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rel, some Memoirs of Mr. Tothall, printed from Major-general Von Bothemer, who in the “ Biographical Anecdotes of Ho- took the command of the battalion of Bregarth," vol. I. p. 522.

men aod Verdun, after Lieut..col. Von At Banstead, Sarrey, io his 41st year, Schkopp was wounded in the nemorable R. Parry, esq.

battle of the 18th of June, 1815, testifying Lately. - in Hanover-square, Rt. Hon, that after the battalion of Verdun, whick Mary-Anoa Dowager Viscountess Here- was formed in squares, had been compelled ford. She was the only daughter of to retire to Waterloo by the fire of the George Devereux, esq. of Tregoyd, in enemy, Baron Von Aacken highly dis. Brecknockshire.

tioguished himself, and having assembled At Kensington, Sophia Forbes, daughter a small body of men, succeeded in regainof the late Arthur Forbes, esq. of New. ing the position which the square origioally stone, co. Meath.

possessed, and that in consequence the reIn Pall Mall, by shooting himself with mainder of the brigade which had already a pistol in a hackney coach, at the gate retreated as far as Waterloo, returned at of Carlton House, Charles Ewald Baron nine o'clock in the evening, and joined Aacken. He was descended from one of Baron Von Aacken's party for the night, the Grst families in Prussia. Prince Leo. in their original position ; dated Orchies, pold of Saxe-Cobourg, father of our amia- 14th April, 1817. All the exertions of ble Princess Charlotte's husband, was his the other Officers to restore order had godfather. - His brother-in-law, Baron been in vain. There is a certificate to the Leopold de Lillier, is a resident at Weil. same effect by General Sir Colin Halkett, lic, in Prussia. He had been upwards of endorsed as unsolicited by Baron Von 20 years in the army, ten of which he had Aacken. There are five certificates speak. been in the Prussiau service, and the re- ing of him in the highest terms of praise mainder in the Hanoverian. Notwith- as an officer and a gentleman, and coun. standing he had distinguished himself in tersigned by command of his Excellency every way po-sible in the army, yet his General Count Alten, cominanding his services remained unnoticed by his own Hanoverian Majesty's troops in France, Government or any of the Allies, either as &c. the 13th of April, 1817. to honours, promotion, or emolument; and At Newington, Surrey, · Mrs. Fowler, in consequence he became a desperate widow of J. Fowler, esq. of Duke Place, man. Wben he arrived in England, about and mother of Dr. Fowler, of Salisbury. three months since, he was possessed of Berkshire.--- At Windsor, aged 77, Lieut.. about 200 Louis d'Ors, when he met with col. Samuel Moore, late of the 56th regt. a friend whom he consulted on the best At Speenbamland, aged 43, John Cal. way of sending 100 of them abroad to his ley, esq. mother. His friend endeavoured to per Cambridgeshire. -- At Cambridge, Mr. suade him from such an undertaking, tell- James Tolworthy, deputy sub-librarian to ing bim his mother was not in need of the Voiversity. them; to which the Baron replied, his Aged 85, Philip Moore, upwards of 50 mother could give them away among the years clerk of St. Michael's parish, Cam. poor, and after he had spent all his money bridge ; he had also been bell-ringer to in this country he would shoot himself; the Voiversity 30 years. which be verified, as he paid his last note Cheshire.-James Brown, esq.of Neston. to the hackney-coachmau; and, it apo At Lowfield, Neston, Elizabeth, wife of pearing before the Jury that he died with. Rev. R. Carter. out baring any effects except his clothes, Aged 25, Rev. John Baldwin, of Tinswords, and ristols, (one of the swords had perley. a pistol attached to it, which he had taken Cornwall.- At Camborne, the wife of from the of Marshal Ney), Rev. Mr. Allen. the Chevalier Ruspini, ibe foreman of the At Lest withiel, aged 80, the relict of the Jury summoned to inquire into the cause late Neville Norway, esq. of bis death, and which returned a verdict At Redruth, Mr. S. V. Pryce, surgeon. of Insanity, very humanely undertook to Rev. William Gregor, rector of Creed. respect the remains of an unfortunate fo Cumberland - In his 80th year, Rev. T. reigner, and has paid the expences of bis Johnson, minister of the Catholic Chapel funeral. It appears from his papers that at Kendal. he was the original instrument, previous At Maryport, aged 46, Capt. Josiah to the arrival of the Duke of Wellington Thornburn, of the Fisher. in the field from Brussels, in gaining the At Longtown, suddenly, Miss Jane Lainvictory in the memorable battle of Water- bert, sister of the late Rev. Josias Lawr loo, by regaining the position of the Allied bert, of Camp-hall, Yorkshire. Army, which they had lost by the French Derbyshire. - At the Grove, Asbborno, baving succeeded in attacking and break- aged 54, Wm. Molineux Marston, esq. ing a square. A certificate to that effect William Rawlins, esq. of Bridsgrove. has been found since his untimely end, Devon.

--At Exeter, Joseph Dano, esq.

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He repre

At Otterton, aged 82, Rev. Mr. Leait. and brother to Dr. Fry, letter-founder,

At Budleigh - Salterton, Anna Maria, Type-street, London. daughter of the late Rev. Robert Miller, Herefordshire. -Aged 34, Mr. Richard vicar of St. Nicholas, Warwick.

Stone, schoolmaster, of Hereford, youngest At Yeomadon, aged 85, William Car son of the late Rev. Dr. Stone, formerly Jyle, esq.

custos of that Cathedral. At Exeter, aged 90, Mrs. Cumming, Sarab, wife of Rev. J. C. Clarke, rector mother of the late Sir Alexander Penrose of Colwall, and register of Hereford CaCumming Gordon, bart.

thedral. At Yealhampton, Rev. Mr. Luscombe, The wife of T. Dolman, esq. of Eaton many years curate of that parish.

Bishop. - At Hartley House, the wife of John At Leominster, J. B. Toldervy, esq. Tiogcombe, esq. banker.

Herts. -At Walkerne, Rev. Benjamin At Newton Abbot, Anne, relict of the Heath, D. D. rector of that parisb, fellow Jate Rer. Richard Lewis, of Honiton. of Eton College, and formerly fellow of

At Ifracombe, Lieut.-col. Thomas Pure- King's College, Cambridge. The library of foy, of Ballysheria, co. Tipperary. He this distinguished collector was sold by auce never recovered the effects of the wounds tion, by Mr. Jeffery of Pall Mall, in 1810. received from the persons who robbed him At Two Waters, aged 77, Josepla at Clifton, in December 1814.

Walker, esq. At Tapley, much respected and la Huntingdonshire. --At Brampton, Thos. mented, John Cleveland, esq.

Jay, esq. one of the Conservators of the sented the borough of Barostaple upwards Bedford Level Association, of thirty years.

Kent.At Littlebourne, aged 24, David At Combrawleigh, Rev. Herman Drewe, youngest son of the late Rev. John Jones, many years rector of that parish.

vicar of Ablborpe. Dorsetshire. - At the Convent of La At Sandwich, aged 76, Jobn Matson, esq. Trappe, Wimborne, aged 26, Theresa, Lancashire.- T. Freckleton, esq. an third daughter of John Carr, esq. of Belle- eminent solicitor, of Liverpool. Vue House, near Sheffield,

At Sled Hall, Rochdale, aged 78, James Essex.- At Colchester, Jemima, relict Holland, esq. one of the Justices of the of the late 'Rev. Charles Ray, rector of Peace for the County. Deobam, vicar of Hoxne, Suffolk, and rec At Douglas, Isle of Man, Captain G. tor of Wisseoet, Norfolk.

Fraser, 54th regiment. In his 891h year, Joseph Pattisson, esq. Lincolnshire. - At Lincolo, Rev. Dr. of Maldon.

Pretyman, brother to the present Bishop Gloucestershire.--At Cheltenham, Mary, of Lincolo. The Doctor was Precentor wife of Sir William Elford, bart, of Bick. and Archdeacon of Lincoln, Prebendary of ham, Devon. She was daughter of the Norwich and Biggleswade, and Rector of Rev. John Davies, of Plympton, co. Devon. Shotley, in Suffolk. At Beachly, Samuel Jenkins, esq.

At West Ashby, in bis 81st year, Rev. At Gloucester, in bis 80th year, Roynon W. Wills, M. A. chaplain to the Earl of Jones, esq. many years Receiver-general Huntingdon, and rector of South Somerfor that county, and one of the verderers of cotes, Edlington, and Stewton. his Majesty's Forest of Dean.

At Billingbro', aged 84, the widow of At Gloucester, Miss Gwillim, daughter Rev. John Smith. of John Gwillim, esq. senior alderman of At Lincoln, aged 80, the relict of Rev. A. the Corporation of Hereford.

Reynolds, prebendary of that Cathedral. At Colo Rogers, Eliza, wife of John Middleser. - In his 79th year, W. Millington, esq.

Wood, esq. of Hanger Hill. James Fuller, esq. of Field Lodge.

At Gumley house, Isleworth, Mr. Ben. At Barowood, the wife of Edward Youde, jamin Angeli, a man whose great benevo. esq.

lence, joined to a most intelligent mind, At Bristol, Capt. Mungo Wright, and the most pleasing frankness of manHants.- At Farley, J. P. Reeve, esq. ners, endeared bim to every one who had AC Greatbridge, near Romsey, Mrs. an opportunity of knowing bis worth. He Fifield, daughter of the late John Fifield, was of the Society of Friends — a large esq. of Stanbridge.

assemblage of whom, with a numerous At Winchester, William Harris, esq. concourse of other persons, attended bim At Lee, John Brice, esq.

to bis grave, to pay the last tribute of reAt Laiuston House, Mrs. Powlett Powe spect to a man so justly beloved. lett.

Norfolk, --- At Congbam, Mrs. Nelson, At Portsmouth, Lieut. Samuel Grant, relict of the late Rev. Edmund Nelson. R. N. youngest son of Dr. Grant, of Ja. In his 84th year, J. Dixon, esq. of inalca,

Norwich, Ai St. Cross, Henry Fry, esq. a most re At Norwich, aged 30, the wife of Rer. spectable member of the society of Friends, John Bicknell,


Aged 77, Mrs. Phæbe Crew, of Nor At Timberscombe, in bis 70th year, Mr. wich, who in forty years practice as a Wood, an able mathematician and inmidwife, brought into the world 9730

structor of youth. children.

Staffordshire. - Sarah, wife of R. C. At Lynn, Cecilia, third daughter of Hill, esq. of Stallington Hall. Rev. Dr. David Lloyd.

At Coal Pool, near Walsall, aged 86, At Warham, the eldest daughter of Robert Hildick, esq. Rev. Dr. Langton.

At Westwood, aged 56, Mary, wife of Northamptonshire.--At Tiffield, the wife Rev. Edward Powys. of Rev. Joho Thomas Flesher.

Suffolk. - At Hoxne, Dr. William BerAged 77, the Rev. John Bishop, rector thon Scott. of Cold Higham, Northamptonshire, and At Bramford, aged 47, Anne, wife of vicar of Foston, Leicestershire, 1767. Rev. George Naylor, vicar of that place.

Northumberland. --At Hexbam, aged 73, Susser.-At Chichester, Mr. Hackman, Mr. Robert Bell, chief serjeant of the re schoolmaster. gality of Hexbam.

At Chichester, the wife of Col. Brereton, At the Parsonage House, Eastington, Warwickshire.--In his 80th year, Robi. in his 77th year, Rev. William Davies, Vaughton, esq. of Ashfurlong house. who for upwards of 50 years resided in In der 820 year, Mrs. E. Holbeche, of that parish, 41 of which he was rector. Birmingham, relict of Amillian Holbeche,

Nolts. --At Lound, near Retford, Esther, esq. of Stowley Hill. wife of Jobn Walker, esq. : this lady fell in his 89ch year, William Chapman, a viction to a second attack of the small esq. of Atherstone. pox, after an interval of seventeen years : At Stoneleigh, Elizabeth, only daughter she took the infection from a person af. of Rev. Tbomas Kaye. fected with the disease, and exposed pub Westmoreland. At Killington, Rer. licly on the high road.

Joseph Goodyer, curate of that place. Al Screveton Hall, Adm. Evelyn Sutton. Ac Raveustonedale, aged 86, Anne, wiO.ron.-Al Oxford, Thomas Mayo, esq. dow of Rev. Henry Hunter.

Salop.-At Bridguorth, the wife of Rev. At Melksbam, aged 85, Mr. Croom, Mr. Pain.

a respectable schoolmaster, and old inbaAt All-Stretton, the daughter of Rev. bitant of that town. Richard Wilding.

At Natland, aged 73, Rev. J. Langborne. At Whitchurch, the widow of Rev. Wiltshire. - At Trowbridge, William W. Lewis.

Cockell, esq. Somerset. - At Bath, aged 59, Sir John The wife of Rev. Mr. Denny, dissestiog St. Leger Gillman, son-in-law of the late minister of Mere. Sir Thomas Miller, of Froyle, Hants.

At Devizes, aged 75, Robt. Wagled, esq. At Bath, Mr. Jererniah James, formerly Ms. White, relict of Benjamin White, a stationer of London. Among other charitable bequests, Mr. James has left 507. At Westbury, in her 21st year, Eliza, to the fund for the relief of poor clergy eldest daughter of John Crosby, esq. men and their widows, &c. in Essex ; and

Worcestershire. Rev. Mr. Powell, of a like sum to the fund for the relief of the

Bourn Heath, near Bromsgruve. widows and orphans of school-masters in Mrs. Gyles, relict of the late Rev. James that county:

Gyles, rector of Maddersfield, At Bath, in her 107th year, Mrs. Rams. At Barbourne, near Worcester, H. den, late of Mansfeld Woodhouse, Notts, Philpoit, esq.

At Bath, aged 91, Richard Hope, esq. At Moneyhall Hall, William Hicks, esq. At Bath, of a decline, Agne, second

many years a magistrale for the counties daughter of Thomas Baron, esq. of Knuz of Warwick and Worcester. den, Lancashire.

At Old Swinford, at an advanced age, At Bath, Captain Remmington, of the Rev. Benjamio Carpenter, a man of exemEast ludia Company's service:

plary piety and virtue. In early life he At Yatton, James Day, esq.

was sent to the Unitarian academy of Da. Mr. R. W. Russ, attorney, of Castle ventry, where he studied under Dr. AsbCary, who for many years commanded worth, and was educated in the principles the Castle Cary troop of yeomanry caval. of Protestant non-conformity; here he ry. His horse fell with him, and killed him remained some years, and during the on the spot.

latter part of the time assisted in the tui. At Spaxton, suddenly, of apoplexy, Rev. tion of the younger students. Being inWilliam Yark, rector of that parish. viled by a dissenting congregation of Blox.

Al Chew Magna, aged 83, James Har. ham, in Oxfordshire, to undertake the of. ford, esq. merchant, of Bristol.

fice of pastor to that society, he accepted In his 63d year, J. Dalton, esq. of Lal- the situation, and, leaving Daventry, How tiford House, a magistrate and deputy- first entered upon the discharge of ghe dolieutenant of the county.

ties of his avocation. Ile afterwards offi

esq. of Anfield.

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ciated in the saine capacity, successively, At Lampeter, Cardiganshire, aged 70, at West Bromwich, Slourbridge, and Clap. St. George Armstrong, esą. ham; and, in 1807, again became one of

Thomas Lewis, esq. of Mount Hazel, the, pastors of the Stourbridge Unitarian Carnarvon. Chapel. Whilst in this latter situation, he

SCOTLAND. --At Aberdeen, aged 56, Mrs. engaged with his co-adjutor, the Rev.

Hay, widow of Rev. Hugh Hay, oue of the James Scoit, to preach on alternate Sud ministers of that city. days at Cradeley, conformably to the At Lawers, in Breadalbane, Hugh Came. wishes of the religious society assembling ron, coinmonly called Eobhan na Pille, in that place. Ju the assiduous prosecu (the returning Hugh) mill-wright and miltion of the labours of his office, Mr. Jer there, at the extraordinary age of 112 Carpenter continued till the hand of death

years. This siogular character was bred removed him from this changeful scene. a mill-wright. After acquiring a know. Mr. Carpenter was possessed of consider- ledge of his business he settled at Shiain able literary attainments; and his various of Lawers, where he built the first lintcompositions exhibit much originality of mill that ever was erected in the Highthought and expression, which add greatly lands of Scotland. Before his time only to the interest of the perusal; whilst they the distaff and spindle were used for spinare, at the same time, characterized by a ning lint and wool in that part of the simplicity of style not less pleasing, and country, and he was not only the first who which renders them intelligible even to constructed spinning - wheels and jack. those of very inferior capacities. His uni reels in Breadalbane, but likewise the first form and well-directed benevolence, and who taught the people there how to use his anxious solicitude for the best interests them. The number of lint-mills afler. of those around him, will cause his me wards erected by him throughout the mory to be revered by all with whom he Highlands cannot be reckoned at less than was more immediately connected, and a hundred : in short, almost all the lint. especially by the large and respectable mills in the Highlands of Perthshire, and congregations, who, by his death, are de. many in the counties of Inverness, Caithprived of an able instructor, a prudent ness, and Sutherland, were of his erecting; counsellor, and a sincere friend; whilst he also constructed the first barley-mill those whom the vicissitudes of fortune that was built upon the North side of the have placed in adverse circumstances, Porth, for which he was highly compliwili mourn the loss of one, who was ever mented by Muca Ghlasarich, (Campbell, ready 10 aileviate their distresses, and to the bard) in a very popular song, called afford whatever consolation in bis power, " Moladh di Eobhan Camashran Muilleir their several necessities might seem to lin," (a song iv praise of Hugh Cameron, require.

the lint-miller.) Though he could only Yorkshire, — At Selby, aged 88, Mr. be called a country wright, he was a man John Sanderson, (late of York) father of of uncommun genius, particularly in every Mr. John Sanderson, of Old Broad-street, sort of machinery and engineering; and as and uncle to the late Sir James Sander a proof of this, there is to be seen of his

construction at Shiain of Lawers, one waAt South Cave, Rev. D. Garner, vicar ter-wheel driving a lint-mill, a meal-inill, of that parish.

a barley-mill, and a spinning and cardingAt Thornion Rust, near Askrigg, aged mill, at one and the same time, and the 105, Mrs. Jane Robinson,

whole of that machinery under one roof. Al Sarsden, G. Bulley, esq.

He was a man of great integrity, and of a Wales.-The wife of Rev. J. Mason, very shrewd and independent mind, yet rector of Bodfarry, co. Denbigh.

always cheerful and remarkably witty; At Cardiff, John Wood, esq. formerly an and to the last his house was the resort of eminent solicitor, and an active magistrate all the young people in the place, whom for Glamorgansbire. He also filled for he used to amuse with his wilty repartees many years the important offices of trea.

and funny stories. He was also celebrated surer and clerk of the peace for the county for reciting Ossian's Poems, of wbich he with the highest credit.

had a great store, wbich he said he had Aged 72, William M. Clary, esq. of learned before he was a dozen years of Manerabon, Carmarthenshire, and late a age. He was rather singular io his dress, lieut.-colonel in the East India Com. wbich he would change for no man. He pany's service.

never had a glove on his hand, nor a hat At Monmouth, respected and esteemed ou his head, but always wore a large as a magistrate, a friend, and a father, round bonnet made of grey mixed wool, , James Yarworth, esq.

just as it came off the sheep, with an unAt Brecon, the wife of Thomas Mere. commonly large wig of his own making, dith, esq.

of black horse-bair. It is rather to be reAt Croffinion, near Swansea, aged 104, gretted, that notwithstanding his wonderful William Hugh.

merit, and the great advantages which


son, bart.

the Highlands of Perthshire, and Breadal. were killed by privateers, and one by aa bane in particular, derived from the fruits accident at a ship-launch in America. of his extraordinary genius, and though At Nevis, Mrs. Parris, wife of R. X. he had no family, he died in great poverty Parris, esq. of that island, and late of and indigence.

Roath Villa, Cardiff. TRELAND.-Ai Shannon View, near Lime Capt. Charles W. Burton, 8th native rick, Elmond Henry William Cecil Rice, infaniry, Bengal, son of Rev. Dr. Burton, son of Thomas Rice, esq. of Mount Trench Cauon of Christ Chureb, Oxford. ard, and grandson of the Earl of Limerick. Capt. Darke, 4th Madras light cavalry.

At an advanced age, Mrs. Noble, of He was the only officer killed in the late Enniskillen, relict of the late Rev. M. action with the Pindarrees. Noble, furmerly inaster of Portorn School, At Madras, Rev. F. White, M.A. chap.

In Dublin, Frances, wife of Captain lain on the Establishment. Merce, of the borse artillery, and eldest On his passage to Calcutta, aged 20, daughter of Rev. Richard Rice, rector of Thos. sou of Rev. T. Cooper, of Liverpool. Eaton Hastings, Berks. In Dublin, signor Urbani, well known

ADDITIONS. in the musical world.

VOI. LXXXVI. Part II. At Bulogurteen (Kilkenny) aged 106, P. 371. b. The Will of the late Rer. James Carroll. A few years ago an elder Dr. W. Bell, prebendary of Westminster, brother of his died aged 117, who was at. and treasurer of St. Paul's, was proved in tended to the grave by 80 children and January last; by which it appears, that grand-children, the least of whose ages was the expectations of those who considered above 50 years, and a son of bis now alive that his large fortune would be disposed who is near 100 years old, and enjoys of in public charities have not been rea. good health and the perfect possession of lized, as be has left his property, with the bis faculties.

exception of some charitable donations, ABROAD.-At Paris, William Mills, esq. amongst bis nearest relatives. But, bar. a gentleman well known to the publick by ing made this proper and natural disposal bis political writings.

of bis property at his decease, he gave the Ai Toulouse, in France, of a consump freest range to bis charities out of it dur. tion, the wife of Rev. R. P. Carrington, of ing his life. It is not, perhaps, generally Bridford, Devop.

known to what extent his private as well The wife of Col. Macdonald, command. as public charities amounted; but it is ant at Ostend, and eldest daughter of Mr. not too much to say, that he annually disLewer, of Wickham Ludge.

pensed thousands in “succouring the indiAt Cassel, on the same day, three old gent, promoting industry, and cootributing men, who for a number of years had passed to the gove of every useful institution.” their evenings together in playing cards : His general acts of beneficence, which aged 86, General de Gohr; aged 89, the were great beyond example, were also Counsellor of Legation, d'Engelbrouner; without ostentation or vanity: but to and aged 83, the Court Gardener, Schwaik. enumerate all the various instances of bis skopt. A fourib friend, M. Voelkel, died diffusive benevolence would fill, not within a year; and a fifth, the Privy Coun page, but a volume. He was always lookseller Schmirke, aged 86, had preceded iog out for objects of distress. Nor were them some months.

his piety and desire to promote religious At Aix la-Chapelle, suddenly, of apo. truths, passions less intense wilb him than plexy, ihe Count de Choiseul-Gouffier, his charity, as his publications on several Peer of France, Member of the French subjects of Divinity evidently prove. Tbis Academy, &c. Literature and science excellent man was descended from a line bave sustained a great loss in his death. of ancestors who signalized themselves in

On his passage to England, J. H. Burt, their Country's cause, as is recorded in esq. of Colton, co. Stafford, and one of the page of History. He was particularly the county magistrates.

honoured with the personal regard of his At St. Petersburg, Joseph Statter, esq. present Majesty, as well as other members

At Evora, in Portugal, Joanna, wife of of the Royal Family. His mortal part Col. White, of the 1016 Portuguese caval. remains with us, but his immortal spirit is ry, and commander of the depot at that gone where he will reap the just reward place.

of his eminent virtues. Memory will At Demerara, Capt. Charles Dutchman, long bewail his loss, and the recollection of the Cognac Packet, of the port of Hull, of his inestimable worth will ever remain who, with bis brother Henry and the rest of with his survivors, whilst charity and goodthe boat's crew, had been to the assistance ness preserve their ascendancy over the of a vessel: on their return the boat was minds and morals of a geverous, enlight, upset by a squail, and the whole were ened, and grateful people. drowned. These make six sons that Mr. P. 628. a. The late Richard Kingdon, Dutchman senior has lost at sea : three esq. after having received a classical and 2


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