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liberal education, engaged in active and ary there, to the duties of which situation extensive mercantile concerns, from which he paid unwearied attention during a space he realized a handsome independence, and of 25 years, though the greaier part of retired from business about twenty-five the time engaged with an extensive pracyears since. He was scrupulously just in tice; and in a pecuniary point of view he all his dealings, and distinguished for the was a truly liberal benefactor to that in. conspicuous probity of his morals. In stitution. In early life he pursued his the latter part of his life he acted in the natural talent for Poetry as a favourite commission of the peace in an independent recreation — some beautiful specimens of and honourable manner. In him the which have been occasionally presented poor have lost a warm and charitable to his friends; and his love of classical friend, and the publick have to lameut the and polite literature were eminently condeprivation of a most conscientious and spicuous during his whole life. In his upright magistrate.

political sentiments he was unquestionably P. 628, b. 'The Rev. J. F. Fearon, M.A. loyal; although ever averse from contro. F.S.a. vicar of Cuckfield, rector of Sel. versy on this subject, especially in publick, sea, and prebendary of the Cathedral yet to his intimate friends he was known Church of Chichester, died at Cuckfield, to possess a sincere attachmeat to the (aged 54,) where for thirty years he was constilution and liberties of his country, resident, and where his generous and unbiassed by prejudice ur party. The benevolent nature rendered him he ad- publick at large will sincerely regret the miration of his numerous friends, and the loss of his professional talents; while bis comfort of his family, who are left lo de relations and friends will long lament his plore their irreparable loss.

social and endearing virtues, and with a VOL. LXXXVII. Part I.

melancholy pleasure recal to mind the P. 90, a. Rev. Dr. Hunt, late Fellow of instructive lessons of justice and morality All Souls' college, Oxford.

wbich bis enlightened conversation was P. 188, b. Dr. Walker, of Leeds, was accustomed to instil. born of highly respectable parents at P. 279, b. William Thomson, LL.D. Bradford, co. York, and received the first was born in 1746, at Burnside, in Perthrudiments of his education at the free shire, where his father was a carpenter ju Grammar School there. He was after low circumstances. As the boy displayed wards placed under the care of David Hall superior parts, he was first sent to a of Skipton, (a Quaker of considerable grammar school, and afterwards to the learning and talents,) previously to com- University of St. Andrew's, where his promencing his professional studies at Edin- ficiency recommended him to the patron. burgh. Here his unceasing application age of the Earl of Kionoul, who appointed and industry, in acquiring a thorough him his Librarian, and intended to have knowledge of the theoretical learning of given him a living. He was accordingly his profession, were not less remarkable, ordained as assistant to the mioister of than his anxiety and solicitude, when in Monivard; but the gaiety of bis disposition extensive practice, to render bis studies of soon put an end to his ecclesiastical prouse to posterity ; having with great la. spects, avd he repaired to London, after obbour and assiduity, compiled many manu. taining from his noble patron a pension of script volumes of notes and observations 501. a year. Soon after his arrival he was upon the numerous and difficult cases in engaged to revise and complete Dr. Watwhich he was consulted. In his practice son's History of Philip the Third; and he per(which was founded chiefly upon the prin- formed bis part so well, as to gain great ciples of Cullen, Gregory, and Black) he credit, the friendship of many men of lidisplayed a praiseworthy independence of terary eminence, and a degree from the the joferior branches of the profession; University of Glasgow. He now became and his brother physicians, who were in an Author by profession; and one of his the habit of attending patients along with first employments was to complete a bim, bear ample testimony to his libere Commentary on the Bible, which was aliiy, and freedom from mercenary influe published under the name of Harrison.

He originally conmenced his pro- He edited a new translation of Josephus, fessional career at Hull, where his success and translated Canningham's History of was so great as to afford the means of Great Britain. Among other periodical supporting a respectable establishment in publications in which he was engaged, the short space of one year. His removal were the English Review, the European to Leeds (owing to family circumstances), Magazine, The Political Herald, and ibe though at first calculated to retard his Whitehall Evening Post.

For ten years progress, may be considered to bave been he compiled the historical part of Dodseventually a fortunate circumstance, by ley's Annual Register, and was editor of its having opened a wider field for the ex many books which have passed under difertion of his talents. He was quickly ferent names; and among the rest, of alected a physician of the General infirm. Stedmau's History of the American War.



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He was a man of extensive learning, and B.A. 1778; M.A. 1781; in which year be
possessed of a strong and vigorous intele married Elizabeth, eldest daughier of Wil.
lect. He was contemporary of the late liain Hartopp, esq. of Little Dalby,
Gilbert Stuart, whose life be wrote, and Leicestershire; and in 1783 was presented
was intimately connected with the litera. by his brother-in-law, Edward Hartopp.
rature and eminent literati of the age. esq. to that Vicarage, which he resigoed
His other publications, as far as they can in 1788. He was also rector of Stoke Al-
be ascertained, were, “ Man in the Moon, bany in Northamptonshire; and was for
1782,” 2 vols. 12mo; “ Travels in Eu some years tutor to the present Duke of
rope, Asia, and Africa," 1782, 8vo; Portland. He was the author of several
“ Memoirs of the War in Asia, from fugitive poems and essays; and, partico-
1780 10 1784," 1788, two volumes &vo; larly, of a sbort series, under the title of
" Mammuth, or Human Nature dis Peeping Tom," wbich appeared about
played, in a Tour with the Tinkers into 25 years since in the Leicester Herald.
the central parts of Africa, 1789," 2 vols. Þ. 382, a. William Price, esq. (who was
12mo; “ Appeal to the people of Eng in his 62d year) was a Colonel in the army,
land in behalf of Mr. Hastings, 1788," brother of Uvedale Price, esq. of Foxley,
dvo; “Letters from Scandinavia," 8vo; co. Hereford, and nephew of the Bishop
“ Buchanan's Travels in the Hebrides, of Durham.
1793," 8vo; “ Introduction to the His P. 474, b. Mr. John Goss was a native
tory of the Trial of Mr. Hastings, 1796,” of Salisbury, and formerly a chorister boy

Military Memoirs,” 8vo; “ Acer of that Cathedral. His superior abilities bi's Travels to the North Cape, translated had procured him the situation of a gentlefrom the Italian, 1802,"; 4to.- Dr. Thom

of the Chapel Royal, aod Vicar son married a lady who has displayed her Choral of St. Paul's and Westminster literary talents in several Novels.

Abbey. P. 280, a. H. E. Holder, M. D. re P. 478, b. Mrs. Heywood proved berseli sided several years in the Island of Bar. an actress of considerable talents in chabadoes, where he possessed, and success. racters of a lively and elegant cast, during fully cultivated, an estate of considerable the short time that her health allowed her value. To the occupations which this to appear on the Baih Theatre, Her pursuit afforded to his active and intelli. maiden name was Dely, and at a very gent mind, he added the severer labours early age she was iotroduced to the pubarising from the practice of medicine and lick by Mr. Elliston at the Surrey Tbeasurgery, in which he equally and greatly tre. A broken beart hurried ber to the excelled. Dr. Holder graduated at Edin grave in her 28th year. burgh in the summer of 1816, and dis. P. 569, a. In the early part of the played in his Thesis upon that occasion French Revolution, Cardinal Meury was talents for exact and practical observa a Member of the National Assembly, and tion of a very superior kind.

distinguished himself by his ferrid eloP. 285, b. Mrs. Hullon was the second quence in opposition to the claims of wife of her excellent husband ; and no liberty, and in support of the autient rewoman ever Giled more amiably the duties gime in Church and State. He was, box. of wife and step-mother. Grief for an ever, successfully opposed by Mirabeau, only daughter, whom she lost about 20 Rabaut St. Etienne, Bailly, Talleyrand years since, undermined her constitution, Perigord, Condorcét, Fayette, and others; and produced an excess of nervous irrita but he was so unpopular that the mob bility, which led to her death. She had would on one occasion have hanged him walked out in the morning of the day on on a lamp-post, if he had not converted which she died; and, meeting some un their tragedy into a farce, by asking fortunate men, whom the unfeeling myr them, “ Whether, after they had bung midons of the law were marching in irons him there, they thought they should see through the public streets, the shock on any better?" her spirits produced a fit, from which she P. 572, b. Mrs. Nevinson was a most could not be recovered. She partook, in accomplished and interesting woman. She the lighier walks of literature, in that taste has left two children by Dr. Nevinson, and for books which has conferred so much was mother to Lieut. Moody, of tbe Sólb solid fame on her husband ; and she was, regt. in Portsmouth garrison ; who being on most subjects or conversation, as intel under orders to embark for the Mediterraligent and agreeable, as in performing nean, had set off the same morning to take the duties of social life she was good, leave of her, and arrived at her bouse soon charitable, and exemplary.

afier she had been brought in a corpse. P. 378, a. The late Rev. Henry Ryder P. 574, a. Mrs. Broadhead was mother Knapp was a man of retired character, but of Theodore Henry Broadhead, esq. M.P. au elegant scholar, and of very superior for Wareham, Colonel Broadbead, and wit and genius. He was elected from Lady Dashwood King. Her remajos Fere Eton to King's College, Cambridge, 1773 ; deposited in the family-vault at Hendon.

too, 221.

Abbot, Rt. Hon. Charles, Speaker of the Beloe, Rev. W. memoir of, 371.

House of Commons, illness of, 451,452. Belsham, Mr. reply to Lord Thurlow, 10.
created Lord Colchester, 561. See remarks on, 132.

Belvoir Castle, re-erection of, 464.
Accidents — drowned in a coracle, 77. Benefices, small, plan for improving, 135.

vessel sunk near the Nore, 270. fire- Bent, Ellis, Esq. character of, 635.
damp, 367. steam-packet, ih, spring Bible, improved versions expedient, 136.
gun, 463. boat upsetting at Bath, Bible Societies, on the poor subscribing
559. boats upsetting at Millbank, and to, 133.—Pope's Bull against, 365; au•
London bridge, 623. a steam-buat thenticity of Bulls against denied, 594.
bursting, 694.

Bibliomania, 22, 205.
Adams's Narrative concerning Timbuc- Biography, observations on, 291, 292.

Birch, Eleazar, escape in 1745, 404.
Africa, intelligence from, 71, 171, 267, Board of Agriculture, on report of, 132.
364, 461, 617.

Booker, Mrs. and Rev. M.memoir of, 566.
Agriculture, French, remarks on, 299. Border Antiquities of England ? 482.

Netherlands, perfection of, 294. Boullen, Anna, arms of, 520.
Akenside, anecdotes of, 140.,

Bound, Dr. N. life and doctrines of,
Albemarle, Earl of, letter to, on Thanks 503, 597.

giving for the Regent's safety, 416. Boxing-match, 173. encouragement of
Algiers, intelligence from, 71, 171, 461. Boxing reprobated, ii. 228, 496.
description of, in 1740, 600,

Bradshaw, President, his family, 123.
Alnwick, account of, 577.

Brant's Stultisera Navis, 22, 23, 207.
America, intelligence from, 72,172,267, Brazils, insurrection in, 618. facts re-
364, 461, 617.

specting the Provinces, 619.
on the Revolution in, Yellow Bread, recipe for, 149.
Fever, &c. 595.

Bridges,John, historian,epitaph,201,202.
Annunciation, Essay on the, 330. Briefs, statement respecting, 495.
Antiquities, Lalent, 14, 114.

Bristol Cathedral School, 327.
Arbuthnot's family and letters ? 403. British Museum, Athenian marbles, 80.
Architectural Innovation, 7, 223.

Browne, Hawkins, character of, 56.
Architecture, Progress temp. Geo. I. 223. Bruand, M. Description of a Mosaic, 17.
Aristophanes, valuable edition of, 206. Bryant, Mr. anecdote of, 180.
Army Estimates, debates, 258–261,548. Buchan, Earl, epitaph on, 433.
Articles A and AN, rules for use of, 304. Bull. See Bible Society.
Arundel, antiquities found near, 464. Buonaparte, complaints of, 267. mo?
Asia, intelligence from, 71, 171, 266, tion respecting, 360.
364, 460, 617.

Burgess. Ste St. David's.
Atherton-house, Yorkshire, 225.

Burial Service, omissions in, improper,
Aurora Borealis, 220.

Austria, Emp. of, letter to Mad. Ney, 363. Burn, Dr. J. epitaph on, 435.
Awliscombe, Devon, epitaphs at, 492. Burnet, Bp. his character and monu-
Badius, Jodocus, Navis Stultiferæ Col ment,113.his house at Clerkenwell,497.
lectanea, 23.

Dr. T. De statu mortuorum, 57.
Baker, Mr. his “Nortbamptonshire,"500. Burslem, national school established at,
Ball's hill, co. Hertford, lowered, 464. 559.
Bangor Cathedral School, 226.

Calculous Complaints, recipe for, 182.
Bankrupts' affairs, defects in administra Calendar of the years of our Lord God,

tion, 130. A remedy in the Act, 598, &c. 1685, author of ? 208.
Bankrupts, humourous essay on, 387. Cambridge, proposed improvements, 319.
Barberry tree, ii. 220, 517.

society of Collegians at, prohibitedl, 462.
Barclay's “ Ship of Fools," 207.

Public Library, catalogue
Barton Segrave, account of, 201,

wanted, 230.
Basire, James, account of, 246.

University, Prizes, 60, 153,
Beau-desert, bill at ? 348.

251, 442. academical bonours, 442.
Beauties of England and Wales ? 295. Fitzwilliam collection, 539. bequest
Beck, Anthony de, Bp. of Norwicb, 47.
Bees, advantages of keeping, 129. Canada, district without Clergy, 203.
tbe management of, 584,

subscription for Churches
Bell, Rev. Dr. W. benevolence of, 646. mended, 417.
G£NT. Mac, Suppl. LXXXVII, Part 1.


to, ibid.



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Conal Shares, price of, 96, 192, 288, 384, Consular Annals, Fragment of, 347.
480, 576.

Copyright Act, hardship of, and petition
Cancellieri, on the word Dominus, 114. against, 490.
Canning', Right hon. G. his Embassy to Corbet, J. of Sundorne, character of,
Lisbon, 435.

570, 636.
Canterbury Cathedral School, 418. Corpulence, proper modė of subduing,
Capital Punishments,hint respecting,607. 333, 334.
Carlos, Don, marriage of, 362.

Covent-Garden Market, picture of, U2.
Carter,Mrs. E. eulogy on her letters, 403. Cough and Catarrhal affections, relief for,
Cashman the rioter, execution of, 270. 624.
Cathedral Schools, 11. St. Asaph, 225. County History, Compendium of, 25, 30,

Bangor, 226. Bristol, 327. Canter 123,210, 299, 409, 505, 517, 604, 605.
bury, 418.

commended, 122, 604.
Catholirs in Ireland, proceedings, 268. Cor, W. his services in exploring the
Catholic Emancipation, impolicy of, 399. Blue Mountains, 118, 119, 122.
debates on, 545, 550.

Craniology satirized, 334.
Catholic. See Roman Catholic.

Crawford, Dr. Adam, epitaph on, 149.
Celtic Funerals, &c. 16.

Creation, Scriptural account perverted,
Chalmers, Alerander, his Biographical 107.
Dictionary, 291.

Criminals, repentance of, 607.
Chalmers, Dr. Thomas, his preaching Crucifixion, darkness at, 136, 322, 444.
commended, 431.

Cumberland, Duchess of, still-born child
Chancery Proceedings, delay attending, of, 174.

Dagobert, Monument of in St. Denis,
Charles I. medallion of, 209.

423, 518.
Cheshire, Compendium of its History, 123. Dallaway, Mr.“ English Architecture,"
Chimney sweeping, miseries of, 131. 392, 482.
meeting respecting, 173.

Deaf and Dumb, successfully treated,
China, failure of the Embassy to, 266, 368.

Dean Forest, new Church in, 40%.
Chinese Dictionaries, 61.

Dell, William, inquiry respecting, 482.
Christenings, private, censured, 203. Denmark, intelligence from, 171, 266,
Christian Religion, Sum of? 348.

Church Antiquities illustrated, 14. Devonshire,compendium of its history, 25.
Church, of St. Ebbe, co. Oxford, opened, Digestive Organs, on the action of, 321.

173. New Churches, at Weymouth, Disney, Dr. account of, 189. his prin-
462. at Frome, and at Guernsey, 463, ciples censured, 212. query relative
622 at Glasgow, 621. a Church in to, 593.

Lincoln's Inn Fields projected, 500. Dissenters, some causes of their increase,
Churchmen frequenting Chapels of Dis 134.
senters, impropriety of, 400.

Distresses of the Country, observations
Circuits of the Judges, 176, 634.

on, 105, 106. speech on, 213.
Clark, Mr. Chamberlain, speech of, 174. Dollars, Bank, notice respecting, 78.
Claverton estate, 173.

Dominus, gc, M. Cancellieri on, 114.
Clergy, unjust character of, 592. Dorsetshire, compendium of its history,
Bill respecting, 417, 454, 550.

Clerical Institution at St. Bees, 338. Drapers' Company, benevolent conduct
Clock on a new principle, 78.

of, 520.
Coals, policy of taking off the duty, 21. Drury Lane Theatre, meeting of propri-
Coffee-Simmerer, described, 603.

etors, 272.
Coinage, Silver, issue of, 175. proclama Dry-Rot, Essay on, 414.
tion respecting new Coinage, 270. Dublin Charitable Association, 139.
of Henry VI. 326.

Dudley, Rev. Sir H. B. vase presented
of Scotland, particulars, 602.
Coins, Buildings upon, 16.

Dugdale, work erroneously attributed
Saxon, discovered, 620.

to, 208.
Colchester, Lord, particulars respecting, Durham, compendium of its history, 210.

Bishops of, origin of rights, 211.
Collingwood, Lord, monument to, 464. Ear, Dispensary for diseases of, 424.
Column fur National Victories, 607. Early Rising, advantages of, 272.
Combe, Dr. C. memoir of, 467.

Earthquake, sbock of at Mansfield, 263.
Committees of Secrecy, Reports of, 165, Echo, curious fact relating to, 77.
258, 554.

Ecclesiastical History, remarks on, 323,
Compass, on the variations of, 421. 397,586 ; bint respecting, ii.
Congo Expedition, 71, 72.

Edgeworth, R. L. memoir of, 637.
Consolidated Fund, War Taxes, &c. 81. Edinburgh College, proceedings, 173.


to, 272.

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ton, ibid.

Education, National, extension of, 559. Guernsey, Church for English at, 622.

meeting of the National Society, 624. Guildford, Earl, memoir of, 181.
Engraving, modes of, 244.

Habeas Corpus Suspension Bill, debates
Erskine, Lord, brief account of, 433. on, 353, 354, 356, 357. Royal assent,
Lady, monument of, 433.

358. continuation of, 549.
Escape from the Rebels in 1745, 404. Hainault, House of, history, 103.
Essex, compendium of history, 299, 517.

Jacoba, Countess, memoir,196.
Eton Montem, account of, 559.

Province of, 293.
Exmouth, Lord, presented with the Hair, anecdotes concerning, 343.

Freedom of London and a sword, 173. Halle, visit to, 4.
Finance Committee, Report, 272, 450, 455. Hampden Clubs, 167.
Fires — in Bishopsgate-street, Dyer's- Hampshire, compendium of history, 505.

buildings, Asbridge, near Barnet, 80. Hanbury: Rev. W. and his father, 468.
near Edmonton, 173. at Darlington, Hargrave, William, account of, 275.
268. near Penzance, 269. at Weston, Haricot, on the cultivation of, 298.
367. Great Wigborough, 368. Knott Hartlepool, fishery at, 484.
Mill, Manchester, 462. Thame, 463. Harvey, Sir D. and Lady, portraits, 24.
Aldbourne, ibid. Birmingbam, 464. Health, observations on, 321. old

Exeter, 620. by ligbtning at Southamp cepts to preserve, 580.

at Bermondsey, 624. Hearne, Thomas, artist, memoir, 372.
Fisher, Mr. his very curious Work on Heat, extraordinary, 620, 624.
“ Stratford,” 328, 489.

Hebrew Language, observations on, 538.
Fishery at Hartlepool, 484.

Henley, custom at, 157.
Fleming, Lieut. murder and suicide by, Henry III. Staff-head, inquiry, 432.

Henry V. critique on a passage in, 497.
Flowers, Exotic, first importation of, 426. High Treason, trials for, 560, 625.
Fonnereau, Rev. W. account of, 276. Hill, Rev. R. Chapel assessed to Poor's
Font at Litchet Maltravers Church, 209. Rate, 80.
Food, at a cheap rate, 109, 230, 346. Hindoo apologue, 528.

quantity, &c. necessary for health, 419. Hinksey, North, account of Church, 393.
France, intelligence from, 67, 169, 264, Hoffer, subscription for monument, 558.
361, 457, 557

Hogarth, paintings by, 111, 112.
Frobisher, Martin, deed respecting his Hole, Archdeacon, brief notice of, 228.

expedition for the North-west passage, Holland family, pedigree of, &c. 124.

Holland, John, memoir of, 133.
Fruits, Exotic, first importation of, 426. Horner, Francis, memoir of, 275.
Garrow, Sir W. invested as a Judge, 464. Horseleech, a prognosticator of weather,
Gem found near Rumsey, 209.

Geneva Catechism, observations on, 136, Horsley, Controversy with Priestley, 10.

Hospilals, Endowed, survey proposed,322.
Genius, extraordinary instances, 78, 604. Hossac, Dr. C. anecdote of, 518.
George Ill. anecdotes of, 334, 387. Howden Church, ruinous state of, 605.

state of bis health, 78, 173, 270, 368, Hughes, Dr. D. account of, 276.
464, 559.

Hutton, Miss, anecdoies of her father, 948.
Germanicus, French Tragedy of, 361. Jackson on Timbuctoo, confirmed, 221.
Germany, intelligence from, 70, 171, Jamaica, proceedings in, 74.
266, 363, 459, 558.

Jesting, Fuller on, 436.
Gibbon's Decline, 8c. Bp. Newton on, 57. Jesuits, College of, at Stonyhurst, 173.
Girtin, Thomas, account of, 247. Index Indicatorius, ii. 61, 157, 253, 348,
Glastonbury, Abbot's Inn at, 8, 225. 444, 482.
Glazi’r's horse, insecurity of, &c. 348. Insane, inquiry as to treatment of, 24.
Glesum, inquiry respecting, 111.

Insanity, remedy for, 348.
Gloucester, Duke of, brother of Henry V. Insolvent Debtors, separation requisite,

Gloucestershire, compendium of its his Inundations at Chirk Collieries, and in
tory, 409.

the Isle of Ely, 76.
Gort, Viscount, account of, 563.

Johnson, Dr. Hints for his Life of Pope,
Graduates, lists of, wanted, 482.

427. Strictures on his Lives, 58,291,
Granger's Biography, new edition de Johnson, John Mord:runt, memoir, &c.
sirable, 200, 482.

of, 443, 521, Ciampi's epitaphon, 525.
Greatness of Mind, essay on, 512. Johnsonians, sect of, 157.
Greatrakes, William, letter of, 499. Ireland, proceedings of Catholics, 268.
Gresiey family, particulars respecting, neglected state of poor, 520, disturb-

ances in, 619.
Griston, Topographical account of, 315, Italy, intelligence from, 70, 170,266,362,

459, 558.


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