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1. Rejecting Jesus Christ the Mediateur esthts Coveriant, so we find hirti called, Hebr. it. 24. each of the three persons knows bow to revenge his dwn cjuarrels by the sword, each hath and willdo it. Godthe Father Gcn.j.x^ makes a covenant of works with Adam in Paradife,upon breach thereof he fends the Cherubims with a sword, a flaming sword to avenge thequarrell of that Coveriant. God the holy Ghost hath wrong done him by the Grecians, whose chief errouris the deniall of his procession from the Sonne. Estius observes that,as if God haddOne it on purpose copoint out the cause, their chief Citie Constantinople was taken from them by the z>«y?«»ff.i 1. Turks on Whitsunday, a day dedicated by the Church ,swr'1tochememoriall oftheiameholy Spirit1. God the Son also is girt with his sword, and hath a right hand to weeld it with,which can teach him terrible things.Hear ' psai.4y. J.j.;

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him thundring, rather then speakings in suridrie parables against such as fliould reject him, and the offer of grace in him: heare and take notice of a sword irt them all, Matth. 2 r. 41. He will miserably destroy these tricked httnt What wicked men i those that refused to reverence the Sonne: vers. $y. that rejected the stone, wftieft rs rftW? become the head otthe corner, vers. 45. So Matth. 2 2.7. When tit King heard thereof '(to wit, of their refusing to come to his Sonnes marriage, making light of ir, and slaying the servants that came rd irivhe them? verf.,2. j.' , ^ ( 5.6.) he was moth, and sent forth his armies and destroy ed these murderers, and burnt up their Citie. To which I may adde, Luk, 19. 27.'these mine enemies which would not' that I should reigne ever them bring hither, and stay them! before me. What more just, if we consider hoW, this ofre* sin of rejecting Christ implyes nos oriely a wrong to his person, but also to the otrkr two ?'4 A steightiog of the

D 2 Fathers

Fathers love in giving bis Sonne, yea a kicking against the very bowels of his mercie j together with a refusall ot the Spirits grace, whose mainc work is to negotiate the treatie of a match between the Lord Jesus and the coy fouls of men, which to their own everlasting shame and prejudice basely refuse to receive him that would save them. This is the principally I shall but touch upon the rest.

z. 'Neglecting Scripture the book of this Covenants so , 6 it is termed, 2. King, 23.21. where this Sword of the ,l7, Spirir,the Wordof God, hath not due regard,the sword of an Enemy is deserved.

I have mitten to him the great things of my Law (faith the Lofd oiEpbraim, Hos. 8.1*. ) but they were counted as a strange thing,that is, disregarded: so J-ob when fleighted by his servants complains, my maidens count me fora stranger, I am as an alien in their sight. Hcre',4' upon follows in the end of that Chapterj/w/7? fendastre, the usiiall attendant of a Conquerers sword, upon hit Cities, and it shall devour e the pall aces thereof. .:

3. Disrespecting Ministers, the messengers of this Covenant. That stile is given to Christ, Mai. 3. 1. (though not in that capacitie onely, yet in that among others) as chief Preachcrof the Gospel. All they to whom God hath in-a more especiall manner committed the word of reconciliation, share with Christ in the same title. The *.Cor..y.i». fword 0ftcn comes to vindicate them, 2.Chron.last,i ?, j6,ij.The Lord God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising up betimes, and fending $ because he hid compassion on his people, and on bis dwelltng place ; but they mocked themeffingers of God, and demised his words , and misused his Prophets ,untill the wrath of the Lord rife against his people, till there was poremedte. Therefore be

brought brought upon them the King of the Chaldees, who stew their young men with the swords &c. Jer. 18. 18.21. Then skid they^ Come, and let us devise devises against Jeremiah: Come and let us smite him with the tongue. Therefore deliver Ms their children to the famine ,and pour e out their blood by the force of the sword, tfjrc.

4. Forsaking the Covenant. Which is done by apostasic from God, and idolatrie with the creatures; seldome butavenged by the sword. See for this, Judg. 5. 8. They chose new Gods j then was wane in the gates. Pfal. 78. 58. 59. 6%. They provoked him to anger with their high places, and moved him to jealoujie with their graven images. When God heard this, he was wroth, and greatly abhorred Israel. He gave his people over also unto the sword. Jer. 2 2.7,8,9. 1 will prepare destroyers against thee, every one with his weapon j and they shall cut down thy choice Cedars, and east them into the fire. nd many Nations shall fajfe by this City, and they (hall sty every man to his neigh, hour,Wherefore hath the Lord done thus unto this great City? Then they shall answer^ because they haveforsaken the Covenantofthe Lord their God, and worshipped other Gods ^ and served them.

5. Dealing falsely in the Covenant. That phrase we

meet with in Pfal. 44.17. whereby is meant, as good BuceT^F^ Interpreters conceive, mingling our own inventions cater in locum. with Gods Institutions, not squaring out our service and . worship by the> sole rule of his Word, but following our own counsels thercin.For which seethe sword threatned, Hof. r 1. 6. The sword shall abide on his Cities, and shall consume his branches and devours them,because of their, own counsels.

6. Being against tht holy Covenants Antiochus Epiphanes is said co have been, Dan. 11.28. 30. by reason of

Dj his

his taking, away holy ordinances, by name that of the daily sacrifice, Dan. 8. 11, n. and destroying the holy people, in vers. 24. of the same Chapter. The Idumeans and Babylonians were both grand enemies xb the people of Gods Covenant j therefore was there a/bird first fashed in heaven^ and from thence sent down upon idumen as the people of his curse to judgement, in a time which the Lord was pleased to make the day of his vengeance, and the yeer of recontpences, for the controvert ofSion. Isa. 34. 5,5,7,8. There came likewise upon Babylon, the vengeance of the Lord oar God, even the vengeance of his Temple.)^. 50. 18. It is not for men to^be peremptotie in assigning the cause of divine dispensations, which are often hid though alwayes just; but perhaps if the representative body of Ireland had not been brought to declaim it self against the Covenanters of Scotland, the sword had not now triumphed among them as it doth.

Application That which hath hitherto been said of this third Observation, let us fee what cause God hath to bring warre upon us in the first place; and in the second, what need we have to make peace wirh God.

Whosoever takes a short review of the forementioned quarrell-breeders, and fcheir residence with us,will soon perceive that God hath had great cause to say, ShaB I

tr'y'^,, not viftt for these things? shall I not he avenged, even avenged by the sword, on such a Nation as this f O the wofulf entertainment which this finsull Land hath given to Jesus Christ the Mediatour of the Covenant.' This is the condemnation that light is come into, and hath long 4 continued in England^^tlfe rnbst stiN love darkens rather rhen light. Christ is both preached and printed among us (though both Pulpit and Preflfc be too sparing that way) but not prized and closed with by faith.

I ^ What What through ignorance, David bids kiffe the Sonne, Psal.*.i*. but as the N.orthern Proverbe hath it, V»kent unk'tst: what through prejudice while men think that no such delight is to be round in sitting under his <hadow,no such Cant % sweetnefle in his fruit as indeed there is • what through ''J" selvifhnesse, which inclines to the establishing of our own righteousnesse, and hinders our submitting to the righteousnesse of God j what through worldlincsse, while mens wives, and farms,and oxen draw them quite another way, and keep them from resorting to Christ; what through indulgence to base lusts, which are loved too well to be parted with, though it be upon termes of salvation 3 through some,or one, or all of these it comes to paste, that but a few, a very few, receive Christ Jesus Colof.1.6, the Lord as they ought, and walk in him as they have received him. Where the Word which in the beginning was God, is no more set by, no marvell if the revealed Word,the book of this Covcnanr,be shamefully fleightedjjf Bibles lie moulding in corners, while lascivious stories and play-books (the Devils best catechisincs, out of which his children le3rn Satanicall principles) are even worne out with over-diligent perusall. T'is a fad complaint which Reverend Moulin makes of his Countreymen the French Protestants, While they burned Mcutins r*oui (faith he) for reading the Scriptures, we burnt with zeal pb'l^tP-178*' to be reading of them: now with our libertie is bred also negiigenceand difefeeme of Gods Word. Bat rhis is not all. Legi poffunt Scripture & tamen negligi j If our judgements do not close with Scriprure-rrurhes,our lives be not led by Scripture-rules, we are, though perusers yet, neglecters of this blessed Borok. And that's our cafe.

The doctrine of Gods free grace in Christ is the onely planter of woundedspirits, Scripture tke word of this


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