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"And where, with mock religious zeal,
"And downcast eye, my aims I cross'd,

"I'm doom'd in genuine woe to feet
"The blood I shed, the heaven I lost J*

"And hark! a summons deep and drear,
"Unlike each sound of mortal ken,

*' Warns me no more to linger here,

"But hence, and count my crimes again."

And deep and drear the summons came,
The spectre fled, the charm was broke,

And (haply you may be the same),
Right glad was I when I awoke.

* Edward was canonized soon after,. and ranked among the martyrs; because he had defended the cause of the monks, ejected the secular clergy from their benefices, and made Dunstan archbishop of Canterbury.



ETHELRED the lid, surnamed THE UNREADY.

Born, A. D. 966. Began to reign 978, was crowned at Kingston-on-Thames. Married twice, first to Elgiva, an English Lady, by whom he had Edmund, his successor; Ethelstan, died an infant; Edwy, murdered by Canute; Edgiva, married an English Earl; Edgith, married Edric, the infamous Duke of Mercia;* and Edgina, married Uthred,. Earl of Northumberland: by his second wife, Emma, of Normandy, he had Alfred and Edward, and a daughter named Goda, married to Gautier, Earl of Mantas, and to Eustace, Earl of Boulogne. Ethelred reigned 37 years. Died, April 23d, 1016, was buried in St. Paul's, London.

Principal Events. A great massacre of the Danes throughout England, which occasioned an invasion of this country by Sweyn, King of Denmark, who after receiving an immense sum to re-embark, returned, put King Ethelred to flight and pillaged the whole kingdom.

Eminent Persons.
Dunstan, Siricus and Alphage, Archbishops of Canterbury.


Benedict VII. 975. John XIV. 934. John XV. 985.
Gregory V. 996. Silvester II. 999. John XVI. 1003.
John XVII. 1004. Sergius IV. 100!). Benedict, 1012.

Emperors. Of the East.—Basil H. 975.

Of the IV~ett.—Otho II. 973. Otho III. 9S3. Henry II. 1003. Kings.

Of France.—Lothaire, 954. Louis V. 986. Hugh Capet,

987. Robert 11. 997. Of Scotland.—Kenneth III. 977. Constantine IV. 1002.

Grimus, 1095. Malcolm II. 1014.

Vide the next Reign.



"As tedious as a King."


"This Boy will turn out a Poltroon and a Coward."

St. Dunstan's Declaration at the Baptism of this Prince.

"II paroit Maitre de tout les autres Homines: Mais il "n'est pas Maitre de lui meme.

"On Voyoit plusiears de ccs Rois severement punis, non *' pour les Maux qu'ils avoient faits, mais pour avoir neglige "le biens quils auroient du faire."


Little recorded in this reign we find
But cowardice and cruelty combined;
Denmark again her warlike fortune tries,
And the " Norweyan banner flouts the skies
The fearful King pays tribute to the Dane,
Who partially retires; those who remain
In treacherous massacre are basely slain.
A full revenge th' unkingly act succeeds,
And England in her every province bleeds;
Prelates and Nobles in the ruin share,
Nor sex nor age, the northern ruffians spare:


Our seats of learning and its stores they burn,
Nor quit us but to menace swift return.
With Danish Olave came ambitious Sweyn,
Who here obtained a momentary reign;
And fell, as Dunstan's tonsured tribe advance,
By spectred EDMUN D's * visionary lance;
CANUTE, too, vainly hail'd our Albion's Lord,
Sees Ethelred by Londoners restored ;
While gallant Edmund flies to aid his sire,
And wake within his breast a noble fire;
In vain the pious son his King wou'd save,
Untaught by ills, to every vice a slave,
The Monarch sinks to an inglorious grave.

* The Monks reported that the spectre of Edmund, King of East Anglia, whose remains Sweyn had disturbed by laying the Abbey of Bury under military execution, fought under Duntan's banner.



Born, A. D. 989. Began to reign 1016. Married Algi. tha, the English Widow of a Danish Noble, by whom he had issue, Edward, surnamed the Outlaw, (from living out of England during the ascendancy of the Danes); and Edmond. Reigned but nine months. Was murdered 1017. Buried at Glastonbury.

PRINCIPAL EVENTS. Several battles with Canute, King of Denmark, and a single combat between that Monarch and Edmund, who divided the kingdom with him.

EMINENT Persons. Livingus, Archbishop of Canterbury. Mercia, eminent for his treasons.

Edric, Duke of


Benedict VIII. 1012.

of the East.–Basil II. 975.
Of the West.--Henry II. 1002.

Of France.—Robert II. 997
Of Scotland.-Malcolm II, 1014.


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