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Oct. 13

Mar. 13

ATMOSPHERE Astrology, Symbolism and, Leo (A.) is. Dec. 13 Astronomical Observatory, Harvard Col. Annals Vol. 75, pt. 2. 78. 6d. net..

....Oct, 13 Astronomical Society (Leeds)-Journal and transactions for the year 1911. No. 19. 27 illus. 8vo. 8} *7), pp. 68, swd. 2s, net

WESLEY, Mar. 13 Astronomical Society (Royal)—Monthly notices. Vol. 72. Illus. 8vo. 83 X54, pp. 242, Swd. 245.

WESLEY, Mar. 13 Astronomy: Bk. of stars, Mitton (G. E.) 35. 6d. Astronomy: Catálogo de 5791 estrellas, Perrine

(C. D.) ros, 6d. net Astronomy, Concise knowledge, Clerke (A. M.) &c., 5S..

May 13 Astronomy, Elements of descriptive, Tancock (E. 0.) 28. 6d. net

.Nov. 13 Astronomy, Greek, Aristarchus of Samos. (Heath.)

18s, net Astronomy, Milton's, Orchard (T. N.) 7s. 6d. net Astronomy: Popular guide to the heavens, Ball (Sir R. S.) ios. 6d. net...

..Nov. 13 Astronomy simplified, Henderson (A. C.) 25. 6d. net

.Sep. 13 Astronomy, Spectroscopic, Sir W. Huggins and, Maunder (E. W.) 6d. net.

.Sep. 13 Astronomy: Starry heavens, Metcalfe (H. M.) IS. net

June 13 Astronomy, Wonders of modern, Macpherson (H.)

..Sep. 13 At close quarters, Hutton (J. A.) 35. 6d. net

July 13 At dawn and dusk, Daley (V. J.) 3s. 6d., 6s. net

Aug. 13 At Oxford, poems, Henderson (B. W.) 28. 6d. net

Mar. 13

Oct. 13


I 2mo,

Dec. 13

At the back of the world, Pugh (G. and J.) 6s.

Dec. 13

Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Golden girl. Cr. 8vo. 73 X5, pp. 320, 6s.

WARD, LOCK, Mar. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) —The Love-stone.

Cr. 8vo. 78 X4, pp. 250, 35. 60. (Adelphi library)

UNWIN, May 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) -- The Mystery of

Helmsley Grange. Pop. edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 254, swd. Is. net

...PEARSON, June 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)-Out of the running. 12mo. 7d. net

.EVERETT, June 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Pearl of great

price. 8vo. swd. 6d. ..PEARSON, Apr. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) —Poison : a novel. Cr. 8vo. 74x44, pp. 290, 35. 6d. net

NASH, Feb. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)-A Preacher of the Lord. Cr. 8vo. 71 x5, pp. 320, 35. 6d.

CASSELL, Oct, 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Quest of El Dorado. Cr. 8vo. 78 X 5, pp. 384, is. net

CASSELL, Aug. 13 Askew (Alice & Claude)-A Scarlet sin. 8vo., swd. 6d.

WARD, L., Aug. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—Souls adrift. 8vo., swd. 6d.

WARD, L., Jan. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)-The Sword of peace. 12mo. 7d. net

EVERETT, Feb. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Tempting of Paul Chester. 8vo. Swd. 60.

W. COLLINS, Mar. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—Wild Sheba. 7d. net

.WARD, L., July 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) — The Woman Deborah. 8vo. Swd. 6d.

...NEWNES, June 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Yellow yoke. 8vo. swd. 6d.

.GOODSHIP HOUSE, Apr. 13 Asphalts and bitumens, Natural rock, Danby (A.) 8s. 6d. net

....May 13 Aspinall (Algernon E.)-West Indian tales of old Cr. 8vo. 74 X5, pp. 272, 5s. net

DUCKWOR TH, Jan. 13 Assaying, Text-bk. of, Beringer (C. and J. J.) Ios. 6d.....

....Aug. 13 Association, Spirit of, Robinson (M. F.) 6s. net

June 13 Assuan Reservoir, &c., Willcocks (Sir W.) red. to

.Sep. 13 Assurance companies—Part A, Statements of

life assurance and annuity business, and abstracts of actuarial reports, 1912, 55. 3d.

WYMAN, May 13 Assurance companies. Part B, Statements of

general assurance business (excluding life assurance and sinking fund Insurance) and bond investment business, 1912, 4s. uid.

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Assyrian and Babylonian letters, Konyunjik Col., B.M., Harper (R. F.) Pts. 12-13, ea. 245. net

Sep. 13 Assyriology, Bible student's handbk, of, Norton (F. C.) 35. 6d. net...

. Jan. 13 Asteroidea, Evolution of cretaceous, Spencer (W. K.) 55. net...

.Aug. 13 Asthma and its radical treatment, Adam (J.)

... July 13 Aston (G. G.)—Staff duties, and other subjects (military). Cr. 8vo. 74 x5, pp. 218, 35. 6d. net

H. REES, Feb. 13 Astonishing anatomy. By Tingle.

Cr. 8vo., pp. 88, swd. is. net ..., . PITMAN, Mar. 13 Astrological geomancy, Hartmann (F.) 35. 6d. net

Jan. 13 Astrology, Esoteric, Leo (A.) 10s. 6d. net.. Jan. 13 Astrology : how to make and read your own

horoscope. By Sepharial. Cr. 8vo. 71x47, pp. 132, is, net

.W. RIDER, Jan. 13 Astrology: Reading of the stars, Wrey (A. M.) IS, net

. Apr. 13

Oct. 13

3s. net

..Oct. 13

3s. 6d.

At the foot of the rainbow, Stratton-Porter (G.) IS. net

June 13 At the point of the bayonet. Henty (G. A.) 3s. 6d.

Oct. 13 Athanasius, S. : 0 Beata Trinitas, is. net Apr. 13 Athenae Cantabrigiensis, Cooper (C. H. and T) 215, net..

Jan. 13 Athène-Dust of the world, 6s.

June 13 Athens, British School at, Annual, No. 18, 258. net Atherton (Gertrude) The Aristocrats.

Pop. edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 308, Is. net ..LANE, Sep. 13 Athletic trainer, Complete, Mussabini (S. A.) and

Ranson (C.) 5s. net Athletics in theory and practice, Hjertberg (E.W.)

Oct. 13 Athletics : Olympian field events, Webster (F. A. W.) 25. 60. net

......Aug. 13 Atkeson ('T. C.)-A Catechism of agriculture.

Cr. 8vo., 25. 60. net ......K. Paul, May 13 Atkey (Bertram)— The Amazing Mr. Bunn.

12m0., 7d. net...... ...NEWNES, Aug. 13 Atkinson (C. J. F.)-A Concise handbook of

provincial local government law: including the Education Acts. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 4*,

pp. 29.4, 35. 6d. net......E. WILSON, Apr. 13 Atkinson (F. H. and G. W.) --"A Show at" Sho'cards. Folio, 12s. net

AMERICAN BK. SUPPLY Co., Dec. 12 Atlantis, poems, West (J.) 25. net........Oct. 13 Atlas, Bartholomew (J.) 6d. net Atlas, Handy-vol., Philips', 25. 6d. net ..Apr. 13 Atlas, Mercantile marine, Philips' 63s. net Apr. 13 Atlas, Nelson Universal hand-, 25. net .. June 13 Atlas notes, Chute (J. C.) IS.. Atlas of Africa and Australia, Literary and historical, Bartholomew (J. G.) 13., 25. net

Sep. 13 Atlas, Physical and political school, Bartholomew (J. G.) is. net..

..Feb. 13 Atmosphere, Berry (A. J.) is., 28. 6d. net Feb. 13


58. net

.Feb. 13

May 13


Feb. 13

.May 13

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Atmosphere, Influence on health in crowded places, Hill (L.) is. 6d. net.

..Nov. 13 Atmosphere, Story of the, Archibald (D.) is. net

July 13 Atom, Beyond the, Cox (J.) Is., 25. 6d. net

May 13 Atonement, Religion of the, Simpson (J. G.) is. net

Oct. 13 Atta Troll, Heine (H.) 35. 6d. net

..Nov. 13 Attack on the mill, Zola (E.) 7d. net ....Mar. 13 Atteridge (A. Hilliard)—Famous modern battles.

12mo., pp. 480, is, net.. ..NELSON, Dec. 13 Attic guest, Knowles (R. E.) is. net... ..Apr. 13 Attic salt, Henrey (T. S.) 25. 6d. net......Oct. 13 Attraction, Mack (L.) 6s.

Feb. 13 Attraction, Mathematical theory of, Tarleton (F.A.) vol. 2, 6s.

..July 13 Attractiveness of goodness, Ingram (A. F. W.)

25. 6d. net. Att well (W. H.)-Short Speeches for social

occasions and company meetings. 8vo. 71 X41, pp. 46, Is. net

"THE SPEAKER'S LIBRARY” PRESS, Feb.13 Attwood (E. L.)-The Modern warship. Ryl.

16mo., pp. 154, IS. net; ithr. 25. *6d. net. (Cambridge manuals of science and literature)

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Feb. 13 Aubigné (A. d’)-Les Tragiques. 12mo., pp. 224, IS. net

..DENT, Mar, 13 Aucassin and Nicolette, Sparkes (W. E.) with Dante and Beatrice.

25. 6d.

....... Sep. 13 Auction bridge and royal auction reviewed and

explained; by “ Badsworth" (Formerly called “ The Principles of auction bridge ”). 12mo., 35. 6d. net

...PUTNAM, Jan. 13 Auction-bridge book, Browning (H. S.) 28. 6d, net

May 13 Auction bridge, Develop. under new count, Irwin (F.) 35. 6d. net

.... Apr. 13 Auction bridge in a nut shell : royal spades. By

Butler and Brevitas. 12mo. 7X41, pp. 72, 28, 6d. net

.SIMPKIN, Sep. 13 Auction bridge in 1o lessons, Montgomery (G. G.) 55. net

June 13 Auction bridge, Laws of Royal, 6d..

... May 13 Auction (bridge) of to-day, Work (M. C.) 45. 6d. net Auction bridge, Royal spade, Dunn (A.) 25. 6d. net Auction bridge, Royal spades, Whitehead (W. C.) IS, net

....Sep. 13 Auction bridge, Royal spades (Bascule) 35. net Auction bridge to date, Elwell (J. B.) 6s, net Auction high-lights [bridge), Irwin (F.) 35. 6d. net Audsley (George Ashdown)—The Art of organ

building: a comprehensive historical, theoretical, and practical treatise on the tonal appointment and mechancial construction of concert room, church, and chamber-organs. Illus. 2 vols

4to. 13 X9, pp. 608, 764, 845. net Low, May 13 Audsley (G. A.)-Gems of Japanese art and

handicraft. Folio, 1055. net; Japanese paper edit. 168s. net

... Low, July 13 Ausrbach (Siegmund)—Headache: its varieties,

their nature, recognition and treatment. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 4, pp. 216, 55. net (Oxford medical publications)..

..FROWDE, Apr. 13 Auguries, Binyon (L.) 38. 6d. net Augustine, St., of Canterbury, Howorth (Sir H. H.)

I2s, net Augustin (Saint) of Hippo De Catechizandis rudibus. Text. Cr. 8vo., swd., is, net

(Oxford), J. PARKER, Jan. 13 Augustine (Saint)—De Catechizandis rudibus.

Literal trans, by R. K. Davis and E. B. Lock. Cr. 8vo, swd. is, 6d. net ....BELL, Apr. 13

AUSTRALIAN Augustin (Saint) of Hippo-On Instructing the unlearned. Trans. Cr. 8vo., swd., Is, net

(Oxford), J. PARKER, Jan. 13 Augustin (St.) of Hippo-Instructing the un.

learned : Intro. and notes, Hooke (S. H.) 8d. net

.Jan. 13 Auld (S. J. M.) and Edwardes-Ker (D. R.)—

Practical agricultural chemistry. Cr. 8vo.,

8 X54, pp. 268, 5s. net........ MURRAY, Jan. 13 Aulnoy (Marie Catherine Baronne d')--Memoirs

of the Court of England in 1675. Edit. rev. and with annotations, including an account of Lucy Walter, evidence for a brief for the defence by George David Gilbert. 8vo. 9 X58, pp. 484, 16s. net

.. LANE, May 13 Aulularia, Plautus (ed. by Thomas) 45. 60. Apr. 13 Aunt Olive in Bohemia, Moore (L.) 6s... ...Mar. 13 Aunt Patience, Everett-Green (E.) 6d.

..Dec. 13 Aurangzib, Anecdotes of, etc., Sarkar (J. N.) 28, 6d. net

. Apr. 13 Aurangzib, History of, Sarkar (J. N.) ios, net

Apr. 13 Aurelius Antoninus (Marcus)--Thoughts. 18mo. 31 X2}, 6d. net (Langham bibelots, 12)

SIEGLE, H., Apr. 13 Aurelius Antoninus (Marcus)—Thoughts. Trans.

by George Long. 12mo., pp. 262, iS. net (Bohn's popular lib.).

.BELL, Oct. 13 Austen, Jane, Austen-Leigh (W. and R. A.)

Ios. 6d. net Austen, Jane, Cornish (F. W.) 25. net....Od. 13 Austen, Jane, Sequel to novels of: Old friends

and new fancies, Brinton (S. G.) 6s. ..Jan. 13 Austen-Leigh (W. and R. A.)-Jane Austen,

her life and letters: a family record. Port. Demy 8vo., pp. 452, 1os. 6d. net

SMITH, E., May 13 Austin (F. Britten)-In action : studies in war

Cr. 8vo. 71 X 48, pp. 294, 28. net NELSON, Nov.13 Austin (Stella)-Stumps : a story for children. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 74 X5, pp. 162, Is. 6d.

GARDNER, D., May 13 Austral-African notes, &c., Tremearne (A. J. N. 75. 6d. net..

..Sep. 13 Australasia, Sargent (A. J.) 15., 8d. net.... Feb. 13 Australasia, Literary and hist.atlas of, Bartholom ew (J. G.) 13., 25. net

.Sep. 13 Australia, Lang (W. H.) 35. 6d.. ..... Apr. 13 Australia, Africa and : Clarendon geography, Herbertson (F. D.) is. 4d.

.Sep. 13 Australia : Beneath the Southern Cross, Wooll

combe (H. S) 35. 6d. net. Australia, &c. : In the land of pearl and gold, Macdonald (A.) 5S.

..Oct, 13 Australia for the emigrant, Bushell (N.K.) is. net Australia from a woman's point of view, Acker

mann (J.) 6s..... Australia— Navigation bill, 1912, of the Common

wealth of Australia. 7!d..... WYMAN, Feb. 13 Australia : New world of the South, Fitchett (W. 11.) 65..

May 13 Australia : New world of the South, Fitcheit

(W. H.) Vol. 2, 6s.... Australia, Outback in, Harris (W. K.) 59.

Aug. 13 Australia, Parliament of: Acts, to 1912, Knowles

(G. S.) 475. 6d. net Australia : White A. impossible, Cole (E. W.)

... Aug. 13 Australian aborigines, Family among, Malinowski (B.) 6s, net

June 13 Australian Commonwealth, Making of the, Wise (B. R.) 75. 6d, net...

.Sep. 13 Australian desert, Humour and pathos of,

Beukers (J.) 48. net Australian idylls, poems, Henty (E. A.) is. 6d. IS. net

Jan. 13 Australian station, Log of H.M.S. “Encounter," Wilson (H.) 5s. net....

....Mar. 13 Australian verse, Golden treasury of, Stevens (B.)

..Feb. 13

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Feb. 13

Mar. 13

.Feb. 13

Mar. 13

May 13

Mar. 13

Nov. 13

6.Oct. 13

Nov. 13


Dec. 13

28. 6d.

.Nov. 13

Feb, 13

.Oct. 13

55. net


..Oct. 13

Feb. 13

Oct. 13

Oct. 13

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Feb. 13

58. net

Aviation, Art of, Brewer (R. W. A.) 55, net Mar. 13
Aviation book, Curtiss (G. H.) and Post (A.) 6s.

Apr. 13
Aviation maps : Aerodrome to aerodrome, ea. 125.

Aviation pocket-bk., Matthews (R. B.), 1913,
3s. 6d. net.

..Feb. 13
Aviation, Resistance of air and, Eiffel (C.) 428. net

June 13
Avon and Shakespeare's country, Bradley (A. G.)

.Aug. 13
Awakening of the desert, Birge (J.) 78. 6d. net

Sep. 13
Awaking of Anthony Weir, Hocking (S. K.) is. net

July 13
Axioms, Evolutionist theory of, Wilson (J. C.) 6d

Feb, 13
Aydelotte (Frank) ---College English: a manual
for the study of English literature and com-
position. Cr. 8vo., pp. 162, 3s. net

MILFORD, Oct. 13
Aydelotte (Frank)—Elizabethan rogues

vagabonds and their representation in con-
temporary literature. 8vo., pp. 200, 75. 6d. net
(Oxford historical and literary studies, Vol 1)

(Clarendon Press) MILFORD, Oct. 13
Ayesha, Haggard (Sir H. R.) 6d.........May 13
Ayres' Cricket companion, 1913. 12mo., bds., 6d.

AYRES, Jan. 13
Ayres' Cricket companion, 1914. 12mo., bds., 6d.

AYRES, Dec. 13
Ayres' Lawn tennis almanack and tournament
guide, 1913. Ryl. 16mo., bds. is.

AYRES, Jan. 13
Ayscough (John)-Admonition. 12mo. 7d. net

W. COLLINS, July 13
Ayscough (John)-Gracechurch. Cr. 8vo. 8 *57,
pp. 330, 6s....

...LONGMANS, July 13
Ayscough (John)-Levia-Pondera : essay
book. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5, pp. 380, 5s. net

Ayscough (John)—Prodigals and sons. Cr. 8vo.

71x41, pp. 326, 6s. .....CHATTO, Oct. 13

Australian wilds, Creature-life in, Lane (C. G.)
Ios. 6d.

Jan. 13
Austrian officer at work and play, Gerard (D).

75. 6d. net..
Authorship: How to write saleable fiction,

Magnus (G. G.) 35. 6d. net.
Autobiography, 1652–1732, Aldenburg (C. A.,
Princess) 155. net....

..Oct. 13
Autobiography, Dewey (G., Admiral) 145. net
Autobiography, Roosevelt (T.) ros. 6d. net Dec. 13
Autobiography, Tone (T. W.) 35. 6d. net May 13
Autobiography of an individualist, Fagan (J. O.)
Autobiography of Mark Rutherford,White (W. H.)
7d. net

.Apr. 13
Autocar handbook (The) : a guide to the motor
car. 5th edit. 8vo., pp. 302, Is. 6d. net

ILIFFE, June 13
Autocar road bk., Harper (C. G.) Vol. 4, N. of
Eng., &c. 78. 6d, net...

.Nov. 13
Autograph land, Rambles in, Joline (A. H.)
IOS. 6d. net

.Nov. 13
Autolycus. Good cheer calendar, 1914, is. net

Aug. 13
Automobile, Gasoline, Page (V. W.) 125. net

Jan. 13
Automobile engineer year-book (The), 1913

Ryl. 8vo., bds. is, net........OFFICE, Mar. 13
Automobile engineer year book (The), 1914.

Ryl. 8vo. Is. 6d. net... . ILIFFE, Nov. 13
Automobile route map of inner London, Royal,
3s., Is, 6d. net

. Aug. 13
Autumn and winter, Thomas (W. B.) and Collet.
(A. K.) 1os. 6d. net

..Oct, 13
Autumn glory, Bazin (R.) 25. net.. .....Mar. 13
Auvergne (Edmund B. d')— The Night of memory.

A romance of to-day. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 5, pp. 266,

T. W. LAURIE, Aug. 13
Avalon (Arthur) trans.-Tantra of the great
liberation. Ios, net

... Apr. 13
Avalon (Arthur) ed.—Tantrik texts.

Vol. I,
Tantrabhidhana, with Vija-Nighantu. Edit.
by Taranatha Vidyaratna. Ryl. 8vo., pp. 154,
25. net. Vol. 2, Shatchakra Nirūpana and
Padukapanchaka. Edit. by Taranatha Vidy.
aratna. Ryl. 8vo., pp. 154, 3s. net

LUZAC, Sep. 13
Avalon (Arthur and Ellen) trans.-Hymns to the

Goddess (Devi). Trans. from the Sanskrit.

Ryl. 8vo., pp. 196, 45. net ..LUZAC. May 13
Avebury (Lord)— Prehistoric times: as illustrated

by ancient rentains and the manners and
customs of modern savages. 7th edit., thoroughly
rey, and entirely re-set. 8vo. 9 X54, pp. 632,

los. 6d. net........ WILLIAMS & N., Nov. 13
Avebury (John Lubbock, Lord)— The Scenery

of Switzerland and the causes to which it is
due. 5th edit. Cr. 8vo. 78 X5, pp. 538, 6S.

Avebury (Lord) and others.—How to make the

most of life, and other talks to boy scouts.
Cr. 8vo. 71 X5, pp. 158, 25. net

Aventure de Ladislas Bolski, Cherbuliez (V.) is, net

Jan. 13
Aventures de Maitre Renard (Les). Edit. by M.

Ceppi. Cr. 8vo. IS.... ...E. ARNOLD, Apr. 13
Aventures de M. Pickwick, Dickens (c.) 3 vols.
ea. Is, net

. Apr.- June 13
Average Jones, Adams (S. H.) 65..

. Μαν 13
Average man, Benson (R. H.) 6s......

.. June 13
Averill (C.)-Field sanitation for territorial
officers. 8vo., pp. 40, swd. is. net

GALE & P., Feb. 13
Averno, Mitford (B.) 63.

.. June 13
Avery (Alfred H.)--Electric lighting: a practical

guide to the wiring of houses, &c. Cr. 8vo.

71 X41, pp. 158, 25. net...... .CASSELL, Oct. 13
Aviation, Berriman (A. E.) 1os. 6d. net.. Oct. 13
Aviation : Airman, Mellor (C.) 35. 6d. net July 13


IS. net

B. (H.)-Voces clamantis, Is.2s, net June, July 13
B. (W. E.)- Jesus is coming, 2s. net ....Mar. 13
Babbitt (1.)—The Masters of modern French

criticism. 8vo., 8s. 6d. net CONSTABLE, Mar. 13
Babcock (W. H.)-Early Norse visits to North

America (Smithsonian Misc. Coll.) IO illus.
8vo. 9) X64, pp. 213, swd. 35. 6d. net

WESLEY, Nov. 13
Babe in Bohemia, Danby (F.) is. net......Oct, 13
Babies : bk. for maternity nurses, French (M.)

.Apr. 13
Babies, Book of, Entwistle (M.) 6d. net ..Mar. 13
Babson (Roger W.)—

The Future of the working
classes : economic facts for English employers
and wage earners. Cr. 8vo. 78 X5, pp. 76,
bds, is. net

.E. WILSON, May 13
Baby. About, Tweddell (F.) 18. net......May 13
Baby, Feeding and care of, King (f. T.) is, nii

Nov. 13
Baby in sickness, &c., My, Chesser (E. S.) 28. 60.

Baby, Our, Hewer (Mrs. J. L.) 15. 6d., 25. 6d. net

May 13
Babyland abroad, Jesse (L.) 28. 6d. net..May 13
Pabylon and Assyria, Life in olden times in

Trotter (E.) is. 6d.
Babylonia, Ancient, Johns (C. H. W.) is., 25. 6d.

Babylonian tablets, Cuneiform texts from,

British Museum, pt. 33, 75. 6d. ......Feb. 13
Bachelor, Reflections of a, is. net

...Oct. 13
Bachelor girl, Reveries a, is. net ...... Oct. 13
Bachelor in Arcady, Sutcliffe (H.) 7d. net June 13
Bacon (J. D.)-The Inheritance. Cr. 8vo., 6s.

Bacon (J. D.)–

The Strange cases of Dr. Stanchon.
Cr. 8vo. 6s.

.APPLETON, Nov. 13

Dec. 13

..Mar. 13

.Feb. 13


[blocks in formation]

Bacon (Roger)-Communium naturalium Fratris

Rogeri De Celectibus. Liber Secundus, Partes Quinque. Edidit Robert Steele. 8vo., pp. 152,

1os. 6d. net (Clarendon Press) FROWDE, Feb. 13 Bacon, Francis : Uncrowned, Dawbarn (C. Y. C.)

55. net

.Nov. 13

Mar. 13

Mar. 13

Baconian heresy, Robertson (J. M.) 21s. net Baconian myths, Rose (M.) is. net ......Oct. 13 Bacon's Large scale atlas of London and suburbs,

Rev. edit., with an alphabetical index. Edit. by W. Stanford. Oblong folio į bnd. 255. ; full bnd., 30s.

G. W. BACON, Dec, 12 Bacteria and blood-parasites, Diagnosis of, Minett (E. P.) 28. 6d. net

...Apr. 13 Bacterial discases of respiration, Allen (R. W.) 6s. net

...Mar. 13 Bacteriology-Part 2. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 84, swd., is. net (Catechism ser.)

LIVINGSTONE, Nov. 13 Bacteriology, Abel's Laboratory handbk., 5s. net

A pr. 13 Bacteriology, Beattie (J. M.) 15..

.Feb. 13 Bacteriology, Agricultural, Lohnis (F.) 45. 6d. net

May 13 Bacte iology and protozoology, Elem., Fox (H.) 6s. 6d. net.

.Apr. 13 Bacteriology and protozoology, Medical. Pt. 1, IS. net

..Oct. 13 Bacteriology, Clinical, for vet. surgeons, Scott (W.) 75. 6d. net...

.Nov. 13 Bacteriology, Compend on, Pitfield (R. L.) 5s. net

Aug. 13 Bacteriology, &c., Practical, Besson (A.) 36s. net

May 13 Bacteriology, Household, Buchanan (E. D. and

R. E.) 1os. net ... Bacteriology, Manual of, Muir (R.) and Ritchie (J.) Ios. 6d. net

...July 13 Bacteriology of diphtheria (The). By various

writers. Re-issue, with supplementary biblio. graphy. Ryl. 8vo., 155. net

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Sep. 13 Bacteriology, Practical, &c., Still (E. R.) 6s. 6d.

net Bacteriology, Water, Prescott (S. C.) and Winslow (E. E. A.) 78. 6d. net

...Oct. 13 Bacteria : forgotten empire, Rawlinson (H. G.) 78. 6d. net

..Jan. 13 Bad times, Birmingham (G. A.) 2s. net....Oct. 13 Baddeley (W. St. Clair)-Place-names of Glouces

tershire : a handbook. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 5, pp. 216, bds. 58. net

.J. BELLOWS, Dec. 13 Baden-Powell (Miss A.)—Displays composed by

girl guides : suitable for performance by girl guides. Tómo., pp. 138, swd., 6d. net

J. BROWN, June 13 Baden-Powell (Sir R. S. S.)-Boy Scouts beyond

the seas : My world tour." Illus. 8vo., pp. 250, swd. is. net

. PEARSON, Mar. 13 Baden-Powell, Sir Robert, Batchelder (W. J.) 7d. net

Dlar. 13 Badminton annual register of sporting and society fixtures (The), and diary, 1914.

18ino. swd. Is. 6d. .WEBSTER, Dec. 13 Badminton : laws and rules, official edit. 12mo., swd. 6d.

...H. Cox, Sep. 13 Badsworth-Auction bridge, &c. 35. 6d. net

Jan, 13 Badsworth, Principles of bridge, 35. 6d. net

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..Oct. 13


Feb. 13

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Cr. 8vo. 71 X41, pp. 270, 19. BLACKIE, Od. 13


..Dec. 13

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