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· My Enemies after this, made an Article against me of this Certificate, at Doétors Commons, and it was thrown out again with Contempt enough. And yet, it is still made a hainous Crime in me, and if it must be so for the future, after this pains I have taken to

clear my self of being faulty therein, so let it. Pero Tertul. vicacire nullum oppofuit remedium Deus. But I de

clare farther, that if I had refused to certifie what I knew to be true of this Man, I had not only been Uinjust, but highly Dis-ingenuous. For at my first coming to this Parish, though he was a meer Stranger to me ; and I never once heard of him before; he highly obliged me by standing up for my Right to Houses that were Built on the Church-Yard Ground, and which I recovered without going to Law, and by no Mans. Aslistance more than by his. And so much for That.

I am accused too of this very Whiggisha Trick, and in My mind a More Knaviih one, than the pretended Certificate, viz. That the Lord Mayor, or some Great Man (no body knows who) sending to me to give my Judgment cf. Persons fit to be chosen Common-Council-Men, and to do my best towards procuring the Choyce of Loyal Persons, I recommended Fanaticks, or at least Whigs, and Stickled for them. But the Reader shan't need to be scared wịth the fears of another tedious Tale, for a Word or I wo will do this business, viz. I folemnly profefs botlı upon the Word of a Christian and a Divine, That I never concerned my felf, either directly or indirectly, in that Affair, nor ever was desired by any · Mortal to Meddle in it. But yet this Goodly complaint of me, was told me by no less a Man than a Lord, this last week. And I am not to seek to under.

stand, :

stand, why just at This Nick of time, (I mean within this Week or Fortnight) there are such Strenuous but Secret Endeavours used by these Men, to make me all that's naught to our GOVERNOVRS.

It may be expected I should here Clear my self cf Discouraging my Church-Wardens from Presenting DifSenters, which they made an Article of, but I need to fay no more than this to it, That as they could make nothing like a Proof of it in the Court, so the contrary appeared there, by the Deposition of the Principal of their own Witnesses. And I had full Evidence ready to prove , That I only Charged them to Present Inpartially, and not to Gratify any ones Revengeful Pigues, but it was not produced because 'twas needless. And I had, after a full Hearing, Ten Pounds Costs given me against them. And now my Hand is in, a Word or Two to their Grand Article, That I gave the Commounion to two of my Church-Wardens together, Who were Excommunicated in the Court, near a l'ear and half since. But as I had Leave to Defer the Publishing of that Excommunication, so the Sacrament was given them before 'twas Publisht ; and I had then great Assurance, That Exconemunications can take no Effect till they are Publisht ; and what I did, was done upon the best Ad.. vice. I was capable of liaving, and I Relyed upon the

Authority of more than One Ecclefiaftical Judge; and the same Article had been Exhibited againīt many 0ther Divines besides my self, had they been so unhappy as to have had in their Parishes any People of fuch Venomous Spirits, as those Few I am infested with. So that, if this were a Fault in me, it was a Fault of molt Excuseable, if I may not say Invincible, Ignorance. I no way Consulted mine own Interest in doing this


thing, and I Abominate the breaking of any Order of the Church to Gratify any person whatsoever, · There is one thing more which I ought not to omit, viz. That whereas I mighit say (but that it may replied, I live far from Neighbours) that no Man could live more Peaceably than I have done in this place, nor have been more forward to Oblige all Men, I have wondred sometimes, and fo have others too who know my Conversation, how I should happen to have in my Parish such Bitter Enemies, though, I thank God, I have but a very few that I know of. But I have been for some time satisfied, that my Impartiality in Preaching hath netled fome, and particularly my frequent exposing certain Vices of fome among us, who value themfelves mightily upon their Loyalty and Conformity, whom I have plainly told, That they are a Disgrace both to the King and the Church; and it may be I have but feldom dealt Severely with the Fanaticks, and .Men of Factious, Seditious, and Rebellious Principles, but I have had a Bout with them too. Now this is a Fault I will not make the least Excuse for, and if it be a Fault, I believe most of the good Service I have done here to the King and Church, hath been principally Owing to it.

A Second Cause of my Troubles I am too sure (and I question whether I can name a Third) is, My Refusing to part with Mr. S. after all Endeavours that have been used to Set me against him. And for my great Averf. ness to Gratify his Enemies herein, I will Exercise my Readers Patience with this short Apology, viz. That, besides one Personal Pique, I soon perceiv'd, the Bottom of the Emnity against him, to be some Sermons he Preached of the Absolute Necessity of Restito



tion, that grievously Galled some, who were too well known, to have Wronged the Poor, together with his declaring his Mind Else-where with Tôme Severity, against several unjust Practices, before I had any Relation to this Parish. And it would have lain heavy upon my Conscience, while I had a Day to Live, should I have Joyned with those against him, who, I was Satisfied, did Set themselves in Opposition to him, for the Zeal he had expressed upon to highly Commendablean account, as that of endeavouring to do Right to Those who are not in a Capacity of Righting Themselves. Besides, should I have dismissed Mr.S. I could not but expect the Curses of Hundreds of Needy Families, for, excepting two Noted Citizens, I know not his Fellow for bestirring himself, to get Relief for Poor People. I am Confident, That never was a Parish fo obliged to a Curate, as this Parish hath been, for many Years, to Him, as Ill as he hath now, for a long time by some few, been Requited for it. And, to speak my Conscience, I am certain this Parish could very much better spare my Self, than it can Him.

i Confefs, at my first coming, there was some Mifunderstanding between Him and Me, which some hoped would have ended in a settled Enmity like to Theirs: But in a very short time, We came to know each Other Better, and then immediately all That Vanished, and hath never been in the least Revived to this Day.

And, as to his Preaching up Loyalty, and Conformity to the Church, I know not a Divine in London that is, or, ever since I came hither, hath been more Zealous; as many Hundreds, I may say some Thousands, can bear me Witness. I will make no other Apology for troubling the Reader with this long Scrib


ble, than this very short one, viz. Meer Necessity hath, forely against my Inclination, Compelld me to it. But, for all that, I expect to have the old lame Distick flung in my Dish, viz.

Hoc mihi pro certo eft, quòd fi cum stercore Certo,

Vinco, seu vincor, Certè Ego Maculor. And if I have this Wipe, I'le take it Patiently, though of all Gibes, I contess; I Most hate True Ones.

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