The Law Magazine, Or, Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence

Saunders and Benning, 1841

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Página 53 - ... a bequest of the personal estate of the testator, or any bequest of personal property described in a general manner, shall be construed to include any personal estate, or any personal estate to which such description shall extend (as the case may be), which he may have power to appoint in any manner he may think proper, and shall operate as an execution of such power, unless a contrary intention shall appear by the will.
Página 397 - To the use of the said (purchaser) and his assigns during his life, without impeachment of waste, and after the determination of that estate by any means in his lifetime, To the use of the said...
Página 182 - ... and unless the same be made to take effect in possession, for the charitable use intended, immediately from the making thereof, and be without any power of revocation, reservation, trust, condition, limitation, clause, or agreement whatsoever, for the benefit of the donor or grantor, or of any person or persons claiming under him.
Página 402 - ... or the survivor of them, or the executors, administrators, or assigns of such survivor...
Página 336 - Act, and a verdict shall be found for the plaintiff for a sum less than 20Z.
Página 64 - No person shall be charged upon any contract, or sale of lands, &e., unless the agreement, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing, and signed by the party to be charged therewith, or some other person thereunto by him lawfully authorized.
Página 426 - ... the rent at which the same might reasonably be expected to let from year to year, free of all usual tenants' rates and taxes, and tithe commutation rent-charge, if any, and deducting therefrom the probable average annual cost of the repairs, insurance and other expenses, if any, necessary to maintain them in a state to command such rent...
Página 170 - Aid. 18), a testator having both real and personal estate, after giving several pecuniary legacies, bequeathed all the rest and residue of his estate and effects, whatsoever and wheresoever, to trustees, their executors, administrators, and assigns, upon trust, that they should, out of such residue of the...
Página 46 - And where the same respectively shall be made as a security for the repayment of money to be thereafter lent, advanced or paid, or which may become due upon an account current, together with any sum already advanced or due, or without, as the case may be...
Página 40 - But, where the person is too young to have a choice, we must refer to legal principles to see who is entitled to the custody, because the law presumes that, where the legal custody is, no restraint exists...

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