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C. Alfton, R. P. D. Hen. Episc. . Lond. a facris Domelt. 16, Nou,


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Great Wickedness,

And Mischievous Effects of Slandering

Represented in a la SERMON

TREACHED AT J. Bainesti St. GILES without Cripplegate,

On Sunday Nov. 15. i 685.
Together with a Preface and Conclusion

Thou shalt not bear False Witness against thy Neighbour.
They are Grievous Revolters Walking with Slanders,

Jer. 6. 28. .
LONDON, Printed for Brabazon Aylmer, at the Three

Pidgeons against the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill. 1635.

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f the Readers of the Following Sermon knew how very little Time I had for the Composing of it, They would not be Offended with its Plainness: Nor Those that are Ingenuous, Cri

tical in obferving Faults or Over-lights. The Conclufion of the Sermon, which contains the Occasion of my Penning and Preaching it, I have here Publishe with some small Additions, which I think fit to mention, because those of whose Humanity I have had fuch plentiful Experience, will be forward enough, I presume, to give out, upon their finding any Paflages they did not hear from the Pulpit, that I have Lyed in the Title Page.

The Design of this Preface is to Vindicate my self from a great Slander of theirs (and I am prepared to do the like, as to all the Other I have heard of; which notwithstanding my Endeavours, both by Word of . Mouth and Letters, to Clear my Self of, doth (as Í understood the Last Week) still stick upon me: And 'tis this, That I should give, about a Year and three Quarters finee, to a certain Fanatick, a Knavish Certificate, to bring him off, in a Court of Justice, from


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an Indi&tment of fo Scandalous a Crime, as the Depras ving of the Common-Prayers. And in short, That I Cérti fied him to be a good Church-Man, whereas he never came to the Communion but once, in order to his being Qualified for the Office of Common-Council-Man. And if I ever gave to any such Person such a Certificate, I will freely acknowledge, I was a Knave indeed.

But before I proceed farther, I will say this, That I know not that I ever Repented of any Certificate I gave in my Life, except of One that two of my greatest Enemies, before they discovered their Malice towards me, did unawares draw me into ; which was. to this Effect, and, to the best of my remembrance, in these very Words, That for ought I know, they were Men of Peaceable and Christian Spirits; which Certificate was of their own Penning. I mult Confess, I'then Ihrewdly suspected that they were not Men of such Spirits, but because I had no cercain Knowledge of the Contrary, upon a little deliberation I Subscribed it, But within a few dayes, I was made sensible what a Trapan, this was, being informed, That thele very Men had Represented me, at White-Hall, as an Encourager of Fanaticks in our Freedom-Veftry. This was told me by a Person of Honour, who had it from Mr. Secretary Jenkins. But I Appeal to the present Recorder of London, and to the Alderman of our Ward, whether, in their Presence, I did not abundantly Clear my Innocence, as to this Charge. The Latter of thele Gentlemen, meeting me in, or near, Cornhill, fome dayes after the Hearing which we had in the Recorders Chamber, desired me to Pardon the Chief Man of them; and the Recorder, at the Conclusion of the Hearing, I think before most of the Vestry-Men were gone out (for there

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