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Sir Edward Nicholas to the King.

May it please yo' most excellent Ma"*, I wrote to yo' Ma"* by packet y* 4"1 of this No*", & this now is to convey y* inclosed from my Lo. Keeper: I hope it will meete yo' Ma"* on y* way, for that I heare it said, that yo' Ma"* will set forth on Munday next, but because I am not oerteyne of it, I haue directed this packet to Mr. Thr'er, w* otherwise I should haue addressed (according to yo' Ma"** com'aund) to my Lo* Duke.' If yo' Ma"* doe not hasten hither, I doubt y* p*parations for Irland will goe on but slowly,* & soe may come too late to p"vent great mischiefs there, notw"standing y* care of our Parliam'. Here are besides (I assure yo' Ma"*) other affaires that highly import yo' Ma"" hast i onh> now hither: If yo' Ma"* please to give leave to my Lo. f^I*forme^, Mayor & y* Cittizens here to wayte on you into iaayd, that this towne, I beseech yo' Ma* to com'aund that o^n?TM timely notice may be given of y* day, that they may my wyfefor provide for it, for y* best of y* Cittizens expresse a day'itshiii great desire to shew their affec'on therein to yo' °*: *iUl llli* Ma"*, vi*1 humbly conceave it will not be conve- th.t you dinient to declyne. oSmbe^"1

I humbly pray for yo' Ma"** happy and Bpeedy iaine(i returne, as being ESS)*to

Yor sacred Ma waft on my

Most humble & obedient servaunt, wfti'giue

Edw. Nicholas. Wm direc.

tioni whit

Westminsteb 6* A.o*^ 1641. How§** he

Edkh: 13= tSU^TS"

against mjr 1 Duke of Richmond. returne.

* Yet the Parliament seems to have been rery bus; upon this subject; for not only was there a Declaration framed on the 4th, but letters were also sent to the Lords Justices, pressing the most energetic measures of defence.

• It is difficult to ascertain why the King should express himself as though there might be some doubt aa to who held the office. Essex was Lord Chamberlain until 1642, when ha was superceded by Edward, Earl of Dorset.


"Written on the reverse of the last Letter.

Since I wrote the other let" to yo'Ma"", happening w* y* opportunity of this messenger (who I hope will deliver my let' safe to yor Boy all hands), I thought it my duty to make this addic'on to my former let' that yesterday in y* Comons House, it was moved to send instruc'cons to y* Engliahe Com'ittees, to let yor Ma"* know, that y* Parliam' here finds that ill councells have bene y* cause of all these troubles in Irland, and that vnlesse yo' Ma"* wilbe pleased to discharge ye ill Councellors that are about you & to take such as y* kingdome can confide in, the Parliam'doth hold itself absolv'd from giving assistance for y* busines in Irland: Some that found fault w"1 this expression were chequed, but there was noe p'fect resoluc'on in this, but y* further considerac'on thereof was put off to a further day.1

I write this that yo1 Ma"* may see how extreamely necessary it is for yon to hasten hither. I beseech yor Ma"* to keep to yo'self this addic'on, & to burne this let', w"1 is now sent you from ToT sacred Ma"** Most humble & most obedient servaunt, Enw. Nicholas. WESTMurexKB, 6* He**" VAX, a" 12 a clock at noone.

Sir Edward NicAolat to the King.

May it please yo' most excellent Ma"*, Since myne of y* (51* p*sent sent by Mr. Greene a

1 This is a remarkable fact, not stated in the Parliamentary History, nor in the other ordinary records. It is also worth notice that the Secretary does not mention the apology sent to the Lords on this day by the Queen, excusing Father Phillips, and praying forgiveness for him, " if it shall appear unto You that he hath not maliciously done anything against the state, if, for my sake, you will pas* by this present offence," ice The Lords would bate admitted him to bail, but the Commons refused.

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The Queen to Sir Edward Nicholas.

Maistre Nicholas havinge reseaued a letter from London to nitgh (night) : that there is many of the Lords that ar gone of in the con tree, and that the ar a fraid the shall want some for the bussinesse of the bishops: having heard that Carnaruen1 is in is owne

1 Robert Dormer, Earl of Carnarvon | tlain in 1648 at the battle of Newbury. It is stated in Bromley'i Utlert, that his Countess was niece to Sir Richard Browne} but how, does not appear, for she was daughter of the Earl of rem

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