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Town-clerk. He was rowing a light boat in the neighbourhood of Vauxhallbridge, when it came in contact with another similar boat coming in an opposite direction, and was immediately swamped. After a few struggles the young gentleman disappeared.

May 28. Aged 50, Angelina, wife of John Belfour, esq. late of Highgate.

May 29. At Kent-terrace, Regent's park, Joseph Prendergrass, esq.

Aged 77, Samuel Scawell, esq. of Southampton-street, Covent-garden.

May 30. At her apartments in Hampton Court Palace, at an advanced age, Lucy, widow of Robt. Wright, esq. Wimbledon, Surrey.

In Ryder-st, St. James's, aged 50, Miss Yarrell.

At New Broad-street, aged 47, Dr. Thomas Davies.

May 31. In London, at the residence of her son, the relict of Wm. Sanger, esq. late of Salisbury,

At Upper Edmonton, Phillis, widow of D. Mercer, esq. Capt. 8th foot.

June 1. In Brunswick-place, Mary, relict of W. Walker, esq. formerly of Stoke Newington.

At Connaught-square, Mary, wife of Wythen Jones, esq. of Rhiewport, Montgomeryshire.

June 2. Eliza, wife of W. Grosett, esq. of Ovendon-house, Tunbridge.

June 3. Aged 80, Anna-Sabina, wife of W. Smith, esq. of Stockwell, Surrey, and formerly of Calcutta.

At Camberwell, aged 42, Luder Maes, esq.

June 4. At Chelsea, in her 66th year, Mrs. Frances Osmond.

Cornelius P. Sulivan, esq. of Frognal, Hampstead.

In Soho-sq. aged 58, George Hyde, esq. M.D.

June 7. In London, the wife of L. Reynolds, esq. of Paxton Place, near Huntingdon.

At Peckham, aged 29, William Sebastian Renshaw, esq.

June 8. In Harley-st. aged 35, Richard Brown Welton, esq.

In Chester-sq. aged 27, Edward, youngest son of Col. D. Bethune.

June 9. At Kennington, Mary, relict of the Rev. T. Towne, of Royston.

June 11. The Hon. George-Henry Talbot, only brother of the Earl of Shrewsbury. He married in 1829 Miss Augusta Jones, daughter of Sir H. St. Paul, Bart. by whom he leaves issue a son, John, born 1830, now heir presumptive to the earldom, and a daughter born in 1831.

At Gloucester-pl. aged 67, Ann, widow of Major Burn, R.M.

In Woburn-sq. aged 30, Catharine, wife of E. Bullock, esq. barrister at law, and daughter of J. Cripps, esq. M.P. June 12. At Brompton, aged 71, P. Persse, esq.

June 13. At Hackney, aged 55, John Gaisford, esq. of Basinghall-st. In Upper Baker-st., aged 76, Richard Moss, Esq.

At Red Hill, Edgeware-road, aged 74, George Clowser, Esq.

June 14. Grosvenor Charles Bedford, Esq. late Auditor of Her Majesty's Exchequer.

June 15. In Montagu-sq. Elizabeth, relict of J. V. Dunn, Esq.

June 16. Aged 88, the relict of W. Winfield, Esq. of St. Martin's-lane.

In Sloane-st. aged 85, Mrs. Anne Stewart, of Great Campden house, Kensington.

June 17. At Kensington, aged 64, John Merriman, Esq. surgeon and apothecary.

June 18. In Gower-st. aged 74, Mary, relict of C. Gordon, Esq. of Berkhampstead.

Aged 81, Thomas James, Esq. of Brixton.

At Upper Montagu-st. aged 75, Archibald Alves, Esq.

In Great James-st. Bedford Row, aged 39, Charlotte Esther, wife of G. Waugh, Esq.

June 19. Elizabeth, wife of J. Parker, Esq. of Peckham.

June 20. In Upper Wimpole-st. John Hicks, Esq.

Aged 26, Mr. Henry Rush, Solicitor, second son of the Rev. John Rush, Vicar of Chelsea old church. He was drowned by the upsetting of a boat during a violent gust of wind in Chelsea Reach soon after 11 o'clock at night. At the same time the ten following persons lost their lives from different boats: Mr. Rob. Walker Fry, of the Chancery Registry Office; Mr. Geo. Joseph Graham, of the Ordnance Office; Mr. Croker; Mr. Wilkins; Mr. Roberts; Mr. George; Mr. Lambe, jun. dressing-case maker, Cockspur Street; Mr. Wm. Bruce, baker, Charing Cross; Mr. Woolley, Piccadilly; and Mr. Griffiths, of Pimlico.

June 21. Aged 43, William Henry Whitby, Esq. of Powis-place, Ormond


Aged 30, at Stamford-hill, Charles Fred. Collins, Esq.

BEDFORD.-May 23. At Bedford, aged 72, Robert Winning, Esq., surgeon,

father of the Rev. Mr. Winning, of the same place.

BERKS.-May 26. Aged 71, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Fulwar Craven Fowle, Vicar of Kintbury.

June 11. Near Reading, the relict of Thomas Wheatly, Esq.

June 13. At Bear-hill Villa, Harehatch, Isabella Patrick Fuller.

June 19. At Abingdon, aged 91, Collier, relict of E. Thornhill, Esq. of Kingston Lisle.

BUCKS.-May 26. At Brill, the relict of the Rev. R. B. B. Robinson, M.A. of Waterstock, sister to the Rev. J. Kipling, of Chilton.

CHESHIRE.-May 28. At Davenham, Sophia, wife of W. Eccles, Esq.

CORNWALL.-May 17. At Falmouth, aged 77, John Carne, esq. the head of one of the oldest families of that place.

DEVON. - May 19. At Prataway House, Shaldon, aged 69, William Codner, esq.

May 20. Aged 78, Mrs. Pierce, of Exeter, relict of J. H. Pierce, esq. of New Park, near Axminster.

May 22. At Heavitree, aged 74, Harriet, the wife of T. Pratt, esq.

May 31. At Cotley House, aged 57, Thomas Palmer, esq.

June 3. Aged 61, Mr. Robert Cullum, of Exeter, for several years the pro prietor and printer of the Alfred newspaper, and generally known throughout the Western counties from the extensive business he had carried on.

June 5. Aged 75, Grace, wife of R. Davy, esq. of Wear.

June 6. At Exeter, aged 65, R. Maiden, esq. late of Rio de Janeiro, merchant.

June 7. At Norton House, aged 87, Margaret, widow of T. Bond, esq. of Merton, Surrey, and dau. of the late Sir R. Bewicke, of Close House, Northumberland.

June 12. At Denbury, aged 71, Mrs. Mary Froude, sister to the Rev. Archdeacon Froude.

June 19. At Sidmouth, Isabella, second dau. of the late W. Farquhar, esq. of Woburn-place, London.

DORSET.-May 27. At Knap House, Gillingham, the residence of her uncle, W. Bell, esq. aged 17, Cecilia Mary, second dau. of the late Rev. R. A. Bur. ney, Rector of Rimpton.

Lately. At Wareham, suddenly, aged 81, Elias Dugdale, gent.

June 5. At Poole, aged 90, Joseph Garland, esq. many years an Alderman of the old Corporation. ESSEX. -May 15.

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At Shenfield, Susanna Anne, wife of J. G. Arthur, esq.

May 31. At Harlow.common,_aged 26, Sophia, wife of the Rev. G. E. Bruxner, M.A. of Christ Church.

June 7. At Wanstead, aged 16, Harriott Caroline, eldest dau. of G. Dettmar, esq. of Mecklenburgh-sq.

June 17. At Chigwell, aged 84, Benjamin Day, esq.

GLOUCESTER.-May 23. At Cheltenham, Major Albert D'Alton, formerly of the 90th regiment, in which he was made Captain 1805; he became Major by brevet 1814.

May 24. At Bristol, aged 51, John Donelan, esq. of Callar, county of Galway.

May 25. At Clifton, Charlotte, second dau. of the Rev. J. F. Grantham, of Cookham, Berks.

May 26. At Weston Park, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the late J. Hickman,


May 31. At Campden, aged 84, Rich. Miles, esq. He has left property to the amount of £70,000, principally in ready money, having for the last half century ́ived in retirement from business. In him the poor have lost an invaluable benefactor.

June 16. At Cheltenham, aged 51, Emma, only dau. of the late Rev. W. Burslem, Rector of Hanbury, Worc.

June 17. At Cirencester, aged 94, John Ireland, esq. M.D. one of the magistrates for Oxfordshire. Dr. Ireland was an active and skilful member of the medical profession, and for upwards of half a century practised at Oxford, where he was matriculated as an apothecary, Feb. 24, 1772. After his retirement, he for some time resided at Headington, and thence removed to the residence of his grandson at Cirencester. He had several children, not one of whom is now living. He was a very agreeable and facetious companion, and his conversation abounded with interesting anecdotes of past times. He retained the use of his faculties until within a few months of his decease. presented to Corpus Christi college the portraits of the Seven Bishops committed to the Tower in the reign of James II. which pictures are placed in the gallery leading from the President's lodgings to the chapel. A bust of the Doctor, an excellent likeness, was taken at the request of Madame Tussaud when she last visited Oxford. There is also a print of him by Dighton.


June 19. At Yate House, the relict of the Rev. O. L. Spencer, Rector of Buckland, Surrey.

June 20. At Clifton, aged 69, Francis George Smyth, esq. of Jamaica.

HANTS, April 30. At Haslar, aged

45, Mr. W. H. Harton, B.A. of St. John's college, Cambridge, and late of the college of Naval Architecture in H. M. dock-yard at Portsmouth.

May 27. At Portsea, aged 70, Lady Eleanor Margaret, widow of Thomas Lindsay, esq. sister of the Earl of Lucan.

May 29. At Winchester, aged 62, John Young, esq. His remains were interred in the churchyard of St. Bartholomew Hyde, attended by nearly 200 gentlemen and tradesmen of the city.

Lately. At Highbridge, aged 70, the Rev. John Singleton, upwards of twenty years pastor of the Roman Catholic chapel at Twyford, near Winchester.

June 3. At Winchester, aged 85, Mrs. Poulter, relict of the Rev. E. Poulter, Prebendary of Winchester, and mother of John Poulter, esq. formerly M.P. for Shaftesbury. She was one of the daughters and co-heiresses of John Bannister, esq. and sister to Mrs. North (wife of the Bishop of Winchester) and Lady Osborn: and was consequently aunt to the present Earl of Guilford and Sir John Osborn, Bart.


June 10. At Carisbrooke, I. W., the residence of her brother-in-law, Mary, daughter of the late J. Maggs, esq. of Silton, Dorset.

June 17. At West Meon rectory, Hannah, the wife of the Ven. Archdeacon Bayley.

HERTFORD. · April 26. Aged 14 months, George Henry, eldest son of Capt. Townshend, R.N. of Ball's Park. May 27. At St. Alban's, Elizabeth Vernon, relict of the Rev. J. C. Gape.

HUNTINGDON.-May 29. At Buckden, at an advanced age, Mrs. Burder, mother of John Burder, esq. F.S.A. Secretary to many of the Bishops, Parliament Street.

KENT.-May 26. Thomas Colyer, esq. of Joyce Hall, Southfleet.

May 28. At the manor house, Tun. bridge Wells, aged 70, Mary Ann, relict of J. Shephard, esq. of Doctors' Commons, and Kensington-sq.

May 31. At Margate, William Stace, esq. storekeeper, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.

At the house of her mother, Lady Dampier, Tunbridge Wells, Elizabeth Ann, wife of John Latham, esq. jun. of Bradwall Hall, Cheshire, and only surviving dau. of Sir Henry Dampier, Justice of the King's Bench.

June 1. At Ramsgate, aged 56, James Gillman, esq. of Highgate, surgeon, well known as the friend of Coleridge.

June 3. At Maidstone, aged 40, the wife of T. Franklyn, esq.

June 8. Aged 25, at Wouldham Rec

tory, Mary Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. A. H. Barker, and eldest dau. of the Rev. T. F. Gale, Vicar of Milton, Wilts.

June 10. At the vicarage, Wingham, aged 68, Mary Woolhouse, relict of the Rev. R. G. Robinson, B.C.L. of Lichfield.

June 11. Aged 45, Elizabeth, wife of J. Butler, esq. of Beadonwell, Kent.

LANCASHIRE.-May 23. Ann, wife of L. Threlfall, esq. of Dalton-sq. Lancaster, mother-in-law of M. T. Baines, esq. recorder of Hull.

May 29. At Woodcroft cottage, near Liverpool, aged 78, Mrs. Rathbone, widow of W. Rathbone, esq. of Greenbank, and daughter of the late R. Reynolds, esq. of Bristol.

May 31. At his father's, Springfield, near Manchester, aged 26, Árthur Entwistle, esq. M. A. Fellow of Brazenose college, Oxford, on the foundation of Bishop Smith and Sir R. Sutton. He entered a Commoner of Oriel in 1831; at the examinations in Michaelmas

term, 1835, was placed in the first class in Disc. Math. et Phys. ; proceeded B. A. 1835; was elected a Fellow of Brasenose in 1836; proceeded M. A. 1837.

June 10. Aged 64, John Bradshaw, esq. of Weaste, near Manchester.

June 21. At Ardwick, near Manchester, aged 81, Mary, youngest and last surviving dau. of the late Thomas Johnson, esq. of Tildesley. LEICESTER. May 24. At Market Harborough, aged 96, Martha, relict of Edw. Reynolds, gent. of Lubbenham.

LINCOLN.-Lately. At Woodley, Mrs. Martha Thorpe, at the advanced age of 102 years. This old woman last year led off the dance at Maltby feast; she has left six children surviving her, 103 grandchildren, and 49 great-grand-children, being in the whole 158 descendants now living.

May 30. At Addlethorpe, aged 51, William Edman, esq.

June 4. At Sleaford, aged 25, Anne, wife of Maurice P. Moore, esq.

MIDDLESEX.June 11. Near Hounslow, Rebecca, relict of T. Rippon, esq. Chief Cashier of the Bank of England.

NORFOLK.-May 17. At Gateley Hall, aged 78, Susannah, relict of R. Sharrock, esq. of that place, and of East Meon, Hants.

NORTHAMPTON.-May 16. At Oundle, aged 60, Christopher Newton, esq. late of Spaldwick, co. Huntingdon.

May 22. At Pytchley Grange, in her 90th year, Mrs. Burke.

May 27. Aged 41, Anne, wife of the Rev. A. Jenour, Rector of Pilton.

June 8. At Thornby Hall, aged 65, Thomas Bishopp, esq. M.D.


At Everton, Frances Isabella, relict of John Barker, esq. dau. of the late Rev. W. Dawson, Rector of Ciayworth.

OXFORD.-May 24. At Henley-on. Thames, James Brookes, esq.

May 26. Aged 38, Maria Catharina, wife of the Rev. E. B. Pusey, Regius Professor of Hebrew, Oxford, and Canon of Christchurch.

May 27. At Mongewell, Oxfordsh. aged 77, Charlotte, widow of the Right Hon. Charles Bathurst, of Lydney Park, Glouc. and sister of Viscount Sidmouth.

June 7. At Oxford, aged 25, Emily Mary, eldest daughter of W. Ward, esq. of Connaught-terrace, London, sister of the Rev. W. G. Ward, Fellow of Balliol.

RUTLAND.-June 7. At Tickencote, Charles-Henry-Burnett, only son of Capt. Wingfield, Royal Art.

SOMERSET.-May 17. At Godminster, near Bruton, Chas. White, esq.

May 21. At Nunney, near Frome, aged 65, Thomas Farmer, esq. Independently of handsome legacies left to his widow and numerous relatives, this gentleman has bequeathed an estate (in trust), which is expected to realize 10,000l. to be applied to charitable purposes in the parish of Nunney.

May 23. At Bath, aged 69, the relict of Ralph Hale Gaby, esq.

May 29. At Bath, aged 7, Mary Christiana, youngest daughter of Major and Mrs. Thorne, of Laura-place; on June 2, the two surviving daughters, Euphemia Mary, aged 13, and Frances Isabella, aged 12; and June 3, aged 31⁄2, Arthur Horatio Thorne.

June 4. At Bedminster, aged 87, Sarah, relict of Stephen Hawtrey, esq. Recorder of Exeter.

June 9. At Bath, aged 69, George Booth, esq.

June 13. At Bath, Martha, wife of the Rev. W. M. Whalley, of Śwerford, Oxfordshire.

June 19. At Saltford, aged 91, Perrot Fenton, esq. formerly of Doctors'commons, and for many years a magis

trate for Somerset.

June 20. Aged 44, Mr. Job Whitaker, upwards of twenty-five years assistant apothecary to the Bath General Hospital.

June 21. At the house of her son-inlaw, at Willsbridge, Mrs. Touchet, relict of John Touchet, esq.

STAFFORD.-June 9. At Castle Farm, near Stafford, aged 67, Philip Seckerson, esq. many years secretary to the late Bishop Ryder.

SURREY.-May 12. At Windlesham, aged 66, George Phyn, esq.

May 22. Aged 66, Wm. Atkinson, esq. of Silvermere, near Cobham, late of Grove-end, St. John's-wood.

May 28. At Merton, aged 26, Charles Greenfield Child, esq. eldest son of the late C. Child, esq. of Warnham, Sussex. May 31. At the Semaphore, Thames Ditton, aged 55, Lieut. William Henry Dore.

June 7. Astley Roots, eldest son of Sudlow Roots, esq. of Kingston-uponThames; and June 15, Arthur Roots, second and only surviving son.

June 10. At Mitcham, aged 89, Sarah, relict of Thomas Rendall, esq. of Deanst. Soho.

June 13. At Reigate, aged 76, Mary, relict of James Chapman, esq.

June 18. At Guildford, Mary, wife of Capt. G. W. Onslow, E. I. service, son of the Rev. G. W. Onslow, of Dunsborough house. She had recently arrived in England for the purpose of leaving her children to be educated-five of whom are left to deplore her loss.

SUSSEX.-May 25. At Brighton, aged 42, William Gale Pike, esq. formerly of St. Mary-at-Hill.

June 4. In Sussex, George Robert Marriott, esq. barrister at law, one of the clerks of Nisi Prius, and clerk of the outer treasury of the Court of Queen's Bench. He was the eldest son of the late G. W. Marriott, esq. B.C.L. Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxf.; was formerly a commoner of Oriel, and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, June 1, 1832.

At Bexhill, Maria-Rosaria Birch, eldest daughter of the Archdeacon of Lewes.

June 8. At Brighton, Charlotte, wife of S. Hawkins, esq. relict of B. Hall, esq. M.P. for co. Glamorgan.

Aged 18, John Piers Ashburnham, esq. eldest son of the Rev. J. Ashburnham, Rector of Guestling.

June 10. At Worthing, Mrs. Syms, relict of G. W. Syms, esq.

June 15. At Midhurst, aged 34, Eliza, only dau. of the late C. Wardroper, esq. of Etchingham.

June 19. At Brighton, aged 71, the relict of J. Brown, esq. formerly of Malta, sister to H. Dudin, esq. of South wark.


WARWICK, May 16. At Woolston, aged 65, Mary, relict of Mr. Alderman Weare, of Coventry.

May 23. At his father's, in Coventry, Charles Harris, esq. of Charlotte-street, Portland-place.

June 9. Aged 80, Elizabeth, relict of J. Jukes, esq. of Bordesley-house, near Birmingham.

WESTMORLAND.-June 8. Aged 67, Robert Partridge, esq. of Ambleside.

WILTS.-May 17. At Hale-house, near Salisbury, aged 18, Sarah-Jane, eldest daughter of J. Goff, esq.

June 9. At Melchet-park, aged 21, Fanny, fourth daughter of the late R. Webb, esq.

June 17. At Coombe Priory, aged 37, the wife of Charles Knight, esq.

WORCESTER.-June 9. At Worcester, Stephen Godson, esq. brother of R. Godson, esq. M.P.

YORK.-May 15. Aged 48, at York, Amelia, youngest dau. of the late Rev. J. Benet, D. C. L. Rector of Donhead St. Andrew, Wilts.

May 18. Charlotte, wife of the Rev. W. Richardson, Vicar of Ferry Fryston. May 28. At Brompton-on-Swale, aged 82, Margaret, relict of the Rev. A. Hutton, late Curate of Felton, Northumberland.

June 5. Aged 36, Edward, third son of the late J. B. Charlesworth, esq. banker, Leeds.

At Beverley, aged 84, Mrs. Clementina Emilia Ragueneau, last surviving dau. of the late H. C. Ragueneau, esq. formerly of Leghorn.

June 6. At Bessingby, near Bridling. ton, aged 42, Ann, wife of C. T. Soulsby, esq. and eldest dau. of the late H. Hudson, esq. by Lady Ann, his wife.

At Rillingbeck, near Leeds, aged 65, Miss Bischoff.

At Newington-place, near York, Christiana, relict of the Rev. E. Harvey, M. A. formerly Vicar of Willian, and Rector of Stapleford, Herts, and sister of J. Greame, esq. of Sewerby- House, near Bridlington.

June 10. At Chalk Villa, near Beverley, aged 54, Margaret, wife of William Brown, esq. deputy Commissary. general.

June 18. At Cullingworth, near Bingley, aged 80, John Waddington, esq. father-in-law of the Rev. Thomas B. Charnock, of Haworth.

WALES.-Dec. 26.-At Swansea, in her 75th year, Mrs. Hatton, only surviving sister of the late John Philip Kemble and Mrs. Siddons. As "Ann of Swansea," she was well known in the literary wold as the authoress of several novels and political productions, which evince that with the name she inherited also a portion of the genius that has distinguished so many of her family.

May 15. At Vaynor Park, co. Montgomery, aged 86, Ann Charlotte Christiana, relict of J. Winder, Esq. of Vaynor Park, only daughter of the first Adm. Sir

C. Knowles, Bart. and sister of the late Adm. Sir C. H. Knowles, Bart. G.C.B. This lady was for some time Maid of Honour to the Empress Catharine the Second, during the time her father was reforming the Russian Marine, by permission of his Majesty George the Third.

SCOTLAND.-April 13. The Rev. William Leslie, minister of the united parishes of St. Andrew's and Lhanbryde, county of Moray, in the 92d year of his age, and 66th of his ministry.

May 15. At Aberdeen, aged 62, John Leith Ross, Esq., of Arnage and Bourtie, a Deputy Lieut. of Aberdeenshire.

May 21. At Dundee, John Robertson, aged 114. He was born in England, but was brought to Scotland when an infant. He was employed as a ploughman at the time of the battle of Culloden, and saw the Prince on his march. May 25. At Ayr, aged 41, Jane, wife of W. N. Garrett, Esq. Judge of Chittagong, Bengal.

May 29. At Edinburgh, in her 20th year, Sarah Ann, wife of Dr. Gifford, and only sister of B. H. Tucker, Esq. of Bristol.

ISLE OF MAN.-May 22. At Douglas, Maria, widow of Capt. Sabine, 1st Guards, eldest dau. of the late Adm. Sir T. Pasley, bart.

EAST INDIES.-Feb. 28. At Bombay, Margaret, wife of J. C. Anderson, esq. E. I. Co. Service, fourth dau. of the late C. Poole, esq. of the Grove, Stanmore.

March 16. At Madras, John Tatham, esq. formerly of Highgate.

WEST INDIES.-March 22. At St. Vincent's, Thomas Moody, Lieut. 70th Reg. eldest son of Lieut. - Col. Moody, R. Eng.

March 29. In St. Vincent's, aged 25, Robert Cooper Lang, esq. of Moor Park, Farnham.

ABROAD.-March 11. At Wynberg, near the Cape of Good Hope, Penelope, relict of W. W. Bird, esq. and daughter of the late Rev. Sir C. Wheler, Bart.

March 28. At Prince Edward's Island, Jane Rebecca, wife of the Hon. T. H. Haviland, Provost Marshal.

April 21. At Woodstock, Upper Canada, Lieut. James Gibson, R.N.

April 24. At Berne, Elizabeth, second dau. of D. Morier, esq. her Majesty's Minister Plen. at Berne.

May 1. At Naples, aged 33, John Andrew, second son of the late A. M'Donald, esq. of Sogan.

May 3. At Pau, Charlotte, wife of Capt. E. R. Williams, R.N., and niece of Adm. Taylor, of Greenwich.

May 5. At Malta, Martha, wife of the Rev. J. T. H. Le Mesurier, M.A. Chaplain to the Forces.

May 18. At Calais, William Dunn,

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