A New and General Biographical Dictionary: Containing an ... Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation in the World, Particularly the British and Irish ...

The Proprietors, 1795

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Página 107 - The French gardiner; instructing how to cultivate all sorts of fruit-trees and herbs for the garden...
Página 235 - Being thus forsaken and oppressed, he was reduced to great straits : when God raised him up an unexpected patron in Sir Thomas Lucy, of Warwickshire, who received him into his house, and made him tutor to his children. Here he married a citizen's daughter of Coventry, and continued in Sir Thomas's family till his...
Página 7 - A perfect copy of all summons of the nobility to the great councils and parliaments of this realm, from the 49th of king Henry III. until these present times, &c.
Página 84 - He reduced into regularity and order all the fundamental principles of pure mathematics, which had been delivered down by Thales, Pythagoras, Eudoxus, and other mathematicians before him, and added many others of his own...
Página 20 - Of this the firft fymptoms were an imbecillity to refift any temptation abroad on a Sunday evening, that fhould eafe him of the trouble of fuch exercifes as he had been accuftomed to perform in the family of his mother, and an eager curiofity in the perufal of books not merely of entertainment, but of fuch, as together with a knowledge of the world, furnifhed his mind with fuch palliatives of vice as made him half a convert to it. While While his mind was...
Página 1 - Sept. 1639. Sir Robert Dudley was not only admired by princes, but also by the learned ; among whom he held a very high rank, as well on account of his skill in philosophy, chemistry, and physic, as his perfect acquaintance with all the branches of the mathematics, and the means of applying them for the service and benefit of mankind. He wrote several things. We have mentioned the account of his voyage. His prmcipal work is, " Del arcano del mare,
Página 316 - Lilly, the famous astrologer, about the certainty of his art, which he had maintained was revealed to mankind by the good angels. Our Author in his annotations upon Jeremiah, taking notice of this profaneness, had used the astrologer a little roughly, calling him " blind buzzard," &c. In return to this, Mr. Lilly, in his ' Annus tenebrosus,' reflected upon the divine; to which our Author replied, in " A Vindication of the " Annotations,
Página 232 - The Principles and Practices of certain ' moderate Divines of the Church of England, (greatly mis' understood), truly represented and defended, in a free ' discourse between two intimate friends, in three parts, 8vo.
Página 191 - Feb. 1674-5. He was entertained in the house of that gentleman, who had other views for serving him, but Flamsteed persisting in his resolution to take orders, he did not dissuade him from it. March following, sir Jonas brought him a warrant to be the king's astronomer, with a salary of 100/.

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