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.tstablified forever as the Moon, and as a faithful nit•ness in Heaven, vers. 37. And though ten Tribes -were snatched from Kehoboam and the other two from Zedekjah, as the just punishment of those Princes , and their peoples miscarriages , yet God performes his promise still, and even then when the Scepter was departed from Judah, and a Lawgiver from between his feet, when Herod an idumeanhad Usurped the Royal Seat and Scepter of Judah and Jerusalem, even then comes shilo, Jesus Christ, the Son of David 4 and of his Kingdome there is 3 there can, there shall be no end, as God hath promised he hath performed his mercies to his King, to David his Anointed are perpetual not personal j Great deliverance, &.c*

The Second General, the Donor, in the word,


Would you know to whom this Relative He, is to be referred, look back to the first, second, and third, verses, and there you have David naming hira. / will love thee 0 Lord my strength, the Lord is my Rocl^, andmy Fortress, and my Deliverer, m) Cod,mystrengthen whom I will tmst^ty Buckler,and the Horn of my Salvation , and my high Tower, I mil call upon the Lord, who is worthy to he praised, so shall I be saved from mine Enemies. God onely is able, God onely is willing, to work deliverances for to shew mercy to his King, his anointed David and his seed,&c. He found by experience that it is better to trust in the Lord then to put any confidence in

man, wan , it is better to trnfiin the Lord then to put any confidence in Princes. Psal. 118. 8,9. The sons of men (though never so mighty) if they would cannot work deliverances for the Lords anointed, the Sons of men arc so perfidious, that though they could, perhaps they would not show loving kindness unto distressed Kings , to David and to his feed, Achijh King of Gath indeed raised a War against Saul, Davids grand Enemy, but tis prdbablethat his own ends, not that afflicted Princes interest were the main promovers of that designe, it was he that is the Father of the Fatherless, and the Husband of the widow, even he by whom Rings reign and Princes execute Justice, even he that raiseth the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghil, that he may set him with PRINCES, ckc. That delivered David from his strongest Enemy, that subdued those under him, that rose up'against him, that gave him the necks of his Enemies that he might destroy them that hated him , that lifted him up above those that rose up against him. vers 48. That gave him great deliverances, mercies; great deliverances giveth, ck c.

The third General, the Donee, To his King, to his "Anointed, to DsvidyScc

,A11 Gods Saints are his Jewels, he sets them as a seal upon his heart, as a seal upon his arme, as a signet upon his right hand, their love makes an impression upon him, and they are always in his care:

Jsaith Isaiah 49. vers. 15. 16. Crftf <* woman forget her sucking child that fie Jhould not have compassion in the Son of her Womb, yea they may forget, but I will not forget thee j behold I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands , thy walls are continually before me.

But pious Princes are Gods pictures, his impression is stampt upon them, and they arc called by his name, thou shalt not revile the Gods, Exo. 22. vers. 28. That is, as it is (Exegetically expounded] in the words following , not curse the Ruler of thy people. Dixi dii ejiis, I have said ye are Gods and all of yon are Children of the moji high, faith our David Pfal. 82. 6. Their persons are lacred and they that resist their just Authority (hall receive to themselves damnation. Rom. 13. vers. 2. Let Rings then consider whose Vicegerents they are, and above all things seek, his honour and glory that sets them up, and can at pleasure dis inthrone them 3 and let Subjects knowing who it is that advances, impowers, and protects their Soveraigns , faithfully serve , honour and humbly obey them, in Christ and for Christ, according to Gods blessed Word and Ordinance, otherwise God will avenge his Kings, and preserve the footsteps of his Anointed: If the tumultuous people talk of breaking their bands in sunder, and casting away their cords from them, He that fittethin heaven pall laugh them to scorn, the Lord fiall have them in derifion, vex them in his fore displeasure; and in spight of all rebellious designs and contrivances, maugre the


power and plpts of.paul and his. Complices, the Lord wtU Jet Diy'id.kit Anointed upon mt. holy hill cfSion, great deliverances giDfitk he unto his King, and Jhexceth mercy unto his anointed^ to David, and to his feed for evermore.

And nor* let us leave Palestine and return to> Great Britain, and seeJ^ 1/ M can find a Parallel for our David!, and l hope that without Vanity y AffeUation^or Y lattery J^ing Charls Q&hose happy ^Qttivity and return to bis Kjngjiomes we this day celebrate') mil if not equalise yet resemble David in my Text, ^fnd

Fir si. "r

■. . v - :. • i ■■■■ ~ vi!. ■ v

■ * • ■* *

First, In respect of their extraction , David dcfcendedtvpxn Abraham , to whose seed the Land of Canaan was promised Qen. 15- 7. from tbG'Tribe of Juda, to whom the Scepter Royal was entaild, Gen. 49. 10. ::

CW/zourgratious Sqveragine by a long series of Ancestors horn Makolmn jk onmerj^mg of. Scotr9 and a Sister of Edgar Athelin in'right-K.of"England*

C by seavehth that united the housed of Ttfr^and Lats cafter ;■ % the Grandfather fi6mjantei the wise, who united the Kingdomesof England and Scotland^ by the Father,from Charts the good and just, who willingly sacrificed his life, to preserve his peoples liberties, such was our misery not long since, that we might have, seen folly let in great dignity, and the rich set in low place; Servants upon horses, and Princes walking as Servants upon the Earth'Eccles. ic.6, 7. Itfs now our^happitiess that our King is the son of Nobles, and •our Vrincet tat in due season for strengths and'nolfti 'drunken* *efi9 v*, 17. -,- • -V ,t *••

Secondly3David was anoistted m his Minority, 1 Sam. 16. 11. Our^Gratfous Soveragine by that execrable Murther of that glorious Martyr his Majesties Hoyat Father was inaugurated to his three Kingdoms (for Rex anglorunt mnquam *aoritur)hcfore he attained to 19. years of Age.

Thirdly, David was persecuted by Saul and ashe expresses himself, 1 Sam.16. 20. Was by that Tyrant sought for as a Flea j hunted as a Partridge inthe motintarines. And tvas riot our Gratious1 Sove* ra^in in that fad condition, that all places wete^ searchtto apprehend him , all Ports guarded to preventiiis escape; so that in his three large Ring-domes the Foxes had holes, and the Fob*//of the Ayrenest?, but our Soveragine had not wheTe irt la fety to Jay his heat}?


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