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Ubi«i; SVI SIMILE UNDIq; Til&yivv,

Cessit Tandem Calvmnia,
Non Vlcta Solvm Sed Et Trivmphata,
Et, Qvantvmvis Garrvla, Obmvtvit.

I Hanc Concivnchlam;

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TIT. i. 5

Tktk i&eiv Jaw*A/top oi It KfnT»i, "u/a 7» MiTWT* ^hsio^ay, j^TapiVaj

For f Æ/j I thee in Crcet, /ÆrfJ thou Jhouldefi [et

in order the things, that are wanting, and ordain
Elders in every City, as I had anointed thee.

His Epistle is one of the three, not unfitly styled the Hierarchical Epistles, de statu Ecclesiastico composite, as (&) Tertullian (*) Adv. speaks: being so many Rescripts Aposto-%TM°n-1 * lical to Ttmothie, and Titus (the One desired by Sr. . iig Paul to stay at Ephefus, Primate of Asia; the Other left s.Hieron. in Creet,) Metropolitan of that, and (b) the neighbour in cataioj. ljlands;) directing them, (c) how they ought to behave scfejf*' s' themselves in the House of God,u>hich is the Church of the ( c j iTim. , living God. True,and genuine Decretal Epistles; not ^{fadeD. like that counterfeit Ware, which (d) Isidore Ifierca- Blondelli tor, under venerable Names, hath had the Hardiness to d^"do'1^1" obtrude upon the World; but of the right stamp, and MDeDoEi. alloy,- and such, as St. Augustine foiffyCe^a Si/hop christian.

B ought 1,4'capi5'


ought always to carry in his Hand, and to have before his Eyes.

The Verse, I have read to you, following immediately upon the Salutation, begins the body of the Efijlle it self;, and, like an ingenious, and will-contriv'd terfpeetive, gives us, from the very Front, a fair Prospect into the Contents of the whole. It is, as it were, a x kind of Magical Glass; in which an Eye, not blind with Ignorance, nor blear'd with Passion, may fee distinctly the face of the Primitive Church,m that Golden Age of the Apostles; the Platform of her Government; the beautiful! Order of her Hierarchic; the Original, and Derivation of her chief Officers, and their subordination both to one another, and to (f)i Pct.ii. Christ, ( s) the great Bishop of our Souls, in the last Re** fort; together with the Manage, and Direction of the most important Acts of the Government, both in point of Ordination, and Jurisdiction too. For here we have rijss£tm><f wfwe, Elders, that is Bi/hops fas lhall be shewed in due time) difpos'd of City by City in every City One: these Bishops both ordained, and ordered; constituted, and corrected; created, and governed by Titus alone; and so He, in right of the wewMh Premises, no other, than (g ) Metropolitan, or ArchArmachan. Bishop there; the Angel, or the Arch-Angel rather of tSoS the whoIe Cnurcn ot Creet. If you ask, who fix'd Him Wff^»»7*t tne Intelligence of so large an Orbe; 'twas St. Taul himself, (You have that too in the Text) For this Cause left I thee in Creet.M yet higher, youf Curiosity Will needs fee the Derivation of St. Tauss Power too; He opens his Commission, verse i. and spreads it bev fore You, styling himself^ Servant of God, and an A

#0* pope of Jesus Christ, One sent abroad into the World by His Commission, acted, and assisted by His Spirit, to plant, and to govern Churches after this Scheme, and Model. So that my Ttxt, like (h) Homers Sym (b)ii.». bolk al Chain, consists, you fee, of many Links; but the Highest is tyed to the foot of Jupiter $ Throne: or rather, like Jacob's mysterious Ladder, the Foot of it stands below in Bethels the House of God, (i) W. 'h 5 "V * > the Head of it is in Heaven , y„jk, Lxx. and God himself stands at the top of it, and (I) leans ty^-ZQ upon it, and keeps it firm; Angels ascending, and defeending upon it in the intermedial degrees; the Bi- nixumscala. flbops of the Church, like those blessed mmistring Jjj**^, Spirits, incessantly bringing down the Commands ot b-'*ur*sGod to the Church in their Doctrine, and carrying up the Prayers of the Church before God's Throne, ia their holy Offices, and Intercessions. So that, you fee, this holy (m) Oyi, which without measure was Ihed upon (m) Psal. the Head of out great High Trieste (n) (all Tower being SJfjJj^J'. given to Him, both in Heaven,and Earth;') runs down in xxviii. 18. full flream upon the Beard, ( for, Qo) As my Father sent (oj Joh.xx. me, faith he to his Disciples, even so [endiyom) and so11, by, and through them to their Succeslburs, holy Bishops, and Presbyters, even down to the skirts of his Garment: l or in this comely, and exquisite Order, we find it in my 1ext,.For this Cause l £F'aid an Afosile oj Jefas ChrJfl,yefi thee (Titus) in Creet,that thou Jboaldeft set in order ( or, correcJ ) the things, that art wanting, and ordain Elders in every City,as I had appointed'the*.

In which words we have these three Parts.

I irst, The Erection of a Power in the Person os

B z Tftusi

Titus; a Metropolitical Power over the whole Island of Greet: I left thee in Creet.

Secondly, The end of this Institution; or the Use; and Exercise of this Power, in a double Instance, &nJ>o$w, ly ngdtmiu, to Order, and to Ordain; to Correct, and Constitute; to make Bilhops, and to govern (fiTheophyi. them; (p) *i W""* r as the Greek Scholia

in Hyfoth. have jr: for this caufe--4hat thouJhouldest [et in order ^ft, what was wantitrg, aud ordain Elders in every City.

Thirdly, The Limitation of All to Apostolical Prescript, and Direction; both Ordination, and Ju. risdiction too, the whole Office must be managed, 'Ot lyi To fme$,i\ji»t. As I had appointed thee. These are the Parts.

Of which that I may so ipeak, and you so hear, and all of us so remember, and so practice,.that God's holy Name may be glorified, and we all built up in the knowledge of that Truth, which is according unto Godliness; We beseech God the Father, in the Name of his Son Jesus Christ1, to give us the assistance of his Holy Spirit.

And in these, and all other our Supplications, let us always remember to prayfor Christ" s holy Catholick Church, i.e.for the wholeCongregation of Christian people,dtfper[ed thorough the whole World; That it wouldplease Almighty God to purge out of it all Schism, Errour, and Heresie, and to unite all Christians in one holy bond of Faith, and Charity; that so at length the ha spy 'Day may dawn upon ns. in which all that do confess his Holy Name, may agree in the truth ofhis holy Word, and-live in Vnity, and godly Love. More especially let us pray for the Churches ofEngland.Scotland, and Ireland: that the God of Teace, who


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