The Eastern question: a narrative of events from the missions of count Leiningen and prince Menschikoff to Constantinople, to the present day


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Página 53 - It is with deep interest and concern that Her Majesty has viewed the serious misunderstanding which has recently arisen between Russia and the Ottoman Porte. The Emperor of the French has united with Her Majesty in earnest endeavours to leconcile differences, the continuance of which might involve Europe in war.
Página 68 - True to its pacific system, the Porte, instead of exercising its right to make reprisals, confined itself even then to protesting, and did not deviate from the way that might lead to an arrangement. Russia, on the contrary, far from evincing corresponding sentiments, has ended by rejecting the proposals recommended by the august mediating Courts — proposals which were alike necessary to the honour and to the security of the Porte. There only remains for the latter the indispensable necessity of...
Página 55 - Sultan Abdul Medjid, now reigning, animated by the same dispositions, and being desirous to give to HM the Emperor of Russia a personal proof of his most sincere friendship...
Página xlvii - The Sublime Porte promises to protect constantly the Christian religion and its churches, and it also allows the Ministers of the Imperial Court of Russia to make, upon all occasions, representations, as well in favour of the new church at Constantinople, of which mention will be made in...
Página xl - D'autre part, les deux puissances maritimes n'ont pas cru devoir déférer aux considérations que nous avions recommandées à leur sérieuse attention. Prenant avant nous l'initiative, elles ont jugé indispensable de devancer immédiatement par une mesure effective celles que nous ne leur avions annoncées que comme purement éventuelles, puisque nous en subordonnions la mise à effet aux résolutions finales de la Porte, et qu'au moment même où j'écris, l'exécution n'en a pas encore commencé.
Página xxxii - For the worship of the Orthodox Greek Church, the Sultans have never ceased to watch over the maintenance of the immunities and privileges of that worship and of that Church in the Ottoman empire, and to confirm them anew by solemn acts which attest, &c.
Página xlvi - Majesty the Sultan, on the one part, declares that he is firmly resolved to maintain for the future the principle invariably established as the ancient rule of his Empire, and in virtue of which it has, at all times, been prohibited for the ships of war of foreign Powers to enter the Straits of the Dardanelles and of the Bosphorus; and that, so long as the Porte is at peace, His Majesty will admit no foreign ship of war into the said Straits.
Página 68 - ... the Principalities and the violation of treaties which have attended it, are the veritable causes of war, the Sublime Porte, as a last expression of its pacific sentiments, proposes to your Excellency, by my intervention, the evacuation of the two provinces, and grants for your decision a term of 15 days, to date from the receipt of this letter.
Página 66 - Russian headquarters, an answer in the negative should be returned. "It is distinctly understood, that should the reply of Prince Gortschakoff be negative, the Russian agents are to quit the Ottoman States, and that the commercial relations of the respective subjects of the two Governments shall be broken off. "At the same time the Sublime Porte will not consider it just to lay an embargo upon Russian merchant vessels, as has been the practice. Consequently, they will be warned to resort either to...
Página 16 - The delays which have been occasioned hitherto in adopting a final decision on the proposition of the Ambassador of Russia oblige him to demand from the Porte a categorical reply, which he can await no longer. He demands, consequently : — 1. An explicative firman, the form of which is to be agreed to, concerning the key of the Church of Bethlehem, and- the silver star placed on the Altar of the Nativity in the subterranean part of the same Sanctuary; the possession of the grotto of Gethsemane by...

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