Ontario History, Volúmenes 10-11

Ontario Historical Society, 1913
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Vols. 29- include the society's Report, 1931/32- except 1938/39-1939/40 which were issued separately.

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Página 10 - Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife ! To all the sensual world proclaim, One crowded hour of glorious life Is worth an age without a name.
Página 27 - SHE WOULD BE A SOLDIER ; OR, THE PLAINS OF CHIPPEWA. An Historical Drama in Three Acts.
Página 27 - Memoirs, or DARTMOOR PRISON; containing a complete and impartial history of THE ENTIRE CAPTIVITY OF THE AMERICANS IN ENGLAND, from the commencement of the last war between the United States and Great Britain, until all prisoners were released by the treaty of Ghent. Also a particular detail of all occurrences relative to the HORRID MASSACRE AT DARTMOOR, on the fatal evening of the 6th of April 1815.
Página 34 - ... matters, such as the numerical strength of the contending forces, the number of guns or the weight of metal — matters which one would suppose would have been settled by the official reports — there has existed for a century, and still exists, utterly irreconcilable divergence. The unbiased student of this period, who seeks only to learn the facts, is still bewildered and in doubt when he compares American with Canadian or English accounts. If the bitterness and rancour of the old books has...
Página 24 - An Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of the Orders in Council, and an Examination of the Conduct of Great Britain toward the Neutral Commerce of America," this passed rapidly through several editions, but failed to prevent the war of 1812.
Página 72 - Company," which for a time held a lordly sway over the wintry lakes and boundless forests of the Canadas, almost equal to that of the East India Company over the voluptuous climes and magnificent realms of the Orient. The company consisted of twenty-three shareholders, or partners, but held in its employ about two thousand persons as clerks, guides, interpreters, and " voyageurs,
Página 80 - District; was multiplying daily his preparations to invade in others ; that the militia, in a perfect state of insubordination, had withdrawn from the ranks in actual service ; had refused to march when legally commanded to reinforce a detachment of...
Página 26 - The Friendless Orphan. An affecting Narrative of the Trials and Afflictions of Sophia Johnson, the Early Victim of a Cruel Stepmother, whose Afflictions and Singular Adventures probably exceed those of any other American Female living, who has been doomed in early life to drink deep of the cup of sorrow,
Página 27 - Prisoners ; Sixteen Months' Imprisonment of the Writer and others with the Indians and British," etc., a prolix title, the work itself printed at Frankfort, Kentucky, in 1842.
Página 26 - An Affecting Narrative of Louisa Baker, a Native of Massachusetts, Who, in Early Life Having Been Shamefully Seduced, Deserted Her Parents, and Enlisted in Disguise on Board an American frigate...

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