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from heaven, and behold from of spikenard, very precious; the habitation of thy holiness, and she brake the box, and and of thy glory : where is poured it on his head. And thy zeal, and thy strength, there were some that had inthe sounding of thy bowels, dignation within themselves, and of thy mercies towards and said, Why was this waste me? Are they restrained of the ointment made? for it Doubtless thou art our Fa- might have been sold for ther, though Abraham be ig- more than three hundred norant of us, and Israel ac- pence, and have been given knowledge us not: Thou, o to the poor : and they murLord, art our Father, our Re- mured against her. And Jedeemer, thy Name is from sus said, Let her alone; why everlasting O Lord, why trouble ye her? she hath hast thou made us to err from wrought a good work on me: thy ways? and hardened our for ye have the poor with hearts from thy fear ? Return you always, and whensoever for thy servants' sake, the ye will ye may do them tribes of thine inheritance. good; but me ye have not The people of thy holiness always. She hath done what have possessed it but a little she could; she is come aforewhile : our adversaries have hand to anoint my body to trodden down thy sanc- the burying. Verily I say tuary. We are thine: thou unto you, Wheresoever this never barest rule over them; Gospel shall be preached they were not called by thy throughout the whole world, Name.

this also that she hath done The Gospel. St. Mark xiv. 1. shall be spoken of for a me

of feast of the Passover, Iscariot, one of the twelre, and of unleavened bread: went unto the chief priests to and the chief priests and the betray him unto them. And scribes sought how they when they heard it they were might take him by craft, and glad, and promised to give put him to death. But they

But they him money. And he sought said, Not on the feast-day, how he might conveniently lest there be an uproar of the betray him. And the first people. And being in Beth- day of unleavened bread, any, in the house of Simon when they killed the passthe leper, as he sat at meat, over, his disciples said unto there came a woman having him, Where wilt thou that an alabaster box of ointment we go and prepare, that thou mayest eat the passover? And gave to them, and said, Take, he sendeth forth two of his eat: this is my body. And disciples, and saith unto he took the cup, and when them, Go ye into the city, he had given thanks he gave and there shall meet you a it to them : and they all man bearing a pitcher of wa- drank of it. And he said ter; follow him: And where- unto them, This is my

blood soever he shall go in, say ye of the new testament, which to the good-man of the house, is shed for many. Verily I The Master saith, Where is say unto you, I will drink no the guest-chamber, where I more of the fruit of the vine, shall eat the passover with until that day that I drink my disciples ? And he will it new in the Kingdom of shew you a large upper-room God. And when they had furnished, and prepared : sung an hymn they went out there make ready for us. into the mount of Olives. And his disciples went forth, And Jesus saith unto them, and came into the city, and All ye shall be offended befound as he had said unto cause of me this night: for them: and they made ready it is written, I will smite the

And in the shepherd, and the sheep shall evening he cometh with the be scattered. But, after that twelve. And as they sat, and I am risen, I will go before did eat, Jesus said, Verily I you into Galilee. But Peter say unto you, One of you said unto him, Although all which eateth with me shall shall be offended, yet will betray me. And they began not I. And Jesus saith unto to be sorrowful, and to say him, Verily I say unto thee, unto him one by one, Is it I? | That this day, even in this and another said, Is it I? And night, before the cock crow he answered and said unto twice, thou shalt deny me them, It is one of the twelve thrice. But he spake the that dippeth with me in the more vehemently, If I should dish. The Son of Man in die with thee, I will not deny deed goeth, as it is written of thee in any wise. Likewise him : but wo to that man by also said they all. And they whom the Son of Man is be- came to a place which was trayed : good were it for named Gethsemane: and he that man if he had never saith to his disciples, Sit ye been born. And as they did here, while I shall pray. And eat, Jesus took bread, and he taketh with him Peter, blessed, and brake it, and and James, and John, and

the passover.


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T. master; and kissed 7:11. Ind they laid their es va him, and took him.

use of them that stood is grew a sword, and smote Irrint of the high priest, mi cut off his ear. And Je

u srswered, and said unto NO? PRI tre ye come out as

8: a thief, with swords svih stares, to take me? puc vis dar with you in the Blu e Rag, ånd

ye took IR NC: let the Scriptures

mund tabla *** it think him, and fled. ATT Ini tilowed him a Fun Tera Warung man, having a

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the Eaen cloth, and ut the Su con naked. And m. kay ki Jesus away to the *74** Y yo prest: and with him Win

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fire. And the chief priests | strike him with the palms of and all the council sought their hands. And as Peter for witness against Jesus to was beneath in the palace put him to death; and found there cometh one of the none. For many bare false maids of the high priest; and witness against him, but their when she saw Peter warming witness agreed not together. himself she looked upon him, And there arose certain, and and said, And thou also wast bare false witness against with Jesus of Nazareth. But him, saying, We heard him he denied, saying, I know say, I will destroy this tem-not, neither understand I ple that is made with hands, what thou sayest. And he and within three days I will went out into the porch; build another made without and the cock crew. hands. But neither so did maid saw him again, and betheir witness agree together. gan to say to them that stood And the high priest stood up by, This is one of them. in the midst, and asked Je- And he denied it again. And sus, saying, Answerest thou a little after, they that stood nothing? what is it which by said again to Peter, Surely these witness against thee: thou art one of them ; for But he held his peace, and thou art a Galilean, and thy answered 'nothing. Again speech agreeth thereto. But the high priest asked him, he began to curse and to and said unto him, Art thou swear, saying, I know not the Christ, the Son of the this man of whom ye speak. Blessed? And Jesus said, I And the second time the am; and ye shall see the Son cock crew. And Peter called of Man sitting on the right to mind the word that Jesus hand of power, and coming said unto him, Before the in the clouds of heaven. cock crow twice, thou shalt Then the high priest rent his deny me thrice. And when clothes, and saith, What need he thought thereon, he wept. we any further witnesses ? ye have heard the blasphemy: Tuesday before Easter. what think ye? And they all For the Epistle. Isaiah 1. 5. condemned him to be

HE Lord God hath of death. And some began

, to spit on him, and to cover I was not rebellious, neither his face, and to buffet him, turned away back. I gave and to say unto him, Pro- my back to the smiters, and phesy : and the servants did | my cheeks to them that

plucked off the hair : I hid | And he answering said unto not my face from shame and him, Thou sayest it. And spitting. For the Lord God the chief priests accused him will help me, therefore shall of many things: but he anI not be confounded : there- swered nothing. And Pilate fore have I set my face like asked him again, saying, Ana flint, and I know that I swerest thou nothing? beshall not be ashamed. He hold how many things they is near that justifieth me; witness against thee. But who will contend with met Jesus yet answered nothing : Let us stand together; who so that Pilate marvelled. is mine adversary? let him Now at that feast he releascome near to me. Behold, ed unto them one prisoner, the Lord God will help me; whomsoever they desired. who is he that shall condemn And there was one named me? Lo, they all shall wax Barabbas, which lay bound old as a garment: the moth with them that had made inshall eat them up. Who is surrection with him, who had among you that feareth the committed murder in the inLord, that obeyeth the voice surrection. And the multiof his servant, that walketh tude, crying aloud, began to in darkness, and hath no desire him to do as he had light? let him trust in the ever done unto them. But Name of the Lord, and stay Pilate answered them, saying, upon his God. Behold, all ye Will ye that I release unto that kindle a fire, that com- you the King of the Jews? pass yourselves about with For he knew that the chief sparks; walk in the light of priests had delivered him for your fire, and in the sparks envy. But the chief priests that ye have kindled. This moved the people, that he shall ye have of mine hand, should rather release Barabye shall lie down in sorrow. bas unto them. And Pilate The Gospel. St. Mark xv. 1. answered, and said again unA ND straightway in the to them, What will then

ye morning the chief priests that I shall do unto him held a consultation with the whom ye call the King of elders, and scribes, and the the Jews ? And they cried whole council, and bound Je- out again, Crucify him. Then sus, and carried him away, Pilate said unto them, Why, and delivered him to Pilate. what evil hath he done? And And Pilate asked him, Art they cried out the more exthou the King of the Jews ? ceedingly, Crucify him. And

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