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165 For his Wisdom and Love. L.M.

He hath done all things well.- AIARK vii. 37.

OH for a heart prepar'd to sing
To God, my Saviour, and my King!
While with his saints I join to tell

How “ Jesus has done all things well.” 2 How sov'reign, wonderful, and free,

Is all his love to sinful me!
He saves me though I did rebel;

“ Jesus, my Lord, does all things well.” 3 [Though oft a fiery flaming dart

The tempter levels at my heart,
With this I all bis rage repel,

“My Guardian doeth all things well.”] 4 Whene'er my Saviour and my God

Has on me laid his gentie rod,
I know, in all that has befell,

Jesus bas still done all things well. 5 Sometimes he's pleas'd his face to hide,

To make me pray, or kill my pride;
Yet am I help'd on this to dwell,

• My Saviour doeth all things well." 6 Soon shall I pass the vale of death,

And in his arms resign my breath: Yet then, e'en then, my soul shall tell, 66 Jesus is with me: all is well.”

7 And when to that bright world I rise,

And join the anthems in the skies; Above the rest these notes shall swell, My Saviour has done all things well.'



166. Faith. S.M. By grace arè ye saved through faith; and that not of your

selves; it is the gift of GOD.Eph. ij. 8.
FAITH !—'tis a precious grace,

Where'er it is bestow'd!
It boasts of a celestial birth,

And is the gift of God! 2 Jesus it owns a King,

An all-atoning Priest:
It claims no merit of its own,

But looks for all in CHRIST. 3 To him it leads the soul,

When fill'd with deep distress;
Flies to the fountain of his blood,

And trusts his righteousness,

4 Since 'tis thy work alone,

And that divinely free;
Lord, send the Spirit of thy Son

To work this faith in me !

167. Faith. Ss.

Being justified by faith, we have peace with God through
our Lord JESUS CHRIST : by wbom also we have ac-
cess by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and re-
joice in hope of the glory of God. Rom. v. 1, 2.
AS soon as a sinner believes,

And trusts in his crucified God,
His pardon through faith he receives—

Redemption in full thro' his blood :
The faith, that unites to the Lamb,

And brings such salvation as this,
Is more than mere notion or naine ;

The work of the Spirit it is.
2 It treads on the world and on hell

; It vanquishes death and despair ; And Oh ! let us wonder to tell,

It overcomes heaven by prayer ;Permits a vile worm of the dust,

With God to commune as a friend ; To hope his forgiveness as just,

And look for his love to the end. 3 It says to the mountains, “ Depart,"

That stand betwixt God and the soul; It binds up the broken in heart,

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And makes wounded consciences Bids sins of a crimson-like dye [whole;

Be spotless as snow and as white; And raises the sinner on high

To dwell with the angels of light.

168. Faith. S.M. They shall not be ashamed that wait for me. IBAIAH

xlix. 23.
YOUR barps, ye trembling saints,

Down from the willows take ;
Loud to the praise of Christ our Lord,

Bid every string awake.
2 Though in a foreign land,

We are not far from home;
And nearer to our house above

We every moment come.
3 His grace shall to the end

Stronger and brighter shine ;
Nor present things, nor things to come,

Shall quench the spark divine. 4 The time of love will come,

When we shall clearly see,
Not only that he shed his blood,

But each shall say, 6. For me.” 5 Tarry his leisure, then,

Wait, the appointed hour;
Wait, till the bridegroom of your souls

Reveal his love with power.

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Blest is the man, O God!
That stays himself on thee!
Who waits for thy salvation, Lord !

Shall thy salvation see.

169. Faith. C.M. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Rom. xi. 29.
O LORD! why should I doubt thy love,

Or disbelieve thy grace?
Sure thy compassions ne'er remove,

Although thou hide thy face. 2 Thy smiles have freed my heart from

My drooping spirits cheer'd; [pain, And wilt thou not appear again

Where thou hast once appear'd ? 3 Hast thou not form'd my soul anew,

And taught me, I am thine ?
And wilt thou now thy work undo,

Or break thy word divine ?
4 Dost thou repent? wilt thou deny

The gifts thou hast bestow'd ?
Or, are those streams of mercy dry,

Which once so freely flow'd ? 5 Lord! let not groundless fears destroy

The mercies now possess'd:
I'll praise for blessings I enjoy,

And trust for all the rest,

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