buried in the abbey church at had no issue. He m. secondly, Phillis, Bath, with an epitaph to her me- only daughter (and heir after her brother's mory, by Dryden.

death, in 1761), of Samuel Byam, esq. of 'III. Tregonwell, who s. his brother Wil- the Island of Antigua, widow of Charlton liam.

Wollaston, M.D. by whom (who d. in Februiv. George, who by his wife, daughter ary, 1829), he had issue,

of Dewey, of Wimborn, in the JAMES, his heir.
county of Dorset, had two children, Mary.
William and Elizabeth, who both d. Mr. Frampton built the present house at

Moreton, in 1746, on the site of the ancient

bis son,

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