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to prove the two doctrines of the preexistent dignity of Christ, and his having performed a higher service for us than any being merely human could have performed. But this I must reserve for some fyture discourses,

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I John iv. 14. We have seen, and do testify, that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.

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N discoursing to you on the different

schemes of Christianity you may remember that (after shewing that we are all agreed with respect to the essentials of it, and the information which it was intended principally to communicate, and which is most interesting to us as sinful and dying creatures) I arranged the different sentiments which have been enter


tained concerning it under three schemes, each of which I stated, giving the preference to that which I did not know how better to distinguish than by calling it the middle scheme between Calvinism and Socinianism.

My designt, in what is to follow of these discourses, is to state the reasons which seem to me to Thew that this scheme comes nearest the truth, At the clofe of last discourse, I made some preparatory observations whịch I thought neceffasy ; and with this view, I

First pointed out to your notice a coincidence which there is, on the subject of Christ's dignity, between the opinions of Trinitarians and Socinians. Both make the Jesus who bled and died on the cross a mere man, but distinguished from common men by a miraculous conception and a particular communication of Divine powers. In opposition to this doctrine I have proposed to state the reasons which lead me to believe, that he was more than á man, and that he not only was endowed with extraordinary powers, but had existed before his appearance in this world in a state of dignity and glory.

a man,

Secondly; I desired you to observe, that, while I believe this to be the truth, I do not mean to assert any thing with respect to the degree of our Lord's preexistent dignity, this being a point about which the Scriptures are filent except by saying that God made this world by him.

Thirdly; I desired you to observe, that whatever may be the dignity of Christ or our obligations to him, the only object of our religious worship is that one Supreme Being who sent him into the world, and that all prayer directed to other beings is an idolatry which we ought anxi. ously to avoid. I shall now proceed to state my

reasons for receiving that account of the Gospel to which I have given the preference. It differs, I have said, from Socinianism in


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