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of Gloucester, barrister-at-law, D. C. L. of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and F.A.S. 6. 3rd August, 1775, m. 12th May, 1800, Eleanor, second daughter of James Sutton, esq. of New Park, in Wiltshire, and has issue,


lege, Oxford, and M.P. for Devizes, b. 4th April, 1801,
m. 21st August, 1830, Lucy-Sarah, only child of Frank
Sotheron, esq. of Kirklington, Notts, admiral of the

Blue. (See vol. iii.)
James-Bucknall, captain in the 43rd regiment, b. 12th

July, 1802.
Edmund-Hiley-Bucknall, M. A. of Merton College, Ox-

ford, vicar of Great Wolford, Warwickshire, 7. 22nd
November, 1803, m. 15th April, 1830, Anne-Elizabeth,
second daughter of Sir John Lowther Johnstone, bart.
of Westerhall, in Dumfriesshire, and has three daugh-
ters, viz.


Walter-Grimston-Bucknall, lieutenant R.N.b. 16th May,

William-John-Bucknall, B.A. of Balliol College, Oxford,

b. 17th May, 1812.
Edward-Dugdale-Bucknall, b. 6th February, 1818.
Georgiana-Charlotte, deceased.

Mary-Anne-Harriet-Bucknall. Mr. Estcourt succeeded his father 2nd December, 1818, and is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the counties of Gloucester and Wilts. He represented the borough of Devizes from January 1805 to February 1826, since which period he has had a seat in parliament for the university of Oxford.

Lineage. The family of EstCOURT enjoys consi esq. of Wargrave, in Berkshire, and derable estates and influence in the counties has issue, of Gloucester and Wilts.

MATTHEW ESTCOURT, esq. of Cam, in Glou-

Edgar-Edmund. cestershire, (grandfather of the present pro

Matthew-Hale. prietor) m. Esther Halling, and had, with

Charles-Wyatt. four daughters, as many sons, viz. Matthew,

Arthur-Harbottle. Thomas, Edward and Edmund, all now de

Mary-Jane. ceased. The second son,

Harriet-Jane-Bucknall. THOMAS ESTCOURT, esq. m. 6th October, Charlotte. 1774, the Hon. Jane Grimston, eldest daugh- Mr. Estcourt d. 2nd December, 1818, and ter of James, second Viscount Grimston,

by was s. by his elder son, the present ThomasMary his wife, daughter of John-Askell GrimsTON-BUCKNALL Estcourt, esq. M.P. Bucknall, esq. of Oxney, in Hertfordshire, and had issue,

Arms—Erm. on a chief indented gu. three THOMAS-GRIMSTON-BUCKNALL, his heir. estoiles or. Edmund-William, M.A. rector of Long Crest-Out of a mural crown az, a demiNewnton, in Wiltshire, and of Ship- eagle with wings displayed ppr. beaked or. ton Moyne, Gloucestershire, b. 28th Estates-In the counties of Gloucester, April, 1782; M. Bertha - Elizabeth, Wilts, Hertford, Middlesex. second daughter of Thomas Wyatt, Seat-Estcourt, in Gloucestershire.

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TAYLEUR, OF BUNTINGSDALE. TAYLEUR, JOHN, esq. of Buntingsdale, in the county of Salop, b. 14th July, 1772,

m. 7th March, 1796, Penelope, daughter of Thomas Pear. son, esq. of Tottenhall, in Staffordshire, and has issue,

William, b. 10th September, 1803, elected Member for

Bridgewater, and sat in the parliament of 1833 and
1834. He served the office of high sheriff of Shrop-

shire, in place of his father, in 1827.
Charles, in holy orders, b. 7th April, 1805.

Mr. Tayleur, who is a deputy-lieutenant for the county of
Salop, succeeded his father in September, 1813.

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Lineage. GALFRID LE TAYLeur, and_ Agatha his stone, and d. in 1796, leaving a daughter, wife, possessed the manor of Rodington in Dorothy, and an only son, 1271, and in 1313 John, son of Galfrid, is William Tayleur, esq. of Buntingsdale, mentioned as confirming a grant, made by in the parish of Drayton, b. 26th May, 1741, Clarice, widow of Sir Roger de Apelegh, knt. who served as high-sheriff for Shropshire in of the rent of Rodington Mill to the canons 1797. This gentleman m. 13th May, 1771, of Haughmond. In 1516, Jeffrye, abbot of Martha, daughter and co-heir of Maurice Lilleshall, demised the Grange of Longden Bowen, esq. of Upton, in the county of Pemupon Tern to

broke, and by her, who d. 11th December, William Tayleur, for the term of eighty- | 1775, had issue, one years. His great grandson,

John, his heir. Creswell TaYleur, being then styled of William, of Teignmouth, Devon, who Meeson, obtained a lease of Rodington from m. Sarah-Frances, daughter of John Gregory, the heir of an ancient family Windsor, esq. of Aldenham. whose ancestor settled there in consequence Charles, of Liverpool, who m. Jane, of his marriage with the daughter and heiress daughter of John Hill, esq. of the of George Onslow. Creswell Tayleur was same place, and has issue, father of

William. John Tayleur, esq. of Rodington, b. at

John. Longdon in 1639; admitted of St. John's

Charles. College, Cambridge, in 1656. He served

Henry. the office of high-sheriff of Salop in 1691,

Edward. and marrying one of the daughters and co

Mary. heirs of Thomas Skrymshire, esq. of Aqua

Jane. late, left at his decease a son and successor, Mr. Tayleur d. 26th September, 1813, and

William Tayleur, esq. of Rodington, was s. by his eldest son, the present JOHN high-sheriff of Salop in 1713, who m. Doro- Tayleur, esq. of Buntingsdale. thy, only child of Thomas Mackworth, esq. of Betton Strange, by his second wife, the

Arms—Erm. on a chief sa, three escallop daughter of General Mytton, and left at his


arg. decease, with two daughters, Sarah and Mary-Ann, a son and successor,

Crest-Out of a ducal coronet or, a dexWILLIAM TAYleur, esq. of Rodington and ter arm in armour, holding in the hand a

sword. Shrewsbury, bapt. at St. Chad's, 12th May, 1712; admitted of Christchuroh, Oxford, in

Estates-In the counties of Salop and 1731. He m. 12th August, 1740, Mary, Stafford. sister of Sir Rowland Hill, bart. of Hawke Seat-Buntingsdale.


MARTON, OLIVER, esq. of Capernwray Hall, in the county of Lancaster, succeeded his father in 1794.


and vicar of Lancaster, who m. Jane Ed-
wardes, daughter and heiress of Admiral
Edwardes, by whom he had issue,

1. Oliver, his heir.
II. George-Richard, deputy-lieutenant,

high-sheriff of Lancashire in 1832,
late lieutenant-colonel of the 6th or
Inniskillen Dragoons, m. Anne, sis-
ter of Sir Robert Pocklington, of
Chelsworth House, Suffolk (created
a knight of Maria Theresa for his
distinguished conduct in Flanders
with the 15th Dragoons). He d. in
1834, leaving issue,
George, a magistrate and deputy-

lieutenant for Lancashire, m. at The family of Marton is of Norman des

Paris, in 1833, Lucy - Sarah,* cent, and great antiquity. Paganus de Mar

daughter of the Right Hon. Lord ton was lord of East and West Marton soon

Chief Justice Dallas, and has after the Conquest, which lordships, as well

issue, as others in Craven, were held by his des

Georgina-Justina-Anne. cendants for several centuries. They after

Augusta-Madelina-Henrietta. wards removed to the forest of Bowland, Mr. Marton d. in 1794, and was s. by his and from thence to the estates which they elder son, the present OLIVER MARton, esq. now possess in the county of Lancaster.

of Capernwray. WILLIAM MARTON, of Bowland, lineally from Paganus de Marton, was the father of Arms—Quarterly: 1st and 4th, or, three

OLIVER MARTON, esq. born 1686, who bars gules; in the dexter chief point an first held the manor and estate of Capern- escucheon ermine : 2nd, argent on a cross wray, a deputy-lieutenant, recorder, and gules, five escallop shells of the first within patron of the vicarage of Lancaster, and a bordure vert, by the name of Preston, of steward of Lonsdale. He m. first, Grace Arton, in Craven: 3rd, argent, two chevSerle ; and, secondly, Jane, daughter of rons, the lowermost rompu, sable between Carus Wilson, esq. of Casterton Hall, West- three chaplets gules. morland, by whom he had issue,

Crest-A stag's head and neck, couped 1. EDWARD, his heir.

proper, attired sable. I. OLIVER.

Motto-Dieu et ma patrie. 1. GEORGE, a barrister, d. unm.

Estates—In Lancashire and Yorkshire ; 1. Mary, who m. Rigby Molyneux, esq. the patronage of Lancaster and its various high-sheriff of Lancashire in 1749.

dependant chapelries. Jl. Agnes, who d. unm. buried in the

m. Jane, cloisters at Westminster. Seat-Capernwray Hall, Lancashire. The eldest son, EDWARD MARton, esq. M.P. for Lancas

* Also niece of Sir George Dallas, bart. and ter, deputy-lieutenant and steward of Lons- sister to the Countess Gustavus Blucher, wife of dale, d. unm, and was s. by his brother, the grandson of his Highness the celebrated Field

The Rev. Oliver Marton, LL.B. patron Marshal Prince Blucher.


FULFORD, BALDWIN, esq. of Great Fulford, Devonshire, lieutenant-colonel of the

Devon militia, m. Anna-Maria, eldest daughter of the late William Adams, esq. of Bowdon Totness (and M.P. for that borough), and has issue,

1. BALDWIN, one of the chairmen of the Quarter

Sessions. 11. Francis, rector of Trowbridge, Wilts, m.

Mary, daughter of Andrew Berkeley Drummond, esq. of Cadlands, Hants, and has issue,

1. Francis Drummond.

1. Alice-Mary. III. John, lieutenant in the navy. iv. William, lieutenant in the army. v. George. J. Anna-Maria, m. her cousin, the Rev. Dacres

Adams, vicar of Pinhoe, Devon, and has issue,

1. William-Fulford.

2. Philip-Dacres.
1. Elizabeth-Florence.
III. Eleanor.
iv. Harriet.
v. Louisa.
vi. Philippa.

Lineage. This family is of Saxon origin, and held | de Belston, of Parham, Devon, by whom he Folefort, as it is written in Domesday Book, had from which place the name is derived. Here, HENRY FULFORD, of Fulford, who had a as it appears by records, as well as registries son, in the College of Arms, they were seated in William FULFORD, of Fulford, father of the time of RICHARD I., and have continued

JOHN FULFORD, of Fulford, who had a in possession of the same name, in the male

son, line, by uninterrupted descent during the long period of more than six hundred years. The

Sir Henry FULFORD, of Fulford, living mansion, which is a quadrangular pile of temp. Edward III., said by Bishop Godbuilding, is still in good repair, though one

win to have sat in judgment with Chiefof the most ancient in the west of England ; justice Gascoyne, and condemned Archstanding in a park well diversified with fine bishop Scrope to be beheaded. He was s. timber, and with extensive woods and planta- by his son, tions around it. This house was garrisoned

HENRY FULFORD, of Fulford, who m. the for CHARLES I., and was taken by a part of daughter and heir of Fitzurse, of Williton, Fairfax's army under the command of Col. Somerset, by whom he had Okey, in December, 1645. Many knights of Sir BALDWIN FULFORD, of Fulford, sheriff the family distinguished themselves in the of Devon 38th Henry VI., Knight of the Holy Land, Sir Baldwin de Fulford more par- Sepulcre, and Under Admiral to Holland, ticularly. Sir Thomas Fulford was one of Duke of Exeter, High Admiral of England. the knights who went up with the Earl of Prince styles Sir Baldwin “a great soldier Devon and relieved Exeter when besieged and a traveller of so undaunted resolution, by Perkin Warbeck, in 1497.

that, for the honour and liberty of a royal According to the records in the Heralds' lady, in a castle besieged by the infidels, he Office we find the first of the family is

fought a combat with Sarazen; for bulk

and bigness an unequal match, (as the reWILLIAM DE FULFORD, who held Fulford presentation of him cut in the wainscot in temp. RICHARD I., and left a son,

Fulford Hall doth plainly show,) whom yet Nicholas FULFORD, of Fulford, who had he vanquished, and rescued the lady." He a son,

m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Sir WILLIAM FULFORD, of Fulford, who m. John Bozom, of Bozom zeal, and by her, lariot, daughter and co-heir of Sir Baldwin who wedded secondly, Sir William Hud

dersfield, attorney-general to EDWARD IV., sons, from a younger one of whom, George, had issue,

the present family descends. Sir Francis 1. Thomas, his heir.

died in 1664, and was s. by (the only son 11. John, canon of Exeter Cathedral. and heir of his eldest son, THOMAS FULFORD, 1. Thomasin, m. to John Wise, esq. of esq. who was slain in the

civil wars, at the Sydenham, and had issue, Oliver siege of Exeter, in 1642) bis grandson, Wise, ancestor of the Wises of Sy

FRANCIS FULFORD, esq. of Great Fulford, denham, and Alicia Wise, married to who m. Susanna, daughter of John Kelland, James Russell, esq. by whom she esq. of Painsford, in Devon, and was father was mother of John, first Earl of | Col. Francis Fulford, of Great Fulford,

Bedford, K.G. (See vol. i. p. 20.) 11. Alice, m. to Sir William Cary, of who m. first, Margaret, daughter of John,

Cockington, in Devonshire, was slain Lord Poulett, of Hinton St. George, and at Tewkesbury in 1471. They left a

secondly, Mary, daughter and co-heir of son, Thomas Čary, father of William John Tuck field, esq. of Little Fulford, but Cary, who m. Mary, daughter of Sir dying without issue, in 1700, (his widow m. Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Ormond, secondly, Henry Trenchard, esq.) was s. by and younger sister of Queen Aný his cousin, (sprung from George, younger Boleyn, and had a son, Henry, Lord son of Sir Francis Fulford) Hunsdon, K.G. Lord Chamberlain

Francis FuLFORD, esq. of Toller, who to Queen ELIZABETH.

then became of Great Fulford. This gentleSir Baldwin was s. by his eldest son,

man m. Catherine, daughter of William Sir Thomas Fulford, of Great Fulford, Swete, esq. and dying in 1730, left a son

and successor, who, fighting gallantly under the banner of Lancaster at the battle of Towton, in 1461; 6. in 1704, who m. Ann, daughter of Sir

Francis FULFORD, esq. of Great Fulford, was taken prisoner and beheaded. wedded Philippa, daughter of Sir Philip Arthur Chichester, bart. of Youlston, in Courtenay, of Powderham, by Elizabeth Devon, and had issue, his wife, daughter of Walter, Lord Hunger John, his heir. ford, High Treasurer of England temp.

Francis, vicar of Dunsford. HENRY VI., and was s. at his decease by

Benjamin-Swete, who m. Joanna Gerhis eldest son,

rard, daughter of Thomas Galpine, SiR HUMPHREY FULFORD, of Great Ful

esq. and had issue, ford, Knight of the Bath, who espoused

BALDWIN, successor to his uncle. Florence, daughter and co-heir of Bonvile,

Harriet. of Shute, but dying without issue, was s. by

Elizabeth-Mary. his brother,

Florence-Anne. WILLIAM FULFORD, esq. of Great Fulford, Ann, m. to Sir John Colleson, bart. who m. Joan, daughter and co-heir of John Mr. Fulford d. in 1748, and was s. by his Bonvile, of Combraleigh, and left a son and eldest son, successor,

John FULFORD, esq. of Great Fulford, Sir John FulFORD, knt. of Great Ful- who m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Laroche, ford, who served the office of high sheriff of esq. but dying without issue, in 1780, was s. Devon in the 26th and 32nd of HENRY by his nephew, the present Baldwin FulVIII. He m. Lady Dorothy Bourchier, FORD, esq. of Great Fulford. younger daughter of John, first Earl of Bath, by Cecilia his wife, sister and heiress Arms—Carved in stone, are, over a large of Henry D’Aubeney, Earl of Bridgewater, entrance gateway, under which you drive and had, with other issue, a daughter, Faith, into the quadrangle, and are nine quarm. to Capt. Davies, the great circumnavi

terings. gator, and a son and heir,

1. FULFORD, gules, a chevron argent. SIR THOMAS FULFORD, knt. of Great Ful

2. FITZURSE, argent, a bend between ford, wbo m. Ursula, daughter of Richard three bears' heads erased sa. Bampfield, esq. of Poltimore, and had inter

3. Moreton, arg. a chev. between three alios a daughter, Bridget, married to Arthur moor cocks, sable. Champernoune, esq. of Dartington, and a

4. Belston, or, on a bend gules, three son and successor,

cross formés arg. Sir Francis FULFORD, knt. of Great Ful 5. Bozom, gules, three bird bolts arg. ford, who m. Elizabeth, daughter and co 6. St. George, argent a lion rampant, heir (with her sister, Anne, m. to Sir Francis gules a chief az. Ashley) of Bernard Samways, esq. of Toller 7. Cantilupe, a pipe barry az. three Tratrum, and Winterbourne St. Martin, in leopards' faces florette. the county of Porset, and by her (who was 8. Sr. ALBYN, ermine, on a cross gules born in 1585) bad, with six daughters, five | five bezants.

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