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Choice as well as his Father's. The Building so Magnificent a Temple in the beginnings of his Quiet and Auspicious Reign, made him the Delight and Wonder of his People. Thus the Caufes of his being so Great and Prosperous, were very visible.

If then the Queen of Shebs was so struck with seeing Solomon in aB hit glory , with how much louder Accents ought we to carry on the Hallelujahs of This Day, who see a Prince Raised and Conducted by such a special train of Amazing Providences, without any of those Supports, that every Step he has made, carries in it Characters of a particular Direction from Heaven 1 He has, indeed, the Blood of Sovereigns in him, but his Crowns are the Gifts ma** Prince of Heaven. The Two Great Heroes of the last of orange, Age, the Defenders of Religion, and the Patroas ^"Admiral ot Liberty, were proper Sources to give Life and of France. Descent to One, in whom their Characters were to be Exalted , as well as tiieir Dignity was to be Raised.

They were Both of a Race of Sovereigns: One was of the First Form; but what might be wanting in the Extent of their Territories, and the Lustre of their Coronets,was fully made up in those truly Royal Accomplishments of their Minds. They were Capable or the greatest things, and Acted in a Sphere suited to their Capacity: They Talked little, but did Wonders: They had all the Gravity, as well as all the Virtues of Religion in them, without the A iTcctations of Shew or Hypocrisy: They had none of the Arts of Flattery or Insinuation, yet could bring vast Multitudes to Depend on them, to Trust to them, and to Obey them. They had Souls of so pe

-jstms culiar a Make, that they seemed Born to Animate" whole Nations to a pitch of their own Courage, to a like Zeal for Religion, and a like Love of Liberty. They lived Great, but died Greater; the greater for the conjunction of their Descent, the mixing those Noble Qualities of their Minds, as well as their Blood. The Issue of such a Union was designed to Perfect the Work which they had begun; That seemed Buried with them, but was to have a . second and nobler revival in One, whose Composition from such Principles gave a just hope to expect all that we do now see.

One Character belonged to them both fb equally, that no wonder if in the Conjunction it is carried to a further Perfection. They wrestled through great ■Difficulties, and as great Misfortunes, but with so firm a Constancy , that no cross Adventures could ever damp them, or sink them even to the hearkning to any Propositions, other than what they had pretended to in their most prosperous Condition. So little Power had Fortune over thejr Minds, unless it was to animate them with so fresh a Courage, that they rose by Misfortunes: They never had better Armies about them , than soon after they had met with such Checks, that their Enemies look'd on them as lost, without a Possibility of Re<covery.

The Two greatest Powers then in Europe, after they had found them too hard for them in the Gallanter Methods of War, were not ashamed to betake themselves to the Baser ones of Treachery and Assassination.- Souls so Brave and so Candid as theirs, were not capable of believing their Enemies so black, as they, or rather as their Friends, selt them

B to

to be. But so entire was their Love to Religion and their Countrey, that as they Both perished in the Cause, so One of them in the Agony into which the Fatal Bullet put him, having but a Minute for one single Thought, he ended his Life as he had led it; he died praying for that People for whom he had lived ti"adDe^m f° l°n»: Feeung hecould live no longer, he expired vox, Miserere with this Word in his Mouth, Have Mercy on this

'4' Yes, Great Soul, thy Prayer was heard; and from thee One springs, in whom God signalizes his Mercy, not to that People only, but to a great many others, who share with them in this Extraordinary Grace ; the more extraordinary for this, that it is not restrained to one single Nation, but is a Deliverance to Mankind. These Advantages meeting in One Person, set him indeed above the common Level.

A Greatness that passed down through Three Successors, who maintained the Lustre of the First Raiser of that State, with a Glory suitable to its wonderful Beginnings, was at last brought under a Cloud, that so the Favour of Heaven might shine the brighter on Him in whom it was to be revived. The Accession of Royal Blood had indeed exalted the Race, and seemed to bring it nearer to that Imperial Dignity, with which it had shined some Ages ago; but it raised Jealousy, as much as it advanced their Scutcheon. The Ruins of Monarchy here, helped to draw down a Family allied to it ; but the Restoration of it did not contribute to its Recovery. That was to be the immediate Care and Work of Heaven.

An Inundation of Conquest and Calamity, forced a finking State to seek for Shelter to the Issue of that ^ Race Race to which it owed its first Rise. An ordinary Courage would have funk at the Undertaking. It look'd like the raising one up only to bear the Burthen and Reproach of their Ruin The Prospect was on all hands so black, that Posterity will reckon their Recovery with that of the Romans after Csnna. If it were proper for this Place, it were easy to shew that theirs was the much more desperate State of the two: The Turn was signal, the Effects of it were soon visible, though the Conclusion may seem to have come on but flowly; for now we see a Career run of almost Six and twenty Years, to which we may challenge the Histories of all Ages to give a Parallel. •

A Mighty Power, Great Armies, well Commanded, an Uncontroul'd Authority, full of Treasure, and accustomed to Victory, was an Enemy, as it were marked out to raise the Character of Him, who with unequal Forces, and feebler Assistances", put a Stop to a Progress that amazed the World; and made the greater part even of Princes to conclude, It was in vain to maintain the Struggle any longer; it was better to prevent the Violence of Conquest, by submitting to what Terms could be got, none being thought worse than what was like to be the Issue of the War.

No Life could be of more Importance than this, which seemed the Soul of the whole Alliance; and yet none was more freely exposed, not only in the constant Fatigue of perpetual Journeys and Voyages, in the worst Seasons, with such an uninterrupted Continuance of lengthen'd Campaigns, that these alone might have worn out the firmest Stock of Health and Strength; but in all the Adventures of

B 2 „ War, War, in the greatest Heat of Action, and in the most desperate Posts. This was a fair offering himself to Danger: Gallant Men knew where to find him. In this only he seemed to forget the great Concern thac others had in him, and exposed them all too much, while with a Noble Intrepidity, as one insensible of Danger, he past through many new Scenes of them; but in which Heaven shewed so particular a Watchfulness, that the single Relation of them all, with his Deliverances out of them, would make a History.

The surest as well as the swiftest Messenger of Death, attacking him in the View of Two Armies, and on the Eve of a deciding Day, seamed to be sent on purpose to let so many Witnesses see what an Invisible Guard was about him ; and that how near soever the greatest of all Dangers might come to him, yet it was to do him no other Hurt, than to leave so flight an Impression, as seemed only made to prove the Truth of so unusual an Accident; that withoutan uncontested Evidence it could not easily be believed.

But while Angels kept Guard about him on all Honourable Occasions, they were no left watchful in discovering and disappointing Blacker Methods, and Baser Designs. Those who thought not fit to venture on him in the Day of Battel, betook themselves to the most Infamous Practices. Designs of Assassination were pursued with such unrelenting Eagerness, that as soon as one failed, another was set on foot. A Mind not capable of these, was almost as little capable of believing them in others, as of practising them himself. There was no extraordinary Caution used, neither for penetrating into

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