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As the Title of PRINCE of WALES has from this

period been given to the eldest sons of the Kings of England, it may not be intrusive to insert here à brief but correct Chronology of the Princes of Wales, from CADVALLADER, which was written by the Author of this work some years ago, at Caermar, then, and frequently sung to the air of Collins's “ Chapter of Kings."

The Chapter of Welch Princes.

When Cadwallader, tired of staying at home,
Was bit by the Monks, and retired to Rome,
Prince Ivor reign'd next, of his subjects the hope,
Till he too went over to visit the Pope ;

Yet barring all pother,
Of this, that, or tother,

All came to be Princes in turn.


Then RODERICK the first govern’d Cambrian land, And after him Conan took sceptre in hand;

Next Merfyn, the valiant, who perish'd in fight, When Rod'RICK the Great became Britain's de light.

Yet barring, &c.


Sanguine and brief was Prince ANARAUD's reign, Till in battle himself and his son were both slain; (Most reigns at this period with discord were

curst,) Next Edwal succeeded, then Howel the first.

Yet barring, &c.


Lago and Ievaf together bore sway,
Whosix hundred wolves' heads to England did pay,
Brave Howel the second in war met his death ;
And a brother deprived poor Cadwalhan of

Yet barring, &e.


Prince Meridith died of a broken heart,
Edwal the second by Sweyno's dart;



Ædan in battle too finish'd his race, And Llewellyn by traitors who wanted his place.

Yet barring, &c.


Iago the second by treachery fell,
As did GRYFfyd the first, tho' he reign'd long

and well; And BLETHYN AP Confyn, was murderd too, By TRAHAERN, whom GRYFfyd in battle slew,

Thus barring, &c.





Good GRYFFYD the second ruled many bright

years, And his tomb was bedew'd by a whole nation's

tears ; He by Owen was follow'd his offspring and heir; Next David succeeding, was hurl'd from the chair.

For barring, &c.

VIII. LLEWELLYn the second, so good and so great, To David the second bequeathed his state;


LLEWELLYN the third, like a hero did reign,
Till by EDWARD of England he basely was slain.

Yet barring, &c.

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CAERNARVON gave birth to the next British .

Prince, And England's first-born have been Sov'reigns

since ; While loyal, affectionate, hardy, and free, The Welch have remain'd, and for aye may they

be. "And CAMBRIA united see all of her Princes

Come safe to be Kings in their turn.




Born at Caernarvon, April 25th, 1284. Crowned at Westminster, February 23d, 1307. Married Isabel, daughter of Philip le Bel, of France, in the church of Our Lady at Bologne, January 28th, 1307, by whom he had issue, Edward, his successor; John, of Eltham, who died in the flower of his youth; Joan, married to David, King of Scotland; and Eleanor, to Reynold, Duke de Guelders. Edward reigned near twenty years, was cruelly murdered in Berkley Castle, and buried at Gloucester, A. D. 1327.

PRINCIPAL EVENTS. Civil wars with the Barons on account of the King's at. tachment to his minions. The Queen joins against her husband, who is eventually deposed.

EMINENT PERSONS. John Offord, Archbishop of Canterbury. Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster. Roger, Lord Mortimer; Piers Gaveston, and the two Spencers, favourites of the King.


Clement V. 1305. John XXII. 1316.

Emperors. Of the East.-Andronicus II. 1283. Andronicus III. 1320.Of the West.-Albert I. 1299. Henry VIII. 1304. Lewis IV. 1314.

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