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Página 431 - A Treatise on the Application of Analysis to Solid Geometry. Commenced by DF GREGORY, MA, late Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge ; Concluded by W.
Página 105 - Porisma est propositio in qua proponitur demonstrare rem aliquam vel plures datas esse, cui vel quibus, ut et cuilibet ex rebus innumeris non quidem datis, sed quae ad ea quae data sunt eandem habent relationem, convenire ostendendum est affectionem quandam communem in propositione descriptam.
Página 431 - Collection of Elementary Problems in Statics and Dynamics. Designed for Candidates for Honours, first three days. By W. WALTON, MA 8vo. 10».
Página 106 - Find the locus of a point such that the sum of the squares of its distances from two fixed points shall be equivalent to the square of the distance between the fixed points.
Página 431 - A Collection of Problems in illustration of the Principles of Theoretical Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics.
Página 227 - ... 6. Two concentric ellipses which have their axes in the same directions intersect, and four common tangents are drawn so as to ' form a rhombus, and the points of intersection of the ellipses are joined so as to form a rectangle ; prove that the product of the areas of the rhombus and rectangle is equal to half the continued product of the four axes. 7. If <j>f(x) - <j>F(x) for all values of x from a to b, and if c be a quantity not less than a nor greater than b such that f(c) = F(c) and...
Página 164 - To find the locus of the centre of a circle which passes through a given point and touches a given straight line.
Página 161 - Find the locus of the centre of a circle inscribed in a sector of a given circle, one of the bounding radii of the sector remaining fixed.
Página 106 - A Porism is a proposition in which it is proposed to demonstrate that some one thing, or more things than one, are given, to which, as also to each of innumerable other things, not given indeed, but which have the same relation to those which are given, it is to be shewn that there belongs some common affection described in the proposition.
Página 325 - AP is the arc of a conic section of which the vertex is A; PG the normal, and PK a perpendicular to the chord AP, meet the axis in G and K respectively.

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