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and Prophane history, you will find that there are none of any sort so numerous and remarkable, as the dire and infamous Tragedies of Rebels. And though from these no certain conclusion can be made of the fate and issue of all particular Rebellions, because there are instances of some that have prospered and succeeded 3 and particularly of one among our selves, and in our memory, which next to the Rebellion of the fall'n Angels, was perhaps the most Barbarous and Infamous that was ever acted on the stage of nature. Yet this I am certain of, that were it my design to draw down some exemplary judgment on my own head, and even to entail the vengeance of heaven, upon my self and my posterity, I could not propose to my self a more probable and effectual way, than Rebellion: Which of all the crimes and villanies that have ever been perpetrated, either by Devils or men, hath ever proved most fatal to the Actors of it. Wherefore as we would not make our selves the marks of divine vengeance, and expose our guilty heads to its Almighty Thunderbolts, it concerns us to be very careful that we do not swerve from our

due due Allegiance to our Prince, that we do* not suffer our Pride or discontent to prey upon our Loyalty, nor imbibe Seditious Principles, nor intriegue our selves with: factious Combinations, which are the Seminaries of Rebellion: but that out of an awful fear and dread of God, we honour and> obey the King 5 and avoid, as we would the Air of a Plague-fore, medling with those that are given to change.

I now proceed to the second observable in the Text, viz* That God's delivering up of Rebels, is a just ground of praise and thansgiving to him 3 for the proof of which I shall not need to urge any other argument, than the signal defeat and overthrow of this late Rebellion, for which we are now rendering our thankful acknowledgments to God. For considering the temper and quality of the Persons, of which this unnatural Rebellion was composed, a very small Prophet may easily prognosticate, to what a deplorable condition this Nation must have been redue'd, if it had prosper'd and succeeded5 for it was nothing but a common shore,: into which all the kennels

of the most debauch'd and profligate Atheists, that had broke through all the Laws of humanity, and stript- themselves so naked of all the shew of Piety and Vertue, that they had not hypocrisie enough remaining to disguise their lewd and villanous intentions 5 partly of beggarly Male-contents, who had no other way to repair their broken fortunes, but by running in to the ihipwract of the Nation5 but chiefly of hot-brain'd furious Sectaries, whose blind zeal, like the Devil in the possess'd Man, threw 'em into Fire and Water, transported and hurried em into any villany, into Per jury, and. Murder, Treason and Sacrilege, and would not permit 'em to stop at any thing, that made for the Interest of their cause: such were the Ingredients of this poisonous mixture. So that had God for our sins permitted it to prevail, we had quickly seen a flourishing Kingdom, like Herod in all his glory and splendor, seized on, eaten up by Lice, by a swarm o£iher<basest and most infamous Vermin that ever bred out of the filth of a Nation: We had seen the Atheist glutting his lust with the rapes of our Wives and

DaughDaughters, and quaffing the tears of Widows and Orphans: we had seen the beggar on Horse-back flaunting in the spoils of ouir fortunes, and triumphing on the heads.of our Nobles and Gentry 5 and the bloudy Enthusiast imbrewing his hands in Loyal bloudr appeasing his furious zeal again with Royal Sacrifice, and throwing down all that is Sacred in our Jerusalem, to make way for the erecting his Phanatick Babel, his Tumult and confusion of Religions: in a word, we had seen our Laws trampled on, our Liberties inflavcd, and our yet Sacred and Virgin Throne, to our everlasting infamy,, deflowred and prophaned by a spurious illegitimate Issue. With, this dire spectacle our eyes had most certainly been entertained, had this black Rebellion succeeded:, wherefore our Gracious God being movedto commiseration, by this woful prospect of our approaching Calamity, roused up himself like a mighty Man of War, and with an ayengefuL eye lookgd down upon this Host of Assyrians* and. witli the breath of his Nostrils, scattered the Rebellious Rout before him. Wherefore not unto »s, 0- Lord, not to our conduct or puissance, but to thy

.^•■f' Name we are all of us Iharers in this Great Deliverance, it's just we should all return the Tribute of our Praise to our Great Deliverer. 0give thanks unto the Lord therefore for he isgoody because his Mercy endures h for ever. Let Israel now fay that his Mercy enduretb for ever. Let the House of Aaron now fay that his Mercy enduretb forever. Let all them that fear the Lord fay that his Mercy endureth for ever.

And as the best Return of Gratitude we can make to God, let us by our fffture Loyalty to his Illustrious Vice gerents by our firm relyance on'his Royal Promises, which hjtherto have been ever lacre^J and inviolate, by our chearful submission to his Laws, and constant forwardness to oppose and detect all treasonous designs against his Person and Government, endeavour as much as in us lies to render his Reign safe and easie, and prosperous. And by our immovable constancy in Vthe profession and practice of our holy Religion, the' KKjst pure and unsophisticatl&the most Primitive and Loyal Religion of the Church of England: let us endeavour to indear our selves to God, that so by our faithful supplications we may prevail with God to fix the Crown upon his Royal Head, to guard and protect his Sacred Person, to bless and secure his Government,' to abate the Pride, asswage the Malice, and confound the devices of his Enemies; and after he hath hi joy ed a long, a pious and prosperous Reign upon Earth, to Crown him with everlasting Glory in Heaven. To which Prayer I am sore all that are the genuine Sons of the Church of England will with a true Heart and Zealous affection sey, Jmen, • -_-» »•> . - .»*'•

r' - r '■> -s 'r "* • . *.

■'.,«.. ...... ^ .J

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