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THE AVERAGE PRICES of NavigaBLE CANÁL Shares and other PROPERTY, in Jan. 1817 (to the 25th), at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge-street, London.Trent and Mersey Canal, 12501. ex div. 306. half year,- Birmingham, 6201. div. 361. Oxford, 4101.-Stafford and Worcester, 4101, ex div. 151. half-year.-Grand Junction, 136l. ex dix. 21.-Leeds and Liverpool, 2381, ex div. 51.-Grand Surrey, 501.-Ellesmere, 601.-Worcester and Birmingbam, 191.-Kennel and Avon, 121.-Chelover, 701. div. 41,-West India Dock, 14544. ex div. 51, half-year.- London dito, 701. with div. 11. 10s. balf-year.-Globe Insurance, 1041, ex div. --Albion, 30/. ex div.-British Copper Company, 401. with div. 51.

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3 perci Cons.

Cons. Navy
Red. 3 per Ct. 14perCt. 5 perCt P.Long Irista 51 Imp.

Ann, per Ct 3perCt Ann.

Stock. Stock. Sth Sea Bonds. 3 d.
Imp. | India (So. Sea, 3 perCy India E. Bills E. Bills


RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Bank Buildings, Londou.

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Printed by NicBOLS, SON, aud BENTLEY, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Streel, London.



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Cornw.-Covent. 2 GENERAL EVENING

Cumb.2- Doncast, M.Post-M.Herald

Derb.-Dorchest. Morning Chronic.

Durham — Essex Times-M. Advert.

Exeter 2, Glouc.? P.Ledger & Oracle

Halifax-Hants 2 Brit. Press—Day

Hereford, Hull 3 St. James's Chron.

Huntingd.-Kent 4 Sun-Even. Mail

Ipswichi, Lancas. Star-Traveller

Leices.2--Leeds 2 Pilot-Statesman

Lichfield, Liver. 6 Packet-Lond.Chr.

Maidst. Manch. 6 Albion--C. Chron.

Newe.3.-Notts. 2 Courier-Globe

Northampton Eng. Chron.--Ing.

Norfolk, Norwich Cour.d'Angleterre


N.Wales Oxford 2 Cour. de Londres

Portsea-Pottery 150therWeekly P.

Preston-Plym. 2 17 Sunday Papers

Reading -Salisb. Hue & Cry Police

Salop-Sheffield2 Lit, Ady, monthly

Sherborne, Sussex Bath 3—Bristol 5

Shrewsbury Berwick-Boston

Staff.--Stamf. 2 Birmingham 3


Wolverh. Worc. 2 Camb.-Chath.

York3.IRELAND37 Carli.2--Chester 2 CONTAINING

SCOTLAND 24. Chelms. Cambria.

Jersey 2. Guern. 2 Meteorological Diaries for Jan. & Feb. 98, 190 Review of New Publications. Miscellaneous correspondence, &c. The Character of Passing Events.............

...137 Memoir of John, first Viscount Scudamore. 99 Hints to Radical Reformers, &C.............ibid. “ The Terra Incognita of Lincoloshire.”...100 Prophecy of Ezekiel concerning Gogue... 139 Plan to save the Consumption of Bread... 101 Memoirs of Life and Writings of Dr. Lettsom. 140 Tour through various parts of Flanders, &c.103 The Pastor's Fireside, by Jane Porter...... 145 lofirmary belonging to Shrewsbury Abbey.105 Mason's Statistical Account of Ireland.....147 "A Shop-keeping Nation"-Reformers....106 | Dr. Reece's Monthly Gazette of Health....149 The Scriptural Account of the Creation....107 Dr. Cove on the Revenues of the Church..150 Proper subjects for Religious Exhortation..108 The Shades of Waterloo, by M. Young...154 Remarks on the Spots upon the Sun's Disk.109 LITERARY INTELLIGENCE............ Glesum 1—“Election of Mayor of Garrat.”111 Index INDICATORIUS. --Questions, &C.......157 “View of Covent Garden Market.”.........112 Select Poetry, for February 1817..158-161 Juscription on the Monument of Bp.Burnet 113

Historical Chronicle. LATENT ANTIQUITIES, No. V..................114 Proceedings in presentSessionof Parliament162 Cancellieri on the Word Dominus, &C......115 Report of Secret Committee on Disturbances 165 Tour over the Western or Blue Mountains 117 Abstract of principal Foreign Occurrences.. J 69 On the “Compendium of County History” 123 Country News 173.--Domestic Occurrences 174 President Bradsbaw—and Holland Family 12+ The Chamberlain's Speech to Visc.Exmouth 175 Univ. Suffrage avd Duration of Parliaments 125 The New Sheriffs.-Circuit of the Judges.. 176 Keepiug of Bees recommended-Seamen 129 | Theatre; Promotions; Preferments; Births177 On Administration of Bankrupts' Affairs... 130 Marriages of eminent Persons............... 178 Parish Registers ?-Chimney-sweepers....131 Memoir of the late Duke of Marlborough..179 Tithes.-Contributions of the Poor, &c....132 Obituary, withAnecd.of remarkable Persons 181 On Dissenters, and on Small Benefices....135 Bill of Mortality.-Prices of Markets, &c. 191 The Crucibxion-Geneva Catechism, &c., 136 Canal, &c. Shares.—Prices of ihe Stocks...192 Embellished with a Perspective View of the INFIRMARY of SHREWSBURY ABBEY ;





Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, at Cicero's HBAD, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-str. London;

where all Letters to the Editor are particularly desired to be addressed, POST-PAID.





Jan. Bar. Ther,

29.30 48
2 29.27 41
3 99.37 40
4 29.11 53
5 29.68 43
6 29.53 49
7 30.22 40
8 30.24 33

30.37 | 314
10 30.44 33

11 | 30.33 27
S 12 30.00) 30

13 29.63 | 35
14 | 29.52 39
15 28.75 47
16 29.01 404
17 | 98.65 43

18 | 28.33 42
S 1923.61 45

20 28.40
21 29.37
22 29.57 49
23 29.70 51

2+ 30.02 48
S 25 30 17 50

26 30.02 49
27 30.17 19
28 30.13 +5
29 50.20 46

461 31 30.33

Hyg. at 9 A. M.

Bar. Ther.


at 3 P. M.
68 M Small rain but moderate.... / 29.19 51 66 do
38 M Five ; a small shower.......

29.31 47 38 do. F. & C.; some small rain.
50 M Fine ; a small shower.......

29.51 43 43 do. Fine; windy with small ra.
76 M | Windy and rain, at 10 fair. 29.19 53

Wind and showers......
30 M Fine, aft. 10 small rain...... 29.57 41

Rain; faii...

49 M Cloudy with showers.........

33 do. Fine...
41 M Very fine, frosty

30.27 43 30 do. Do...... 50 M Foggy, frosty; aft. 10 clear. 30.21 40 45 do. Fine though cloudy.


30 39
38 M Fine, frosty ; very fine.....

40 do. D)........
59 M Foggy, sharp frost.

30.40 35

39 do. Do. Do........ 43 M Frost, some fog.............

30.19 32] 47 do Frost, thick fog..
46 M Foggy, frosty

29.91 33 45 do. Fine frosty..
42 M F. & C.; a little rain; fine. / 29.46 43 45 do. Five, F. & C....
11 M F. & C........

29.45 401 23 do.

72 M Rain and windy......[12 fair 28.78

43 37 do. Pair but blowing hard....
54 M Smallrain but moderate, aft. 28.80

48 52 do. F. & C.; some small rain.. 33 M Small rain, at 10 F. & C.... 29.67

46 42 do, Small showers....... 36 M Clouds with small showers. (28.81

45 30 do. Do............ (sinali rain.
40 M Gloomy &!owering, ast.11ra. 28.51 44

47 do. Gloomy; blowing liard wiih
49 M B!ow.hardwith squalls&rain 28.55 48 37 do. Do.; more noderate .......
36 M Frosty, fair and thaw 29.60 404 | 46 do. F. & C.........
*3 M Cloudy & windy, aft. 12 fine. 29.70 517 39 do. Pine, and moderate...
41 M F. & C.

29.69 55 3 cio. cloudy and gloomy..
9 D Very fine..

30 06 544 4 do. D......... 4 D Cloudy, lowering

30.13 524 3 do. Fine.........
5 D Cloudy, lowering,aft. 11 fine 29.98

52 10 do. Sine........
9 D Cloudy with wrt haze........ 50.16 514 7 Jo. D..........
8 D Cloudy and gloomy ...[tine 30 12

46 5 do. | Do..... IS D Cloudy& gloomy, at 12 very 30 25

48 40 do. Very fioe...... 11 D Pine, very five

30.2! | 50.4 41 do. Very fine... 1 D Fine, very fine


50 1+ do. Do,...

Bar. Ther.

Hyg. at 10 P. M.
29.19 43 95 do Ru; fair.

do. Do.

29 45 46 35 do. Do.; rain and blo.
29.27 13 49 do. F. & C.
29.6! 39 39 do. F. & C.

33 do. Do.
31:7 39 35 do. Do.; frosty and
30.12 39 37 d. P. & C. (foggy.
30 3. 35 52 do. Do.

57 do. Do. Do.
1,13 31 72 do. Do.
29.83 33

F. & C.; foggy.
99.45 38
29.36 38 42 do. Do
29.16 36 34 do Do ; moderate.
28.70 +6

46 do. Do.
29 67

34 do, Do.
23.81 +3

38 do. Do.

75 42 do. Rain, blow. hard.
28.95 45 40 do. Do. ; moderate.
19.70 14 43 do. D. ; showers and
29.73 49


I do. Do.

8 do. D.; sonie showers 30.13

8 d. Do.; some showers! 30.10 +8

5 do. D).

7 do, F. & C.
30.15 45 7 do. Do.

65 do. D)
30,21 454 3) du. Dı.
50.30) 40 35 d. Do



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Feb. 7. represented the county of Hereford THE memory of the good and wise in five several Parliaments, and was

ought not io die while it is in the High Sheriff in 1581. He was a spepower of any one to preserve it. An ciai benefactor to the Bodleian Li. accident has recalled to my mind the brary at Oxford, of whom the Fouoder name and character of joun, first thanks him for “ his sweet conversaVISCOUNT SCUDAMORE; and in look- tion, and many kind deserls; aod ing for some memorial of him wherel professes that he owed him a duty as most expected to find it, he seems to well as friendship.” His son, Sir be passed over without a note or re James Scudamore, was another of mark. I allude to T. Warton's edi- Sir Thomas Bodley's most esteemed tion of “ Comus," and Todd's “ Life friends: he is said to have been one of Milton," in which I expected of the most renowned men in England somethiog to bave been said of this for chivalry. In the reign of Queen accomplished and virtuous Nobleman, Elizabeth Camden reckons tiim among as the Ambassador at Paris, who io. those who were koighted for their troduced the great Poet in bis juve valour at the siege of Cadiz. Fuller nile travels to the learned and cele. Mentions him as a man famous and brated Grotius.

fortunate in his time; and no time Almost all I shall have to say of says Gibson) certainly will ever be this aidiable and pious Peer will be able to obliterate or obscure the borrowed from "A View of the An. brave and generous character that is tieot and present State of the Churches given of him under the title of Sir of Door, Home-Lacy, and Hempsted, Scudamore* in Spenser's Fairy &c. By Matthew Gibson, M. A. Queen.” He had a daughter, Mary, Rector of Door.” Proin the press of married to Sir Giles Brydges, of Walyour learved Predecessor, W. Bow ton Castle (created a Baronet 1627, yer, 1727, 4lo. Pp. 238.

ancestos to the late Duke of Chandos), The Scudamores are very antient and two sons, John and Barnaby. in Hercfordshire, and early ramified John, eldest son, was born at joto two branches, seated at Home. Homme, 1600, was educated under a Lacy and Kenichurch, of whom I be. domestic tutor; and being filted for lieve it cauoot be exactly and satis- the University at 16, was entered at factorily ascertained at what time Magdalen College at Oxford. At 17 they branched from the common be obtained licence to travel into foslock. Sir John Scudamore, of Ewyas reign parts. After his return, he conand Home-Lacy, wag Escheator of tinued to be studious, and formed a Herefordshire, &c. 13 Rich. Il. and particular friendship with Bp. Laud. married Alice, daughler and co-heir In his 21st year be was chosen to reof Owen Glendower. His descendant, present his native county in ParliaJohn Scudamore, esq. was one of the ment. The same year (1621) he was four Gentlemen-ushers to King Henry created a Baronet; and on July 1, VIII. He rebuilt Home-House, and 1628, 4 Charles I. advanced to the had a chapel coosecrated io it by Bp. Irish Peerage, by the titles of Baron Skypp, i Edward VI. He lived to a Scudamore, of Dromore, and Discount great age, and was much respected Scudamore, of Sligo. He altended in the begioning of Queen Elizabeth's * This is noticed in the last Edition reign. His grandson, Sir John Scu- of Spenser by Todd, who refers to Gibdamore, was Gentleman Usber to son, and also to a curious passage reQueen Elizabeth, Standard Bearer to garding Sir James, in Higford's “ Instithe Baod of Gentlemen Pensiuners, tutions of a Gentleman."



the Duke of Buckingham as a Volun- liberty, property, and the free exerteer in his second expedition.

cise of bis religion. He was taken in After the Duke's murder, Lord Scu. Hereford by Sir William Waller in damore retired to his country course 1643, sent up prisoner to the Parliaof life, diverting himself, sometimes ment, had some of his houses ruined with planting and grafting of apple by the rebels, his estates sequestered, trees, and making experience of their his goods and chattels sold, with a several sorts of fruit. He not only long train of miseries and misfortunes; first brought Red-streak Cyder into besides three years and ten months request, but carried it to great per imprisonment, he suffered in his esfeciion. Hence John Phillips, in his tate to the value of 37,6901. During “ Cyder," speaking of Musk, a fine this period he was eminent for 'his and elegant and delicate sort of fruit, charity to the distressed Clergy, whom says,

he bountifully relieved. He was zea“ Yet let her to the Redstreak yield, that lous for the doctrine and discipline of

the Church of England, and the exact Was of the Sylvan kind, uncivilized, conformity of his life to both. His Of no regard, till Scudamore's skilful great abilities in most parts of Learnhand

ing, and his encouragement of seveImprov'd her, and by courtly discipline ral learned men, procured him an Taught her the savage nature to forget. universal affection and esteem; and Hence call'd the Scudamorean plant,

more especially established him such whose wine

[heart Whoever tastes, let bim with grateful country, as hardly any before him

an interest and respect in his native Respect that antient loyal house, &c."

had, or hardly any will have again. In 1635 his Lordship was appointed His endowments of the Churches of Ambassador to Lewis XIII. of France. Door, Home-Lacy, and Hemsted, lo this high office Lord Clarendon have alone immortalized his name. reflects on him as giving umbrage to His Lordship died Jude 8, 1671, æt. the Hugonots. Notwithstanding this, 71, and was buried at Home Lacy. he exerted himself in a plan of uniting His only surviviog son, James Scu. all the Protestant Churches against damore, represented the County of their common enemy, the Church of Hereford in Parliament at the Resto. Rome; and haviog formed an inti- ration of King Charles Il. and so conmate friendship with Grotius, en tinued till his death, which bap. joyed that learned man's advice upon pened before that of his father, leav. this subject.

ing an only son, Jonn, who succeeded In his Lordship’s Minutes is the his grandfather as SECOND VISCOUNT following curious passage:

SCUDAMORE, served in several Parlia. “ Feb. 1, 1638-9. The Prince of Conde ments for Herefordshire, and died 28 returning me a visit, and speaking of the July, 1697. affairs of Scotland, said, “ It is the hu His son JAMES, boro 1684, succeed. mour of those Puritans never to be sa ed as THIRD VISCOUNT SCUDAMORB. tisfied; but when they have gotten one After he came of age he was elecled thing, still to demand another. The to represent his native county in King should therefore fall upon them

every Parliament till his death, exsuddenly, and cut off three or four heads, cept the last, when he was returned and then he will have peace. Whereas if for the city of Hereford. He died he suffer them to get strength, he will December 2, 1716, æt. 33, when the be constrained to yield to disadvantageous conditions, and that will be the title cxpired, as he left an only beginning of more troubles. This the daughter and heir, Frances, börn Prince desired me to remember, and re August 4, 1711, grandmother of the present to his Majesty from one who present Ducbess Dowager of Norfolk. wished his felicity and repose; and by

His arms were, Gules, three stirhis own experience of suppressing the rups Or. Crest : Out of a Crown Or, Norman rebels, thought this the like a lion's paw erased, Sable. Motto : liest means to procure his Majesty's and Scuto amoris divini.

0. Y. the kingdom's tranquillity and peace'!" A time of adversity soon followed.


Feb. 3. By the Civil Wars Lord Scudamore I Am ad to finde batomy ideas

a prosperity and honour, to the loss of Reviewer, vol. LXXXVI. ii. 584, re


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