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existing form of Government. That the the middle class of society, and scarcely time for attempting this enterprise was 10

any of the agricultural population, have depend on the simultaneous rising of the lent themselves to the more violent of disaffected in England; wiib soine emis these projects. Great allowance must be saries from whom occasional intercourse made for those who, under the pressure of appears to have taken place, and that urgent distress, have been led io listen to soine provision of weapous has been made plausible and contident demagogues, in by tbis association.

Lbe expectation of immediate relief. It is Your Committee have now submitted tu be hoped, that many of those who have to the House what they conceive to be a engaged to a certain extent in the projects fair and not exaggerated statement of the of the disaffected, but in wboun the princiresult of their juvestigation. Toey have ples of mural and religious dury bave not thought the mselves precluded from inseri been extinguished or perverted by the jog, in an appendix, the information from most profane and miserable sopbistry, which it is drawn, by the consideration, would withdraw themselves before those that unless it were extremely partial and projects were pushed to actual insurrection. incomplete, they could not make it public But with ali these allowances, your mitbout hazarding 'he personal salety of Committee cannot contemplate the activity many respectable individuals, and in some and arts of the leaders iu this conspiracy, instances without prejudicing the due ad aod the numbers whom they have already ministration of public justice.

seduced, and may seduce; the oaths by On a review of the whole, it is a great which many of them are bound together ; satisfaction to your Committee to observe, the means suggested and prepared for the that, noixithstanding the alarming pro forcible attainment of their objects ; the gresswhich bas been made in the systm of nature of the objec:s themselves, which extending disaffection and secret societies, are not only the overthrow of all the polii. its success has been confined to ibe prin calinstitutions of the kingdom, but also such cipal manufacturing districts, where the subversion of the rights and priociples distress is more prevalent, and numbers of property, as must necessarily lead to more easily collected; and that eveo in general confusion, pluuder, and blood. many of these distiicts, privations bave shed; without submitting to the most sebeen borne with exemplary patience and rious at eption of the House, the dangers resignation, and the attempts of the disa which exist, and which the utmost vigilance affected have been disappointed ; that of Government, under the existing laws, few, if any, of the higher orders, or even of has been found inadequate to prevent.


both Chambers with loud acclamations, The Chamber of Peers, after several and Addresses of Thanks were instantly days drcussion, have adoptrd the law, as voted : the French funds rose to 61, and a set up by the Depaties on the subject of general ferling of satisfaction pervaded all. the Elections. There was considerable dis The terms of ine boon thus granted by the cussion ; and one amendment, for baving Allies to France were already partially tso degrees of election 10 ibe departe known. By the 1st of April next, 30 000 ments, was lost by 14 only-93 against 79. of the allied troops, being one fifth of the

la ihe Chamber of Deputies, the de whole, woli quit the French territory; and bale on the law respect ng public jour. a loan has been obta ned on advantageous pa's bas terminated. It was voted by a terms from foreign and French bankers : najority of 128 against 89. All the jour

so far is learnt by an official note signed nals of France are now, therefore, abso. by the four Ambassadors of Austria, lut ly dependent upon the King's autho England, Prussia, and Russia ; but the rity ; whicb santion may be, of course, Duke de Richelieu, in his communicatinn at any line withdrawn, and any of them to the Chambers, alluded to greater aine. be immediately suppres.ed. The Report linrations in the financial embarrassments on the Budget has been bronght forward of France. He stared, that ibe increased in this Chamber; the Commiitee appear pay to the allied troops, estimated in the !o have ably performed their duiy, io re Budget for the year at 25 millions of coumending Ministers to enforce eco francs, was postponed to a period at -Dong in every department, parricularly which the burden would be less severely as to pentsions; the revenue is stated to felt; and also, that the instalments of the be 300 millions deficient.

indemnities had been arranged by the The Moniteur has published several of- Allies in the same magnanimous spirit of ficial documeo's on the recept negocia cooci iarion. The official note of the four troos between Prance and the Allies, for Plenipotentiaries declares, that the high the reduction of the Army of Occupatioa. personal character of the King, and the The communicatious were received by principles apd conduct of his present (Gext. Mac. February, 1817.


Ministry, together with the sanction of the The Russian Vice-consul Benkensen opinion of the Duke of Wellington, are had been attacked near Bernai, in the de. the sole causes of the relief thus afforded partment of the Somme, and plundered to France.

by a gang of pine armed robbers : seven A Royal Ordinance has been issued on of them were taken, and it is hoped the the subject of the Slave Trade, which or cther two will not escape. dains, that any ship, whether French or

NETHERLANDS. 'foreigd, which shall attempt to iptroduce A coolness is said to exist between the Negro Slaves into any of the Colonies of Couris of France and ihe Netherlands. France, shall, with its cargo, be confis The tales General at Brussels hare *cated; and that the captain, if he be a finally rejected a proposition for prohibitFrenchman, shall be interdicted from iog the exportation of grain. commanding apy vessel in future.

SPAIN, The Moniteur of the 3d inst. was lite An article from Madrid attempts to rally filled with the disgusting details of gire a most favourable aspect to the opethe exhumation of the bones of the Royal Fatjons of ibe Spanish Rovalist Army in Families of France, commencing with South America: a horrid war of extermithose of Dagobert the First, who was bu nation appears to be cariied on, which ried A. D. 638, and ending with the chile will ruin the cause of Spain with her Colo. dren of Louis XVI. buried in 1789.

pies if it is persevered 10. * The depositions of Madame the Duchess Ferdinand Vll, on visiting the prisons of Angouleme have been taken in the af. of Madrid la'ely, ordered all the instrufair of General Decaco, who is shorily to ments of turture to be destroyed; but as be brought to trial.

yer no decree has appeared, formally The Journal de Marseilles states, that abolishing that cruel punishment. the Spanish army destined for South Ame An article from Madrid, in the French ńca was about to depart, the English fur papers, gives out that Ferdinand VII. bas hishing vessels for its conveyance.

abolished the torture iu his dominions. The parties in a conspiracy formed in The English Government lately solicited ihe vicinity of Bayonne, for restoring that a field in the neighbourhood of Tar. Buonaparte, have been brought to trial; ragova, in which 300 English soldiers and and two of thein, journeyinen mechanics, some officers fell gloriously defending that bave received sentence of deaih,

fortress, should not be cultivated or The city of Marseilles have had made otherwise disturbed ; offering to purchase at Paris two handsome si'ver arns, one ii; but the city of Tarragona, emulating destined for Lord Exmouth, and the other the feeling of our Government, nubly for Sir Hudson Lowe, in gratitude for the made a present of the ground for the security which they have obtained for the

purpose. Marsellois commerce.

ITALY. The French papers state, that Chris. The emigration of our countrymen to tophe was the anthor of the lale josurrec Italy is so extensive, that 400 English fation at Barbadoes, and that he meritates milies now reside at Naples alone. the empire of the whole of the West India Between 500 and 600 English persons

Islands ; but no one believes the story. are now resident at Rome, including - Sir George Murray has broken his leg branches from the noble families of De

in iwo places by his horse falling with vonshire, Jersey, Westmoreland, Lanshine while riding, in company with some dorpe, Beresford, King, Cowper, CompEnglish ladies, in the Bois de Boulogne. ton, Di:nstanville, Denbigh, Carnarson,

Sir George Wood, Quarier-Master-Gen. and Breadalbane. - The Duchess of Deof the Bruish army, lately fell from his vonshire gives parties every week, and is horse in the Champs Elysees, at l'aris, and a great patron of the fine arts. broke his leg.

The Neapolitan Goreroment has ceded The Gazette de France states, that the the island of Lampedosa, twelve miles Loan was finally signed on the 13th inst. only from Malta, to America-the island The houses engaged in this transaction is uninhabited, but has a good port, capa. are, Messrs. Perregaux and Lafilie, Ba. ble of containing several ships of the line. guenaul, Hottinger, Grosfeuille, of Paris ; Several Spaniards of rank are stated to Messrs. Hope, of Amsterdam ;. Messrs. hare arrived at Cagliari, who have been Parish, of Hamburgh; and the bruthers obliged 10 quil the Spanish capital in conDaring, of London,

St quence of attempts made to liberate the The Duke of Orleans, abo arrived on patriots confined in Ceuta. They in. the 141b at Paris, had an audience of ibe tended, it is said, to proceed to Cuarles King, which lasted nearly an hour.

IV. at Rome. According to the Moniteur, neither the An immense collection of letters, in Duke of Bourbon nor the Duchess of number balf a milion, and seven tons Orleans have arrived in Paris, and it does weight, from persoos in England, Scotnot appear that they bave been invited. laod, and Ireland, to the exiled Stuarts,

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have been lately discovered at Rome--they now furnishes the only currency, thougla begin with James II. and go down to the the security of its paper rests only on death of Cardinal York. The letters, notes payable to order. Nineteen streels which had got into private hauds, have were entirely consumed, including hospi. been secured and sealed up, by orders tals, prisons, barracks, magazines, and from 'be Pope.

other public buildings. The Princess of Wales paid a visit to

AFRICA. the King of Sardinia at Turin, on the 131h The expedition under Major Peddie, to of February.

explore The interior of Africa, had not GERMANY.

proceeded up the Gambia so late as the A German public pappp contains the 15th of November. The preparations for following, as it affirms, accurate account its setting out were nearly completed. of the Austrian Army :

Several light American vessels had been Infantry

349 300 meg. hired to convey the Major and his party, Light Infantry

85,800 with their stores, &c. as far as the river * Cavalry

75 000 might be found navigable. Artillery


By the following letter it would appear

that the Dey of Algiers is revenging him. Total of the Austrian Army 530,000 self upon our commercial interest, for the

The King of Wirtemberg bas abolished chastisement inflicted on him by our , the censorship of the press; and by con arms :-“Malta, Dec. 10. Notwithstandciliatorg finnness towards his people, is ing the merited chastisement inflicted on likely to become one of the most popular the Dey of Algiers for bis iohuman treat, Sovereigas io Europe. He is reducing ment of Christian slaves, he is beginning, bis civil establishment-the late King of to furget it. He has issued the most po. that country bad 293 chamberlains ! sitive directions, and which every que they are now reduced to ten.

knows must be implicitly obeyed, that no The Crown Prince of Sweden has of late grain of any description, nor eggs, &c.' taken great pains to cultivate the regard shall be exported from bis territories to of the citizens of Hambugh. On his birth any of the English possessione in this sea. day, the 26th of last inonth, his Royal The irade, which was formerly exclusively Highoess gave, through the Chargé in the bands of the English from Algiers d'affaires, a grand entertaininent to the to the several islands, bas passed wholly! Sepators, the foreign Ministers, and the into those of the French, which is sedis ioguished merchants of Hamburgh. verely felt by the merchants here. The

Sonne German papers state, that Lava rea-on assigned for this preference belette, who was saved by bs beroic wife, is ink given to French vessels by the Ali bow in Germanv; and that he is going gerives, in the circumstance of a frigate of to seitle with the ex-Queen of Holland, in that vation being an idle spectator of the the dominions of ihe King of Bavaria. attark under Adipiral Lord Exmouth, and

Fouche lives at Prague in the greatest refusing to afford his lordship the least inprivacy. Three other French exiles in ba. formition or assistance." bit that city, Thibaudeau the elder, Dure The Orontes frigate, Captain N. D.' bach, and Forbin-Janson.

Cochrane, arrived from the Mauritius, the SWEDEN AND DENMARK. Cape, St. Helena, and Ascension, left St. Beroadotte's son, Prince Oscar, com Helena on the 4th ult. having had a good menced his debut in public life, at Stock passage home of thirty-six days. She holm, on the 28th ult.

has brought to England Capt, Poniowski, The King of Dennark has acceded to the Polish officer who followed Buonaparte the Ally Alliance

to St. Helena, and who was some time since ASIA.

expelled from that island to the Cape for A letter from Port Louis, in the Isle of improper conduct; and Lord C. Somerset France, dated October 1, speaking of the has sent him to Europe. He has been great fire on the 25th of September, succeeded at the Cape by Las Cases and states, that the loss is found to be enor. his son, who were banished from their mous; the greater part of those who suf. master's service on the 1st ult. for confered are reduced to the lowest state of certing (as lately stated) a plan of corpoverty: many, wbo on the preceding respondence with France.- Las Cases and evening were very wealthy, were in the his son were sent to the Cape in the Grifcourse of twelve hours left without a more fin sloop of war. It is, however, strongly sel of bread to give their families. The suspected, that Las Cases had no other infuence of this state of things on trade object by the plan thau to sever himself, has been very serious: every one eudea with the best grace he could, from his voors, as in a shipwreck, to save himself master's future fortunes. He actually reas well as he can. What adds to the ge fused to see Buonaparte previous to leavveral erabarrassment is, that a Bank, the ing the island, although most pressingly paper of which had formerly disappeared, ievited so to do; and from no other rea



son, can it be conjectured, than a fear In the English Papers there are inac. that something might possibly occur curate statenients with respect to the there to prevent his departure. Buona. missiou to London of Mr. Serjeant. He parte was in very bad health: he adheres is not in the employment of the Repubiso pertinaciously to the haughty resolue can Government, and has no concern tion he once formed, not to take any ex wbatever with the finance department of ercise in those limits which would subject that Government, but he is exclusirely him to the personal attendance of a Bri. and solely an Agent for the Company of tish Officer, that his Medical Officers say the United Siates Bank; for which Comit will certainly be attended with the worst pany he is now endeavouring to raise, in consequences to him. When the Olontes that great monied metropolis, London, Jeft the Cape, Lord Charles Somerset was a sun equal in specie or dollars to preparing for a journey juto the interior, 1,000,0001. sterling. (We are not yet in. for the purpose of making some formed as to the progress be bas made in rangements with the Caff:es, who, since this undertaking.) the reduction of the Cape Militia, had The Legislature of Jamaica, it appears, become very troublesume to our fron have complied suictly with the request tiers.

from his Majesty's Government, to pre: It is hinted, that Marshal Bersrand and vent even the possibility of any infricgehis family intend to quit St. Helena short inent of the laws for the abolishing of the ly-he pretence is, the education of the Slave Trade.- We find that a very exteochildren. If this be perınitted, a watch sive trade is now carried on between that ful eye will no doubt be kept on Ber. Island and the Spanish Main. trand's movements.

Melancholy accounts by the Eldon and AMERICA

William and Mary transports, have arThe French Papers say that a florilla is rived, of the progress of yellow fever at preparing to sail from Algiers, io commit Antigua. The Childer* sloop, Capi. Wales, fresh piracieshe wretched captives they was so far unmanned by the disease, that make, to be in future called, not slaves, she was obliged to be unrigged and dis. but prisoners of war! Black slavery un mantled by crews of these transports, happily still continues in another quarter Previous to her leaving Barbadoes, twenof the world to a horrible extent. Ad. ty-five died, and Capi, Wales aod ibinty vices have been received at Lloyd's, of more were left there in the hospital. She 1880 negroes being imported into the arrived at Antigua with only sixteen men, Havannah, between the 7th and 21st of fifteen of whom were sent next day to the December.

hospital there. The American Government has brought Extract of a letter from Buenos-Ayres, before Congress a Bill to prevent citizens dated Nov. 2, 1816:-" The Portuguese of the United States from selling vessels of who have invaded the territory of Montewar to the citizens or subjects of any fo. Video have met wi b more oppe sition than reign Power; and more effectually to pre they dreamt of. Gen. Artigas, the chief vent the arming and equipping Vessels of of the Monte-Videans (which is a sepa. war in the ports of the United States, in. ra'e State from Buenos Ayres), finding tended to be used against Nations in amity the Portuguese had declared war, and with the United States. It was generally commenced hosiilives by taking furt Santa believed, that the above bill was intended Teresa, assembled bis troops, all cavalry, to act exclusively against the Insurgents entered the Portuguese province of Rio of South America, and had been brought Grande at the heart of 14,000 men, and forward through the representations of the has thus trausferred the seat of war into Spanish Minister.

their own territories. He has published Montreal Papers to the 5th ultima, hare a Proclamation, giving liberty to the arrived, which stale the arrest of Lord slaves, and declaring the natural boun. Selkirk and the chief persons in his em dary of Monte Video to be Rio Grande ploy, arising from the disputes with the and the River Plate. The Portuguese North-west Company.

have engaged in a war of which they at A considerable sensation has been ex. present but little foresee the consecited at Charleston, by the murder of Wil. quences; the result may be to spread tbe liain Millgroves, a native of Bristol, and a flameofrevolution througbout the Brazils.” British seaman belonging to the brig Wa. By a vessel which left St. Thomas's on terloo. He was shot by one Thomas the 25th of December, accounts had been Hatchman, mate of the American coasting received of furiber successes on the part schoouer Jefferson, who is committed for of the Patriots of the Spanish Main. They trial.

are said to have defeated the Royali:ts The United States Banks, it appears in three different engagements, the last have not specie to pay even their second of which was at Unare; and Generals Urinstalment. The matter has been brought daneta and Riccuete had arrived at Calabefore Congress.

posa with 3,000 meo.




of containing at least 400 or 500 pupils, Feb. 9. The new Church of St. Ebbe, co. independent of Professors, managers, and Oxloni, was opened by an excellent ser domesticks. mon from the Very Rev. Dr. Hall, Dean Al a Meeting of the Counmissioners of Christ Church. On this ocuasion Mis. appointed to manage the yearly grant of Salinon contributed ber vocal powers gra. 10,000!. voted by Parliament for finishing tuitously, together with all he members the College of Edinburgh, the plan of Mr. of the everal Choirs, and the performers Wm. Playfair being adopted, the prize of at the Music Room, as a collection was to 100 guineas was adjudged to that gentle. be made towards defraying the expence The second prize, of 80 guineas, of re-building the edifice. l'pon no pre was awarded to Mr. Buru. According to vious occasion was a greater crowd as Mr. Piayfair's plan, the exterior of the semnbied. Mrs. Salmon sung several of building, as originally planned by Adams, Handel's finest airs, particularly, “O is to be retained with very little alteration; magnify the Lord"-"Holy, Holy, Lord but there will be a total departure from God Almighty" —“ Rejoice greatly, o the internal arrangements. The Southeru daughter of Sion ;" aod the grand Cho. side of the quadrangle is to be occupied ruses of Gloria in excelsis, the Halle. alipost entirely by the library, which will lujah, with some grand instrumental be 190 feet long, and one of the most elepieces, were performed, with sublime ef. gant rooms in ibe kingdom. The Wesfect. The whole under the direction of tern side is to be appropriated to the Mu. Walter Vicary, Mus. Bac, and the Leader seum ; and the other two sides are 10 be of the Band, Mr. Marshall. The sube occupied chiefly as class-rooms. The oriscription amounted to 1011. 5s. 4d. gipal proposal of accommodating the Pro.

Feb. 11. A fire broke out this night at fessors with houses in the College, is enthe house of G. L. Goodle, esq. of Coney tirely abandoned. The whole of this Lodge, Dear Edmonton, which entirely magnificent structure, which will be a consumed the interior, and a valuable li- lasting monument of the national taste, brary. It is not known how it originated, will be completed in six or seven years. but the flames were discovered in the lower part of the house at midnight, and DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. the inmates had much difficulty in es " Windsor Castle, Feb. I. His Majesty caping.

has been uniformly quiei, yet cheerful, Feb. 14. An Imperial Boxing match, during the last month. His Majesty's took place this dag at Coombe Warren, disorder is undiminished, but his bodily for a subscription purse of 20 guineas. health contiques very good.” The Grand Duke Nicholas, desirous of A meeting of the iohabitants of Stoke viewing the British character throughout, Newington aod its vicinity wok place on signified his wish to see the meihod of the 8th of January, for the purpose of English boxing; and arrived at the ring prom'ting in that neighbourhood the gein a carriage and four, at one o'clock, ac neral use of Machines to cleanse Chimcompanied by bis own suite, and some Deys instead of employing Children to English ooblemen, admirers of gymnastics, sweep them. And a meeting was held

J. C. Curven, esq. M. P. has appro near Kiogsland Jan. 31, for a similar object. priated 42 acres of potatoes to the poor

Friday, Jan. 31. of Workington : the produce is nearly The Masser and Wardens of the Iron18,000 bushels, which, at the present mongers' Company presented Lord Exprice, are worth upwards of 2000).

mouth and Sir David Milne to the ChamThe Claterton estate, comawing 1200 berlain in his Outer Office at Guildhall, acres, with the perpetual adcowson of the as Fieemeo of that Company, in the preRectory of Claverton, is disposed of by sence of the Lord Mayor, several naval private contract for 35,0001.

and military Officers who served under his At Stonyhurst, near Preston, the Order Lordship at Algiers, and a numerous as. of the Jesuits bas for 30 years past pos. semblage; wheo the Chamberlain, having sessed a spacious College, which exclun perused the certificates from the Comsively a College of Jesuits-is amply sup- pany, administered the usual oaths of a plied with ali ihe materiel and murale of freeman, and agreeably to the resolutions Jesuitism, and is carrying on the work of of ibe Court of Common Council admitted Catholic instruction and Protesiaut con tirem into the Freedom of the City of Lon• version upon the most large aod extensive don, in the accustomed manner, with the scale. The studies at this place are con sigo of fraternily and giving joy. He then ducted upon the same system, and to the delivered to them the Resolutions of the same extent as at the Catholic Universi. Court written op vellum, and emblazoned ties abroad; and there are regular Pro. with their respective Arms and other apfessors in Divinity, Mathematicks, Philo propriate decorations. After which he sophy, Asironomy, &c. The College, presented to each a superb Sword, and which is a very large building, is capable addressed them in tbe following words :

" Froin

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