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Globe. But, to instruct all classes of Version “PAR LES PASTEURS ET PROmen, the Society must take great care FESSEURS DE L'EGLISE DE GENEVE, to select in all languages the purest which I demonstrated by a letter print, light of the Gospel, and not to dim its ed in the Monthly Magazine for Octo. rays by re-publishing obsolete and in- ber 1811, NOT to be a version“ exact versions, the daily food of su- LES PASTEURS ET PROPESSEURS DE perstition and incredulity.

L'EGLISE DE GENEVE;" and because I Having been specially invited to consider it my bounden duty not to subscribe to the KENSINGTON AUX- sanction such a proceeding towards ILIARY SOCIETY, I declined that the Clergy of Geneva, which, by misre.. honour from motives which I explain- presenting tbe labours of the Clergy ed id a letter to its Patron, His Royal of Geneva, misleads the Publick at Highness the Duke of Kent, dated Aug. large, the Illustrious Patrons, Presid20, 1814; which letter His R. H. con- ents, and the Members of the Society of descended to answer, Aug. 23, 1814. so great weight by their respectability

Now, in declining to join an Iostitu- and number. tion so distinguished by its progress “ 2. Because, to the question made and riches, which “ ranks ainongst its by the Rev. J. B. Bristowe, in the Patrons the greater part of the Ilus- Monthly Magazine for December trious Members of the Royal Family; 1813, " Whether by distributing a which is supported by a considerable translation so defective, as their” number of the Nobility of the land, (the Conductors' of the British and and the Dignitaries of the Church Foreign Bible Society) “ present which unites in one body a po small French one is proved to be, they will proportion of the Ministers of Slate, not, in a great measure, defeat their and of the Judges and Senators of the own object ?” my, answer would be Decorate teel, as a Clergyman, the positive. In proof of the inadequacy,

" ,

of publishing the motives even of the authorized English verof my refusal; and for that purpose, sion, 1 would claim the very valuable I request you will insert in your authority of one of the Auxiliary Magazine the following letter, facts, Bible Society's Vice-Presidents, naineand observations.

ly, the Rev. Richard Oi od, A.M. " To His Royal Highness the DUKE Vicar of Kensington, such as it is given

of KENT, Patron of the British and in Abp. Newcome's Historical View Foreign Bible Sociely.

of the English Biblical Translations, May it please your Royal Highness; &c. 8vo. 1792.-In fact it is a duty

Having received letters, incumbent on any new Editor of the inviting me to become a Member of Bible, to peruse this inost excellent the Kensington Auxiliary Bible So. work, ciety to the British and Foreign “ 3. Because I am humbly of opiBible Society, of which your Royal nion that the way to render real serHighness is Patron; I beg leave to vice to religion would be the publireturn my most respectful, acknow, cation of improved versions of the ledgments-for the high honour of Bible; since by publishing defective much invitation, to join a Society of ones, such as the French stereotype, which I cannot help admiring the ar- without contributing to the predent zeal, the amazing progress, the vention of crime or the instruction most pious and laudable intentions. of ignorance, the Society encourages Being only an humble Alien, I am the the sneers áod scoffings of the Freeinore earnestly disposed to cherish thinkers at the Sacred Records, and such admirable British Jostitutions, furnishes uew ground to the

new grounded on the doctrine that man. objections of the Theists, who stick kind is but one family, and on the at the supposed sacrifice of Jeph, religion which teaches that all men thah's daughter, Judg. xi.: at King are brothers.

David's (a mnan after God's own heart) *** However, I humbly submit to your supposed cruel treatment of the AmRoyal Highness's consideration my monites, 2 Sumuel xii., 1 Chron. motives for not joining the British xx.: and at other passages of the and Foreign Bible Society.

saine kind, such as are to be found “ Ist. Because the British and Fo. in the Society's Bibles, while the reign Bible Society published in 1811 sense is wise and admirable the

French Bible, uuder the title of a original Hebrew, and the Geneva Bible

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of 1805. The British and Foreign SOIN D'APRES LES Textes HEBREU'
Bible Society renders useless, as far as ET GREC.
is in its power, the learned researches But they have not removed my
and labours of the celebrated Divines second and third objections against
of Great Britain, and other Coun- the publication of defective versions,
tries, who have rendered so many in printing the stereotype French
essential services to religion, and so Bible sur l'Edition de Paris, as will
much promoted the progress of sacred already be clear even by the examina ;
criticism, since the first publication tion of its title only, which runs thus :
of the versions of the Bible, which LA SAINTE BIBLE, QUICONTIENT LE
are now re-printed by the Society, Vieux ET LE Nouveau TESTAMENT,
without correction, note, or comment.

* 4. Because the propagation of ORIGINAL, PAR LES PASTEURS ET
in natara/Uowledge must precede, PROFESSEURS DE L'EGLISE DE GE-
order, the distribution of

A PARIS, DE L'IMPRIMERIE the Bible: Moses and the Prophets, DE LA RUE DE L’ECHIQUIER, No. 18. Christ and the Apostles, taught, be- AN XIII. MDcccv. fore they wrote and published their

We seldom meet with so many writings:

faults in so small a number of words. The Society FOR PROMOTING REVU ET CORRIGE. --The word Bible CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE ought there- being a substantive feminine, the adfore to have the precedency, especially jeclive ought to be in the same genif Christian Knowledge is promoted der. The London stereotype Bible according to the plan of a systema- has rightly,---imprimée revue et cortical apd complete course of religious rigée. instructions to Adults, such as bas been SUR LE TEXTE ORIGINAL, What used with the most happy effect on is this original text? -Is it that book public morality and bappiness in the of the Law written by the hand of Church of Geneva ever since the year Moses, which was found by Hilkiah

the Priest ? 2 Chron. xxxiv. 14.I humbly hope that your Royal Is there but one antient Ms. of the Highness will approve the above mo- Bible-Was it written by one inan tives for not joining the Kensington only, and only in one language?Auxiliary Society to the British and The London Stereotype Bible has, Foreigo Bible Society.

“ LES TEXTES Hebreu et Grec.. “Ibave, &c. THEOPH. ABAUZIT. PROFESSEURS DE L'EGLISE DE GEKensington, Aug. 20, 1814.”

How would it sound in EogBesides his Royal Highness's an- lish, if we were to say the Professur's swer, I. was honoured from two most of the Church of Oxford ?--The Génerespectable Members of the Society, vese Edition of 1805'has Les Pasteurs with an expression of their regret that et les Professeurs de l'Eglise, et de I should have any grouod for not join- l'Acadèmie de Genève. That'is, the ing this poble Institution. As the Pastors of the Church, and the Promotives which koep me separate may fessors of the Acudemy of Genevu. easily be removed, I bope to enter An XIII.(DE LA REPUBLIQUE FRANinto the views of the Right Reve. coise.) This is truly a curious cunrend President, in making them pub- trast, to date an edition of the book lic, with the foļlowing facts and ob- which contains the origin of every servations:


; - the book which has passed The Conductors of the British through so many centuries as conAND Foreign Bible Society have, taining the Laws of the Everlasting in some degree, answered my first Supreme Being :-to date an editiou ubjection, by changing the title of of that book from an epuch of a their stereotype French Bible, - State, which in the course of a very omitting the words PAR LES Pas- few years, has been a Republick, an TEURS ET Professeurs DE L'EGLISE Empire, a Kingdom, an Einpire again; DE Geneve. - It n runs thus: and very few people, I presume, will LA SAINTE BIBLE QUI CONTIENT LE

be in apotber twelvemonth!
VIEUX ET LE NOUVEAU TESTAMENT; ,e bold enough to say what it will
TYPE. Revue ET CORRIGEE AVEC The letters prioted in the Geotleinan's


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and Monthly Magazines, in which I is vot a translation from the Hebrew proved, by the illustration of many

and Greek texts. It is only a copy; passages, the superiority of tbe Gene. but of what Bible:-The Rev. Messrs. va Bible of 1805 to the French Stereo- Monod, Boissard, and Goepp, call it type Bible of 1811, which is a copy of Osterwald's Bible. - J. F. Osterwald the Paris Bibleof 1805,prove, of course, was certainly a celebrated Protestant that this Edition also is spurious; and Minister. He was born at Neufchatel that it is not par les Pasteurs et Pro- in 1663. He published an Edition of fesseurs de Genève *.

the French Bible of Geneva, with a I appeal to the candour of every preface, reflections, and arguments, man of sense, wbetberthe title alone of in folio. The first Edition is now the edition which the Conductors of frather scarce in London. I could uot tbe British and Foreign Bible Society procure a sight of it. Many Bookhave chosen for the pattern of their sellers, for speculation sakė, bave London Stereotype French Bible, does printed it again and again, in folio, in pot perfectly justify Geneva Clergy. 410, and 8v0; and, without making men informed of this fact, in hesita- proper corrections, have, very likely, to join the said Society?

increased the defects of the obsolete The next question is, who are language of the first Edition. Librathe Editors of this Paris Edition ?- riorum INCURIÆ peccata (says John Not, certainly, the Pastors of Geneva. Le Clerc, who was a good judge in It would be absurd to suppose that in these matters) tot et tanta sunt ut difthe year 1805, while they were pub- ficillimum sit sibi ab eu (Incuria) calishing a much-improved version of vere., ..Eorum IMPERITIA quoque... the Bible in their own City, they would monstra ,etian mendorum peperit. also publish at Paris, in the very same (Vide Art. Crit. p. 3. c. 1. § 1.) year, another so defective ? Not the But the English Editors of the Pastors of the Protestant Churches at Freoch Stereotype Bible, 1811, say Paris. The Rev. Mr. Monod, one of that they have “ carefully revised their number, disapproves much of and corrected their Edition, upon that defective edition, and the Rev. the Hebrew and Greek Texts. Let Messrs. Boissard and Goepp, Pastors of us fairly examine tbose careful revithe Church of the Copfession of Augs- sions and corrections. bourg, give a decided preference to There occurs this passage in the the genuine Edition of Geneva, in Paris Bible, 1805, Exodus xii. 34. their

Précis de la Doctrine Chrétienne, Le peuple donc prit sa páte, ayunt exposée par le Texte de l'Ecriture qu'elle ful levée, ayant leurs mains liées Sainte, 1815. —Nor were the Catho- avec leurs vélemens sur les épaules." lics of Paris the Editors; for I under: The people then took his dough bestand they published, in 1808, the fore it was leavened, having their New Testament of M. Sacy, and hands bound up, with their cloaths their Catholic Bibles (one by M. de upon the shoulders. Saci, another by M, Le Gros, and a The French Stereotype Bible of third, their Bible of 1750), and their London, 1811, copies exactly this New Testament de Mons, are, partie passage. cularly in point of language, much sus How, having their hands bound up perior to the Edition of 1805. upon their shoulders, was it possible

Who then are the Editors ? -'I am for the Israelites, to take their dough, afraid, I shall not be credited when or indeed to take hold of any thing I repeat what I was told at Paris, There is veither note, commeot, or viz. tbat its Editors were “ DEPU. errata, in either of those Bibles, to TIES OF THE BRITISH AND FO- explain the difficulty, REIGN BIBLE SOCIETY" !

i take the liberty to ask for whom Again, this Paris Bible confessedly the Bible Society, printed those Edi

tions of tbe French Bible at Paris in * See the Gentleman's Magazine 1811, 1805, and at London in 1811 ? vol. LXXXI. Part II. p. 542 ;, 1812, vol.

It is not for the English Reader. LXXXII. Part I. p. 537; Part II. p. 324; The authorised version in the above 1814, vol. LXXXIV. Part II. p. 209. In passage is clear, and gives an unobthe Monthly Magazine 1811, p. 215; jectionable sense.- “ And the people 1813, vol. XXXVI. p. 128, p. 484 ; &c. took their dough before it was leaven&c.

ed, their kneuding-troughs being bound


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Hebrew a copy i - Messrs. », call it sterwald otestant ufchatel lition of

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is now

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Book, ; bave Eolio, in making - likely, obsolete

Libra-8 John

idge in

ut difria) cas oque... berit.

of the 1, say revised - upon

Let I revi

up in their cloaths upon their should

III. Deut. xxviii. 5. “ Et ta MAYE." ers."

IV. Deut. xxviii. 17. "Et ta MAYE. It is not for the serious Christians in France. The Geneva Bible is more

Both Editions are exactly alike

in the above four passages.
faithful, more literal, and more

In the first passage, the word MAIS "Les Israélites prirent donc leur bui, being an adversative conjunction, påle sans levain, et portèrent leurs as the translation of norwn, makes

hes à péirir liées avec leurs hardes complete nonsense. Such is the reasur leurs épaules.

801, perhaps, wby the Editors have It is not for those who are preju- thought proper to substitute in the diced in favour of old versions. That second passage, a substantive for that of Ovietan, published in 1535, is in the conjunction, namely, MAIN, HAND, old style, but contains no absurdity. for MAIS, BUT.--This second pas.

" Le peuple donc print sa paste de- sage, however, is equally absurd. vant qu'on y eust mis le levuin, et The word MAYE, which is in the avoient les diites pastes liées en leurs third and fourth passages, is not the vestemens dessus leurs épaules,". proper word, sioce it caunot be found

It is not for the Catholics; their in the Dictionnaire de l'Académie, version, published at Cologne in 1753, por in the French Encyclopedia, is in betier language, and more correct. Le Dictionnaire des Arts et Métiers,

Le peuple prit donc la pâte qu'il Le Vocabuluire François, &c. &c. ; avoit paitrie, et qui n'étoit point levée; in short, in none of the good modern et ayant lié cette provision dans des dictionaries. manteaux [il la chargea] sur ses Huwever, in looking into a few ans épaules."

tiquated French Bibies, I see the Can it be for the eutertainment word Joswn translated in the above of the free-thinkers and scoffers ?- quoted passayes, MAY, MAYS. Aud, Then indeed the Clergy ought to in searching for old dictionaries, 1 met keep separate from this Bible Society, with “ A Dictionarie of the French -No, we have too much candour to and English Zongues,compiled by Ransuppose the Editors of those French dle Cotgrave. London, anno 1632." I Bibles bad any such intention. We the Preface, the Editor says that be intend only to show that such defec- perused old books, pour trouver la tive versions will not do for all deno- signification de telz inots, qui possible minations of Christians, and of course, ne seront jamais plus ouyz that the Society defeat their own end monde. There I found, MAY, f. a by such publications. How impru- kneading-trough, or tub, also a stacke, dent to undertake editions of a book or pile of wood, &c. &c. of such importance in any language In Le Trésor des deux Langues, but that of the Couotry!

Espagnole et Françoise, de Cæsar Ova It would be too tedious to detail din, 1645,” (where he warns his read. the many blunders committed by the ers, that les mots marqués d'une Editors of the French London and éstoille sont anciens ou hors d'usage") Paris Bibles, in the before-mentioned I read * Une MAY, Arteza ; aud in sbort verse of Exodus xii. 34. Only the Spanish French, Arteza, une let us see how it is that they substitute HUCHE. tbe word MAIN, ; HAND, for huche, Therefore, both in the London KNEADING - TROUGH? It occurs in

Stereotype Bible and the Paris Bible both Editions, thongh not a single of 1805, the Hebrew word 778wn in lelter in one of these French words Exodus xii. 34. is rendered MAIN for is to be found in the other. Main bas MAIS, MAIS for MAYE, MAYE for been put purposely; it is not a fault of MAY, MAY for HUCHE; and preimpression.

sents in both the said Bibles, upon that the Editors may be their the same word, not only one fault, own Interpreters, it is proper to see

but a filiation of faults. how they translate elsewhere, the Though every thing which belongs Hebrew word 778wn. Wherever it to the book containing the rules of occurs in the Old Testament, we read faith is of the utmost importance, it in their Bibles :

would be too long, I am afraid, to 1. Exodus viji. 3. “ Dans tes MAIS." examine the other blunders of this II. Exodus xii. 34.

Ayant leurs

verse, or only to quote some others Mains liées.”

en ce

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of the hundreds and thousands of Nay, could I desist from a course faults which will strike every Reailer in which I follow the true intentions of common capacity, who will com- of the Society -They wish to concipare these. French Bibles with that of liate the greatest pumber possible of Geneva of 1805.-lustead of advanc. friends to the Bible and their respecto ing in sacred knowledge, are we then able Institution. But it is easy to to become retrograde :-Certainly we shew, that in publishing better verdo not find in old Editions of the Bible, sions of the Scriptures they would the same defects as iu those modern much more conciliate the good wishes ones. Thus indeed we may understand of the different classes they enumerate how distinguished Reviewers class iu their reports.—To begin with the “the distribution of such Bibles as the Dignitaries of the Church,” without preludes of universal and perpetual speaking of the great services English peace, with the revelations of Joanna Archbishops and Bishops have done Southcott.” (Vide Edinburgh Res to the progress of Sacred Criticism, view, No. XLVIII. p. 455,)

by their learned researches since the The Conductors of the Bible Society first publication of the authorized say, that " It bas brought all parties English version, ---without repeating together.... It is a most cheering sight the opinions of niany celebrated Spirito see in the London Committee, tual Lords on the necessity of improvBritoos and Foreigners, Members of ing the actual versions of the Bible, the Church of England and other such as they are given by Archbishop Communions, brought together, and Newcome, in his Historical View, &c. joived like Brethren dwelling toge- I beg leave to quote a letter of Dr. ther in unity.” But truly, is it not W. Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury, deplorable to see Christians of the dated Lambeth, April 13, 1727, to the Church of England and other Com- Pastors and Professors of Geneva, in muoions, uoiting to discredit, in fact, answer to them on sending him their by spurious and defective Editions, translation of the New Testament. the book of inestimable value to " What I have seen of your New man, as containing the rules of his Testament,” says that worthy Prelate, Hife, the consolations of his troubles, " makes me rejoice to hear that you and the grounds of his hopes ? are undertaking to finish the good

The publication of such defective work of revising the translation of the yersions under the great authority of old. A GOOD VERSION IS THE MOST the Pastors and Professors of Geneva, USEFUL COMMENTARY or even that of the British and Fo. Holy SCRIPTURES, and will teach reigo Bible Society, “ supported by those who have neither time nor cathe Dignitaries of the Church," when pacilie of studying any larger exposibetter versions were at hand, requires, tion of them.”—Is it presumptuous in my humble opinion, the serious in me to think that such are the uni animadversion of all enlightened versal feelings and opinions of so Christians, as tending to retard the highly respectable a Body as the Archprogress of reformation and the in- bishops, Bishops, and Digoitaries of terests of true piety.

the Church of England However, it is a painful and disa- Such also, I should think, are the greeable task for a simple Indivi- feelings and opinions of men at large. dual to comment on the transactions The Conductors of the British and of so respectable a Society: But the Foreigo Bible Society assert that all greater the disproportion is between descriptions of Christians “are equally its Conductors and myself, and the interested in promoting the design of greater the superiority of their the Society, because they all ground talents, knowledge, and credit, the their belief on the Scriptures."-But stricter is the obligation not to all the sensible Christians I ever knew shrink from a duty which I think es- wanted to ground their belief upon sential to the propagation of true reason also, and to defend it by sound Christian knowledge upon earth arguments *.

* In fact the publick in this country are led into mistakes in ordering copies of the improved Version published at Geneva in 1805. In place of this, the Booksellers have been known to put in the hands of purchasers copies of the Society's Bibles, doubtless without intention, but misled by the insertion, in the title, of the Pastors and Professors of Geneva.




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