Maxims, Characters, and Reflections, Critical, Satyrical, and Moral

J. and R. Tonson, 1757 - 223 páginas

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Página 14 - But let concealment like a worm i' th' bud Feed on her damask cheek: she pin'd in thought, And with a green and yellow melancholy, She sat like Patience on a Monument, Smiling at grief.
Página 211 - Vice, — every thing that pleases and displeases in mankind ; and as the effects are so very different, nothing is more easy than to discover, even to ourselves, whether the Pride that produces them is virtuous or vicious : the first object of virtuous Pride is Rectitude...
Página 45 - Flora excites the moft ardent, yet yet moft elegant defire. Camilla reminds you of the dignity of Diana, Flora of the attractive fenfibility of Califto : Camilla almoft elevates you to the fenfibility of angels, Flora delights you with the lovclieft idea of woman.
Página 49 - There is a certain author who produces perpetual paradoxes in my mind; I am at a loss to decide whether he charms or offends me most, whether to call him the first of writers or the last: and this one would think a difficulty likewise with other people; for he has written what has had merit enough to get into all hands, and defect enough to be flung out of all. It is his great praise, his honour, that he is condemned by sensible men, and applauded by weak women; for the first are often as ignorant...
Página 44 - CAMILLA reminds you of a lovely young queen ; FLORA, of her more lovely maid of honour. In CAMILLA you admire the decency of the Graces ; in FLORA, the attractive fweetnefs of the Loves.
Página 43 - You see a character that you admire, and you think it perfect ; do you therefore conclude that every different character is imperfect ? What, will you allow a variety of beauty...
Página 42 - CAMILLA ; they find that fhe fighed for the misfortune of another, and they are affected ftill more. Young, lovely, and high born, CAMILLA graces every company, and heightens the brilliancy of courts; wherever...
Página 105 - You afk why he does not rather think of being a politician, and making a figure in public life — indeed I do not know : whether it be that he has any party prejudices, or what it is indeed I do not know, but he does not think of it. Well then, fay you, as he is young, fome gallantries with the fine ladies might be a cleverer employment...
Página 92 - It is often better to have a great deal of harm happen to one than a little: a groat deal may гоизе you to remove what a little will only accustom you to endure.
Página 5 - We are never so ready to praise, as when wo are inclined to detract ; and often has one man, nay one nation, been flatterN.

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