Diary and Correspondence of John Evelyn, F. R. S.: To which is Subjoined the Private Correspondence Between King Charles I. and Sir Edward Nicholas, and Between Sir Edward Hyde, Afterwards Earl of Clarendon, and Sir Richard Browne, Volumen 4

Henry Colburn, publisher, 1852

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Página 204 - Do not let them persuade you either by force or fair promises ; for the first they neither dare nor will use, and for the second, as soon as they have perverted you, they will have their end, and then they will care no more for you. I am also informed that there is a purpose to put you into the Jesuits' College, which I command you, upon the same grounds, never to consent to.
Página 146 - As for Jack Barclay, I do not remember that I gave thee any hope of making him Master of the Wards ; for Cottington had it long before thou went hence, and I intended it to Seer. Nich. if he then would have received it ; and I am deceived if I did not tell thee of it.
Página 172 - Vane had communicated them already to the Speaker, to a Committee of the House of Commons of which he was a member, and to the Scots Commissioners. which will ineuitably follow are soe plaine in view, that it is more then necessary some speedy expedient be found for their preuention.
Página 62 - Yet the same writer, when speaking of her departure, says, " a sad spectacle it was, and produced tears from mine eyes and many other beholders, to see an aged leane decrepit poore Queen, ready for her grave, necessitated to depart hence, having no place of residence in this world left her, but where the curtesie of her hard fortune assigned it. She...
Página 142 - I must give you the true state of my affairs, which if their condition be such as enforces me to give you more peremptory commands than I would willingly do, you must not take it ill. If York be lost, I shall esteem my crown little...
Página 142 - York be relieved, and you beat the rebels' armies of both kingdoms which are before it, then, but otherwise not, I may possibly make a shift, upon the defensive, to spin out time until you come to assist me: Wherefore I...
Página 142 - I shall esteem my crown little less, unless supported by your sudden march to me, and a miraculous conquest in the South, before the effects of the northern power can be found here : but if York be relieved, and you beat the rebels...
Página 222 - Louyse were there as guests. after super was dancing this (till) three a clock, my little Nephue was at the super and sett verie still all the time : those States that were there were verie much taken with him. the King of Sueden with his army is within an houres going from Kunisberg with twenty thousand men, most horse. the Elector is in the 1 The proposed peace between Poland and Sweden was of Tery short duration.
Página 98 - Ireland will never be done in the way that you are in ; four hundred will never do that work. It must be put into the hands of one. If I were trusted with it, I would pawn my head to end that work. And, though I am a beggar myself, yet/' speaking with a strong asseveration,
Página 8 - I acknowledge, though I remember her some years since and have not been a stranger to her fame, I was surprised to find so much extravagancy and vanity in any person not confined within four walls.

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