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In Italy, at the Baths of Lucca, the Lady of J. At St. Andrew's, Holborn, T. Pagan, Esq. of Fyler, Esq of a daughter

Ely-place, to Lady Plomer, of Snaresbrook, A few day since, Mrs. Roberts, wife of Mr. J. widow of the late Alderman Sir W. Plomer. Roberts, of Wath, farmer, of three children, two At Dumfries, Scotland, Captain R. Stewart, sons and a daughter, who, with their mother, are R. N. to Miss Dalzell, beiress of Glanae. likely to do well. They were immediately bap

DIED. tized Matthew, Thomas, and Mary; and it is further remarhable, her youngest child, before At St. Germain-en Laye, aged 85, Princess de them, is thirteen years old.

Montmorency. Lately, a woman, who had taken her place At Lyons, the Right Hon. Lady Cecilia Charto Newcastle, was delivered of a child on the lotte Leeson, eldest daughter of Lady ClonTelegraph coach, juist at the entrance into curry, and only sister to the Earl of Milltown. Harrowgate. The coach was fortunately only At Cheltenham, Sir Gilbert King, Bart, of about one hundred yards from a cottage, where Charlestown, county Roscommon. the child, a fine boy, was taken in an apron.

At his house at Banner-cross, near Sheffield, We are glad to state that both the mother and in the county of York, Lieutenant-General Murchild are doing very well, in more senses of the

ray. word than one; as the ladies at Harrowgate have At the Holt, near Bishop's Waltham, sincerely liberally supplied the poor woman with clothes, and deeply lamented, Admiral Sir R. Calder, and a collection has been made for her to the Bart. in the 74th year of his age. amount of about 301.

A most remarkable instance of mortality has

lately occurred in a family at Chepstow.-Mrs. MARRIED.

Williams, wife of Mr. John Williams, tailor, At the New Church, St. Mary-le-bonne, hy the died suddenly in the latter end of April last; her Hon, and Rev. Edward Rice, Prebendary of busband survived her about nine weeks afterWorcester, John Pepper, Esq. of Bigods, in the

wards ; since which period, three grown-up sons county of Essex, to Maria, second daughter of bave paid the debt of nature.-John, the eldest, Magens Dorrien Magens, Esq.of Hammerwood. died in the last week of June; James, the youngJodge, in the county of Sussex, and niece to the

est, died on Sunday, the 23d of August, at three Right Hon. the Lord Dynexor.

o'clock in the afternoon; and David, on the At Paris, the Hon. Mr. Clifford, eldest son of Sunday following, at the same hour! the Right Hon. Lord Clifford, of Ugbrook Park,

Lately, on his passage home from Jamaica, in the conuty of Devon, to Miss Weld, the only

Matthew G. Lewis, of the celebrated daughter of T. Weld, Esq. of Lulworth Castle,

romance entitled The Monk, &c. &c. and of sein the county of Dorset.

veral dramatic pieces, which rank him amongst At Tenterden, James Grant, Esq. of Austin the most successful of our writers in tbat departfriars and Brixton, to Caroline, fifth daughter of

ment. On the death of his father, Mr. M. G. the late J. Neve, Esq. of Tenterden.

Lewis, succeeded to an handsomne patrimony in Mr. George Howard, of Chelmsford, to Miss

the West Indies. When in London, he had reClay, daughter of Edward Clay, Esq. of Green | sided, for some time, in a very retired manner, in' sted Park, the present Mayor of Colchester.

Albany. His stature was rather diminutive, but By the Rev. F. Ricketts, S. Batson, Esq. of

his manners most elegant. He has left one na. Winkfield, Berks, to Miss Ricketts, only daugh tural daughter, and was never married, ter of the late Governor Ricketts, of Barbadoes. The Hon. A. Annesley, who was married only At Lausanne, at the house of Stratford Can

in Angnst to the amiable daughter of R. Aios. ning, Esq. the British Minister, Robert Suther- worth, Esq. of Halliwell, Lancashire, was land, Esq. to Jennetta C. M. Murray, eldest | unfortunately drowned, on the 27th of the same daughter of Col. R. M'Gregor Murray.

month, at Blackpool, near Liverpool. He had At Huiton, Lieut.-Colonel D. Forbes, half left his residence, early in the morpiog, to bathe pay of the 78th Highlanders, to Maria Isabella, || in one of the mmchines, and got out of his depth. eldest daughter of James Forbes, Esq. of Hut Every effort was made by his servant and some ton-hall, Essex.

gentlemen present, but without effect. At Brussels, E. Coxwell, Esq. of the Royal By a letter from the Hague, we learn the death Artillery, to Jane Maxwell, youngest daughter of the Dutch General Daendels, who was not of P.L. Gordon, of Farringdon, Berkshire. unknown during the period of the Revolution.

At Audies, in Staffordshire, W. S. Roscoe, || This officer expired suddenly on the coast of Esq. eldest son of W. Roscoe, of Liverpool, Esq Guinea, where he was Governor of the Dutch to Haunah Eliza, eldest daughter of J. Caldwell, settlements. Esq. of Linley Wood.

London: Printed by and for John Bell, Proprietor of this MAGAZINE, and of the WBEKLY

MESSENGER, No. 104, Drury-lane.

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EMBELLISHMENTS. 1. A Correct Likeness of MISS ELIZABETH WALKER BLANCHARD, Engraved from an original



...... 148


BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF DIS- 1, Anecdote of John II. King of Sweden


the Duke of Roban


Webb, the pedestrian

ib. Fortunate Superstition

ib. Miss Blanchard. Anecdote of the Bishop of Meaux

ib. Predilection of Miss Blancbard for the Stage 147

Robert Ferguson

ib. Her success in various characters .....


The Gleaner's Porte-Folio.
Hints to Missionaries.

154 The Women of England


Holland, in 1773

157 A brief History of Music, selected from the

Letter to the Editor. best Authorities.

Plan of Warnings of Bitter Experience .. 159 State of Music under Queen Elizabeth

Useful reflections

161) Anecdote of her Majesty .

ib. Psalmody in England and Scotland in the

The Reformed Gambler. Sixteenth Century 149 | Unconquerable passion of Gaming

161 An indulgent Mother

163 Anecdotes of Illustrious Females.

Violence of one passion cured by that of anLady Carhampton

................... 150

..... 164 Anecdote of Miss Russell


Independence of the Female Character. Characters of celebrated French Women.

Studies and employments recommended to Olympia de Segur

.............. 150
Females ....

165 Historical and Select Anecdotes.

Topographical Museum.
Anecdote related by Dr. Pepys


..... 165 Courageous indifference ..........


106 Anecdote of Dr. Lee


Portchester, Gosport, and the Isle of Wight 167 Absence of mind ....

ib. Anecdote of the Prince of Bavaria

British Dominions in the East.

ib. The three chief Presidencies

..... 168


The Street Portor. -An Eastern Tale. Cabinetof Taste; or Monthly Compendium Character of the Porter


of Foreign Costumes.-Costume of Paris 182 Extraordinary incident

Present Costume of the Spanish Ladies ...... 184

170 Ingenuity of the Porter

Dress of the Females at the Hague

ib. .............................. 172

The Listener. Popular enjoyments

MONTHLY MISCELLANY; .................................. 172 Letter from Mr. Careless ......................... 173 INCLUDING VARIETIES CRITICAL, LITEJahia and Meimoune.--A Turkish Tale.

A Mahometan Banquet
............................... 174

Curious rencontre ................................... .. 175
.................................. 177

Covent Garden.-Mr. W. Farren's perform-
ance of Sir Bashful Constant and Sir An-

thony Absolute ..................................... 184 POETRY.

Drury-Lane. First appearance of Madame Revival of Commerce ............................ 177

Belgar ................................................ 185 To Jessy


On having visited Claremont in the Evening ib. Theatre de l'Opera Comique.-Sketch of The
On Partridge Shooting
179 First Comer, a comic Opera

ib. Lines written by King James I.


Theatre de la Porte St. Martin.-Sketch of Hunt's Panacea ib. Cabans de Montainard ...........................

186 The Sailor and Monkey



ib. On the Death of the Daughter of Sir T.

Review of Women; or, Pour et Contre 187 Acland

Souvenirs de Brighton, de Londres,

................. 180 The Song of the Regent

188 ib.

et de Paris What is in a Name?

Works in the Press ib.

189 Sonnet

Funerals of the Chinese in Batavia


Indifference of the Albanese at the approach FASHIONS FOR NOVEMBER, 1818.

of Death ..............

190 Important caution to Females

ab. Explanation of the Prints of Fashion,


ib, No. 1. Walking Dress

........................... 181 Adventure of a Parisian Husband No. 2. Ball Dress ib. || Curious Inscriptions

ib. General Observations on Fashionand Dress ib. " Births, Marriages, and Deaths


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Tax Review of Margaret Melville, by Alicia Mant, is unavoidably postponed till our next Nomber.

If we insert the Young Poet's Address to his Lyre, it can not possibly be before next month. We must say we should have expected something better from the author of Astarte.

It is with much regret that we are compelled to put off tbe review of the beautiful Duet of Deep in a hollow Glen, The Lake Minstrels, and Ah! where shall I fly? to onr next Number, when the Musical Review will close for this year, and wbich we trust our contributors will have found both impartially and indulgently performed.

Persons who reside abroad, and who wish to be supplied with this work every month, as published, may have it sent to ihem to New York,

Halifax, Quebec, and to any part of the West Indies, by Mr. THORNHILL, of the General Post Office, at No. 21, Sherborne-lane; to the Brazils, Madeira, Gibraltar, Malta, and all parts of the Mediterranean; to Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal; and to France and Holland, at 17$ 6d. per Quarter, by Mr. Cowis, at the Foreign Newspaper Office, No. 22, Sherborne-lane. The money to be paid at the time of Subscribing, for either three, six, nine, or twelve months.-Orders also, post paid, on the above conditioos, will be punctually attended to, if addressed to John BELL, Proprietor of this Magazine, Weekly Messenger Office, No, 104, Drury-lane, London.

London: Prinied by and for John Bell, Proprietor of this Magazine, and of the WEEKLY

MESSENGER, No. 1v4, Drury-Lane.

NOVEMBER 1, 1818.

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