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who declares King-killing a Glorious Act, hopes to iee Regicides Rewarded by Parliaments , Statues Erected to their Memories, and they styled Liberatores Patritt y i. e. in the Blasphemy of the Modern Stile Saviour's of the Nation. And all this time we must be born in hand, and accurs'd for Tories and Papists if we will not believe them to be true Patriots, the onely Aflertors of our Religion, Liberties and Properties, that they alone provided for the Safety of His Majesty's Sacred Person, and the Dignities of the Imperial Crown.

Fourthly, These audacious Proceedings having forc't His Majesty to an Interval of Parliaments, They obstruct the ordinary Course and Methods of Justice, by pack't Ignoramus Juries, whereby Faction and Treason became secure and frontlese, being now above the reach of the Laws, an Impunity was Proclam'd to the greatest State-Malefactors, the Principal Conspirator was Rescued out of the Hands of Justice , and Triumphant Medals dispersed for his Deliverance: such a barefac't Affront to Authority as can scarce be Parallel'd. To accomplilh this Matchless Violation of Justice, Notorious known Disienters are brought to the Communion and Sacraments of the Church of England, to Capacitate them for Places of Trust, and take Oaths to Conform to the Government which they intend to Destroy, and so become Perjured in the very Act of swearing. And for this they have the Resolution of their own Cajuists, that an Oath obligeth not in* the sense of the Imposer, but the Taker. A more sure and compendious way of Ruining our Church and State,

C than than the Jesuit with all his Equivocations and. E>i£ pensationshath hitherto Attempted. For it is now no •• longer an open Enemy, but a Familiar Friend that hath done us this Dilhonour. '- •••

Fifthly, By their Republican Clubs, Riotous Rambles , and Descents into the several Parts oP* the Nation to number the People, and try the strength of their Party; whilst their Chief, like another Absolon , takes his Glorious Progresses , addresseth to the Populace , and receives thei#JP Caresses, insinuates himself into the Minds of the Discontented , and alienates their Affections yet farther from their Obedience to their Lawfull Prince.. • \*. : ,:•

• X';*'■*«'>».

Sixthly, By Bandying themselves into an Accursed Association, which was- neither better nor worse, for worse it could not be, than a transcript of the old Scotch Covenant \ as that was of the Holy League os France, which laid three Kingdoms in Bloud, murthered the*King, and disiblv'd the Monarchy. These were the Principal Methods which they pursued in the carrying on their Trayterous Purposes; but these failing, and their Villanics rendring them every day more and more odious in the fight of all good Men, and the Unanimous Addresses of all Loyal Subjects from all Parts of the Kingdom , Proclaiming a Detestation and Abhorrence ^f their wicked Proceedings, and giving the greatest asliirqnces of Fidelity and Affection to the King and the Establifh't Government, by a free and Generous Proffer of their Lives and Fortunes in ithe Defence of Both, they became desperate, and resolving to trust no longer to the flow Methods of Sedition, betook themselves to open force.' ■ . *


Which brings me to my third Particular, that when these means fail'd , they resolved with the desperate Citizens in the Text, Nolumus Hunc, We will not have This King to Reign over us. And this was to be effected either by raising an Army to master His Guards and seize His Perlon, or by a Barbarous Aslassination, and both these Designs were carried on by several Interests at the fame time; the Particulars whereof are so Plainly and Methodically let forth in His Majesty's Declaration, which has now been twice publickly read, that it &» perfedes any farther Relation.

I shall therefore very briefly consider the Quality of this Hellisti Conspiracy, and then set before your eyes that Scene of Horrour and Desolation which had overspread and blackned the Land in case it had taken Effect.

If we consider the Quality, it is compounded of so many Malignant Ingredients that it looks more tike a Confederacy against Religion , Morality and the common Sentiments of Humanity, than a Conspiracy against the Frame, Constitution and Administration of the Government. Ambition, Avarice, Revenge have often bewitch't men, and led them into Treasonable Associations,- but this seems to be the sole Result of Abstracted Malice, of men aban

C z don'd don'd to the Curse of a Reprobate Mind. For what would they have enjoyed, which they had not, or what could they have desired, which they might not have had? Was not the Chief of the Conspiracy in the quiet Postession of all Places of Trust, Profit and Honour , which could make him either Happy in himself, serviceable to the Government, or gratefull to the People? Did not many of the Rest owe their forfeited Lives, and rais'd Fortunes to His Majesty's Grace and Bounty? Were not all of them even glutted with the Blessings of Peace, Plenty and Liberty? Here then is an unparallel'd Ingratitude against a Prince of the Highest Bounties towards them; whose whole Reign hath been so mild and mercifull, that He hath even Exceeded our Saviour's Precept of Loving His Enemies, and doing good to those who despitefully use Him. We want not some few Examples in History of some Enthufiastick RaviUac, or other Bloudy Aflassin, who not regarding the Sacredness of Majesty, has made his way to the Heart of an Imperial Monarch. But for so many Flagitious Villains to Complot the Murther of their Lawfull Prince, His Dearest Brother , the Hopes of the Succession, to Design the utter Ruine of the Loyal Interest, to carry this on for so many Years, in so many deliberate Cabals and Consultations, in- defiance of Heaven, and so many Providential Disappointments, to continue all this while without any discomposure of mind, or remorse of Conscience, the Aslalsination to be performs after such a Barbarous Butcherly manner; this is such a Villany and Obduracy, not to be met with in the Christian world, but in the more

obdurate obdurate Hearts of Fanaticks, blasted under the Curse of an unconverted Saul, that all this time they thought they did God good service; but amongst Fanaticks whose Loyalty is Rebellion, whose Religion is Treason, and whose very Gospel is the Mystery of Iniquity; lastly, but amongst Fanaticks and Atheists transform'd into malicious Fiends by die Hellilh Divinity of that Monster of a Priest the Author of Julian the Apostate, whose whole Book is as great an Apostacy from the Practice of the Primitive Christians, the Precepts of Obedience delivered by Christ and his Apostles, and Christian nity it self, as ever the Apostate Julian was guilty of, and is indeed no other than the very Platform of this Hellilh Conspiracy, and aims as directly at the eternal Ruine of the Conspirators, as the temporal Death of the Ring, and. the dislblution of the Monarchy..


Secondly, Set before your eyes that Scene of Horrour and Desolation which had overspread the Land, in case this wicked Treason had succeeded. The King, His Royal Brother, the Ministers of State, Judges and Principal Magistrates all slaughters after a- most inhumane , Savage manner j the Government distblv'd , our Altars polluted, our Liberties, enflav'd , our Properties wrested from us, and all things laid open to the Violence of implacable Men. And indeed who can fay , had that Tragedy been begun , how far it would have gone, or where it would have ended? For « cale of Opposition it must have been secon*d with such a Devastation, of Fire and Sword',


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