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as never before had been heard of in this Nation. Our streets had been fill'd with the Cries of Widows, and the Fatherless, with Murthers, Rapins, Incests , Adulteries, Sacrilege , Maflacres and Conflagration. No Cruelties would have been thought Cruel enough to satiate the Revenge of Fanatick Rage upon Papists and Tories. A iiidden' Dispatch had been the greatest Favour we could have ask'd , or receiv'd from the hand of so base and merciless an Enemy. For what satisfaction would it have been to any Loyal Subject to have surviv'd the ruines of the Church and State, to have lived in a Land polluted and stain'd with Royal and Noble Bloud, to have had daily before his eyes the dismal Spectacle of his enslav'd undone Country, a^d to have liv'd in .perpetual fears of being made a Sacrifice himself? But it pleased that God who allotteth to Atheists and Rebels a portion with the Hypocrite , to Rescue His Majesty from the Paws of these Bloudy Miscreants, and to lay both Parties of the Conspiracy under the fame Fate and Disappointment.

Which brings me to my fourth and last observation , the Folly and Impiety of Treasonable Attempts. For notwithstanding their Nolumus , "He whom they . devoted to Slaughter does and iliali Reign over them. ,

That good Kings mould be the more immediate Care of God, seems agreeable to the Oeconomy of His Providence, and is confirm'd by Examples in •all Ages. For they are His anointed , His Vicegerents, rents , set over us by His Appointment, and in theirs is involv'd the Fate of particular men. And therefore their publick Sacred Character entitles them to a special Right in the Divine Providence. Of this truth, our Gracious King has been a very rare Example through the whole Course of His Life ; never did any Righteous King receive more strange and miraculous Deliverances, nor He himself ever a Greater, than this last, when Judgement was turn'd into Mercy, and the Dreadfull Fire at Newmarket, became to Him a Tower of Salvation. Which consideration alone was enough to have deterr'd any, but such bold Sons of Anaky who were not afraid to become Fighters against God, from- attempting the Life of a Prince , who had been hitherto so wonderfully preserved.

But He shall Reign over them, First in Judgement;

who would have murthered Him. They must suffer , or He cannot be safe : Mercy would here prove Cruelty, Pardon an affront to Justice , and the highest Ingratitude to Heaven. They are now under the command of those Laws which they would have destroyed , under the hands of -those Judges whom they had destin'd to Slaughter ; and every Judge must remember that He is the Minister of God, a Revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. That which seems truly deplorable in their Fate, is the execrable Treason for which- they die, and the Hardness and Impenitence which accompanies them at their Deaths. And woe be to those wretched Guides, who led them into both j~

in a legal Execution of those



those Betrayers of Souls, who instead of disposing them to Christian Confession, Repentance and Resignation, have caus'd them to publish such Justifications as seem written with Design to incite their Accomplices to doe the Work of the Conspiracy here, whilst they are answering for it in the other world: this consideration makes the Hearts of all good Christians ake. For never did any Criminals luster fora more Flagitious Crime, upon clearer Evidence, fuller Conviction, fairer Tryal, juster Condemnation , or fall under a more mercifull Execution, one of them receiving that mitigation of his Sentence , which he had formerly denyed to be in the Power of the. King to grant And therefore we must believe those men are given over to believe a Lye , who impudently cry up their Innocency, and boast their Martyrdom. This can onely demonstrate the Incorrigible malignity of the Faction, and awaken the Magistrate into a vigorous Execution of the Laws against such Boldness as in the very Discovery and Prosecution of a Fanatick Conspiracy, dares' justifie Treason and Canonize Traytors.

And therefore Secondly, He shall Reign over them in making a right improvement of this great Advantage which God hath put into His hands. The wounderfull Deliverances He has already received, do plainly fay, that He is still reserv'd for some extraordinary Work in the world. And from His last miraculous Escape we may easily Presage what mighty Acts He shall perform for these Kingdoms in Particular. Now lhall it be in His Power to subdue due that Pestilence of Puritanism , which for above these hundred Years has raged in this Nation, to crush the Seeds, and destroy the very Principles of Schism. To Him it is referv'd to bring the Church of England up to those Glorious Heights, that She lhali appear the Envy of Rome, and theTerrour of Geneva. To settle the Monarchy upon so firm a Basis, that it shall be no more fliaken by Republican Rage. His Sacred Person shall be no longer liable to Violence, nor His Subjects to Oppression. No more shall Majesty be affronted by the Sawcy Votes of a Seditious Senate , nor we made Prisoners by our Representatives. But long and secure lhall He Reign in the Hearts and Affections of His People, and when He returns late to Heaven, leave the Blessing of Peace, and a well Establisli't Crown to His Successor; Posterity sliall Praise His Memory, and Generations to come lhall call Him the Father of his Country, and the Mighty Defend er of the Faith.

And it remains that we render unto God Almighty our most Solemn Thanks for the Comprehensive Mercy we this Day Celebrate, in the Deliverance of His Sacred Majesty, and the Government, from the damnable Conspiracy of Fanatick Rage. And we must pray that as God in His infinite Goodness has hitherto discover'd and defeated their Hellisti Devices; so He would every day more and more confound their Wicked imaginations. That Justice may overtake those Trayterous Fugitives, whom Mercy could not Reclaim. And let us never more be so far transported with the fears of a Topifh Plot, as to think our selves secure from a Fanatick Conspiracy. This one false step had

D like like to have led us into Destruction. They are both formidable Enemies, and since we are plac'd between two Extremes , common Prudence bids us have a watcljsull Eye over both, and not to give a palpable Advantage to the One, by applying all our Force against the Other. At this time the Dissenters appear to me the most Dangerous. For the Papists are comparatively contemptible as to their numbers, their Interest is broken, we have severe Penal Laws in force against them, and those Laws in no danger of a Repeal, since both their Peers and Commons are made uncapable of .Sitting in Parliament. But the Diflenters are formidable as to their numbers, they boast themselves in their strength, they are Restless in their Attempts, and implacable in their Dispositions. And it is very memorable that we should on the fame day of the Month observe a Day of Thanksgiving for the Deliverance of the Church and Defender of our Faith from a Fanatick Conspiracy, on which the Rebellious Commons in Forty One first publifli't their Order in Derogation of the Common-Prayer Book, and for the suspension of die Laws Ecclesiastical, of which Violation our late Martyred Sovereign of ever Blessed Memory so often and sensibly complains in His Declaration of Aug. 12.42. Wonder full art thou in thy ways, 0 God I and thy Paths are pa/i finding out.

In a word then , as we are thankfull to God for the Preservation of His Majesty hitherto, so let us implore His Protection over him for the time to come, that He may daily receive fresh Accessions of strength and Splendour, and be recompenc'd for the. times, wherein

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