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and family is now 20,000!, per annum. "I applaud all you have done; I autho: Since his eleration he has purchased seve, rise the efforts you wish to make; I will do ral valuable estates in Sweden.

every thing that depends on me to second Count Gottorf, in the late offer to join your resolutions. the Moravians, was, it appears, influenced “ If your efforts are unanimous, you may by a passion not, in this particular ins; conceive the hope of reducing your ene. stance, the most creditable to his charac. mies to acknowledge your rights; but in ter. He had become enamoured, at first these countries, so distant and extensive, sight, of a girl barely 15 years of age, the it is entirely upon the unanimity of the daughter of a Moravian Elder: and, in efforts of the population which covers them order to procure the father's consent to his that you must found your hopes of espousing her, offered to sacrifice his creed on the allar of Hymen. The parents, “I have held to you the same language under pretence that a Sovereign, though since my first appearance in Poland. I deposed, could not be admitted as one of must add lierc, that I have guaranteed to the brethren, declined the alliance. The the Emperor of Austria the integrity of his Count has since returoed to Switzerland. dominions, and that I cannot sanction any DENMARK.

manoeuvre or any moveinent which may Dr. Herbolt, an eminent man-midwife tend to trouble the peaceable possession of and surgeon of division at Copenhagen, what remains to him of the Polish pro: bas discovered that the cause of apparent vinces. Let Lithuania, Samogitie, Wideata iu still-born children, is their having tispsk, Polotsk, Mohilaw, Wilhynu, the the wind pipe filled with water. By the Ukraine, Podolia, he animated with the simple process of placing the infant in same spirit which I have seen in Great Posuch a position as to procure a gradual land, and Providence will crown with sucand total discharge of tļie water, Dr. Her. cess your holy cause ; he will recoinpense bult has had the bappiness to rescue in the that devotion to your country, which has proportion of 12 out of 13 of the innocents rendered you so interesting, and acquired fortuoately submitted to his care.

you so many claims to my esteem and POLAND.

protection, upon which you may depeod The Diet at Warsaw, being constituted under every circumstance" into a General Confederation of Poland, Thus, it appears, that Buonaparte by has Bamed Prince Adam Czartorinski forits no ineans meditates the entire restoration President. This Prince, aged $0 years, of the Kingdom of Poland; for he tells has for fifty years beep Marshal of the the Deputies, that having guaranteed the Diet of Polaud. The first act of the Diet integrity of the Austrian dominious, the was to declare the kingdom of Poland re- Polish provinces subject to that Power established.

must remains as they are.

It is clear A Deputation from the Confederation enough to !percrive, willi ali biz professed was presented to Buonaparte at Wilna, love towards the Poles, that be inerely and submitted to his approbation and pro- wishes to use them as the instruinents of lection the Act of Confederation.

his designs againsi Russia. To which Napoleon replied as follows:

RUSSIA. Gentlemen, Deputies of the Confedera. PROCT.AMATION OF THE EMPEROR ALEXANDER. tion of Poland.

[Published in Gencral Orders, by the Com“ I have heard with interest what you mander-in-Chief, General Bennigsen.] bare related to me.

Russians !--The Enemy has quitted the Poles!I should have thought and Dwina, and has proclaimed bis intention acted like you--like you I would have of offering battle. He accuses you of tiSoled in the Assembly at Warsaw. Love midity, because be mistakes, or affects to of the Country is the first duty of civilized mistake, the policy of your system. Can

he then lave forgotten the chastisement "Un my situation I have many interests which your valour inflicted at Dunabergto conciliate, and many duties to perform. and Mihr, whererer, in short, it has been Had I reigned during the first, second, or deemed proper to oppose him? Despethird pariition of Poland, I would have rate counsels are alone compatible with amned all my people to support you. Im- the enterprise le bas undertaken, and the mediately that victory enabled me to re- Jangers of his situation ; but shall we Bore your antient laws to your capiial, therefore be imprudent, and forego the and a part of your provinces, I did it adrantages of our own!-!e woulil marchi without prolonging a war which would have to Moscow-let bim, Bui can he, by the Coutinued to spill the blood of my subjects. temporary possession of that city, conquer

so I love your nation: for sixteen years the Empire of ķussia, and subjugale a po. I have seen your soldiers by my side, in pulation of thirty millions. Distant from the fields of Italy, as well as those of his resources near 600 miles, he wouli, Spain.

even if victorious, nut escape the fute of Gest. MAG. August, 1812.



the warrior Charles XII. When, pressed growing crops within the distance of the on every side by hostile armies, with a line of the Enemy's march, are compeasantry sworn to 'his destruction-ren- manded to destroy them, and they shall dered furious by his excesses, and irre- be reimbursed their loss. The proprietors concileable by difference of religion, of cus- of magazines, either of provisions or toms, of language, how would he retreat ? cloathing, are required to deliver them

Russians ! --Rely on your Eniperor and to the Commissaries for the use of the the Commanders whom he has appointed. army, and they will be liberally remuneHe knows the ardent and indignant valour rated. In general, the spirit of this or. which burns in the bosoms of his soldiers der is to be carried into execution in re. at the boasis of the Enemy. He knows gard to all articles, whether of subsistence, that they are eager for battle; that they of cloathing, or of conveyance, which grieve at its being deferred, and at the may be considered useful to the invaders; thought of retiring. This cruel necessity and the Magistrates are made responsible will not exist long. Even now the period for the due fulfilment of these our comof its duration lessens,' Already are our mands.

ALEXANDER.” allies preparing to menace the rear of the We have seen an eloquent and interestinvader, while he, inveigled too far to re- ing address from the Russian Minister at treat with impunity, shail soon have to War, Gen. Barclay de Tolli, to the Ger. combat with the seasons, with famine, and inan people, calling upon them to imitate with innumerable armies of Russians. the example of the Spaniards and PortuSoldiers, when the period for offering battle guese, to abandon the standard of slavery, arrives, your Emperor will give the signal, and to join that of the Emperor Alexwill be an eye-witness of your expioits, ander, who promises to afford the aid of and reward your valour.

his whole population to assist in restoring (Signed)

ALEXANDER. the liberties of Germany. Those who acPROCLAMATION OF THE EMPEROR ALEXAN- cept the invitation are to be formed into

DER, ON THE RUSSIAN ARMY BREAKING a German Legion, under the command of UP FROM DRISSA.

a native Gerinan Prince (Duke of Olden. Beloved Subjects !_In pursuance of burgh). If the attempt to emancipate the policy advised by our Military Coun- that part of the Continent from the French cil, the armies will, for the present, quit yoke should afterwards prove unsuccess. their positions, and retire further into the ful, those brave men are promised, 'in interior, in order the more readily to unite. the name of the Emperor, habitatious The Enemy may possibly avail himself of and a refuge in the Southern part of this opportunity to advance : he has an- Russia. nounced this intention. Doubtless, in Prince Bagration is stated to have cut spite of his boast, he begins to feel all to pieces nine regiments of cavalry, and the dificulties of his menaced attempt to taken one thousand prisoners, among subjugate us, and is anxious therefore whom were fifty staff officers of Davoust's to engage; he is desperate, and would division. Besides these important facts, some therefore put every thing upon the issue gratifying particulars are stated in the difof a battle. The honour of our Crown, ferent Bulletins of the Russian Army, which the interests of our subjects, prescribe, we have received. The vigorous repulse however, a different policy: it is neces- of the Enemy, in three several assaults sary that he should be made sensible of on the tèle du pont, with considerable loss the madness of his attempt. : If, urged by in each, is confirmed; and the affair of the desire of obtaining provisions and fo- the 15th, of which Buonaparte affects to rage, or goaded by an insatiable cupidity. treat so lightly in his eighth Bulletin, apfor plunder, he should be blind to the pears to have been of a decisive nature, danger of farther committing himself at The loss of the Enerny was very considersuch an immense distance from his terri- 'able; and among the prisoners were se, tories, it would become the duty of every venteen officers of distinction. Marshal loyal Russian, every true friend to his Mortier (nick-named Duke of Treviso), country, to co-operate cheerfully with us it appears by the last Russian Bulletin, in impeding equally his progress or his approached the vicinity of Glaubokoy on retreat, by destroying his supplies, his the 17th, with 30,000 mens, but was remeans of conveyance; in short, every pulsed. thing which can be serviceable to hin,

According to a letter from Pernau, the We therefore order that such of our sub- Russians make a distinction in the pri: jects in the provinces of Vitebsk and soners taken by them-those who are na. Pskov, as may have articles of subsist- tives of France 'are sent under a strong ence, either for man or beast, beyond their escort towards Siberia; while the Gerimmediate want, to deliver them to offi- mans are permitted to enter into a particers authorized to receive them, and for cular corps forming for that purpose. which they shall be paid the full value out The Chief of the Cossacks in the Pus. of the lmperial Treasury. The owners of sian Army has offered his daughter in

marriage, marriage, with a portion of two hundred and the United States of America and. thousand roubles, to any man of his corps their Territories. who should bring in the tyrant Buona- "Be it' enacted, by the Senate and parte, dead or alive.


House of Representatives of the United It is computed in private letters from States of America, in Congress assembled, the Baltic, that the allied force under that War be, and the same is hereby deBuonaparte has, since the commencement clared to exist, between the United King. of hostilities against Russia, sustained a dom of Great Britain and Ireland, and loss of 15,000 men. The official return the Dependencies thereof, and the United of prisoners to head quarters, up to the States of America and their Territories ; 20th July, was 2800; those killed in the and that the President of the United different affairs cannot be fewer than States be, and is hereby authorised, to 5000; and the wounded must be under- lise the whole land and naval forces of the rated at the same number. There are in United States, to carry the same into addition upwards of 3000 deserters. effect; and to issue to the private armed

So great has been the mortality amongst vessels of the United States commissions, the horses in the French Grand Army in or letters of marque and general reprisal, Poland, that a requisition for no less in such form as he shall think proper, and than 40,000 is said to have been received under the Seal of the United States, against in France, to supply the losses,

the vessels, goods, and effects of the GoLetters from St. Petersburgh inform us, vernment of the said United Kingdom of that the greatest exertions were making Great Britain and Ireland, and the Subthere for the support of the army. Pa- jects thereof. triotic subscriptions had been entered

" Approved, JAS. MADDISON. into for the purpose of furnishing supplies June 18, 1812." to the Russian armies.

Among other

A meeting of the inhabitants of Boston contributors for this laudable purpose, was lield on the 18th of June, when seve. Prince Şouboff had given a donation of ral Resolutions, expressive of their dissa150,000 ducats, and 60,000 load of wheat, tisfaction at the measures pursued by the and the Countess of Orkoff had made a Executive and Legislature, were agreed donation of tbree millions of roubles. The to.

Mr. Randolph had addressed an elocity of Moscow was to furnish an army of quent and energetic letter to his Constitu100,000 men, fully equipped with arms ents the War, which concludes in and cloathing.

the following impressive inanner:"We A letter from Riga mentions, that the are tired of holding out; and, following Poles in garrison in that place bad formed the example of the nations of Continental the diabolical project of setting fire to the Europe, entangled in the artifices, or awed city, in order to take advantage of tbe by the power, of the destroyer of manconfusion to plunder the place, and deli- kind, we are prepared to become instruver it up to the French. Forty of the mental to his projects of universal domi. ringleaders are said to have been shot, nion. Before these pages meet your eye, and more were under trial.

the last Republick of the earth will have Smolensko, July 21. His Majesty, who enlisted under the banners of the tyrant, arrived here yesterday, has this moment and become a party of his cause. The received the intelligence of the Grand blool of American freemen must flow to Seignior having ratified the peace con- cement' his power, to aid in stilling the cluded between the Porte and Russia. In last struggles of afficted and persecuted consequence of which his Imperial Ma- 129; to deliver up into his hands the jesty intends to have Te Deum sụng at patrio's of Spain and Portugal; to estaMoscow. The nobility of Smolensko have blish his empire over the ocean, and over voluntarily offered the Emperor to raise a the land hat gave our forefathers birth; corps of 20,000 mien, at their own expence. to forge our own chains; and yet, my AMERICA.

friends, we are told, as we were told in We have now to announce official in. the days of the mad ambition of Mr. telligence of a formal DeCLARATION OF Adams, that the finger of Heaven points War, by the United States of America, to War. Yes, the finger of Heaven does agaiost Great Britain and her Dependen- point to War. It points to war as it points cies. The Ainerican Papers have brought to the mansion of eternal misery and tora the Presideot's Message to Congress in ture; as to a flaming beacon, warning us recommendation of the measure, and the of that vortex which we may not approach Act of Congress declaring War against but with certain destruction. It points to Great Britain. The latter of these im. desolated Europe, and warns us of the portant documents is as follows:

chastiseinent of those nations who have An Act, declaring War between the offended against the justice, and almost

United Kingdom of Great Britain and beyond the mercy, of Hearen. It an. Ireland, and the Dependencies thereof, nounces the wrath to come upon those


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who, ungrateful for the bounty of Provi. being admitted, they insisted that he dence, not satisfied with peace, liberty, should lead them to a certain place. On security, plenty at home, fiy, as it were, their way down a neighbouring lane, they into the face of the Most High, and tempt accused him of giving information against bis forbearance. To you, in this place, I the Luddites, which he denied :-while in cau speak with freedoin, and it becomes conversation, the ruffians, hearing a horse me to do so ; nor shall I be deterred by galloping behind thein, made off

, after the cavils and sneers of those who hold firing at Hinchliffe, and lodging a piece of a's 'foolishness' all that sarours not of lead in his eye. The eye is entirely lost, worldly wisdom, from expressing fully and his head much bruised. and freely those sentiments which it bas- July 28. A violent storm of wind and pleased God, in his mercy, to engrave rain was experienced in the neighbourhood upon my heart. These are no ordinary of Bungay, accornpanied by a single fash times. The state of the world is unexam. of lightning, which set fire to and cont. pled. The War of the present day is not gumed a barn and stable of Mr. Aggays, like that of our Revolution, or any which in Earsham. preceded it, at least in modern times. It July 29. Eight sheep were killed under is a War against the liberiy and happiness an elm-tree in a field at Newlon St Lue, of mankind. It is a war of which the Salop, by lightning. whole human race are the victims, to gra- July 29. The extensive workshops of tify the pride and lust of power of a single Mr. John Reid, cabinet-maker, in Virgi. jndividual. I beseech you put it to your nia-street, Glasgow, were destroyed by own bosoms, how far it becomes yon, as fire; and five persons perished in the freemen, as Christians, to give your flames, while endeavouring to save some aid and sanction to this impiouy and of the goods. The damage is estimated at bloody warfare against your brethren 21,0001. of the human family. To such anong Aug. 9. Very large quantities of hay in you, if any such there be, who are insen. the meadows between Stamford and Northsible to motives not more dignified and amplon, liave been entirely spoiled by the manly than they are intrinsically wise, I almost incessant rain during the last fort. would make a different appeal. I adjure night. yoti, by the regard which you have for Aug. 11. Several women tumultuously your own security and property, for the assembling at Knottingley, proceeded to liberties and inheritance of your children, the shops, demanding bread-meal at 35. by all that you hold clear and sacred, to per stone; which being complied with, they interpose your constitutional powers to immediately sent the bellman to cry it as save your country and yourselves from a selling at that price. A number of women calamity, the issue of which it is not given were, in consequence, induced to go from to human foresight to divine.

Brotherton to obtain four at the above re. The preparations fur maritime war are duction. carried on with much apparent activity in Aug 12. The first stone of the Break. the United States ; for lhey do not depend water at Plymouth was lowered down. To altogether upon the means of the Govern- boals from every ship in Hamoaze at. mient; but it is far otherwise with that 'tended at the Admiral's stairs, Mount which they must wage on land. Our pri. Wise; and about noon the Commander in, vate communications say, that not oue- Chief, Sir R. Calder, 'accompanied by tenth part of the troops which had been Adm. Sir E. Buller, bart. and all the ordered to be levied are yet forthcoming, Captains or Commanders of vessels in and that the drafts froin the militia had commission, rowed off in procession, with been in some places resisted. In Massa- flags and streamers flying, to the outer chusets, and some other States, meetings part of the Sound. The Mayor and Cor. have been held, in consequence of which poration went thither also in procession, the militia had refused to march'; alle- Towards one o'clock the boats assembled


ging that they are not liable to serve with round the vessel that held the stone, and

out their respective Statesy unless in the at the signal gun the store was lowered event of actual invasion.

to its hase, at the Western extremity of INDIA.

the Breakwater, amid a royal salute of Captain Bartholomew, of the Mary, of cannon from the ships in Cawsand Bay, Calcutta, in his voyage to Prince of Wales, Plymouth Sound, and Hamoaze. The Island, having landed with five of his beauty of the scene was heightened by the crew on the Lesser Andaman, were all fineness of the day, the grand open bor murdered.

som of the Sound was crowded by an im.

mense number of pleasure-boats, cutters, COUNTRY NEWS.

barges, &c.; the men-of-war, in comine. July 22. John Hinchliffe, of Holmfirth, moration of the birth-day of the Prince, near Huddersfield, was roused from his bearing the royal standard at the main, bed by-two men kuocking at his door, and were decorated with numerous and varie.

gated gated flags, and, surrounded as they were of Sheffield. Agents from the Luddites are by the numberlëss parties sailing around said to have recently made their appearthem, formed a pleasing picture.


ance, in that neighbourhood, for the purAug. 16. A dreadful fire at Mr. How- pose of instigating nocturnal meetings, lett's, Scotch Group Hill, Oxfordshire, de- drillings, and other seditions proceeilings. stroyed the whole of the barns, stables, The erection of the New Gacl, Town oat-buildings, and dwelling-house, before Hall, &c. for the county of Kent, is proWater could be procured.--Six ricks of hay ceeding with activity at Maidstone. The were consumed, together with a waggon expence is estimated at 160,0001. Aoaded), carts, ploughs, barrows, &c. Goverument, in order to check the esThe French and other prisoners of war were cape of French prisoners, as also the guiVery active in trying to pull down and save nea and smuggling system, gave orders, a the timber.

few days since, for the seizure of all galA meeting of Lieutenancy was beld at lies of a certain description, carrying eight Huddersfield last week, at which commit. Oars: 17 were seized at Deal, 10 at Folketees were formed, who will forthwith visit stone, Sandgate, &c. They are a beautithe disturbed districts, and examine where ful description of boats, about 40 feet long, associations for the preservation of the painted on the outside peace are formed, and how they are ma- sight at sea in the night; so neatly and

has to elude the baged, &c.

lightly constructed that nothing can catch A letter from Holbeach represents the them, and in calm weather they can row fen country to be totally inundated, with over to the French shore in two hours. the hay floating about on ihe top of the wa- The bridge over Fosiljke Wash, in Linter. The South Hotland drainage is of no colnshire, is to be completed by May service, and the water is nearly as high as next: it is to be constructed of English it was in the late inundation.

oak, and has been contracted for 70001. by In every part of England the harvest Messrs. Pacey and Colly, of Boston. promises to be abundant: throughout Sus- The Corporation of Boston bave, by new ser a larger crop is expected than has been rates of wharfage, increased their rental known for many years. From Somersetshire 35001. per annum, arising out of the inthey write, that the heavy luxuriance of the creased shipping business of the mercrops, in ali the Western counties, has sel- chants of that town. dom bećn equalled; neither blight, smut, A poor honest tar, or rather the remains mildew, nor any other jujurious visitation, of one, now at Bristol, exhibits a mangled, has been witnessed. In Yorkshire there is mutilated abridgement of a human being : the most promising appearance of a plen- be has buried an arm in Bengal, one lege tiful harvest. At Winchester, at Truro in the ocean, and the other at the Cape of and throughout the principality of Wales, Good Hope, and he has lately come the crops are as abundant as ever known. to bury his heart (which is still as sound In Essex, indeed, especially near Great as a biscuit) in Old England, his native Dunmor, considerable damage has been Jand. done by the late heavy rains: the loss sùs- All the money on board the Abergatained upon one farın alone has been esti- venny East Iodiainan, lost some years mated at 10001.

ago near Weymouth, to the amotat of The riot at Sheffield, which commenced 60,0001. in dollars, has been recovered by Aug. 18, the market-day, owing to many means of the diving-bell. The vessel has of the inhabitants insisting upon the meal. been since blown up under water, so as lo sellers disposing of their corn at Ss. instead prevent the wreck frorn furming a shval. of 7s. per stone, was partially revived next At York Assizes, Elizabeth Woodger day, when the military being called out, abd Susannah Lyall, were charged with jeveral persons were apprebended, and or- the wilful murder of a new-born male inder restored.

fant. It appears that the wife of G. Aug. 19. A rick of hay, containing 350 Needham, of Blackburn, was delivered tons, belonging to Mr. Ferrett, of Hanley, of two children, a girl and a boy ; the bear Upton-upon-Severn, which took tire former perfectly formed, but in the boy from heating, was wholly consumed. there was a deficiency in the superior part

Aug. 23. The barvest in the counties of of 'the head. Woodger, a midwife, conHuntingdon and Cambridge is very forward ceiving that it was not likely to live, -a good deal of wheat has already been formed the design of putting a period to carried. In Buckinghamshire, Surrey, and its existence, which was accomplished by some other of the coupties in the immediate drowning it. It was then buried, but neighbourhood of the metropolis, the fields was taken up again for the coroner's inare nearly cleared. Every where the pro- quest. The surgeon who examined the duce is found good and abundaut.

body, stated, that the child was perfectly A representation has been made to Go, formed, except his bead, which was defifernment, of an attempt to excite alarm- cient in the superior part an inch and an iaz disturbances in the immediate vicinity Dalf. Any pressure upon it must have



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