Great Doctrines of the Bible: God the Father, God the Son - God the Holy Spirit - The Church and Last Things

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Theology isn't just for scholarsÑit is for everyone. For that reason Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave a series of lectures at Westminster Chapel to help ordinary people understand and apply theology to their own lives. This book is the fruit of those lectures.

Previously published in three separate volumes, they are now combined into one workÑa complete systematic Christian theology. Among others, the book covers Christian beliefs about Scripture, the attributes of God, the life and work of Jesus, the Fall, redemption, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the nature of the church, and last things. The book is written in clear language and contains guidance for application. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the great doctrines of the Bible but doesn't want to wade through lengthy academic works should read this book.

God the Father, God the Son

This volume focuses on the very character of God and the life and work of his Son, including his eternal decrees, his attributes, original sin, redemption, the covenant of grace, and the Incarnation. God the Father, God the Son will help you to truly know God and his Word better. And in that pursuit, you can never go wrong. Because someday, somewhere, you will need to know--and share--the Truth with someone else.

God the Holy Spirit

This volume explores in detail the person and vital work of the Holy Spirit. He is a divine and mighty power who is active in conversion, redemption, regeneration, sanctification, and the assurance of salvation. Martyn Lloyd-Jones also considers within these pages Pentecost, baptism of the Spirit, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit--all to give you a better understanding of this least-known member of the Trinity.

The Church and the Last Things

This volume explores in detail two doctrines that bear great impact on your today and all your tomorrows: the nature of the church, and the doctrine of the last things. Here is perspective on the Bible's various references to the church, plus a study of unity, baptism , church government, and the sacraments--all according to Scripture. Martyn Lloyd-Jones also carefully considers the various views regarding Christ's second coming, what God's Word communicates about the last days, and the meaning of Jesus' return for ourselves as well as the world. It's important reading, not just for admirers of this great preacher, but for Christians everywhere.


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Reseña de usuario  - exinanition - LibraryThing

I cannot but praise Dr. Lloyd-Jones for this brilliantly written, infinitely researched treatise on the biblical doctrines of God and the relationship He desires and fosters among His people. This ... Leer reseña completa

Reseña de usuario  - Anthony Shuler -

Excellent book. He has some silly opinions in his being a strong Calvinist and every once and a while something ridiculous comes out of no where like calling it heresy not to baptize by sprinkling ... Leer reseña completa

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Preface VII
Introduction 1
The Person of the Holy Spirit 3
The Deity of the Holy Spirit 13
Creation and Common Grace 22
The Significance of Pentecost 30
The Work of the Holy Spirit in General 42
The Work of the Holy Spirit in Redemption 53
L3 Repentance 128
Saving Faith 139
Assurance 152
Justification by Faith 167
Adoption 179
IS Sanctification the Different Views 190
Sanctification Gods Work and Ours 200
The Mighty Process of the Holy Spirit 210

Effectual Calling 64
Regeneration a New Disposition 74
The New Birth 84
A Child of God and in Christ 95
Union with Christ 106
Conversion 117
Sanctification in Romans 6 to 8 222
Baptism and Filling 234
Further Reflections on the Baptism of the Spirit 244
The Sealing and the Earnest 255
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit 265
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