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« Prom the destruction of the Cartha. pany his Trustees for the yearly applica. ginian Republick by the Poinaos under tion of a sum of money for the redempScipio Africanus, the Barbary Statrs bave tion of British Slaves in Turkey or Barvoceasingly annoved the European Powers, bary. We may now hope that the money plundered their ships of their valuable so bequeathed may in future be solely aptrigbes, and, under the influence of an in plied to the other objects of the bene rotolerant and remorseless Religion, car lent testator's will. - Your Lordship will ried their captives into slavery, accom excuse me if I advert to a circumstance panied with circumstances the most cmnel which atracted the public no'ice at and degrading. -- Tois state of degrada early period of the revoluzionary war ; tion has al different periods roused the after vanquishing a brave but unfortunate resertment of the greater European Enemy, you did hopour to his remains, Powers; but their effirts have been hi anil gave another illustrious instance to therio inetfeetal – that truly pious and tiie tiuth of what was said by an excellent heroic Sovereign, St. Lewis, of Franre, Anthor, perished under the walls of Tunis; and · That English Valour wars uot with the the Emperor Charles V. the most power.

dvad.' ful Monarch in Europe, equipped a Reet This honorable conluct, and the last of more than 500 vessels, in which em. glorious victory in the cause of Humanity, barked the best-appoioted Army that per hare not pas.ed unnoticed by our late haps had ever left The European shores, Riva's : ibe City of Paris, macinto their under his own immediale comand, fully own honour, having enrolled your rame as determined to chastise god humble these a Fellow Citizen, your Lordsin ja having cruel and insulent barbarians, but this proved you self in an eminent degree, a mighiy force, which lan led near Algiers, was Citizen of the World." from causes, which no humansagacity could

Sunday, Feb. 2. resisi, almost anpih lated, and Charles Die The still. burn female child of the turned from his expedition Usappointeil, Duchess of Cumberland, of which bor mortiñed, and so thoroughly humbled, Royal Highoess was delivered on the 27th that it is supposed to have had an inte of January, was buried at 12 o'clock this ence in determining him to resigu his night in the royal vault of King Henry crown, and to retire in disgust from the the Seveulh's Chapel, Westinioster. toils of royalty and the cares of the world.

Wednesday, Feb. 5. ---But among the nuinberless instances of This day, the Prince Regent, seated on prowess which have distinguished this his throne, received the lord Mayor and eventful period, the conquest of the al. Aldermen of London; and the Recorder Most impregnable fortress of Algiers will read the following Address: fm a prominent feature in European “ To bis Royal Highness the Prince of apna's; and the bringing to reason a fe W'airs, Regent of the United Kingdom rocious Governinent, and destroying for of Great Britain and Ireland. pper the insuferable and horrid system of " The humble and dutiful Address of the Christian Slavery, was reserved for this Lord Mayor and Aldeimen of ihe City b'ghly favoured Country; and ihe rapid of London.. and glorious victory obtained under your “ May it please your Royal Highness, Lordsbip's coinmand, and the mild and “ We, the Lord Mayor and Aldermed of just conditions demanded and obtaived the City of London, beg leave to approach by the firmness and wisdom of his Majes. your Royal Highness with profound aegty's Government, wil hand down the timents of duty and respect, to express năme of his Royal Highness the Prince our horror and indignation at the most Regent, and those who advised the mea daring and flagitious outrage offered to stre, with honour to a grateful and ad your Royal Person at the moment of your miring posteri'y. - The moderation and return from the House of Parliameut, og forbearance displayed in the moment of the occasion of your Royal Highness expictory was no less humane thao politic. ercising the sacred duties of ibe Crowy, It was observed by a Carthaginian Am and fulfilling, in the name and on the be. bassador to the Roman Senate, that they half of his Majesty, the very important had increased their Empire full as much function of one of the estates of the by sparing those they conquered as by realm. conquering, Pius pene parcendo Victis, “ With the deepest concern we have 10 quam vincendo, imperium auxisse.'- deplore that any one should be found bave peculiar pleasure in receiving your within his Majesty's domiuions capable of Lordship and your gallant Companion in violence so atrocious, so disgraceful to Arms, from the Worshipful Company of humau nature, so foreign to the British Ironmongers, a worthy Citizen and Mem. character; ahl we most fervently hope, ber of that Body, Mr. Thomas Belion (who that the loyalty of the subjects of the it is said was himself a Captive on the United Empire will manifest itself, to precoast of Barbary) having made that Come vont a repetition of an allempt so base


against the sacred person of your Royal and through the mediation of our Lord Highness. We beg permission to add, and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.'' that nothing shall be wanting on our part

Tuesday, Feb. 11. as Magistrates of the Metropolis of the This day the Prince Kegent, seated on Empire, to promote on all occasions the bis Tbrone, and surrounded by the Migeneral tranquillity, and to evince our nisters and Great Officers of State and of st-ady loyalty and attachment to your the Household, received the Lord Mayor, Royal House and Person, and our deler Aldermen, and Cominon Council, who th nation to support the Crown and digning presented, in the usual form, an Address, of thr-e realms."

expressing their detestation of “ the Hagi. To which bis Royal Highness returned tious assaul" offered to his Royal High. the following most gracious answer: ness on his laie returu from Parliament,

" I thank you for this loyal and dutiful They were all very graciously received, Addres. It is highly satisfactory to me and had the honour to kiss hands. The 10 receive upon this oceasion, and at the answer of the Prince Regent was as foi. present conjuncture, these assurances of lows : " I retu'n you mury warmest thanks Foor steady attachment to me and my for this loyal and durital Address. Whilst family, and of your deiernination to pro. I have to lainent a digrant violation of mote ubedience to the laws, and to afford the Laws, I cannot but derive the highest a firm support to the Crown, the preroga. satistaction from the fresh demonstrations tiv.s of which are inseparably connected which it has so generally called forth, of with the liberties and best interests of the zealous attachment to ine and my family. people.”

and of a fim determination tu proiect and They were all most graciously received, uphold our inraluable Constitution." and had the honour to kiss the Prince Re Ou the following day the Prince Re. geni's hand. This Address is considered gent, in similar state, received an Address a very noved one, there having been only from the University of Oxford upon the three Addresses to the Sovereign from same occasion; the Add ess was reait by th- Court or Aldermen during the present Loid Grenville, and a gracious apswer reign; one of them was upon the assassi. was returned by the Regeni. Bation of Mr. Perceval.

Thursday, Feb. 13.
Sunday, Feb. 9.

The very med occurrence of the issue The following form of Prayer and of the new silver coinage took place this Thauk giving to Almighty God, for His day in the metropolis, as well as in all lale merciful preservation of the Prin parts of the kingdom; and every thing Regent from the outrageous and desperate was conducted with great order, and 16 attempts against his person, as be passed the satisfaction of ibe public. from the Parliament House, was this day

Friday, Feb. i 4. used at morning and evening service, after This day, Watson, Preston, Hooper, the General Thanksgiving, in all Churches and Keen, alias Kearns, were after seand Chapels in London ; and or Jered io parate examinations before the Privy be used in all others ou the Suoday after Council, committed to close custody in the receipt :

the Torer for high treason. “ Merciful God, who, in compassion to The Waterloo subscription fund now a sinful Nation, hast defeated the designs approaches very near to 500,0001. an eviof desperate men, and hast protected from dence of national spirit and gratitude the base and barbarous assaults of a law worthy of the occasiou. Out of this sum, lpss multitude, the Regent of this United annuities to the amount of more than Kingdom, accept our praise and thanks 18,0001, have been voted to widows, chile giving. Continue, we implore Thee, Thy dren, and in privates who have suffered protection of his Royal Person. Shield the loss of limbs; and upwards of 140,0001. him from the arrow that fieth by day, given in donations, including sums vored and from the pestilence that walketh in to our Allies. darkness; from the secret designs of trea The Tenure of the magnificent house son, and from tbe maddess of the people. near St. James's Palace, which was grant

* And whilst we pray for Thy merey ed to the first Duke of Marlborough, and protection, give us grace, o God, 10 about 100 vears ago, expired, it is said, perceive and know what ibings we ought with the death of the late Duke; and vow to do: lest, impatient of present evils, rererts to the Crowa. This was the house and aomindful of thy manifold goodness, in which Queen Anne resided before she ve seek relief where relief cannot be ascended the Throne ; and it bas been found, and abandon those never failing observed, that it would scarcely be pos. sources of national prosperity and happi- sible to find a town mansion more suit. Dess, obedience to Thy commandments, able to the Heiress of the British Throne, and the rear of Thy holy name.

and in all probability it will now be giani. "These prayers and praises we humbly ed to the Princess, Charlotle and her ilinsoffer to Thy dirige Majesty, in the name trious Consort.


bush, esq.


.. Crawley, of Stockwood, esq. Somersetsh.-Pbillip J. Miles, of Wraxnell, Berkshire.-Wm. Stone, of Englefield, esq. esq. Buckinghamahire.-G. Carrington, of Mis Staffordsh.-T. Kirkpatrick Hall, of Holly

senden-abbey, esq. Cambridgesh. & Huntingdonsh.- Postponed. County of Southampton. – J. Fleming, of Cheshire.-Sir Richard Brooke, of Norton Stoneham-park, esq. priory, bart.

Suffolh.-9:, R. Harland, of Nacton, bart. Cumberland ---Sir Ph. Musgrave, of Eden- Surrey.-T. Leul, jun. of Dulwich, esq. ball, bart.

Susser.- Jas. C. Strode, of Frant, esq. Derbysh.— T. Hallowes, of Glasswell, esq. Warwickshire.-The Hon. H. Verney, of Devonsh.-Sir Wal, Roberts,ofCourtland,bt. Compton-Verney. Dorsetsh. -Sir W.Oglander,of Parnham,bt. Wiltsh.John fungerford Penruddock, of Esser.--- John Hall, of Woodford, esq.


1, esq. Gloucestershire.--Sir H. Cano Lippincott, Taylor, of Stren-hangof Stoke Bishop, bart.

court, es n. Herefordsh. — Tomkyns Dew, of Witney Yorksh.-Sir Wm. M. Miiner, of NunApcourt, csq.

pleton, bart. Herts.-Edin. Morris, ofCharley-wood, esq.

WALES. Kent.-W.A. Moreland, Lamberburst, esq. Cuermarthensh.-G.Lloyd.of Brunant, esq. Lancashire.-R. T'owpley Parker, esq. Pembrokesh.-C. Mathias, of Langwarreo, Leicestershire. Clement Winstaoley, of

esq. Braunston, exq.

Cardigansh.-J. Davies, of Glanrhocca,ésq. Lincolnshire.-Sir Robert Sheffield, of Nora Glamorgansh. - Thomas Bates Rous, of manhy-hall, bart.

Court yr alla, esq. Monmouthsh.-Sir Robert Thompson, of Breconsh.-C.C. Clifton, of TuyMawr, esq. Tioterne abbey, esq.

Radnorsh. ---Penry Powell,of Pen Llan, esq. Norfolk. - Henry Negus Borroughes, of Merioneth.-J. Evans, of Hendremorfydd, Burlingham, esq.

esp. Northampionsh.—Sir C. Knightley, of Paws. Carnarvonsh. – Daniel Vawdry, of Plas. ley-park, bart.

gwynnant, esq. Norihimberland.--Sir T. J. Clavering, of Anglesey.-Rice Thomas, of Cemaes, esq. Harwood Skeels, bart.

Montgomerysh.-R. Price, of Gunley.e.q. Nottingham h.—T.Blackborne Hildyard, of Denbighs.--Pierce Wyone York, of Dyffogo Plentbam, esq.

naled, esq. Oxfordsh. -Walter Perry, esq.

Flintsh. Wm. Righy, of Northon-hall, esq. Rutlanıtsh.-T. F. Baines, of Morcott, esq. appointed by the Prince of Wales. Shropshire.--W.O.Gore, of Porkington,esq. Cornwall.-W. A, Harris, of Kepeggy.


LdEllenbro"L.C. Justice L. C. Baron B. Wood 1. Abbott J. Park 1817. B. Graham B, Richards J, Dallas J. Bayley J. Holroyd J. Burrough

[blocks in formation]


Rev. Edmund S. Radcliffe, LL. B. BurnNew Pieces.

ley Perpetual Curacy, vice Collins, dec. Corest GARDEN THEATRE.

Rev. Jobo Bradley, Sedgeley V. co.
Jan. 23. The Ravens, or The Force of Stafford.
Conscience; an Afterpiece, from the French. Rev. Thomas Ibbetson, Garton V. co.


Rev. Thomas Cotterill, M. A. Minister Foreign-office, Feb. 1. John Barrow, of St. Paul's Church, Sheffield, vice Macesq. His Majesty's Consul in the Pro- kenzie, dec. vinces of Biscay and Guipuscoa.

Rev. Alexander Arbuthnot, D. D. Dean Feb. 4. W. E. Puwell, esq. Lieutenant of Cloyne. of the county of Cardigan.

Rev. George Bishopp, Archdeacon of Feb. 6. Sir Alexander Campbell, in. Aghadoe, vice Arbuthnot. vested with the Ensigns of a Knight Com Rev. Henry King, Archdeacon of Kil-, mander of the Bath.

mackduagh, vice Viocent., Feb. II. Gen. Francis Duo. Rev. Lancaster Dodgson, M. A. Brough das, Governor of Dumbarton Castle, vice V. Westmoreland. Gen. Drummond, dec. --Lieut.-gen. Bald. Rev. Edward Missenden Love, M. A. win Leighton, Governor of Carrickfergus, Somerleyton and Blundeston R, with Flix. sice Duodas.

ton, Norfolk. Feb. 15. The following Officers, Com, Rev. Edward Rodgers, M. A. St. Coepanions of the Order of the Bath : viz. stantine V. Cornwall. Cols. L. Smith, Sir C. W. Doyle, and Sir Rev. William Russell, B, D, ShepperH. Douglas ; Lieut.-cols. J. Viney, J. H. ton R. Middlesex. Dunkin, Sir W. P. Carrol, Sir P. R. Rev. R. Morgan, Rendbam V. Suffolk, Roche, J. M. Nooth, G. Holmes, P. Rev. W. Veale, St. Keverne V. Cornwall, M'Miller, F. Battersby, C. De Saluberry, Rev. George Treweeke, St. Minver V. G. Taylor, R. M.Douall, G. Macdonell, Cornwall. H. Jobn, W. F. Brotherton, fyers, and

Rev. Joseph Bardgett, A. M, one of the Maj. R. Macdonald. Also Knight. Chaplaius of Christ Church Cathedral, Commander of the same Order: Lieut.- Oxford, gen. R. Jones, East India Company's Rev. W. Roland, Llandsaint R. co. Service. And the following Officers in the Breckoock. same Service Companions: viz. Col. Rev. John Valentine, Tintinhull Per

. Arnold; Lieut.-Cols. W. H. Cooper, petual Curacy, A. Caldwell, R. Houston, J. Shapland; Rev. Richard Griffith, D, D, Aber other. and Majors G. Mason, and A. Macleod. wise Llanaber R. co. Carnarvon, vice Da

*** Erratum in our last Vol. p. 622: vies, resigned. The Commission granted to Osborne Mark Rev. Robert Williams, B. A. Llandegfau ham, esq. and two other Gentlenien, is R. with Beaumaris annexed, vice Griffith. revoked, and is not a new appointment, as Rev. M. Hare, Ashby-cum-Partney there stated. Mr. Markham is appointed R. co. Lincolo. Comptroller of Barrack Accounts, in con Rev. T. W. Hervey Beauchamp, B. A. sequence of the new arrangeident which Langley Perpetual Curacy. bas taken place in this branch of the pub Rev. T. G. Acland, Lecturer of the lic service.

united parishes of St. Mildred in the Poul

try and St. Mary Colechurch, London. CIVIL PROMOTIONS.

Rev. John Morse, B, A. Huntley R. co. Dr. Edward-Daniel Clarke, Librarian Gloucester, of the University of Cambridge.

Rev. Edward Ravenshaw, West Keinton Chamberlain William Walker, esq. Vin R. Wilts. car-General of Leighlin and Perne.

Rev. Fisher Watson, Minister of St. Rev. William Smith, Vicar-General of George's Chapel, Yarmouth. Elphip. Dr. Ratcliffe, Vicar-General of the Arch.

BIRTHS, dioceses of Cashel, Armagh, and Dublin. Jan. 9. The wife of Edward Wigan, esq.

of Highbury Terrace, a dau.-21. At lr. EccLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. well House, the wife of Thomas DrinkRev. W. Chester, M. A. Langford R. water, esq. son and heir.--24. At Stoke with Ickburgh annexed, Norfolk.

Rochford, Lincoloshire, the Lady of Ed. Rev. Richard Warner, Pbilip's Norton mund Turnor, esq. a dan.-25. In Gros. V. with Charterbouse Hinton Chapelry, venor-street, the wife of the Dean of ChesSomerset,

ter, a son.-29. At Brompton, the wife Rev. John Jones, Foy Hereford. of William Horsley, Mus. Bac. Oxon. a Rev. R. Cholmeley, M. A. Wainfleet R. son.-At Narborough Hall, Norfolk, the Co, Lincolo.

wife of Samuel Tyssen, esq. a son. 30. Gent. Mag. February, 1817.

In Bedford Row, Mrs. Domville, a son. 21. Capt. Henry Ellis, 93d Highlanders, 31. At the Admirally, the wife of John to Jane, dau. of Westrope Rosslewen, esq. Wilson Croker, Esq. a son.

of Cornfields, co. Clare, Lately, lo Upper Grosvenor-street, the T. Boswell, esq. of Blackadder, co. wife of Col. Cornewall, a dau.At Ear- Berwick, to Lucy. Anne, eldest dau. of sham Hall, the wife of Lieut.-gen. Meade, R. Preston, esq. of Bath. a dau. -At Salton Hall, Scotland, Lady 22. The Earl of Longford, to Lady Eleanur Balfour, a dau.--At Porto-bello, Georgiana Lygon, sister of Earl BeauScotland, Lady Elibank, a son.

cbamp. Feb. 2. At Edinburgh, the wife of Maj. Rev. Barre Phipps, A. M. Prebendary James Lee, late of 92d reg. a son.-4. At of Chichester, to Anoa-Maria, youngest Powerscourt-house, Cheltenham, the lady daughter of the late Rev. William Godof Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, bart. of Hare- dard, of Stargrove House, Hants, wood-bouse, co. Hereford, a son.-At Va 22. At Boulogne, Col. William Stave. lenciennes, the wife of Lievi.-col. Mac ley, C. B. to Sarah, eldest dau. of T. Ma. Gregor, 88th reg. a dau.-5. At Camber. ther, esq: well, the wife of the Rev. Philip Dodd, a 23. P.Wyatt Crowther, esq.of Colemandau.-At the Hyde Cortage, Hendon, the street, to Anna-Horatia, dau, of the late wife of E.W.Bullock Webster, esq. a son. Capt. Augustus Dunaresq. 10. lo New Boswell Court, the wife of Ro At Earlgift, Tyrone, Rev. J. Ligbton, bert Belt, esq. Barrister at Law, a son.-12. son of Sir T. Lighton, Bart, to Mary, At Lydford Rectory, Somerset, the wife of second dau. of Dr. Pemberton. Rev. Dr. Colston, a son and heir.-The wife At Musselburgh, Maj. John-Sutherland of Charles Augustus Tulk, esq. of Mar- Sinclair, Royal Artillery, to Frances, blehall, Twickenham, a son.-17. ļo Mar- youngest dau. of Capt. David Ramsay, R.N. garet-street, Viscountess Duncannon,a dau. 27. At Ugbrooke-park, Devon, Hon.

Mr. Langdale, of Haughton, co. York, MARRIAGES.

to the Hon. Charlotte Clifford, dau. of 1816, Sept. 26. Sir Peter Theron, to Lord Clifford. Susanna, only surviving child of the late 28. Lieut.-col. H. F. Muller, 1st Royal Thomas Lambe, esq. of Dover.

Scots Foot, to Susan, second dau, of the Dec. 26. Robert Farrer, esq. of Dro- late P. Wyatt Crowther, esq. Comptroller manby-hall, near Stokesley, to Elizabeth, of the City of Londou. secood dau, of the late Mr. James Ham Rev. T. G. Dickenson, Rector of Almond, of Hovingham, co. York.

pheton, Suffok, to Elizabeth, eldest dau, 1817, Jan. 11, Sir Jobo Apstruther, of of James King, esq. of Wykham Park, Aastrutber, bart. M. P. to Jessie, third co. Oxford. dau. of Maj.-gen. Dewan, of Gilston. 29. Capt. Ord, Royal Artillery, second

Lieut. col. Beresford, Deputy Quarter. son of Craven Ord, esq. of Greensted-ball, inaster.general in Nova Scotia, to Mary, Essex, to Miss Blagrave, neice to the late dau. of Rev. J. Gilby, rector of Barm- Lady Cullum, of Hardwicke-house, Suffolk, ston, co. York.

Rev. J. Bennett, nephew to the Bishop 13. By special license, Lieut.-col. Sip of Cloyne, to Louisa, eldest dau. of Ro. Guy Campbell, bart. to Frances Eliza. bert Otway, Esq. of Cork. beth, eldest day, and co-heiress of Mou 30. Peter Herve, esq. Founder of “The tagu Burgoyne, esq. of Mark-ball, Essex. National Benevolent Institution," to Miss

14. Rev. T. Clarke, Vicar of Mitchel. Nicholls of Hampstead, daughter of the dever, Hants, to Anna Maria, youngest late J. Nicholls, esq. of Lincoln's Inn. dau. of the late Hon. John Grey.

Feb. 3. Capt. J. L. Stuart, of the Ben15. Capt. Pecbell, R. N. to Caroline, gal Army, grandson of Francis, late Earl second dau, of William Thoyts, esq. of of Moray, to Sarah, sixth dau. of the late Reading.

Robert Morris, esq. M. P. for Gloucester. 16. Capt. Wilbraham, R. N. to Julia 4. At Ickham Church, Kent, and at the Panny, youngest dau. of Lewis Montolieu, Chapel at Hales Place, Edward Quillinan, esq.

esq. 3d Dragoon Guards, to Jemima, se18. By special licence, Robert Eckford, cond dau. of Sir Egerton Brydges, of Lee esq. of the East India Company's service, Priory, near Canterbury, Bart. M. P. to Avve, second dau, of the late James 5. Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, bart. to Halliwell, esq. of Broomfield, co. Lan. Lady Harriet Clive, eldest dau. of the caster.

Earl of Powis. 20. John Becket, esq. Under Secretary 11. Thomas Forster, esq. F. L. S. eldest of State for the Home Department, to son of T. F. Forster, esq. of Clapion, Lady Anue Lowther, third daughter of Hackoey, to Julia, third dau. of Col. Beau. the Earl of Lonsdale.

foy, of Bushy Heath. At Dublin, James Clarke, esq. M. D. 13. Rev. Charles Edward Stewart, Recto Margaret, eldest dau. of William tor of Rede, Suffolk, and of Wakes Colne, Ha:k.ess, esq.

Essex, to Miss Bassett of Melford,


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