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Genealogies, cont'd.

Hord. Genealogy of the Hord family. By Rev. Arnold Harris Hord. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1898. 199 p., 7 pi., 22 port. 8°.

Thomas Hord, gentleman. Born in England, 1701, died in Virginia, 1766. A supplement to the genealogy of the Hord family. By Rev. Arnold Harris Hord. {Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott &" Co.,] 1903. 30 p., 1 fac, 1 pi., 2 port. 8°.

Houston. Brief biographical accounts of many members of the Houston family... By Rev. Samuel Rutherford Houston. Cincinnati: Elm Street Prtg. Co., 1S82. 420 p. 12°.

Hubard. Hubard family. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart. Hist. Mag., vol. 4, p. 135, 203-205; vol. 5, p. 106-109, 211-212. 1895-97.)

Hume. History of the Hume family. . .By John Robert Hume. St. Louis, Mo.: Hume Genealogical Ass'n, 1903. I p.l., ii, 287 p., 4 1., 16 pi. 8°.

Humphreys. The Humphreys family in America. By Frederick Humphreys, M.D., assisted by Otis M. Humphreys, M.D., Henry R. Stiles.M.D., Mrs. Sarah M. Churchill. New York: Humphreys Print, 1883. 8 p.l., 1115 p., 4 pi., 9 fac, 20 port., 2 charts. 4°.

Irvine. The Irvines and their kin. A history of the Irvine family and their descendants. By Mrs. L. Boyd. Louisville, Ky.: the Author, 1898. 115 p., 6 pi. 40.

Jameson. The Jameson family. By James M. Bourne. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart. Hist. Mag., vol. 3, p. 199-201; vol. 5, p. 90-94; vol. 8, p. 251-255. 1895-1900.)

Joliffe. Historical, genealogical, and biographical account of the Joliffe family of Virginia, 1652 to 1893. Also sketches of the Neill's, Janney's Holltngsworth's and other cognate families. [By William Joliffe.] Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1893. 245 p., 12 pi., 5 port. 8°.

Jones. A genealogical history. By Cadwallader Jones. Columbia, S. C: Ye Bryan Print Co., 1900. vii, 73 p., 1 1., 8 pi., 10 port. 12°.

Captain Roger Jones, of London and Virginia. Some of his antecedents and descendants, with appreciative notice of other families, viz.: Bathurst, Belfield, Browning, Carter, Catesby, Cocke, Graham, Fauntleroy, Hickman, Hoskins, Latane, Lewis, Meriwether, Skelton, Walker, Waring, Woodford and others. By Lewis Hampton Jones. Albany, N. Y.: J. Munsell's Sons, 1891. 295 p., 2 pi., 21 port. 8 .

Kemper. Genealogy of the Kemper family in the United States. Descendants of John Kemper of Virginia. With a short historical sketch of his family and of the German Reformed colony of Germanna and Germantown, Va. By Willis Miller Kemper and Harry Linn Wright. Chicago: G. K. Hazlitt &■ Co., 1899. 248, xix p. 40.

Kennon. The Kennon family of Virginia. Richmond, 1888. 8 p. S°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Oct, 29, 1888, etc.

Ladd. The Ladd family. A genealogical and biographical memoir of the descendants of Daniel Ladd, of Haverhill, Mass.. Joseph Ladd, of Portsmouth, R. I., John Ladd, of Burlington, N. J.,

John Ladd, of Charles City Co., Va. By Warren Ladd. New Bedford, Mass.: E. Anthony <&* Sons, 1890. 1 p.l., xii, 413 p., 1 port. 8°.

Langhorne. The Langhorne family. By Harry Brent Mackay. New York, 1900. I p.l., III. 4°.


Lee. Genealogical history of the Lee family of Virginia and Maryland, from A. D. 1300 to A. D. 1866. . .By Edward C. Mead. New York: Richardson and Co., 1868. vii (1) 9-15, 21-214 P-. 3 pi., 6 port. 8°.

Descendants of Col. Richard Lee, of Virginia. (In: New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Reg., vol. 26, p. 61-69. 1872.)

A record of the descendants of Col. Richard

Lee, of Virginia, prepared as an aid to farther investigations. By Cassius F. Lee, jr., and J. Packard, jr. Boston: D. Clapp &> Son, 1872. up. 8°.

Lee of Virginia. By J. Henry Lea. [Boston, 1892.] 23 p. 8°.

Repr. from "New Eng. Hist, and Gen Reg.," Jan., 1892.

Lee of Virginia, 1642-1892. Biographical

and genealogical sketches of the descendants of Colonel Richard Lee, with brief notices of the related families of Allerton, Armistead. . .and others. Philadelphia, 1895. 586 p., I 1., 4 pi., 31 port., 1 map, 2 fac. 40.

The Lees of England and Virginia. Richmond, 1888. 20 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, July 30, 1888, etc.

Leftwich. Genealogical chart showing descents of Alexander T. Leftwich and Rosalie Vivian Lightfoot. Saugerties, N. Y.: engrossed and painted by W. H. Abbott [1903]. 4°.

Photograph from the original, which measures 5 x 3 ft.

Lester. Bryant Lester of Lunenburg County, Virginia, and his descendants. By Thomas McAdory Owen. Baltimore, Md.: the Friedenwald Co., 1897. 13 p. 8°.

Repr. from Southern Hist. Ass'n Pub'ns, April, 1897.

Lewis. Genealogy of the Lewis family in America, from the middle of the seventeenth century down to the present time. By William Terrell Lewis. Louisville, Ky.: the Courier-Journal Job Print. Co., 1893. 2 p.l., 454 p. 8°.

Genealogies of the Lewis and kindred families. By John Meriwether McAllister and Lura Boulton Tandy. Columbia, Mo.: E. W. Stephens Pub. Co., 1906. 416 p., 2 pi., 1 port. 8°.

Lightfoot. The Lightfoot family. By W. G. Stanard. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart. Hist. Mag., vol. 2, p. 91-97, 204-207, 259-262; vol. 3, p. 104-m, 137- 1893-04.)

Lindsay. Lindsay Family Association of America. [Constitution, 1904. Boston, 1904.] 12°.

Annual report, 1.-2. [Boston, 1904

05.] 8°.

Lindsays in Virginia. By Armistead C.

Gordon. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 10, p. 96-97, 203, 310-311; vol. 11, p. 101-102. 1902-03.)

The Lindsays of America. A genealogical

narrative and family record, beginning with the family of the earliest settler in the mother state, Virginia, and including in an appendix all the

Genealogies, cont'd. Lindsays of America. By Margaret Isabella Lindsay. Albany: J. Munsell's Sons, 1889. xv, (1) 275 (7) P-. 4 pL, 5 charts. 8°.

Littlepage. Littlepage, of Virginia. (In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia genealogies... WilkesBarre. Pa., 1891. p. 395-420.)

Ludwell. Ludwell genealogy. By Cassius F. Lee, jr. (In: New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Reg., vol. 33, p. 220-222. 1879.)

Same, separate.

Lundy. The Lundy family and their descendants of whatsoever surname, with a biographical sketch of Benjamin Lundy. By William Clinton Armstrong. New Brunswick, N.J.: J. Heidingsfeld, 1902. 485 p., 1 fac, 5 pi., 23 port. 8°.

Mcclanahan. The McClanahans. By H. M. White. [Roanoke, Va.: the Stone Print, and Manuf. Co., 1894.] 43 p., 1 gen. table. 16°.

Mcdonald. Genealogy of the Macdonald family. Edition B. Comprising all names obtained up to February, 1876. [By Frank Virgil McDonald. New Haven, Conn.: Tuttle, Morehouse &* Taylor, 1876.J 6 L, 123 p. 8°.

Mcgavock. The McGavock family. A genealogical history of James McGavock and his descendants from 1760 to 1903. By Robert Gray. Richmond: W. E. Jones, 1903. 175 p. 8°.

Macon. Macon family [register from] St. Peter's Parish Register, New Kent Co., Va. (In: Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 6, p. 33-36. 1897.)

Mallory. The Mallory family. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 13, p. 216-219, 324-329, 441-445- 1904-06-)

Mann. Mann memorial. A record of the Mann family in America. Genealogy of the descendants of Richard Man of Scituate, Mass. Preceded by English family records, and an account of the Wrentham, Rehoboth, Boston, Lexington, Virginia, and other branches of the Manns who settled in this country. By George S. Mann. Boston: D. Clapp iSf Son, 1884. 251 p., 1 pi., 9 port. 8°.

Markham. The Markham family of Virginia. By Mrs. Flournoy Rivers. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 5, p. 205-206, 334-336, 439-440; vol. 6, p. 80-82. 1897-1898.)

Marshall. The Marshall tradition. By Thomas M. Anderson. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 12, p. 328-331. 1905.)

Mason. Mason family and Gunston Hall, Virginia. [Washington, 1896.] 22 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Washington Evening Star. 1896, etc.

Curious wills in Mason family. Richmond,

1888. 7 p. 8°. Mounted clippings from the.Richmond Critic, Oct. 22, 1838.

Mathews. Mathews family. (In: Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 6, p. 9193. 1897.)

Minor. Four successive John Minors. By Charles M. Blackford. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 10, p. 97-98, 204, 311-312, 436-440. 1902-1903.)

Some Minors in Virginia. By B. B. Minor.

(In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart., Hist. Mag., v. 8, p. 247-251; vol. 9, pp. 55-60. 1900.)

Some other Minors in Virginia. By Benjamin Blake Minor. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. II, p. 207-209, 335-33°. 443-4441903-04.)

Minor family. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll.

Quart. Hist. Mag., vol. 8, p. 196-200; vol. 9, p. 52-54, 179-182. 1900-01.)

Moncure. Moncure, of Virginia. (In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia Genealogies. Wilkes-Barre, 1891. p. 421-458.)

Montague. History and genealogy of the Montague family of America, descended from Richard Montague of Hadley, Mass., and Peter Montague of Lancaster Co., Va., with genealogical notes of other families by name of Montague. By George Wm. Montague. Revised and edited by William L. Montague. Amherst, Mass.: J. E. Williams, 1886. 785 p., 5 pi., 30 port., 2 charts. 8°.

History and genealogy of Peter Montague

of Nansemond and Lancaster counties, Virginia, and his descendants, 1621-1894. By George William Montague. Amherst, Mass.: J. W. Montague, 1894. 1 p.l., 494 p., 1 chart, 4 pi., 39 port.

New York: Amer. ColPhoto-lithographed. 1

Montague family.

lege of Heraldry [187 ?]. sheet. 8°.

Morton. The ancestry of David Morton. By Daniel Morton. [St. Joseph, Mo., 1901.] I gen. table. P.

Morton data. By Daniel Morton. (In:

Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 11, p. 205-207, 339-340, 451-453- I9°3-O40

Morton data. By Daniel Morton. [St.

Joseph, Mo., 1901.] 22 p. 16°.

Moseley. Moseley family of Lower Norfolk County. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 5, p. 327-334- 1898.)

Nance. The Nance memorial. A history of the Nance family in general, but more particularly of Clement Nance, of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and descendants, containing historical and biographical records with family lineage. By George W. Nance. Bloomington, III.: J. E. Burke & Co., 1904. xvi, 354 p., 1 port. 8°.

Nicholas. The Nicholas family of Virginia. Richmond, 1890. 4 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Aug. 30, 1890.

Nourse. James Nourse and his descendants. By Maria Catharine Nourse Lyle. Lexington, Ky.: Transylvania Print. Co., 1897. iv, I 1., 163 p., I fac, 19 pi., 4 port. 40.

Page. Genealogy of the Page family in Virginia. Also a condensed account of the Nelson, Walker, Pendleton and Randolph families, with references to the Byrd, Carter, Cary, Duke, Gilmer, Harrison, Rives, Thornton, Wellford, Washington, and other families in Virginia. By one of the family [Richard Channing Moore Page]. New York : fenkins &* Thomas, 1883 250 p. 4°.

Another copy. New York: Pub.

Print. Co., 1893. x, 275 p., 2 pi., 5 port. 2. ed.


Genealogies, cont'd.

A genealogy of the descendants of Colonel

John Page, who settled in the Colony of Virginia, Anno 1650. (In: Glenn (T. A.) Some colonial mansions, vol. I, p. 195-213. 1898.)

American family antiquity. Genealogy of

the Page family in England and America. By Albert Wells. New York, 188- 125-170 p., I pi., 2 port. 8°.

Pkachky. Peachey family. (In: Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 3, p. m115. 1894.)

Peyton. Peyton, of "Iselham," Cambridgeshire, England, Gloucester and Westmoreland Counties, Virginia. (In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia genealogies. Wilkes-Barre, 1891. p. 459-566.)

Pocahontas. Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and her descendants through her marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John Rolfe, gentleman; including the names of Alfriend, Archer, Bentley... and others, with biographical sketches by Wyndham Robertson, and historical... notes, by R. A. Brock. Richmond, Va.: J. IV.Randolph cV English, 1887. vii (1) 84 p., 1 port. 8°.

Prkston. The Preston genealogy. Tracing the history of the family from about 1040, A. D., in Great Britain, in the New England States, and in Virginia, to the present time. Edited by L. A. Wilson. By William Bowker Preston. Salt Lake City. Utah: DeseretNews, 1900. I p.l., viii, 1 1., 368 p., 4 gen. tables. 8°.

Memoranda of the Preston family. By

Orlando Brown. Albany: J. Munsell, 1864. 26 p. [3. ed.] 8°.

Price. The Price family of "Cool Water," Hanover County, Va. Maternal ancestry and descendants in two linesto the year 1906. By Theodore H. and Charlotte P. Price. New York: T.A. Wright, 1906. Genealogical chart, 28 x 40 in.

Quisenberry. Genealogical memoranda of the Quisenberry family and other families, including the name" of Chenault, Cameron, Mullins, Burris, Tandy, Bush, Broomhall, Finkle, Rigg, and others. By Anderson Chenault Quisenberry. Washington,

D. C: Hartman Cadiet, 1897. 204p., 2 pi., I port. 8°.

Memorials of the Quisenberry family in

Germany, England and America... By Anderson C[henault] Quisenberry. Washington, D. C: Gibson Bros., 1900. 137 p., 5 pi., I port. 8°.

Randolph. The Randolph family of Virginia ... Richmond, 18S8. 1 p.l., 40 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Sept. 3, 1888. etc.

The Randolph family. By W. G. Stanard.

(In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart. Hist. Mag., vol. 7, p. 122-124. 195-197; vol. 8, p. 119-122, 263265; vol. 9, p. 182-183, 250-252. 1898-1901.)

The Randolphs. (In: Glenn (T.A.) Some

colonial mansions, vol. I, p. 433-459. 1898.)

Renick. The Renick family of Virginia. By

E. I. Renick. (In: Southern Hist. Ass'n. Pub'ns, vol. 3, p. 221-227. '899.)

Richardson. Richardson-De Priest family. By Robert Douglas Roller. [Charleston, W. Va.: the Tribune Prtg. Co., 1905.] 50 p. 8".

Ro Bards. The Ro Bards family. By John Lewis Ro Bards. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 7, p. 312-313; vol, 8, p. 418-420; vol. 9, p. 195198; vol. 10, p. 98-99, 205-206, 307-308; vol. 11, p. 96-98. 1900-03.)

Robertson. The family of Gen. James Robertson. By Lavina R. ["Hill] Brown. (In: Amer. Hist. Mag., vol. I, p. 174-188, 271-279, 375-389; vol. 2, p. 45-59. Nashville, Tenn., 1896-1897.)

Maj. Charles Robertson, and some of his

descendants. By Mrs. Charles F. Henley. (In: Amer. Hist. Mag., vol. 3, p. 21-32, 190-192. 1898.)

Robinson. Robinson, of York County, Virginia. (In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia genealogies. Wilkes-Barre, 1891. p. 567-584.)

Rootes. The Rootes family. By S. R. Rootes. (In: Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., Vol. 4, p. 204211,332-333. 1896-1897.)

Ryedale. History of the Ancient Ryedales and their descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, and America, from 860 to 1884. Comprising the genealogy.. .of the families of Riddell, Riddle, Ridlon, Ridley, etc. By G. T. Ridlon. Manchester, N. H.: the author, 1884. x, 786 p., 28 pi., 17 port. 8°.

Robertson. Donald Robertson and his wife Rachel Rogers of King and Queen County, Virginia, their ancestry and posterity; also a brief account of the ancestry of Commodore Richard Taylor of Orange County, Virginia, and his naval history duringthe war of American Independence. By William Kyle Anderson. [Detroit, Mich.: Winn and Hammond, 1902.] 2&3,xxvi p., 5 pi., 13 port. 8°.

Rose. A chart of the ancestors and descendants of Rev. Robert Rose, born at Wester Alves, Scotland, February 12, 1704, came to Virginia in 1725, died June 30, 1751. By William G. Stanard. Richmond: W. E. Jones, 1895. gen. chart, f°.

Ruffi.v. The Ruffin family. Richmond, 1889. I p.l., 7 P- 8°. Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Oct. 19,1880.

Runkle. The Runkle family: being an account of the Runkles in Europe, and their descendants in America. By Benjamin Van Doren Fisher. New York: T. A. Wright, 1899. 366 p., 3 pi. 8°.

Scott. Scott, of Dipple Parish, Moray, Scotland; and "Dipple," Stafford County, Virginia. (In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia genealogies. WilkesBarre, 1891. p. 585-668.)

Selden. Selden family. (In: Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 5, p. 60-62, 264-267; vol. 6, p. 234-238. 1896-1898.)

Sharpe. Sharpe genealogy and miscellany. By William Carvosso Sharpe. Seymour, Conn.: Record Print, 1880. 178 p., I pi., 4 port., I fac. 160.

Sheild. Sheild family. By Lyon Gardiner Tyler. (In: Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 3, p. 268-271; vol. 4, p. 59; vol. 5, p. 22-24. 1895-1896.)

Smith. The Smiths of Virginia. By W. G. Stanard. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 4, p. 46-52, 95-103, 183-187; vol. 5, p. 50-53- 1895-1896.)

Genealogies, cont'd.

Genealogy of the Smith family of Essex

County, Virginia. By C. W. Coleman. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 6, p. 41-52. 1897.)

Spalding. The Spalding memorial: a genealogical history of Edward Spalding of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay, and his descendants... By Charles Warren Spalding. Chicago; Amer. Pub. Ass'n, 1897. 2 p.l., ii, 1 1., vi, 15-1276 p., 10 pi., 15 port. rev. ed. 8°.

Speed. Records and memorials of the Speed family. By Thomas Speed. Louisville, Ky.; Courier-Journal, 1892. 206 p., 3 pi., 13 port. 8°.

Spotswood. Genealogy of the Spotswood family in Scotland and Virginia. By Charles Campbell. Albany: J. Munsell, 1868. 44 p. 8°.

Starke. The Starke family. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 270-272; vol. 5, P- 50-57- 1896.)

Stephens. The Stephens family with collateral branches... By Edward Stephens Clark. San Francisco: J. Winlcrburn Co., 1892. v, (3) 185 p., 24 port. 8°. (The American Genealogical Record. Vol. 1.)

Stephenson. Genealogical and biographical records of William Stephenson and his descendants. By Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell Stephenson Fite. New York: the Author [1905]. 32 ff., I folded chart. 8°.

Stith. The Stith family. Richmond,iSqo. I. p.l., 9 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Sept. 27, 1800, etc.

Street. The Street'genealogy. By Mrs. Mary A. and Henry A. Street. Exeter, N. H.: J. Templeton, 1895. viii, 542 p., 1 1., 4 pi., 8 port. 8°.

Stuart. The genealogy of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart and of his collateral relations on his mother's side—Pannill, Strother, Banks, Bruce, etc. By David H. Pannill. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quarterly, Hist. Mag., Vol. 6, p. 113-116, 155-158. 1897-1898.

Strother. William Strother, of Virginia, and his descendants. By Thomas McAdory Owen. (In: Southern Hist. Ass'n. Pub'ns, Vol. 2, p. 149-173. 1898.)

Sublett. A partial history...of the French Huguenots by name Soblets: who emigrated to America in 1700 and settled at Monakin in l'owhattan County, Virginia, 18 miles west of Richmond City. By Samuel S. Sublett. Richmond: J. L. Hill Print. Co., 1896. 32 p. 8°.

Sullivant. A genealogy and family memorial ... By Joseph Sullivant. Columbus, 0.: Ohio State Journal Book and Job Rooms, 1874. v. p., 9 fam. tab., I pi. 4°.

Swearingen. Family historical register, compiled by a member of the family [i.e., H. H. Swearingen]. Washington: C. W. Brown, 1884. vi, 117 p. 12°.

Same. Washington: the Compiler, 1894.

3 p.l., 80 p. 2. ed. 8°.

Tabb. The Tabb family. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quar., Hist. Mag., vol. 7, p. 45-49; vol. 13, p. 121-128, 168-175, 270-278. 1898-1905.)

Taliaferro. The Taliaferro family. Richmond, 1889. 1 p.l., 31 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Nov. 16, 1889, etc.

Taylor. Taylor, of Orange County, Virginia. (In: Hayden (H. E.) Virginia genealogies... Wilkes-Barre, 1891. p. 669-684.)

Thomas. The Thomas book, giving the genealogies of Sir Rhys ap Thomas, K. G., the Thomas family descended from him, and of some allied families. By Lawrence Buckley Thomas. Neve York: H. T. Thomas Co., 1896. xxi, 627 p., 12 pi., 42 port. 8°.

Thornton. The Thornton family. By W. G. Stanard. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quar., Hist. Mag., vol. 4, p. 89-93, 157-164, 280-283; vol. 5, p. 58-60, 197-200; vol. 6, p. 53-57, 109-113, 238244. 1895-1898.)

Throckmorton. The Throckmorton family. (In: Va. Maga. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 8, p. 8389, 309-312; Vol. 9, p. 192-194. 1900-01.)

Throckmorton of England and Virginia.

By W. G. Stanard. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll Quar., Hist. Maga., vol. 2, p. 241-247; vol. 3, p. 46-52, 192-195, 240-242; vol. 4, p. 128-129; vol. 5, p. 5455- 1894-96.)

Thruston. The Thruston family of Virginia. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quar., Hist. Mag., vol. 4, p. 23-28, 116-118, 180-183; vol. 5. P- 44-47. I20_ 122; vol. 6, p. 13-18. 1895-1897.)

Todd. The Todd family. By W. G. Stanard. (In: Va. Maga. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 3, p. 79-83. 1895-)

Tucker. The Tucker family. Richmond, 1889. 7 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Sept. 14, 1889.

An Account of the Tucker family of Bermuda, from a history of the Emmet family. By Thomas Addis Emmet. New York: Bradstreet Press, 1898. 13 p., 3 pi., 9 port. 4°.

Tyler. Official report of.. .American Tyler family reunions.. By Willard I. Tyler Brigham. no. 2-5 (1897-1900). Chicago, 1898-igoo. 8°.

Vawter. The Vawter family in America; with allied families of Branham, Wise, Stribling, Crawford, Lewis, Glover, Moncrief. By Grace Vawter Bicknell. Indianapolis: the Hollenbeck Press, 1905. viii, 1 1., 442 p., 3 pi., 1 port. 8°.

Walke. Walke family of Norfolk County, Virginia. (In: Va. Maga. of Hist, and Biog., vol. 5, P. 139-153- 1897.)

Wallace. Wallace, of "Elderslie," Renfrewshire, Scotland, and "Ellerslie," of King George and Stafford Counties, Virginia. (In: Hayden (H.E.) Virginia genealogies. Wilkes-Barre, 1891. p. 685735-)

Waller. The Waller family. Richmond, 1900. 1 p.l., 10 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Richmond Critic, Apr. j, 1900, etc.

Walton. Early records of some of the Waltons of Virginia. By Mrs. William C. Stubbs. (In: Gulf States Hist. Maga., vol. 2, p. 116-119. 1903.)

Warden. The ancestors, kin and descendants of John Warden and Narcissa (Davis) Warden, his wife. Together with records of some other branches

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Genealogies, cont'd. of Warden family in America. By William A. Warden. Worcester, Mass.; the Author, 1901. iv, 2 1., 248 p., 1 pi., 1 port. 8°.

Washington. Origin and genealogy of the Washington family. By Jared Sparks. (In: Washington's Writings, edited by Sparks. Boston, 1847. Vol. 1, p. 539-554.)

[Descendants of John Washington of Virginia.] (In: Heraldic Journal.. .vol. 2, p. 70-74. 1866.)

A preliminary investigation of the alleged

ancestry of George Washington; first president of the United States of America; exposing a serious error in the existing pedigree. By Joseph Lemuel Chester. (In: Heraldic Journal... vol. 2, p. 146163. 1866.)

Boston: H. W. Dutton cV Son,

1866. 23 p. 8°.

Repr. from the Herald and Genealogist, London; and the Heraldic Journal, Boston.

Ancestry of George Washington. [London,]

l88g. 3 p.l., 3 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the "Athenaeum," no. 3234. Oct. 19, 1889.

The English home of the Washingtons.

New York, 1879. 521-530 p. 8°.

Ext. from "Harper's New Monthly Magazine," March, 1879.

The pedigree and history of the Washington

family: derived from Odin, the founder of Scandinavia, B. C. 70, involving a period of eighteen centuries, and including fifty-five generations, down to General George Washington... By Albert Welles. New York: Society Library, 1879. vi, 7-12, xxxvii(l) 370 p., 15 pi., 3 port. 8°.

[American family antiquity. Genealogy of

the Washington family. James Washington, of Warton, Lancashire, Eng., and his descendants. By Albert Welles. New York, 1881 ?J 3 p. f°.

An Ancient document of the house of Washington. (Temp, circa A. D. 1200.) By Edward G. Porter. Worcester: C. Hamilton, 1883. 6 p., I facsim. 8°.

Read at the meeting of the Amer. Antiq. Soc., Oct. 21,1882.

Origin of the stars and stripes. [Facsimiles

of crests, shields and brasses of the Washington family.] Copyr't, 1883, by Root & Tinker from data furnished by E. W. Tuffley. [New York .•] Buck & Lindner, 1883. Sheet lithog. in color. f°.

The ancestry of George Washington. By

Augustus Jessopp. London, 1889. 3 p. 8°.

Mounted clipping from " The Athenaeum," no. 3234,Oct. 19, 1889.

An examination of the English ancestry of

George Washington, setting forth the evidence to connect him with the Washingtons of Sulgrave and Brington. By Henry F. Waters. Boston: New Eng. Hist, and Gen. .Situ-.,1889. 53 p., I pi., I map, I chart. 8°.

Reprinted from the New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Reg., for Oct., 1889.

A genealogical history beginning with

Colonel John Washington, the emigrant, and head of the Washington family in America. By Thornton Augustin Washington. Washington, D. C: McGillb1 Wallace, 1891. 71 p., 1 gen. chart, 1 pi. 8°.

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The ancestry and earlier life of George

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