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that we, being ready both in body and soul, may cheerfully accomplish those things that thou wouldest have done ; through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Prayers at the end of the Bible.

O Lord God, Father everlasting, and full of pity, we acknowledge and confess that we are not worthy to lift up our eyes to heaven, much less to present ourselves before thy Majesty, if we consider our own deservings: for our consciences accuse us, and our sins do witness against us; and we know that thou art an upright judge who punishest the faults of such as transgress thy commandments. Yet, most merciful Father, we fly to thy sovereign bounty as our only stay and refuge, beseeching thee not to call to remembrance our manifold sins and wickedness, whereby we continually provoke thy wrath and indignation against us; nor our negligence in neither worthily esteeming, nor expressing in our lives the sweet comfort of thy Gospel revealed to us, but to accept the obedience and death of thy Son Jesus Christ, who by offering his body once for all, hath made a full satisfaction for our sins. Have mercy, therefore, upon us, O Lord, and forgive us our offences, teach us by thy Holy Spirit rightly to weigh them, and earnestly repent us for the same. For the impenitent will not praise thee, nor call upon thy name; but the repenting heart, the sorrowful mind, the conscience oppressed, hungering and thirsting for thy grace, shall ever set forth thy praise and glory. O Lord; though we are but worms and dust, yet Thou art our Creator, and we the work of thy hands; thou art our Father, and we thy children; thou art our Shepherd, and we thy flock; thou art our Redeemer, and we thy people, whom thou hast bought; thou art our God, and we thine inheritance. Correct us not, therefore, O Lord, in thine anger, nor punish us according to our deserts ; turn and deliver our souls; O save us for thy mercies' sake in Christ Jesus our Saviour.


O dear Father, forasmuch as it hath pleased thee to make the night for man to rest in, as thou hast ordained the day for work; grant that we may so take our bodily rest, that our souls may continually watch for the time when our Lord Jesus Christ shall appear for our deliverance out of this mortal life; that we, not being overcome by danger or any temptation, may fully set our minds upon thee, love thee, fear thee, and rest in thee. Let not our sleep be excessive after the desires of the flesh, but sufficient to strengthen our weak nature, that we may be the better disposed to live in all godly conversation to the glory of thy most holy name and the profit of our brethren ; through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


Almighty God, and most merciful Father, forasmuch as by thy holy apostle we are exhorted to make supplication for all men; we pray not only for ourselves here present, but beseech thee also to bring back all them that are yet ignorant, from the miserable captivity of blindness and error to the pure understanding and knowledge of thy heavenly truth, that we all with one consent may worship thee, our only God and Saviour. Moreover, since the hearts of all rulers are in thy hand, let thy fatherly favor so preserve them, and thy Holy Spirit so govern their hearts, that thy religion may be purely maintained, manners reformed, and sin punished; and that all pastors and ministers, to whom thou hast committed thy dispensation of thy holy. word and charge of thy chosen people, may both in their life and doctrine be found faithful, setting before their eyes only thy glory. And since we are all members of the mystical body of Jesus Christ, we make our requests to thee, O heavenly Father, for all such as are afflicted with any kind of cross or tribulation; and though they be utterly destitute of man's aid, let thy sweet comfort never depart from them; give them patience and constancy till thou send them full deliverance out of all their troubles; through Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose name we make our humble petitions unto thee as he hath taught us.


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